The website QA checklist your casino needs in 2023

Giving a seamless user experience on your online casino can mean the difference between searchers staying and bouncing off it. That’s why going through a website QA process before launch is all the more critical. Fixing bugs before going live is a sure way of getting players and giving them a smooth user experience worth staying. This is a long process that includes multiple tests. Learn more about the quality assurance process for casinos and the ultimate checklist to tick off before launch here at QWERTYLABS.

What is a website quality assurance checklist for a casino?

The term 'quality assurance' shouldn’t be overlooked, especially when developing a website or a project. Website QA is a process where a website is put under a series of tests to see if it is ready to launch. It’s the last step in developing and designing a website to see if any errors must be corrected before it goes live. However, it’s not only conducted before launch. Website QA is regularly done to ensure the user experience remains consistent. It is also known as the criteria sheet or checklist for website testing, which contains a list of items you need to test and check. The test and techniques for online casinos include usability, functionality, compatibility, security, performance and content testing.

The importance of a web quality assurance checklist for a casino

Is it necessary to do a website quality check? Let’s compare it to content writing. We outline and draft the content when we write, then revise and edit everything to produce the best possible work. Editing 101 includes proofreading—editing a piece of work to ensure that it is free of errors and thoroughly checked. Without proofreading, errors may remain.

Website QA is similar to proofreading. With this method, you ensure your website meets the standard and is ready. For your online casino, you provide a high-quality gaming experience. Because of this, they’ll trust your website, and you’ll gain loyalty.

The benefits of a website QA checklist for casinos

Although online casino development QA costs money and takes extra effort, it prevents underdeveloped online casinos from being launched. That’s just one of its merits. Other long-term benefits of QA include the following:

Flat design concept, a programmer is securing the system

Scope of the website QA checklist

In testing online casinos, using test cases and checklists is a common practice. Some examples of test types in the checklist are the following:

Each test focuses on visuals, audio, rules, doubling, winning combinations and in-app purchases. Let’s dive into each one below:

  1. Usability testing

Doing usability testing for your online casino means looking for user feedback. It requires asking a few people to try or conduct specific tasks on your website and find out whether every function runs smoothly or if there’s a bug. Through this testing, you will find out if your website is user-friendly. Can beginners try your online casino? Can anyone navigate the website without the need for customer support? The best way to know is by having testers access your website. Then, you can work your way through ensuring that your answer to all these is yes.

Usability Testing Checklist for Casinos

In that case, here are what you should do in usability testing:

  1. Functionality Testing

Functionality testing is essential for all desktop, mobile and website testing. It allows you to check if all the online casino’s functions match their descriptions. Any detail that does not match what is specified in the specification must be reported. Thus, this QA testing includes checking the integrations with particular platforms and systems and game design documents, such as game audio, settings, etc.  

Functional testing compares expected results to actual results. If they don’t match, the QA team must continue to improve the website until it meets the required standard. As a result, this website QA testing is a crucial part that verifies and corrects software, identifies all major bugs and prepares the website for release to the public.

Functionality Testing Checklist for Casinos

The functionality website testing checklist includes answering the following questions:

Links and Navigation

Confirm the functional requirements below to ensure that there are no hidden broken links in the application:

Forms and Registration

Check that all forms work correctly by doing and checking the following:


Make sure all games are functioning properly by doing the following:

  1. Compatibility Testing

Compatibility testing aims to evaluate if your website is compatible with different environments. Online users use different devices, OSs and web browsers to access websites. With this website QA testing, you ensure your website shows correctly and is accessible across multiple devices and platforms. 

Websites should have a consistent look across platforms, networks, browsers and OSs, which also applies to casinos. Whether it is on Windows, MacOS or mobile platforms, it should function so you can attract players using different devices. If you’re incompatible with a specific environment, you’re excluding players using that platform which is a wasted chance to get more players.

Compatibility Testing Checklist for Casinos

Do the following when doing compatibility testing:

Software testing IT software application testing, quality assurance, QA team, bug fixing, automation and manual, website and mobile flat design modern illustration
  1. Security Testing

Before a website, game or software is released, this type of testing should be done to see if there are any lapses in the entire security system, including hardware and network. To pass this quality assurance testing, a website must comply with legal network security requirements. Securing sensitive information, such as transactions and cash-in or cash-out details, protects players from cyberattacks. If anyone experiences any security issue on your site, it’ll negatively affect your reputation. But if you regularly check that your online casino is safe and secure, players can easily trust you. Thus, security testing is a must. 

Security Testing Checklist for Casinos

Here’s a list of what to check during security testing:

Authentication and Authorisation
Data Security
Payment Security
  1. Performance Testing

This testing procedure assesses the responsiveness and stability of a website and its applications. Performance testing ensures the web app loads quickly enough, is resilient to loads of different sizes and improves user experience. This type of testing has various processes, including capacity testing, smoke testing, workload, metrics, endurance testing and more. 

If you use successful strategies to increase casino website traffic and your site becomes loaded with many casino players, it should perform as efficiently as with low traffic. Otherwise, your potential players will leave and switch to another casino. That's why it's important to conduct performance testing and ensure your platform has the speed and capacity to handle high traffic. Know how to cope with this by learning the ins and outs of running high-traffic casino sites.

Performance Testing Checklist for Casinos

  1. Content Testing

Testing your content's usefulness to readers and consumers is a strategy known as content testing. You can use this test to determine whether your content resonates with readers, directly addresses their problems and provides sufficient context so users can complete tasks successfully. Content testing is divided into two parts, namely text content and visual content testing. Learn what the two are about below:

Various design elements visible to users, such as fonts and their sizes, colours and content, are tested during this phase. This ensures that your site is free of grammatical errors, unorganised elements and unclear visuals because otherwise, players may become suspicious of your brand. It might lead them to visit other sites instead. Thus, these minute details should be double-checked.

Content Testing Checklist for Casinos

Here’s a list of what you should do when conducting a content test:

  1. Accessibility Testing

Accessibility testing can be considered part of usability testing since this QA procedure tests if your page is available to everyone, including those with disabilities. Doing this test ensures every searcher can access your website and expect an easy and seamless user experience.

For others, knowing what website accessibility is and why online casinos need it is too troublesome. But this is important if you want your online casino to cater for everyone. If a certain demographic cannot leverage your product’s features to their full potential because of disabilities, you won’t be able to reach out to them, so this QA testing should be a mandatory stage.

To make the user experience universal for all, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), an international community that sets global web standards, created a guideline for website accessibility. Check it out below:

Keyboard navigation plays an essential role in ensuring website accessibility. Because mice and trackpads demand finger control, users with motor difficulties may be unable to use them to interface with their computers. So, make sure a web app's keyboard navigation is simple. Follow universal keyboard navigation, such as pressing the up, down, left and right buttons to scroll in different directions. 

Accessibility Testing Checklist for Casinos

Considering the W3C guidelines, here’s a list of what you should do during this test:


Optimise your website for better SEO with QWERTYLABS

Going through all the mentioned stages is critical to solving your site’s issues and making it 100% ready for launch. Additionally, it ensures not only a seamless user experience but also optimised website performance and functionality. All these translate to better metrics: longer dwell times, more traffic and higher conversion rates. Thus, QA checking affects how you convert casino web traffic into leads and sales

That’s why we prioritise it here at QWERTYLABS. We know that website QA checking is necessary when building our customers' websites. Whether we're doing SEO link building, creating content or protecting brands, we ensure every step is double and triple-checked for your needs. Contact us today and see how we can get you optimised results.

Website QA Checklist FAQs

How often should a website QA checklist for a casino be conducted?

Do website QA once a month. By doing this, you'll be able to spot any important problems—like broken links or missing H1 tags—before they negatively impact the user experience or your SEO.

What happens if a website fails the QA checklist for a casino?

Failing QA can seriously affect your website’s reputation, leading to losing potential and loyal customers. If your users don’t get their expectations from your site, they can go to a different website that can fulfil those.

Can a website QA checklist for a casino be outsourced to a third-party company?

Yes, you can. Some third-party testing companies ensure that your sites are completed successfully in the shortest possible time. 

How long does conducting a website QA checklist for a casino take?

Website QA testing can take up to 2 to 3 hours, depending on the size of your casino.

Is a website QA checklist for a casino a one-time process, or must it be updated regularly?

Website QA should be done regularly to ensure any updates or changes made on the site do not negatively affect the overall user experience. Thus, it can be done monthly.


[PART 1] AI ChatGPT Series: Designing a website

ChatGPT has been making a lot of noise on the internet recently, and for a good reason. The AI tool, essentially a chatbot, engages in conversation with all the knowledge and wisdom from the world wide web. Since it rose in popularity, ChatGPT has been used for generating business content, developing SEO strategies, and even assisting web developers with open-source projects. But can it do the work of an entire SEO content creation team? Is it a tool that can revolutionise the SEO industry as we know it?

This is why our team at QWERTYLABS is testing out how useful and effective this AI tool is in SEO practices. In this project, we'll create, design and audit a new website and regularly upload blogs based on a content plan made entirely by ChatGPT. We aim to see whether creating and maintaining an AI-developed site with little human interaction is possible. Will it rank on search engines? Can it outperform SEO strategies and content made by humans? Join us in our experiment, and let's find out. 


As ChatGPT and other AI tools become more popular, people will naturally become increasingly concerned over its risks. This is borne of worry about these tools taking over industries and fear of the threat of job loss and people using them for malicious purposes.

While these concerns are valid, AI advancements will likely continue and become even better. As such, QWERTYLABS wants to see how far these AI tools can go and how to integrate them into our current SEO strategies. Here are the goals we hope to achieve in this project:

  1. Discover ChatGPT’s benefits in website creation and management

We aim to see whether a website made using ChatGPT can compete against the highest-ranking sites on search engines like Google. This means the site's branding, design and content are created using ChatGPT with minimal human oversight.

  1. Gain a deeper knowledge of using AI tools

The fear people feel about AI tools is largely due to their lack of understanding. With this project, we aim to develop a deeper grasp of different AI tools to know how they can be used to improve businesses and branding. 

  1. Understand the limitations of AI tools

Everything has limits; even these AI tools are still being developed and improved daily. Through our project, we want to discover these limitations and how we can address them.


The birth of

Now, let's get started. Here's how we built the website using ChatGPT:

  1. Purchasing the domain

To kickstart the project, we bought the domain name ''. Since QWERTYLABS is primarily a content marketing and SEO company for iGaming brands, it's a fitting website to see whether ChatGPT is the key to a winning content marketing strategy in this field.

  1. Defining the scope of

Afterwards, we asked ChatGPT what it thinks is. As expected, the AI hit the mark in defining what the site is all about. Based on the domain's name, ChatGPT deduced it as a site that provides backlinks to sportsbooks or gambling sites.

Identifying the branding of using ChatGPT

The next step is establishing the branding of Again, we let ChatGPT give us ideas on the brand assets, like the site's logo, colour scheme, and overall design. 

  1. ChatGPT provides the design guidelines

As seen above, it suggested a branding design for To summarise, here's what ChatGPT proposed a blog site about sportsbook backlinks should look like:

For fun, we tried to see if ChatGPT could reason why it chose the above colour scheme. Here's what it had to say:

Now that it has properly convinced us, we went ahead and tried to conceptualise this website design. For this, we used the AI tool Midjourney to generate images that matched the criteria ChatGPT gave us. 

  1. Conceptualising the brand design

Midjourney is an AI tool for generating images. To use it, we headed to Discord and created a server with the Midjourney Bot to develop effective web design concepts based on ChatGPT's answer.

For the concept designs, we prompted the following words: 'beautiful website for sports, backlinks, blog, ui,ux,ui/ux, website, neutral colours, muted orange, muted blue, muted green' into Midjourney. Here are some of the concept designs it gave us:

Using ChatGPT's brand design criteria, Midjourney produced the exact results. However, our team felt like it didn't fit the branding we had in mind for a sportsbook backlinks website. The layout and colours felt too muted and passive for a dynamic industry like sports.

We tried again, and this time, we changed our prompt to specify the colours we wanted using hex codes #BA78D1 and #F77354, which are the colour schemes of QWERTYLABS. We used this prompt: 'beautiful website for sportsbook backlinks, ui,ux,ui/ux, website, #F77354, #BA78D1, blog'.  

Unfortunately, as you'll see below, we also didn't get the desired result:


Realising that the Midjourney Bot didn't consider the hex codes we included in the prompt, we simplified it and asked for the colour purple and light pink or orange instead. These are the results we got:

Ultimately, while the concept generated through Midjourney was pretty good, we wanted to go for a minimalistic design. So, we decided to use the same theme as QWERTYLABS and modify it to match what ChatGPT suggested.

Designing the brand logo for using ChatGPT

Since we were set on copying the design of QWERTYLABS, we turned to ChatGPT to see how we could accomplish this.

  1. ChatGPT’s logo design suggestions

First, we asked ChatGPT for its suggestions for a logo design. We specified a minimalist design copying QWERTYLABS's colours (hex codes #BA78D1 and #F77354). 

Here are the design criteria ChatGPT gave for the logo to achieve a minimalist design:

  1. Conceptualising the logo for sportsbook using Midjourney

Following ChatGPT's suggestion, we used Midjourney for a purple and orange logo for Here are the results:

Although these designs aren't bad, we had a few issues using Midjourney to create a logo. The first problem is that since it can't read hex codes, we're limited to inputting generic colours that aren't aesthetically what we wanted. Secondly, we can't customise the designs beyond choosing from the variations Midjourney Bot provides.

As a result, we decided to use the graphic design AI tool called 'Looka'. However, the details ChatGPT provided for the logo were insufficient, so we asked for better design guidelines. Here is what ChatGPT had to say:

  1. Creating a logo design using Looka

Here are the design guidelines from ChatGPT that we kept in mind when generating the logo design on Looka:

Then, we created a logo in Looka by inputting the website domain and providing what industry it's part of.

Looka asked several more questions, including picking logo samples, colours, and symbols. For this, we referred to the information we got from ChatGPT and selected them. 

  1. Create a website slogan using ChatGPT

Another thing Looka asked for is the website slogan, which we decided to get from ChatGPT. As expected, ChatGPT didn't just give one but ten slogans to choose from:

We chose the first slogan ChatGPT provided and inputted it into Looka to finalise the process. 

After a few minutes, we got several design suggestions from Looka that closely matched all the information we put in.

After looking through the suggestions, we customised the simple one to achieve our desired results. See the changes from the variations we got from Looka:

The final design we used for incorporated all of ChatGPT's design guidelines, as seen below:

  1. Additional design elements

The logo is just one of the many images we needed to complete the design of To generate the images we needed, we turned back to Midjourney Bot on Discord and developed images for the homepage with the help of BlueWillow AI.

When you look at QWERTYLABS' homepage, you'll find an adorable robot welcoming you to the site. We wanted to imitate this and asked Midjourney Bot and BlueWillow to provide us with an adorable robot.

Here's what we got from Midjourney Bot:

Meanwhile, here are the results from BlueWillow:

Both AI art tools provided us with great options, but we ultimately went for one of the robot images we got from Midjourney.

Afterwards, to further enhance the homepage and some text descriptions, we asked Midjourney Bot to generate more sports-related images to serve as banners and additional design elements. Here are some of the images generated for us:

  1. The final result: The design

After such a long design process, you must wonder what the final results look like. Fortunately, you can check it out when you visit, which is now live. To give you a little preview, here's a sneak peek of the homepage:

ChatGPT series: What comes next?

If you found this process intriguing, you'll be happy to know that there's more to come in our ChatGPT project. In the succeeding weeks, you can follow our journey as we use ChatGPT and additional AI tools to create and manage a fully-functioning website.

To give you an idea about the other topics we cover, check out the following articles we have:

We've got an exciting month ahead of us as we explore the capabilities of ChatGPT as a tool for SEO content marketing. As you can see from our journey in developing a design for, there's quite a lot these AI tools can accomplish when you know how to ask the right questions.

However, what more can it accomplish? We're determined to find out and document the entire process for you, so visit QWERTYLABS weekly to follow along.


Link building strategy guide for online casinos in 2023

Every successful business is a product of a strong advertising strategy. This is true for all industries, and the secret lies in optimising your company's visibility in a platform most used by your target audience. For online casino websites, that platform is the internet and link building is how you make the most of its capabilities. 

Link building is one of the many strategies you can employ in search engine optimisation (SEO). Learn its fundamentals and bring your online casino to your target audiences through Google. Use it effectively to reach out to an international audience or from targeted regions. It's a complex topic, but you can learn about it in this guide. 

What is a link building strategy?

A link building strategy, by definition, is the technique that establishes ways to enter your website on various platforms. There are many ways to do this, the most effective of which is to write blogs and place hyperlinks related to your services on texts referring to your brand and services. 

Making internal links in your website leading to its other pages also counts. It's a great way to make your platform easy to navigate for visitors, ensuring traffic is spread out instead of funnelled into a specific location. You can consult link building services for casino sites like the ones provided by QWERTYLABS, one of the few experts on the subject. An established network is one of the key factors in successful link building, and there is none as vast as the company's connections. 

It's simple on paper, but following a casino link building strategy is a full-time job you must either include in your daily duties or delegate to a team of experts. The latter is the better option because you need the expertise of a skilled writer and a concrete international SEO strategy

QWERTYLABS is one of the top companies specialising in making an SEO link building strategy you can always consult with. With expert help, you can dedicate your time to other matters while a team completes the campaign your online casino needs to reach the top of search queries. 

Why is a link building strategy important?

A good execution of casino link building can make all the difference for your business. Fortunately, the process is simplified thanks to the availability of Google's tools like Google Analytics and SEO. Use them wisely, and you can begin gaining traffic to your casino website. 

The operative word there is 'wisely' because it's easy to jam keywords into various contents for link building. Unfortunately, Google can detect throwaway pages and omit them from their indexes or give them a low rank. 

Most search engine users won't even check the 2nd search engine results page (SERP), forcing SEO specialists to aim for page 1 as much as possible. It also helps you reach a high rank because many users click on the first five links. 

Link building can supplement everything your website needs to appear in queries, but the question becomes, 'can it compete with other online casinos?'. That's why you need a strategy that covers the following objectives:

  1. Make your brand and related websites trustworthy

Earning trust is a challenge for recently-founded online casinos, but you have a huge advantage if your brand is established and is just introducing yourself to a new country. A link building strategy needs to build new sets of referring domains targeting this new set of audiences. Writing content in their language and using their currencies is the basics; a strategy makes them all work together to generate good opinions about your casino website. 

  1. Reach high in the SERP rankings

Great content impresses the reader and Google's algorithm alike. Thus, a good link building strategy also finds ways to make high-quality content consistently. This includes writing about time-sensitive topics like news or blog posts. Writing for casinos also has the advantage of having timeless topics like gambling strategies and how to play basics for every game. There are hundreds of contents for them, but there's always a need for ones made for modern audiences. 

  1. Take advantage of SEO as a cost-efficient advertising opportunity

Google shared a few SEO tools, and more companies made their versions. Each is effective and cheap for casino marketing compared to hiring an endorser or getting a partnership with a brand ambassador. A good link building strategy will use SEO to reach target audiences through referring domains and deliver them great content to leave a good impression of your brand. 

  1. Promote brand loyalty

Every person visiting your website is an opportunity that they would also use your services. However, the best type of customer is one that is loyal to your brand. Link building helps increase the visibility of your online casino and boost its reputation, proving that your website is better than your competitors. Double down on link building some more, and your brand will gain a sense of authority in the gambling industry of that country.

  1. Track performance and fix where it’s lacking

Traffic and revenue are the statistics you measure to see how well your website, its web pages, and referring pages are. A good link building strategy should have ways to monitor them and plans to fix or cover them. Link building for casino needs a plan for regular maintenance to ensure your website is accessible for as long as it's live. Also, keep in mind updates on your websites. Backlinks only work if the URL still exists, which can be remedied through URL redirection. For cases where such a simple fix is not enough, you need to have a plan of action as quickly as possible. 


Benefits of link building for casino websites

The online casino industry is considered a niche in the grand scheme of the internet. Combining that fact to target a specific region makes link building a natural technique for online casino businesses to reach out. Every click you get is organic traffic with a high conversion rate for any content related to gambling. 

Following a link building strategy guide requires dedication and finesse to ensure your business' success. Some companies establish a department dedicated to it or outsource from a well-established team like QWERTYLABS for the best results. If done correctly, then you can get the following benefits which are all helpful for your online casino:

  1. Establish a good reputation in the chosen location

Link building for international audiences always comes with so much work, but it's worth the effort if the result is increased visibility. With brand recognition comes trust in your online casino as one of the top in the gambling industry. Once you gain the trust of a demographic, you will have a strong authority in that region, making it more difficult for competitors to enter the target market. 

  1. Ensure that you have a high rating in search queries

Getting a high rating on domain authority and search queries is the goal of link building. Follow the strategy and execute it properly, and your brand's backlinks will always appear on the first SERP. The way Google works makes it easy to maintain this rating even for timeless topics, but it's best suited for outreach. Time-sensitive topics are the easiest content to reach high search query positions. 

  1. Boost website traffic the more backlinks you publish

The longer you keep up the link building strategy by publishing backlinks non-stop, the higher your visibility becomes. This also translates to getting more clicks over time which can also convert to sales in your online casino business. All you have to do is maintain existing backlinks to ensure all traffic is coming your way to benefit from all existing domains you've made. 

How to create your link building strategy

You can follow any link-building strategies online, but it's better to take inspiration from them than follow them step-by-step. Like all contents published worldwide, those are data written in the context of the author's time. 

You need to consider a wide variety of factors when making a strategy. It helps if you have the insights of an expert in content writing and SEO. You can make your way to study the state of your target markets per region or type of gambler using Google's tools. Look for the following data to see what needs to be added to a link building strategy you wish to make:

Clarify the demographics of your target audience and use SEO tools to see which domains are accessible to them. Factors to include are website exclusivity and language. Knowing this much helps set the limit you need to explore when looking for domains to place backlinks. Also, consider which currencies are popular in the country. Many prefer their local currencies, but the United States dollar (USD), Euro (EUR), and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) are common choices worldwide. 

See what topics they are looking for related to your online casino services like bonuses, types of games, specific titles, and partnered software providers. You can dedicate a blog post for each one rather than make one generic content that appeals to all of them. This is better for hooking visitors to the page and eventually clicking on a link leading to your website.

Finding opportunities for link building means choosing which topic to make content for to attract all your target audiences. A great example is when publishing news for sports events. Sports bettors frequently visit these kinds of content to use them as references when placing bets. Therefore, you can add hyperlinks leading punters to your bookmaker covering.

It can also be more direct, leading towards betting markets for a match involving teams mentioned on the referring page. Casino players are also spoiled for choices on blog post topics. You can deliver news and reviews about new games from their favourite software providers.

Your brand doesn't have to be alone in its link building endeavour. Many websites seek partnerships with businesses like yours to attract mutual markets. Some can be owners of popular blog posts, while others are influencers on social media. Any backlinks they publish for you can reach all the daily visitors of their platform. Consider your options and add them to your link building strategy. 

Google's criteria for 'high-quality content' can change over time. They would still follow the same metrics like readability and keyword placements but could update how the algorithm rates them. Always use updated references because the tips and tricks from years ago aren't timeless. Stay updated with news on SEO technology and gambling regulations to find better ways to reach your target audience. 

Link building strategies: What your casino needs

Planning your strategies is great, but you can skip some leg work by taking inspiration from some of the popular ones known in 2023. Hundreds of ideas are shared between SEO specialists nowadays, and you are welcome to use any of them. Incorporate them or parts of them into your own strategy. 

Here is a list of strategies you can use or take inspiration from them to open new opportunities:

  1. Ghost posting or guest posting for partnered websites

This strategy is about publishing works on a platform that you don't own. It could be a blog post or a main page for a target audience that they must release regularly. Website owners will often have trouble writing content independently, and you can take this opportunity to write for them. In exchange, you can insert an anchor text with a link to your website. 

  1. Make outreach content for topics relevant to your target audience

As an online casino, you will target audiences interested in gambling, payment technology, and sports betting. Thus, you can write time-sensitive content that appeals to that demographic, like news from software providers, policy changes on cross-border payment, and sports news. Be sure that the content you are writing isn't older than a week to get the most clicks. 

  1. Rebuilding a broken link and turning it into a referring domain

Website owners have to abandon their platforms, which are link-building opportunities. Each of these still has followers or people occasionally visiting them for information. These are all potential customers to whom you can advertise your products or invite them through anchor texts on maintaining content. 

  1. Brand mentions as hyperlinks

Many authors regularly write about casino content. Reach out to them and express intentions to sponsor their next work in exchange for a brand mention. This lets you benefit from their expertise, ensuring high-quality content and getting organic traffic from their well-established following. 

  1. Reclaiming unlinked mentions

Sometimes, there are authors who are already fans of your online casinos and refer to your brand in their content. It can also be a social media post or a forum thread. You can also contact these authors who have not linked to your website and ask to edit a hyperlink. 

This is also perfect for linkable assets like bonuses, specific games, or the login page rather than mentions of your brand specifically. Reclamation is great for both of you. For you, it's a great traffic source, but for them, it makes their statement where they mention your brand more credible.

  1. Repurposing old content for newer audiences

Targeting new regions has advantages if you already have done link building for a different demographic. You can take your old content, either from your website or referring domains, and repurpose them for platforms accessible to your new target audience. You can replicate them 1:1 with a few changes on region and currency used as a cheap method. Ideally, repurposing means rewriting the same topic in a modern context and localising it for a new region. 

  1. Joining online communities 

Establish your brand on a community site like a forum or social media. These are platforms where you can engage directly with your customers. User engagement is key to gaining a huge following for any online business, and it helps that you get their goodwill through live feedback. However, one key point to consider is that this is one of the toughest to execute because you need a skilled social media team to ensure your brand's good reputation. 


Best link building strategies for your casino

All of the above examples are proven effective, and choosing which link building strategy to employ is easy. You just need to know which factors to account for when establishing your casino's online presence. Become a strong competitor in the international SEO industry by using or making a link building strategy focused on the following factors:

  1. Domain niche 

The best way to use backlinks is to place them in a domain your target demographics frequently visit. If you aim to publish referring pages on these websites, then your content should fit in its niche. This way, your backlink can fit in with the rest of the popular domain with your target audience.

  1. Source of the information

Readers frequently glance at the source of information, the part where the author's name and the content's publication date are written. Having a recognisable name or brand helps establish trustworthiness in the content provided. Thus, it helps if your online casino has authority in the online casino industry through link building. The more content you make, the more credible all works sourced to your brand become. 

  1. Regular contributor status reports

Every referring page and partnership you've built through your link building campaign should send regular reports through SEO tools. These should include contributor status details like traffic sent and conversion rates. See which parts are lacking and what can be done to improve their performances to maintain traffic flow. 

  1. Changes in trends 

The internet unifies many industries, but trends are still unique to every country. A great example of this is knowing which sport is popular and which league, club, or player is most frequently talked about. The same is true for online casino games, and considering this insight makes for a strong international SEO link building.

Top link building strategies to avoid

Every great international link building strategy also has pitfalls you must avoid. There are three in particular that you need to be wary of the most:

Link building needs a big budget, like any business venture, and that's why you need to be frugal with your expenses. Keep track of your budget and be strict with how much you allocate for every aspect of your strategy. Overspend on any of them and you lose the budget needed for the others. You need to have a plan of action for when this happens and for price changes in the SEO industry. 

Black hat in SEO is the act of stuffing a backlink page with keywords and topics in hopes that it gets a high score in SERP. This does more harm than good because Google's algorithm is too sophisticated for that. Using a black hat SEO strategy will give it a low domain rating. Even if it scored high on search queries, Google can detect if it has a low trust flow from its visitors, causing it to drop in SERP rankings.

Sometimes, the backlink you published leads to the wrong page or website. This can happen either in the writing process when the wrong link is placed in a hyperlink or when URL redirection happens, but the content with a backlink is not updated. It's a common but easy-to-fix mistake where the action plan is simple editing. Make time always to check links in your link building strategy. 


QWERTYLABS has expert services, insights, and planning for your international casino link building strategy. You can contact us for a recommendation or consultation on such plans anytime. Trying to reach out to new regions is always worthwhile, and link building is the best way to do it. 

The only challenge you need to cover is finding the right help, and QWERTYLABS can solve that. Simply share your goal, like which region you want to outreach and which of your online casino services you would like to promote. Get in touch with QWERTYLABS now to see massive improvements in traffic and revenue within weeks. 



Link building is complex and here are frequently asked questions about it:

What is an SEO link building strategy?

SEO link building strategy is a planned approach to establishing a network of backlinks, preferably to multiple domains targeting a common niche. The goal is to reach as many of your target audiences as possible through other websites on links leading to your online casino. 

What's the most common link building strategy?

Outreach is the most common link building strategy because it's effective and competitive. The strategy ensures a high SERP ranking when the topic is most relevant. 

What is the best link building strategy?

The best link building strategy is whichever attracts the most of your target audience. Answers can differ between demographics and countries. Thus, research is always helpful. 

What's the best way to find the authority of a website that gives you a backlink?

Domain authority is measured by evaluating linking root domains and several links. It's one of the ways you can ensure that a website is performing great for your backlink. 

Why is link building strategy important?

International link building needs every action to be deliberate to yield consistent results. A strategy helps in realising that objective with minimal mistakes and maximum optimisation. 

Why are link building strategies hard?

A link building strategy gains more complexity the higher expectations become. Competing against a rival online casino that employs the same approach is the most common factor in complicating matters for your business. That's because you are both trying to reach high rankings in SERP. 

How to execute link building strategy?

A link building strategy needs you to define your audience, identify link opportunities, and manage public relations (PR) to strengthen brand recognition. These are the core steps in executing a link building strategy, but the rest of the details are vital to its effectiveness.


Casino marketing: 2023 SEO content strategy gambling guide

Regardless if your brand is an online casino or a bookmaker, you need to step up your game to reach the right audiences amid high competition with other sites. One way you can do this is by positioning yourself on top of search engine results to prove your credibility. You can achieve this using the best marketing targeting strategies through search engine optimisation (SEO). 

QWERTYLABS has a quick guide for optimising your website with an effective SEO content strategy. That way, it will be easier to work on your web content and make it more appealing to your target market. 

Here are some tips you should learn to be more visible compared to other sites: 

What is an SEO strategy? 

Before diving deeper into effective SEO ways to enhance your site's appeal, it is crucial to first learn about what SEO is. Search engine optimisation or SEO is directed at how your website can perform on a search engine like Google. 

Keep in mind that excellent SEO performance is not just dependent on one element. Rather, it is defined by several factors, such as credible information, site traffic, and the organic search results that your content gets. Therefore, learning more about content marketing strategy for SEO involves a deep understanding and its impact. 

What is content strategy? 

While maintaining excellent SEO practices, you should also produce great gambling content that will prove your credibility. Potential bettors or customers can rely on your site when looking for games to play, the sports they can bet on, or learn more about the definition of casino terms they'll encounter. Once you answer their concerns about any relevant topic, they will find it easier to trust you. 

You can do this by focusing on content creation. This isn't limited to writing blogs. You can also try making infographics, videos, or other creative approaches you can think of. This is a targeted content marketing style that will draw the attention of users who are interested in the niche of your business. 


What is content marketing? 

Aside from producing great content that expands to new markets customers, you should also learn how to market them properly. This will prove the importance of your content. Nobody wants to exert so much time and effort on content that no one will see. 

You can quickly identify your brand's objectives by focusing on content marketing for online casinos gambling site. However, you should be cautious of which practices to follow and steps to take. 

It is also essential to ask questions like 'Will the marketing targeting strategies be good enough to the point where it appeals to new markets customers?'. Upon focusing on content marketing, you can set your priorities straight. 

Why content marketing strategy is important

Several reasons prove the importance of using an online casino SEO content marketing strategy. Here are some of them: 

Aside from establishing your reputation and credibility, this will also place your brand one step ahead of every other site in the competition. 

Do proper content marketing strategy research

Once you know the business's ins and outs, keep up with the latest marketing trends and see how you can jump on them. That way, you can focus on producing content that will appeal to your target market. 

With proper research, you can also process all the information thoroughly and use it to make a marketing plan that works best for you. With a great online casino marketing strategy, you'll have a better sense of establishing your brand identity.

SEO content marketing strategy 

Having an effective marketing strategy is great, but it is better if you can use an SEO approach to it. Aside from the fact that it elevates the chances of your brand getting noticed by your target audience, it also makes all of your efforts worth it. 

In a sea of impressive online casinos, correctly doing it will make you stand out. With that, you have to work on it step-by-step. Since it might take some time to do it alone, you can also try the services of companies like QWERTYLABS, who specialise in impressive SEO approaches. 


How to create an SEO content strategy? 

In this content marketing strategy guide, QWERTYLABS will provide tips for improving your SEO content strategy approaches. Here are some effective ways how you can establish impressive search engine optimisation metrics to boost your brand: 

Before planning the technical details, make sure that you know your target market. Learning more about them can help you determine what their needs are. 

By studying every type of customer, you will know what content you should produce. Simply, knowing more about your target audience is one of the best ways to diversify the services you offer and the topic area of casino content.

The next step you should take is to use an effective strategy that will propel you up the search results. Technically speaking, several effective SEO strategies expands new markets targeting customers. However, it is best to choose the most effective strategy for your brand. That way, you can focus on a strategy without wasting time and money.

Here are some of the most common casino approaches you should know:

When a user searches for 'online casinos in *certain country*', Google will show the results in that region because it personalises search results for users based on geography. Similarly, Google strives to publish the most relevant results for specific queries.

By optimising your casino, the local SEO can redirect potential customers to your site or to some reviews that will help them decide whether your site is worth visiting. These listings will drive up your site's appeal as it gets to the radar of the audience you wish to reach. 

Several tools are used for keyword research, each aiming to update companies about what queries can be focused on. These provide information on the typical monthly search volume for a key term. They also determine whether or not there is high or low competition for the said terms' usage. 

Upon learning about the best keywords to use, you'll find it easier to update what you have for publishing and eventually expands to new markets targeting. 

According to some studies, the number of domains linking to a page highly affects the ranking on search engines. The more credible backlinks a site has, the more likely it is for it to rank higher and be visible to the target audience. 

Your site must have a strong backlink portfolio to improve your Domain Ranking. Domain Ranking is a measure that backlink systems use to rank websites based on their reputation and trustworthiness. It mirrors Google's algorithm to assess the legitimacy of a website.

Backlinks can be obtained by working with several other sites within your niche. You would want to be featured on relevant content where people find it easy to track your site's domain. Aside from articles, backlinks may also come in the form of PR campaigns, infographics, and even guest blogs. 


Online casino marketing strategy 

Now that you know more about the ideal SEO practices you can use to boost your online casino, you should take note of the necessary steps to make your brand popular. Aside from working on your site's appeal and audience reach, focus on how to make your business successful. 

Casino marketing strategies 

You can use several gambling marketing strategies to prove to new players that you are the ideal site. Here are some of them: 

Keep everything neat and organised so they won't find any reason to compare it to the other sites of the same niche. Choosing a nice colour palette that is not straining to look at is also best. This unconsciously encourages bettors to stay on your site for hours. 

Steps in creating content marketing in a casino 

Aside from games and bonuses, provide articles and blog posts to help your players learn more about online casino games or the online gambling scene. This is a helpful approach to producing relevant content that can improve your site traffic. Here are some ways how you can do it: 

By doing these, people curious about the industry may stumble upon your post and find it helpful. If they like it, they may even become an active bettor on your site. 


How to expand business into new markets by leveraging content marketing

By working on your SEO content marketing tactics for your online casino, you will find it easier to draw more attention to any potential consumer interested in your niche. As the iGaming scene gets more competitive, the rivalry among online gambling sites gets tougher. 

Since it's a tough business, one has to work hard to gain lots of engagement and prove their authority among other online sites. The need to produce great content also arises as it aims to show a brand's expertise in what they offer. 

Producing credible information is great, but it won't be enough to gain traction online as it's not the only factor determined by Google's metrics. Therefore, online casino owners must step up their game if they wish to succeed, have a great site, and move up Google's ranking. Simply put, combine the right elements of online casinos, content creation, marketing, and SEO to achieve attainable results. 

Improve your brand’s SEO content marketing performance with QWERTYLABS!

With the help of this content marketing strategy guide, QWERTYLABS hopes that online casino owners and developers have a better grasp of the improvements necessary to drive their sites up on Google. As technology aims to make life easier through its function, one should not miss out on any given opportunity that can bring them closer to their goal of becoming a renowned online casino. 

To learn more about SEO content marketing besides all the recommendation ideas stated above, don't hesitate to contact us or visit our site to learn more about our services


What is content marketing strategy?

A content marketing strategy is a well-thought-out plan that aims to produce relevant content that will appeal to a specific site's target audience.

What should a content strategy include?

A great content strategy includes factual information that clearly shows what a site offers. 

What is the purpose of a content strategy?

Aside from providing their target audience with the information they need, a content strategy aims to drive up a site's performance and credibility. 

How to write good SEO content?

To produce great SEO content, take some time on keyword research, so you'll know what queries are being used on Google. This way, you can use the right phrases and be among the relevant results people can encounter. 

How to create a successful content marketing strategy? 

Conduct in-depth research to find what's relevant to your niche. If necessary, hop on certain trends so that your content can have a better chance of performing well online. 

Why is content marketing strategy necessary?

The importance of having a great content marketing strategy is that it doesn't put hard work to waste. With it, every piece of content can leverage an incredible reach that will make it visible to people interested in its niche.


Best QA Web automation tools for your online casino

One of the most important things for an online casino platform to focus on is its site’s functionality. This includes bug fixes, checking user interface performance, and inspecting visual elements, which can be complex and time-consuming. Fortunately, this is where a website automation testing tool comes in handy. With automation tools, you can conduct various tests on your platform to check for errors and areas of improvement. 

What’s even better about these web automation tools is it helps in conducting tedious coding tasks, allowing you to focus on providing a great user experience for your site visitors. Discover all you need to know about tools for automation testing and their key benefits here at QWERTYLABS.

Definition of QA Web Automation tools 

Web automation is a system that allows websites like online casinos to automate common web actions. This is done using software bots that do basic functions such as filling out forms, downloading files, and even testing website functionality. 

Different automation tools are available for various tasks, and not all are used by every website. As a casino platform, you should identify the different uses of website automation tools and see which ones are helpful to your platform. One of the most useful automation tools you should opt for is those used for web testing. This is crucial to ensure that your platform functions properly and consistently, helping you maintain the quality of your site.

Importance of using web automation tools for online casinos

Using automated tools for testing holds various benefits, including a streamlined process, efficiency, and improve site quality. Here are other key benefits of using automated tools below: 

  1. Improves web speed and efficiency

Web automation testing often requires devs to conduct repetitive tests when improving their site. With the help of automated testing, you can check your site’s performance easily without repeating tedious tasks each time. Instead, you can use the necessary testing tools to run the recorded test functions on your behalf. This allows you to focus on fixing other problems your site has without losing too much time on repetitive processes. 

  1. Tasks are done with accuracy 

Using automation tools reduces the risk of human error, which is especially beneficial for testers in a time crunch or those running repetitive tests. Web testing is complex and requires extensive knowledge of scripting codes. While this can be done manually, writing scripts for comprehensive testing is prone to errors, making an already complex task more difficult. Automated web application testing helps streamline the process while ensuring minimal error.

  1. Helps with increased scalability

As your platform grows, you’ll be required to accomplish more tasks. With QA tools, you can conduct most menial and repetitive tasks without hassle.

  1. Improved customer experience quality

Software bots used for website testing can record logs and data that allow testers to cut down on repetitive processes. This allows you to focus less on implementing the right scripts and instead on enhancing the quality of user experience on your casino site. 


How can you measure improvements in online casinos?

Using a QA automation tool to test your site’s performance has many benefits. Using these tools for your online casino will improve the following:

  1. Testing metrics

You can do various testing metrics depending on the particular tool you’re using and what you’re testing for. What’s great about this is you’ll have quantitative assessments to help you get accurate insight into what aspects of your site are underperforming and need improvement.

  1. Cost savings

Most of the QA testing tools you’ll find online are open-source and have free access to those who need them. By simply learning the process of how you can use these tools, there won’t be added costs to your site maintenance.

  1. Reduced downtime

Site maintenance becomes easier with automated QA testing tools since the automated analysis of your site’s performance can be conducted quickly. Additionally, testing tools for a web application can accurately detect all the areas that need improvement on your site. As such, you can address them all quickly and all at once to avoid suffering from long downtime. 

Why online casino websites should use QA web automation tools

Today’s technology resulted in countless automation tools to help run a website. If you’re considering using them for your casino platform, be sure to look into those that prioritise the following:

  1. Helps with data transfer

You deal with large volumes of data daily as an online casino platform. Like most big platforms, manually transferring these files can be a hassle. As such, automation tools that focus on basic data transfer are useful for completing this tedious task.

  1. Great data extraction

Some software bots extract data from the world wide web depending on your parameters. These are useful for casino brands to gather data from numerous sources speedily.

  1. Industry reports gathering

When running an online casino, staying current with the latest industry reports is important. However, if you’re running a global platform, keeping up with all the latest information worldwide is nearly impossible. By using report automation tools, this process is simplified and within reach. This software bot can gather the necessary reports without requiring a dedicated data team to gather reports each time.

  1. Provide data insight

Equally important to industry reports are internal data that help you understand your platform’s overall performance in the digital space. Find QA automation testing tools that deliver these results so you can use them to determine the best improvements to apply to your online casino.

  1. Web testing

Web testing automated tools are possibly the most useful software bot for an online casino platform. Through these tools, bots will look into your site to analyse functionality and detect issues you must resolve for better performance.


The top 5 best QA web automation tools for online casinos

Various automation tools provide test functions for automated Quality Assurance (QA) testing. However, most developers consider a select few as the best. Read on to learn the best automation tools for your casino below:

  1. Selenium Framework

The Selenium Framework is an open-source toolbox to run various tests on a target browser. The framework’s functions consist of several tools, including the WebDriver, Integrated Development Environment (IDE), and more. Each one of these performs different automated tasks on the target platform. For further insight, here are how these tools are used:

This tool is used for cross-browser testing to check if a website performs as expected regardless of whether it’s run on Chrome, Safari, Edge or other browsers.

This specific tool is a recorder that documents the interaction between the web developer and the browser when making test cases. This is a good way to cut down the manual labour of executing code by recording reusable scripts.

Pros of Selenium

Cons of Selenium

  1. TestCafe

TestCafe is one of the best QA automation testing tools for regular web testing that runs on the top operating systems. The tool simplifies conducting QA tests regularly, making it easy for beginners and experts to use. Some of the key tools the platform offers include:

Through the framework’s Visual web test recorder, the tool will watch you navigate and click through a webpage to generate the best test steps. This is done automatically and can be conducted using different desktop, mobile, and cloud browsers. 

Pros of TestCafe

Cons of TestCafe

  1. Cypress 

One of the top QA automation tools is Cypress, which is free, open-source, and used for recording your test. It operates as an all-in-one testing framework with several great features, including mocking, real-time reloads, network traffic control, automatic waiting, and more.

Pros of Cypress

Cons of Cypress

  1. Appium

Appium is an open-source automation tool dedicated to Android and Apple devices. This testing framework allows testers to write test scripts for iOS, Android, and Windows using the same API. That makes it efficient and lessens the time and effort required in writing code.

Pros of Appium

Cons of Appium

  1. Puppeteer

Puppeteer is a tool for testing, automation, and scraping on Chrome. It generates screenshots for QA tests, crawls a single-page application, and automates several basic functions. 

Pros of Puppeteer

Cons of Puppeteer

How to choose the right automation tool for you

Automation testing tools are the key to running your online casino efficiently. Using these tools to your advantage allows you to streamline the process of finding bugs and fixing errors on your platform. 

However, choosing the right tool for your casino platform is crucial, so you need to analyse the best tools out there to determine which will be most helpful. Check the table below to see the comparison of the best QA automation tools out there:

Programming languagePython, Ruby, JavaScript, Java, and more.JavaScript/TypeScriptJavaScript/TypeScriptRuby, Java, PHP, Node.js, C#, Python, and Javascript.Node.js
Browsers supportedChrome, Chromium, Firefox, Edge, and Safari.Chrome, Explorer, Edge, Firefox, and Safari. Chrome, Chromium, EdgeSafari and Chrome appChrome and Chromium.

Additionally, automation tools can be used for more than just automated QA testing, which helps you take on tedious tasks such as file transfers, filling up forms, and data extraction. However, while automation tools are great for technical processes, they lack the human supervision your online casino requires to appeal to your audience.

That’s why QWERTYLABS offers services that strongly focus on manual QA testing to ensure your platform functions properly, and your content matches your brand’s guidelines. With QWERTYLABS, you can elevate your casino platform’s performance and appeal for higher traffic and better lead conversion.


Best practices in implementing QA automation tools for online casinos

To ensure your QA processes are implemented correctly, follow the best practices when using test tools for web applications below:

  1. Define objectives and requirements

There are many ways to conduct QA testing for your online casino website. However, to ensure you’re using the right tools, it’s important to set your objectives and list your requirements. By doing so, you can provide as many of the tools required to accomplish your set goals.

  1. Select the right tool for your needs

Many well-performing tools are out there, but not all offer equal services. It’s important to find the tool that will help you best, and you can do this by referring to your list of objectives. Select the tool that will provide solutions to all these objectives. Additionally, it should be able to support your preferred scripting language and allow testing for your preferred platform.

  1. Invest in training and support

Although QA tools work automatically, you still need Manual QAs to help you manage them and write the testing codes. That’s why you shouldn’t overlook the importance of investing in training Manual QAs to help in the often complex task of website testing.

  1. Incorporate automated testing into your workflow

There are plenty of automated tools that perform beyond QA testing. Be sure to use them to streamline many of the processes conducted on your platform, which includes data transfers, form submissions, and more.

  1. Monitor and evaluate results

Analyse the data you’ll gather from the automated QA tests you conduct. Additionally, keep all the data so you can check it every few months or help you check which areas are performing inconsistently. This is essential so you’ll have the necessary information to improve your site’s performance.

  1. Keep the tool up-to-date

QA tool providers are always looking to improve their services, so it’s important to be informed when your tools are updated. Doing so ensures that you’re using the best version of the tools and applying its improved functionality to your tests.

What are the drawbacks of using automated testing tools?

While there are many benefits to using automated testing tools for web applications, it’s important to note some drawbacks. This includes the following:

  1. Complex tasks are difficult to accomplish

Automation tools are great to use with tasks that tend to be repetitive and straightforward. However, it doesn’t run as well when testing specific functional or visual components. In this case, you must manually input the code to run the test. Most automation tools have recording capabilities, meaning conducting the same test can be automated the next time. 

  1. Difficult to use for GUI elements

Automation tools don’t look at Graphical User Interface as humans do. Since they speak in codes, their primary focus is on the technical aspect of GUI elements. This means your site’s graphics may pass when using automated tools, but human testers are better at catching visual errors that can compromise your brand identity.


How to fill the gap in using automation tools

Since Automation tools cannot perform varied and unique tasks, incorporating manual web testing processes is a good way to complement their capabilities. Some of the points of focus of a manual QA tester include:

  1. Meta tags

Meta tags are short-form descriptors summarising a page’s content for search engines. These typically don’t appear on any of your pages but are instead seen by search engine algorithms to help your site get indexed and ranked. Manual QA testers must ensure their meta tags are in the source code. This is crucial to developing successful global SEO strategies for online casinos to improve your visibility on search engines.

  1. Interlinking

Another element a QA tester pays attention to is the interlinking of pages within your site. This is vital since interlinking your casino content can help you have better engagement, enhanced user experience, and improved crawl efficiency.

  1. Content graphics

Determining whether a site’s graphics require a good eye for detail and a keen understanding of design trends are aspects that automation tools cannot accomplish. That’s why it’s important to use manual QA testers with knowledge of graphics to look into the graphical aspects of your site to ensure that it will be pleasing to your site visitors.

  1. Call-to-Action

A call to action or CTA is a way to encourage your visitors to engage with your platform’s services. Manual QA testers focus on this to determine better implementation that leads to a high conversion rate on your platform.

What are the benefits of manual testing?

Manual testing is beneficial, especially since you can rely on them to check what automated tools cannot test for. However, there are two main advantages to conducting manual QA tests, and these are: 

  1. Features and functions are checked for accuracy

Even if web application test automation tools show results that assure a site’s functionality, the only way to know is by allowing humans to test it and see whether the analysis was accurate. 

  1. Errors outside of coding are detected

Automated tools are great for technical aspects of QA testing. However, it lacks when it comes to a genuine analysis of the quality of user experience. This is where QA testers are most needed. By understanding industry trends and marketing strategies, they know how to check for visual errors and determine the best way to resolve them.


Future considerations for improving testing processes in online casinos

QA testing focuses largely on site functionality in cross-browser platforms. However, there are many ways to improve performance testing, especially with innovations that continue to change the digital landscape. Read on to discover some areas of consideration for future QA testing processes in online casinos:

  1. Increased use of artificial intelligence and machine learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning tools are integral to any QA tool. However, there are additional improvements to expect in the future, including predictive analytics, defeat analytics, and log analytics. These provide additional data to predict your site’s performance and necessary improvements.

  1. Incorporating blockchain technology

Blockchain technology is one of the most sought innovations in recent years. With more websites running on blockchains, automation tools should be considered for QA testing centred on testing these types of websites. This is especially important since most either operate on a blockchain or accept crypto payments. Some of the popular tools already released for this include Ethereum Tester, Populus, Embark, and Truffle.

  1. Integration with DevOps practices

Continuous testing is a DevOps integration trend that aims to test each stage of the development process of your website to allow quick feedback to address issues early. Additionally, it’s also expected to include UI and security testing.

  1. Use of cloud-based testing tools

Many businesses are now seeing the benefits of cloud-based browsers including security from data loss, SSL protocol inspection, and protection from malicious code. That’s why it’s safe to expect more QA tools focused on testing for cloud-based browsers in the future.

  1. Increased focus on security testing

A lot of QA tools focus strongly on the functionality of a platform. However, one aspect not to be overlooked is the importance of a site’s security against suspicious entities. Due to this, more QA tools centred on security testing are expected to be one of the future developments you could expect. 


ChatGPT: Risks and benefits of using AI

Artificial Intelligence is one of the latest innovations that changed the game. Throughout the past few years, AI has seen increased growth in useability and popularity. One of the newest AI technologies today is ChatGPT, a chatbot that can create human-like responses based on prompts typed in by the user. It’s said to be the next Google but is this claim true?

In this QWERTYLABS blog, you’ll learn more about ChatGPT, from what it is and how it’s used to its implication in today’s SEO content marketing landscape. Find out some of its benefits and potential consequences and decide whether to use it. Let’s get started!

What is ChatGPT?

Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer, or ChatGPT, is a chatbot powered by artificial intelligence. It uses advanced language learning techniques to understand text inputs and generate human-like responses in return. This new technology makes search queries more conversational as you can type your questions on the chat box as you would on a messaging app with a real person. Then, the responses you’ll get in return will look like it’s been typed by a human instead of an AI.

OpenAI developed it, a startup based in San Francisco, co-founded back in 2015 by famous entrepreneurs Elon Musk and Sam Altman. It’s also the same company that created DALL-E, the text-to-image generator. The startup built ChatGPT or GPT-3.5, an upgrade from OpenAI’s previous GPT-3. This new version is a type of large-language model (LLM), meaning it’s programmed to understand human language through data input. In return, it can generate responses that fit human understanding.

What is the Large Language Model?

Large-Language Model (LLM) is a subsection of machine learning. It involves deep-neural networks of upwards of a billion, each trained to process hundreds of billions of pages to predict which sentences or words will appear next. This model is what ChatGPT uses to produce the human-like responses that users get when they type their queries on the chatbot.

How to use ChatGPT

The great thing about ChatGPT is that anyone can access it online for free. You can treat it as your regular search engine wherein you type your query and receive information in return. However, OpenAI suggests inputting statements to get better answers from ChatGPT instead of broken keywords. Once the bot answers your query, you can ask follow-up questions to further help you with your main inquiry. You can continue this conversation until you close the browser or restart the thread. Before you can talk to this advanced AI, however, OpenAI will require you to create an account. You can easily do this by signing up using your Google or Microsoft account.


How is ChatGPT trained?

ChatGPT was trained using something data scientists, and machine-learning engineers call ‘semi-supervised learning’, an algorithm trained on datasets consisting of labelled and unlabelled data. It uses the labelled data at hand to formulate a hypothetical prediction of the eventual output of the unlabelled data.

To gain the huge amount of unlabelled data required to train ChatGPT’s Large-Language Model, data scientists extracted information from the internet using web scraping. Now, fine-tuning a model of this capacity with this huge amount of data is no easy feat. Moreover, although OpenAI hasn’t publicly revealed how it pulled it off, it’s no secret that it used outsourcing techniques.

What does ChatGPT have to offer?

With all the technicalities out of the way, it’s time to find out the benefits his advanced chatbot offers. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest benefits of using ChatGPT here:

  1. It provides answers to questions

Of course, ChatGPT provides answers to questions, much like how a search engine gives relevant information based on the user’s keywords. However, the former makes it different because it conversationally presents information. Asking it seems like chatting with a human as opposed to AI. This makes the information easier to understand and digest than just being presented as search results.

  1. It helps you fully understand your inquiry 

Aside from being conversational, ChatGPT also makes it easy to understand your inquiry by allowing you to enter follow-up questions. You can continue sending these questions until you get a full understanding of your inquiry or until you restart your browser.

  1. It offers quick responses

It’s impressive how fast ChatGPT provides its users with relevant information about their queries, considering that it has tons of data to scour. Its fast response time makes it feel like you’re chatting with a real person.

  1. It helps increase productivity

Aside from being used as a search engine, ChatGPT can do many text-based tasks like code a website or write long-form content on a specific topic. This capability immediately made people think of using it to increase productivity. For example, if students need to write an essay, they can easily chat with ChatGPT and learn everything they need to know about their topic. It’s also worth noting that ChatGPT features high-quality web design, as evidenced by its easy-to-use and sleek user interface. This makes the platform more user-friendly even though it’s a fairly new kind of technology.


Potential consequences of using ChatGPT

Yes, ChatGPT provides tons of benefits to its users. However, it can be a double-edged sword when used incorrectly. At the time of writing, ChatGPT still needs to polish some rough edges. With that in mind, using this kind of technology can lead to potential consequences too, such as:

Misinformation leading to harmful results

One of the most glaring problems with ChatGPT is that it sometimes provides inaccurate information. After all, the data it provides will be AI-generated, unlike, let’s say, Google, which scours the internet to find the best result for your query. That’s why one can’t argue that this chatbot can replace Google, as it isn’t a search engine.

This could be more harmful when your query involves something serious like how to treat a certain injury. You could worsen the situation if the chatbot mistakenly gives you an inaccurate remedy. This is why it’s also important always to fact-check the information provided by this chatbot through Google or other search engines you trust.

Loss of sense of ownership

Abusing the advanced technology this chatbot offers in the context of writing can lead users to lose a sense of ownership over their output. Although it can be efficient to take ideas or even copy the generated sentences or phrases from ChatGPT, it won’t fulfil you since the information isn’t originally yours.

This can especially affect students who are using ChatGPT to write their essays for the sake of finishing them, as they won’t bother making their ideas. Writing is all about expressing oneself. If you’re going to rely fully on what the AI will generate based on what you entered in the chat box, your output will start losing personality. 

Conflict with SEO strategies

Entirely relying on a chatbot like ChatGPT may provide conflict with the tricks you’ll use to boost your SEO strategy. Search engine optimisation is all about letting your page rank high on the results page, and one of the strategies to achieve this is writing original content. If you’re only going to use AI-generated information, you won’t be creating optimised content. As a result, Google won’t see your website as an authority, and you’ll have lesser chances of ranking.


Biassed information

ChatGPT doesn’t have its perspective and only takes information based on the already present data. So if the data ChatGPT gathered is biased, it won’t have the understanding to realise this and still provide biased and possibly misleading answers. For example, people have seen discriminatory and harmful results in some of its outputs. These could offend users and negatively influence those who aren’t that educated on the subject. 

This is a big challenge OpenAI is still trying to solve. However, they’ve publicly admitted this mistake and called it ‘biased behaviour’. At the time of writing, the developers are trying to solve this problem by encouraging ChatGPT’s users to leave feedback and suggestions when the platform provides bad outputs.

Lack of motivation to write

The ability to generate a unique output through AI may cause some users to lose motivation to write and produce original content. Knowing you can generate information in a snap can make users lazy and fully rely on AI. This can then be harmful since it doesn’t provide the correct information all the time.

Limitations of ChatGPT

Since ChatGPT has only been released recently, it could still use some improvements. At the time of writing, here are some of the most common limitations that users have noticed with the chatbot:

It can’t distinguish fact from fiction

As previously stated, ChatGPT won’t always provide you with the correct answer to your query. That’s because it’s more focused on predicting which words and sentences will go next based on what you entered in the chat box. ChatGPT doesn’t work like Google, where it scours the internet and crawls various web pages to find the best response to your inquiry. 

OpenAI acknowledges this issue, noting on its website that it ‘sometimes writes plausible-sounding but incorrect or nonsensical answers [,] … is often excessively verbose ... [and] will sometimes respond to harmful instructions or exhibit biassed behaviour.’

It has limited knowledge

ChatGPT isn’t all-knowing. It bases its answers on the data it receives from users, meaning it can’t produce new writing styles because everything it knows is templated. And while it can write poetry and mimic writing styles, it won’t be able to produce content as creative as humans do since it doesn’t have human knowledge derived from personal experiences.

Only a limited number of users can access it

One of the glaring issues that ChatGPT currently faces is the limited capacity of users that can access it at a time. Sometimes, you’ll be directed to a screen that says, ‘ChatGPT is at capacity right now’ when accessing it. This is because servers required to run this advanced AI are expensive. Moreover, it’s just one of the consequences of being a free-to-use tool.

It won’t always understand you

The thing about using ChatGPT is that it won’t always understand you. Sometimes, you must type in specific questions to get specific answers, as the platform doesn’t have intuition. One mistake in your question can drastically change its answer, so always be specific with your statements.


Who’s competing with ChatGPT today?

Because of ChatGPT’s initial success, other companies have decided to create their advanced chatbots to compete in the market. These include the following:

Google Bard

The world’s leading search engine won’t be left out of the competition for providing users with information. That’s why in February 2023, Google launched its own AI chatbot called ‘Google Bard’. It works like ChatGPT, where searching for queries feels more like a conversation than a one-way inquiry. Furthermore, it aims to answer queries the company calls ‘NORA’, which stands for ‘no one right answer’. Just like ChatGPT, Google wants its users to learn more about their queries through this tool by giving follow-up questions.

Facebook Blender

A project by the gigantic social media platform Facebook Blender works similarly to ChatGPT, wherein it’s a chatbot that can pull up relevant information to respond to users’ queries. It’s also the first chatbot to get the ability to simultaneously build long-term memory, allowing you to access ongoing conversations for weeks or even months.

Can ChatGPT replace Google?

Technically speaking, ChatGPT isn’t a search engine, so it wouldn’t make sense for it to replace Google. However, it does a great job of gathering and presenting information to the user in a conversational manner. It can come off as more user-friendly than Google’s search results page. With ChatGPT, you won’t have to go through numerous sites to find the answer to your question—it’ll already be presented and explained to you in a way you’d understand best.

However, ChatGPT still has issues that need to be polished first, such as its occasional misinformation and biased takes, before it can be as reliable as Google. At the end of the day, you still need Google or any other search engine to verify any kind of information you can get from ChatGPT.

Should you use ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is free to use, and you can try it out yourself. After all, how it produces information in a snap is a technical marvel. Just be sure to remember the limitations and the potential consequences that can happen when you use this advanced artificial intelligence. Meanwhile, if you want to learn more about the latest trends in SEO, feel free to contact us or check out our services here at QWERTYLABS Inc.


A helpful technical SEO guide to boost your online casino

Looking to give your online casino the recognition and engagement it deserves? You've come to the right place! Discover the wonders of technical SEO with QWERTYLABS, how it works and how it can benefit your casino in this guide. Simultaneously increase your site's visibility and player base, leading to more significant profits. Let's get started.

What is technical SEO?

Technical SEO is a set of strategies that aim to improve website ranking and visibility in search engines such as Google by optimising various site aspects such as its crawlability, link-building, keyword research and more. It is a huge part of on-page SEO since it improves optimisation for content found on your website.

Benefits of Technical SEO for your online casinos

SEO plays a huge role in creating an online casino's presence. Here are the benefits of using technical SEO strategies for your online casinos:

  1. Increased visibility

One of the main goals of a technical SEO strategy is to increase your site's visibility, specifically in search engines like Google. Optimising your page will have a significant chance of higher ranking and appearing on the first page of online casino search results.

Ask yourself this question: When did you click on the second page of a search engine's results page when looking for answers online? Being on the front page of Google's search results is important since your article is more likely to be clicked on by readers. Moreover, being visible when searchers look up online casinos will increase your authority over the niche. When people start seeing your content associated with the online casino industry, they'll recognise your website as an authority on the subject.

Lastly, technical SEO will help you reach various channels with significant users. From Google to Bing, Yahoo and more, it's important to be visible on these sites as they're the gateway for newcomers to reach your online casino.

  1. Invites more players

Since SEO will help your content become more visible in search engines, you can significantly increase your player base by converting newcomers into loyal players. They can start as regular visitors to your site whenever they need a reliable source about a subject concerning online casinos. Then, if gambling games pique their interest, your site will be their first choice to try them out for themselves.

  1. Bigger profits

Simply put, more players are equivalent to bigger profits. As an online casino, your goal is to build a huge player base willing to spend money on games on your site to generate income. Through the games' built-in house edges, you can guarantee that a portion of your players' accumulated bets will turn into profit. If you only have a few players on your site, it may be hard to cover the cost of maintaining it, which could lead to bankruptcy. However, a huge player base is a self-sustaining business, as you'll have a steady stream of cash.

  1. Higher chance of being a featured snippet

When searching for queries on Google, you'll notice a section on the top of the results page featuring a paragraph or bullet point that directly answers your question. This is called the featured snippet, which benefits your page since the websites featured receive the most attention from searchers. 

Technical SEO tips for online casinos

To start garnering the attention of search engines and the people that use them for their queries, here's a quick technical SEO checklist to help you: 

  1. Use keywords to your advantage

One of the most common strategies you'll see in SEO is keyword usage, particularly in creating content. Writing blogs related to casinos for your website will waste time if you don't properly integrate keywords. You can get the keywords needed for your content by conducting keyword research. This essential part of technical SEO determines which words and phrases have a high search volume on Google.

Once you have the necessary data, you can start creating your content and seamlessly integrating relevant keywords. This way, when people type them on Google, the search engine will recognise that your content contains the same words and phrases and display your content high on the results page.

On a side note, use these keywords as naturally as possible to prevent penalisation from search engines. Moreover, forcing these keywords into sections that don't make sense may confuse your readers, which can compromise your credibility. 

  1. Post different kinds of content

Just because your website is an online casino doesn't mean it should only contain a list of playable games. Although an impressive catalogue of gambling games is the most important factor, it's also vital to diversify your content.

A wide selection offers your website visitors a variety, so they'll have more reasons to stay on your page besides playing games. Some relevant contents you can have are post guides and tips and tricks on casino games. Moreover, these articles give you a chance to appear on search engine results pages. For instance, when they search for 'Tips and tricks for beginner poker players' and see that your website answers this question, they're more likely to open your page since it offers what they're looking for.

Meanwhile, when it comes to content creation, it's always important to implement the quality-over-quantity rule so that your blogs will have value to them. Furthermore, you should also try your best not to replicate what's already been said in posts that are already online. Instead, give your own opinion on the topic so that other people will have a reason to read your content as opposed to other blogs posted about the same subject.

  1. Let users leave reviews

One of the things that can strengthen your SEO is an honest opinion of your online casinos from users. Furthermore, you should showcase these reviews front and centre so that new visitors will immediately see what other people have to say about your website.

  1. Optimise the website itself

Optimising your website is important by focusing on the content you're putting in and the overall look and responsiveness. There are several ways you can determine if your website is optimised for users. For starters, it should be fast and responsive, meaning users can access what they want from your site within a second or two.

You ensure your site's speed and responsiveness by compressing the images properly and removing unnecessary plugins you don't need. Aside from that, you should always ensure that your site, along with its wide catalogue of games should, is accessible at all times.

  1. Do proper link building

Proper SEO linking building is one of the best ways to build your site's authority. When Google sees that your page has quality links, it will more likely rank it high on its results page. However, ensure that the links you use in your blog seamlessly merge into the content body. Don't try to force an anchor text article just to interlink it to another content as this may come off as awkward and leave a bad taste in your reader's mouth.

Link building is also beneficial for your readers since it can lead them to other blogs related to the one they're currently reading within the website. For instance, you can insert a link in your blackjack blog that redirects to another blog that tackles blackjack betting strategies.

You can think of link building as providing a ladder for your readers. Every time they encounter a link that relates to the subject they're currently reading, they're moving up one step until they reach the top, which is when they fully understand the topic. Lastly, ensure that the links redirect to a working part of the site and not an error 404 page.

SEO tools to use for online casinos

Luckily for you, you can use various SEO tools to improve your online casino's rankings. Check them out below:

  1. Ahrefs

One of the essential tools you must use when optimising your website is Ahrefs. Think of this as the all-in-one platform that allows your site to rank high on Google search engine results.

Ahrefs is a complete suite of vital tools for optimisation strategies such as link building, keyword research, competitor analysis and more. These combined functionalities will help your online casino reach better rankings on Google's results page.

  1. Google Search Console

If you own a website, you can access Google's Search Console to help you track your site's performance in terms of clicks, impressions and more for free. This is a useful tool that will help you better understand how the giant search engine works, which you can use to adjust your strategy. To access its services, you must provide proof of ownership of your website, and that's it.

  1. Screaming Frog

An important part of technical SEO is ensuring that your website is well-maintained. One tool that can help you with this need is Screaming Frog, a must-have for all websites that can aid in detecting issues such as broken links and duplicate content. Additionally, it can also extract data from HTML, generate XML sitemaps and visualise site architecture for more seamless site maintenance. 


What makes a technically optimised online casino?

To find out whether or not your online casino is technically optimised, here are some characteristics that it should possess:


Speed should be one of the main features of an online casino. This means that the site and its games should load within a reasonable time. Failure to achieve a speedy and responsive website may cause your consumers to grow impatient and find another online casino that loads games faster. Aside from your site's visitors, Google will also know if your website is slow, and it will recognise it as a less-optimised page which can make it rank lower.


A secure website should be the standard these days. Guaranteeing the safety of your user's identity and funds is a basic requirement, especially for an online casino. Your players need to trust your website before using real money to play their gambling games.

The first identifier that a website is secure is if it uses HTTPS instead of HTTP. When you see a site using HTTPS, this means that nobody can intercept the interaction between the user and the website. For example, if a new player creates an account on your online casino which requires them to enter sensitive information, nobody can intercept the process and steal the data. Keep this in mind, as Google uses HTTPS as a ranking factor when displaying suggestions on its results page.


As much as possible, optimised content should be crawlable. Crawlability pertains to how well Google and other search engines can analyse your content to identify it as a prospect for the top results. Link building is a great way to ensure your website is crawlable. Doing this helps Google understand your website's main type of content.

Free from dead links

A well-optimised website should be free from dead links. Clicking on an anchor text only to be led to an error page can be frustrating for your readers and the search engines. Failure to remove them from your site can hinder it from ranking high on Google's results page.

Contact us for your technical SEO needs!

Technical SEO is crucial to increase your site's visibility, player base and profits. This strategy involves various tasks such as creating optimised content, building a strategic linking structure and more—that's where we here at QWERTYLABS Inc come in. Here, we can lend you our SEO services to help you and your online casino get the attention it deserves from players around the world. If you're ready to get started, feel free to contact us here!


The ins and outs of running high traffic casino sites

Generating web traffic is only the beginning of your casino business. Once you get started, keep it up, and it snowballs over time. You will reach a level known as 'high traffic' at some point. This is the goal of every online casino brand because more visitors to any page means higher chances of sales. 

There are steps you need to take to reach that point. For starters, you need to learn what 'high traffic' means to know how to get there and when you've reached it. Among your website, the owner's duties are finding ways to increase traffic volume. Most revolves around managing content with links to your casino to optimise search engine visibility. 

What is website traffic?

It refers to the total statistic of the audience that visits your website. Any means that let them reach your casino count to the overall website traffic volume, including backlinks, typing the URL on the address bar, and opening a related app. 

Search engines like Google favour high traffic websites on general search queries. Thus, maintaining high traffic to your website guarantees relatively higher page visits. If your casino has backlinks or a directory on other popular pages, it can also generate a high click-through rate for you. 

What is a high-traffic website?

The direct definition of a 'high traffic website' is based on the number of clicks expected to get regularly. This includes search engine results, backlinks, directories, and paid advertisements so long as they all lead to any website page. 

High traffic websites have a high ranking on search results. That means all of the marketing strategies you invested in have paid off. However, there will be issues when most search traffic leads to just one webpage. This can cause instability in your online casino and likely lead to crashes or errors. 

Thanks to the advantages of search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies and technologies, it's easy to generate several clicks from backlinks and search engine queries. However, it's a bit harder to keep a reliable network if you somehow get a surge of visitors reaching beyond the peak performance your server is capable of. The importance of maintenance then becomes the forefront of your company's priorities to prevent crashes as much as possible without decreasing website traffic. 

It's better to start working on your website's reliability before you reach this point. This calls for a plan to determine what factors can improve scalability and consistent traffic. The goal is to bring quality content and functions to your website and visitors without compromising website stability. 


Benefits of a well-optimised website

Optimising your website to support traffic will be hard, but it has to be done. If you are doubtful of how necessary website optimisation is, then here's a list of benefits that it brings:

  1. Stable website performance. This lets users remain on the website for as long as possible without experiencing lag or errors when navigating. 
  2. Decreased bounce rate. This refers to the frequency of users visiting a web page but leaving without doing anything like visiting other parts of the website or signing up. 
  3. High conversion rate. This refers to visitors' likelihood of becoming customers. High conversion rates mean that you are generating sales from your traffic. 
  4. Better user experience. The quality of the website's user-friendliness speaks a lot about the value of your service. First impressions last, and it's sometimes all you need to make a good one. 
  5. High search result positioning. Optimising websites also involves managing SEO implementation, including keyword usage and internal linking. Doing so lets you score higher in search result rankings. Google also likes stable websites and will prioritise links to your casino if it works faster than your competitors. 
  6. Minimise website downtime. This refers to times when users can't visit your website. Occurrences once or twice a week can deter customers from your casino, making optimisation of utmost importance. 

How to increase website traffic

Increasing website traffic can be done by creating a powerful SEO strategy. Many options are available for you, but the best one is working with companies like QWERTYLABS. The guide below shows a general set-by-step process on how to reach high volume traffic:

  1. The first step in any SEO strategy is keyword research. Know your target audience and the current trend in your market to see what kinds of search queries they make. SEO tools like Google Analytics and Ahrefs can help with this. 
  2. Look into paid advertising options on popular platforms. You can sponsor content on YouTube, Facebook, or various other websites with content related to your casino. It's the quickest, easiest, and cheapest way to promote your services to target audiences. 
  3. Invest in planners for your marketing approach. Finding and reaching your target audience is easy while getting their interest and engagement is where the challenge lies. The goal is to leave a good-enough impression to have them click on your website. 
  4. Make engaging web content that encourages navigating to your other pages. The first web page they visit could be your only chance to offer your products and services. Make use of strong promotional materials referring to your services.
  5. Establish brand identity for all visitors. It involves having a strong personality that matches your target audience. Your promotions, themes, and special events should be cohesive with your brand. This is an effective way for your website to gain customers, ensuring high traffic in the long run. 

The key to increasing website traffic is more about consistency than speed. Just follow these steps and repeat them to score high in search results and get as many clicks as possible. However, you need to make sure that the structure of your website or mobile app is strong enough to support the high traffic. Thus, you'd have to keep the maintenance or improvement of your website optimisation faster than the traffic you are generating.


What is considered a high-traffic website?

A website is considered 'high traffic' if its platform is built on a robust setup. The hardware, software, and network infrastructure must provide support for thousands of at least a hundred thousand unique visitors at a time. Scalability is an important attribute, too, because large traffic is bound to increase over time. Keeping up with demand without compromising website performance and reliability is vital for live services such as an online casinos. 

How to optimise high-traffic websites?

There are several ways to optimise high-traffic websites, which can be done with help from available tools built on Google's network. There is a database index built on search engines. It helps users get search results as quickly as possible through a cache system that curates what their queries yield based on websites they've visited thus far. There are also web analytics tools that help track your website's traffic and which keywords/content topics can help boost it.

Another means to optimise high traffic website is server management. This involves implementing a certain design to make your website easier to process for Google's algorithm and its users' computers. Ultimately, the goal is to increase system capacity to simultaneously support thousands of active users. Any future update should work towards realising that design and the following tools can help:

  1. File compression. The content's data size on a webpage directly affects how fast it loads. Thus, most web designers opt for limiting what they upload, but a file compression tool can simply decrease the size of the content. This is handy for best-viewed offline documents, like the casino terms and conditions and user agreement forms.
  2. Plugin. You don't have to code everything on a website. Some functions can be provided by plugins, software with specific functions or features that can be inserted into any platform like an online casino. It's called a 'plugin' because it works like a tool you can insert and remove at any time, making it easy to manage, replace, or update. You may also implement plugin support for users.
  3. Backup. This refers to making copies of your website's structure, from its coding to its format. Keep a copy of the latest version, one of the previous patches, and one of the last major updates. You may use the backup for testing experimental updates, but their true purpose is to be used as means to recover the website from damages. Several events that need the latter as a solution are hacking attacks, corruption from hardware failure, and coding bugs. 
  4. Proper image formatting. PNG images have higher fidelity than JPEG, but it's generally too much to process for a website. Thus, the latter is favourable for pictures, posters, and thumbnails. PNG is best used for simple images with no background, like your brand's logo or webpage icons. 
  5. SEO auditing tools. Tracking traffic can help identify technical issues like broken links, slow site speed, and responsiveness on different platforms. An SEO audit tool can not only track which ones are faulty but also provide solutions on how to replace or improve them. 
  6. Performance testing tools. Testing web pages will need you to measure multiple parameters, including but not limited to loading speed, playing multimedia materials, and link functions. Performance testing can find multiple errors at a time, so running it after every attempt to fix the issues is imperative.

What makes a good high traffic website

Once your website reaches high traffic, you must consider several factors. These are all about maintaining the capacity of servers to keep uptime and experience quality within bandwidth limitations accessible to all users. Always plan on what you upload and what kind of resource to use when optimising your online casino. Factor analysis is the key to managing high-traffic websites, and each of the following is an example of the best practice for website owners.

Efficient web hosting service

Websites need to be hosted on a server that handles all users and their actions. Most online services participate in shared web hosting, one of many platforms that uses the same hardware at all times. It's cheap, and they all benefit from the same regular updates. Most small-time online casinos can settle for this, but one with high traffic will need a dedicated hosting service. This way, your players won't experience any lag or downtime when thousands of users are active. 

Engaging and intuitive web design

There are elements to consider in web design, and it usually takes an expert to make it work. The tools available for average domain owners are meant for blogs and marketplaces, but an online casino is different. It needs to feature all the games in ways that are easy to navigate. There should also be room for casino promotions alongside the games.  


Solid content strategy 

Planning what kinds of content to add to your website, like blogs and news, is easy to start but difficult to execute. If you are building a website for a niche audience, then you should be or have someone passionate about what your target readers are looking for. 

A strong content strategy ensures you can generate enough content for a year. It's easy for sports during seasonal tournaments, but off-season can be a struggle to make content for. Casino players are interested in new game reviews but can also consume content for finance, like cryptocurrencies and stocks.

Optimal caching systems

There are many ways to manage cache, but it's recommended that you become particular about this for high-traffic websites. You can benefit greatly from database caching if your website is on a dedicated server. A content delivery network (CDN) is the best option for high-traffic websites because it scales with the frequency of access. Technology can change and affect the best option, so always consult an expert.

Security from DDoS attacks

The internet is filled with robots (bots) that enter websites to overload their traffic count. This can result in downtime or rejection of real customers from entering the website; this occurrence is called Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. Several security measures effective for high-traffic websites include load balancing, CDN, and traffic filtering. It's also possible to combine different methods for added protection against a DDoS attack.

Regular usability testing

Keep a list of all qualities expected of a high-traffic website, like loading speed, stability, and search result ranking. See which ones need changing and work on them. Solutions can be as simple as retouching any error in the script or cleaning the cache to prevent overloading. More serious updates can be implemented if you find a more reliable solution. Usability testing should be conducted at least once weekly to ensure a smooth user experience. 


Optimising high-traffic websites is a tedious and complex task. It's better to entrust it with experts with resources and services like QWERTYLABS so you can focus on the logistics side of your business. You can also approach us for consultation before committing to a long-term partnership, so you know what you'll get in an arrangement. 

There will be a recommendation catered to what your business needs. The goal is to improve your website so you can generate more clicks and convert them into sales. Contact us now so we can help you bring traffic to your platform. 



The ins and outs of high-traffic websites are complex, and here are some frequently asked questions about the topic:

How to get high traffic to my website?

You need a strong strategy for SEO and content. SEO strategies help you find ways to get noticed by your target audience through traffic analysis. Content strategies help you keep making new blogs and offering more services for customers, and it needs to be aligned with your SEO strategy for efficacy. 

How to optimise my website?

There are various strategies you can use to optimise your website. One is to make loading easy by limiting the file size uploaded per web page. The second is to keep the format easy to read and navigate, encouraging the user to explore. The third is to implement a strong caching system fitting the traffic your website is getting. There are other ways, but these are the easiest ones. 

How can I ensure that my website has good uptime or can load fast?

The most straightforward way to see if it has good uptime is to choose the most reliable web host you can afford. Dedicate the whole server to the site if it's got high traffic and has many functions like an online casino.


A guide on how to write SEO content briefs

You need a search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy if you want your web content to rank on search engines like Google. In this guide, we're going to help you make your web content more search-engine friendly through SEO-optimised keyword content briefs. This way, your website can gain the exposure it deserves, leading to better web traffic and, hopefully, more sales. Let's get started!

What is a content brief?

A content brief is a documented set of instructions and requirements used in content for marketing. It's given to writers as a guide while writing specific types of write-ups, i.e. blogs, articles, case studies, etc. The requirements usually included in these briefs are:

Most importantly, this brief provides an idea of the goal of the overall content for the target audience. By having this initial documented reference before writing, writers can stay on the path and avoid rewrites.

Types of content briefs

Several types of content briefs exist for various types of write-ups. Here are the different types of content briefs and where they're used:

What is an SEO content brief?

From the name itself, an SEO article brief helps writers create blogs and articles that eventually rank well on search engines such as Google once posted on your website. These briefs are provided before the writing process, and everything the content must have to rank. This way, everyone involved in the blog will know what to include in the write-up.

You can also define this type the same as a normal content brief, with the difference being that SEO briefs are targeted towards answering a specific query. This makes sense, considering that Google uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to interpret search queries and find the relevant results to provide to the user. For it to become optimised, a typical SEO article brief should contain details such as the following:

From there, the creator of the content brief should make a rough outline of what the eventual content would look like while these requirements are met.


Why create an SEO content brief?

Among the objectives of creating a search engine optimisation brief, ranking high on the search engine results page (SERP) is the most important. That's because achieving high rankings means that your website will have higher visibility, get the most clicks from users and thus, experience more web traffic.

This is because users looking for answers to their questions online tend to view the links on the first page as having topic authority. These pages are instantly regarded as reputable sources, and that's what SEO content briefs help you achieve.

You can think of this brief as your content plan, which contains the guidelines the writer/s must follow to achieve your blog's overall goal. Aside from that, it also contains the content format, making the structure easier for search engines to crawl.

An SEO content brief also includes the keywords that writers need to include in the blog. These keywords are generated through top SEO tools your business needs, such as Ahrefs, which detects your topic's relevant and related terms and phrases.

What are the benefits of using SEO content briefs?

Creating SEO content briefs before writing content for your website provides various advantages, such as impressive and consistent quality content. Learn more about this and other benefits in this section:

  1. Cheaper content production costs

Without a content brief, your writers may produce an underwhelming output that's not up to your standards. Eventually, you'd likely have to pay additional to have it fixed. Having content briefs remove this tedious back and forth because these serve as guides for the people responsible for the project. 

  1. Consistent quality content

One of the most critical factors online users look for in content is consistency. That's why you want your brand to have a single voice, tone and quality across your content as much as possible. To achieve this, you need to create content briefs. This way, the quality of your content won't depend on the writer, regardless of who will be assigned to complete a certain task since they will be following your brief.

By providing helpful content with topical relevance, you can start establishing your online presence as a site that people could rely on when searching for answers to their queries.

  1. Improve your content’s search rankings

An SEO content brief provides the relevant keywords your content should have. Once Google sees that your page contains these specific words and phrases, it will see it as a prospect and display it high on its results page.


How to write an SEO brief

To help your writer create the perfect blog that will garner the most clicks for your website, here's a step-by-step guide on how to write an SEO content brief:

  1. Nail down the topics you want to cover

The first step in creating an SEO content brief is nailing down a specific topic or search query that you want to write about. From there, you can list down the subtopics you want your writer to go through in the content. At first glance, it may not be much, but including these crucial points in your SEO content brief can grow your organic search traffic.

  1. Include and define your target market

Knowing and defining your content's target audience is vital as it helps you adjust your writing process to fit their needs. For instance, if your topic is about 'how to write SEO content briefs', your primary target audience may be industry beginners looking to learn this subject. Once you find out your target audience, you can begin creating a rough draft of what your content will look like when it's finished.

  1. Do some competitor analysis

One of the goals of content planning is to outrank other pages that solve the same query as you. That's where competitor analysis comes in. To define your competitors, you must search your keyword or query on Google and look at the top three displayed pages. 

Analyse them and make the necessary adjustments to your content to find out how you can beat their rankings on the results page. For example, if their answers don't directly address the user's question, you can make your page unique by providing a straightforward solution. 

For more thorough research, you can also use SEO tools like Ahrefs to find organic competitors. But to do this efficiently, you'll need the complete guide to competitor link analysis and follow it seamlessly.

  1. Use SEO tools for keyword research

One of the most important things you need to include in your content brief is the set of keywords (KWs) related to your topic. There are two types of keywords that you should include in your brief: short-tail and long-tail. The former pertains to the ones that consist of 1 to 3 words while the latter are those that are longer and more specific. You need short-tail keywords for your casino content because they're the general words or phrases online users search for. They cast a wide net online and attract many users. 

On the other hand, long-tail keywords matter for your casino since they delve into more specific inquiries only a niche target audience searches for. Using these in your web content increases your brand's topic authority and overall online relevance.

To determine these specific terms and phrases, you can use SEO tools such as Semrush, AlsoAsked, Keyword Surfer and more. Once you've identified all your keywords, you can list the semantic keywords, which are also terms and phrases related to your main KW. 

  1. Identify the search intent

The search intent pertains to why the target audience searches for their queries online in the first place. You can identify the search intent for your specific topic by typing it on Google and checking the SERP. By checking out the pages Google displays on its SERP, you can tell which types of content it tends to display. The 'People also ask' portion on the SERP also gives an insight into what users want to know about the topic. These include at least four related questions that can guide your content brief creation.

  1. Include entities

Over the past couple of years, the method of searching queries on the internet has changed into a much more conversational type. Back then, keywords were strictly used, but now, search engines like Google need to understand the context of the searcher's query. This is where entities come in. Unlike keywords which are specific words and phrases, entities are defined as expressions that search engines can understand.

Some examples of entities include:

You can think of these entities as puzzle pieces that search engines piece together to understand the searcher's intent. For instance, if the searcher types' the cheapest gaming laptops in Malaysia', here's how a search engine may understand it: 

SEO content brief template: What it looks like

SEO content briefs are essential as they serve as guides for your content. To help you create your content brief, we've provided a template you can use to base your documents on. 

Here is the basic information a content brief should have:

TopicThe main focus of the articleSuggested anglesPotential title
Word count500 words/1,500 words, 2,000 words, etc.
Competitor analysisLinks to the competitor’s pages
KeywordsPrimary KeywordSecondary Keywords
Target audienceWho are you writing this for?
Topics and subtopicsUse H2s and H3s
GoalWhat are you trying to achieve with the article?
Linking requirementsLinks to other articles that need to be interlinked in the content

This SEO brief template contains all the information you need to create these briefs so you can use them as references whenever you need to. 

SEO Content Brief Example

Here's a sample of a content brief that follows this template. Below is a snippet of a keyword research sheet showing all keywords ranked according to their search volume, difficulty and traffic potential. 

Below is a sample of an SEO brief outlining the content's body, including the word count, headings and entities:


What to include in your SEO content brief

To ensure best practice in creating content briefs, make sure to include the following essential details:

  1. Searcher’s intent

Since one of your main goals in posting articles online is to educate your readers, you need to consider your searcher's intent before writing anything. One great way to find the answer is by simply typing the search query on Google and seeing how the search engine interprets it. When people see that their query will be answered on your page, they'll read the entire content. Once you nail down the searcher's intent for their query, you can document it in your content brief so the writer will know the right way to approach the blog.

  1. Format

One of the most important things you need to improve on your content is its crawlability which pertains to how well search engines like Google analyse and read your page. If Google can quickly scan your page, it will rank it high on its results page. Thus, you should follow a nicely-formatted structure that correctly uses headings (H2s, H3s, etc.) to improve your page's crawlability. This way, your readers and search engines can skim your page easily.

  1. Topics to tackle

Of course, you must include the topics you want the writer to tackle throughout your content. These will make up most of the body of your content and should be useful in answering the searcher's queries. That's why these topics aren't random and should be formulated once you figure out your searcher's intent. This ensures that you won't veer away from what the searcher is trying to answer when they initially went to Google for their queries. As previously mentioned, you can arrange all the topics/subtopics you want your writer to go through using headers.

  1. Target audience

You have to establish early on for whom you're writing the content. Once again, intent plays a huge role in this point, as knowing your target audience makes it easier for you to define what they're searching for.

  1. Keywords

Keywords are specific words and phrases that should be included in the content to increase your page's visibility. As with the topics, these aren't random but are formulated through keyword research.

Keyword research is finding out which specific words and phrases are typed by users on the search bar when searching for answers to their queries. Once you've discovered these keywords, you can include them in your content brief so the writer/s will know what to insert into the blog seamlessly. Once Google sees that your content contains these specific words and phrases, it will display your page high on the results page. 

  1. Word count

Your content's word count or overall length matters since Google and other search engines tend to rank long-form content higher on their results page. Though Google confirmed that word count doesn't affect the ranking of a specific page, its algorithm has an easier time identifying what's written in your content if it's longer. It can be determined by many factors, namely your competitor's word count, the performance of your past posts, keyword research, etc. Consider these when making your content brief.

  1. Content

The content itself should be included in this brief. This will make up the entire blog which is why the writer should be briefed about what should and shouldn't be included in the write-up.

  1. Competitor

One way to get an idea of how to rank high on search engines is by looking at the potential competitors that are out to answer the same query as you. That's why we recommend including your competitors in your content brief for your writers to consider when writing.

To do this step, type your keyword or query on Google and check out the top three results it displays. Click on these pages and analyse their content, as they're the ones you need to beat. You can also go out of your way and research your competitors' content yourself. This way, you can directly add notes to the brief on what they do that you need to do better to rank higher on Google.

  1. Brand

To make all the content consistent within a single client, they must provide a content brief that tackle's the brand's identity. From its tone to its voice and more, all these should be documented in the brief so the writers can shift their writing style accordingly.

  1. Entities

As previously stated, entities should be included in the content brief because they help Google understand your content better.

  1. Links

A great way to improve your content's SEO is by interlinking. That's why it's essential to indicate in the content brief the number of links you want to be included in the blog.

  1. Score

Finally, you need to include a FLESCH score goal for your writers to ensure that the content's readability is good. The higher your FLESCH score is, the easier it will be to read for your readers.

  1. Call to action (CTA)

A great way to cap off your content is by adding a call to action, or CTA for short. These are usually inserted in the conclusion section, and their purpose is to urge your readers to take action related to your content.


What the SEO content creation process all boils down to

SEO content briefs optimise your content, so your page can rank well on Google and other search engines. By having these set requirements and recommendations before producing your content, the people involved in the project can stay on track and help achieve your brand's goal. Moreover, this will help lessen frustrating rewrites, and all you have to worry about will be slight tweaks that will improve your content.

That's what you can expect from us here at QWERTYlabs. Trust us to deliver the all-inclusive quality SEO aid you need, from efficient content creation to tested brand protection services. Feel free to contact us and get a quote anytime.

Frequently asked questions on SEO content briefs

Why are content briefs important for marketing?

Content briefs align your web content with users' queries. By using SEO tools and determining target keywords, search intent and other factors to create a content brief, you can ensure that your content has all the relevant information users are looking for. This can rank you higher on SERPs, increase your visibility and generate more clicks and conversions.

What to avoid when writing SEO-focused content briefs?

When writing SEO-focused content briefs, try to avoid the following:


Guide to succeed in casino affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a low-cost marketing strategy that promises a higher return on investment than others. The process is made possible by dedicated affiliates who take the time and effort to produce content that encourages their audience to access their casino partner. That is why many casinos use this strategy as leverage to improve their brand visibility and lead conversion. If you’re interested in maximising this strategy for your business, find out all you can learn about casino affiliate marketing with QWERTYlabs.

What is casino affiliate marketing and how does it work?

Casino affiliate marketing is the process of marketing an online casino through partnered marketers. This is a key way to drive bigger traffic to a casino platform through third-party entities with a substantial industry following. 

Types of affiliate commissions

Affiliate marketers typically earn through commissions. However, there are different ways they earn, depending on the conditions set on their contract. The different types of affiliate commissions are:

CPA or Cost-per-Acquisition

When it comes to Cost-per-Acquisition or CPA programs, affiliates earn depending on the sales produced through their affiliate link. When it comes to casino platforms, this typically means gaining revenue depending on the number of people who place an initial deposit to the affiliated casino.

Revenue Sharing

Unlike the CPA model, the rev sharing does not end after the client’s first deposit. With this commission, affiliates continuously receive a percentage of the money made through the clients you bring into the casino. This commission allows you to gain continuous income from leads you successfully convert into customers. However, one drawback this has for casino affiliates is the possibility of incurring losses when customers win more than they deposited.

Hybrid model

The hybrid commission model is a combination of both CPA and rev share. With this setup, you’ll get a fixed rate for every customer who pays through your affiliate link. Following that, you will earn a percentage from all the profit made from them as they continue to play on the site.

What does a casino affiliate do?

The affiliate link assigned to you is the main way the program keeps track of the leads you bring to the platform. As a casino affiliate, the main revenue source is encouraging your audience to click on the link. Usually, affiliates must create engaging content to introduce potential players to the partnered casino and encourage them to pay and play. Typically, these affiliate marketers already have an established audience and lend their platform to promote the casino site in exchange for revenue. 


Where can affiliate marketers promote a casino?

There are various mediums where affiliate marketers can promote their partnered casino, especially if they have a large presence on various platforms. Some of the most popular avenues you can take advantage of are:

Professional website

Many casino affiliates run their platform that produces niche-related content. This is a great medium to create content that deep dives into different casino topics. For example, you can interweave your affiliate link on content discussing some of the available games your partner casino offers. Additionally, producing casino game reviews fashioned in a way that encourages your readers to sign up for the platform using your link is also a good promotion.

Youtube videos

Youtube is one of the most popular sources of free entertainment online. If you have a large viewership, use this leverage to earn more money through affiliate marketing by encouraging your viewers to engage. Typically, most Youtube creators simply weave a promotion segment to promote their affiliate link to viewers. However, assuming you create content within the casino niche, it is much better to personalise your content for better lead conversion.

As a visual medium, this is a great way to provide your audience with first-hand experience navigating the partnered site. You can also produce content that you’re playing available games on the platform or review them. Also, show why the partnered casino is better than other online betting sites. 

Social media

When it comes to affiliate marketing, providing them with content that offers them value is one way to engage your audience. You’ll face this challenge when promoting through your social media platform. However, this does not make the medium any less effective. For example, Instagram is a great platform for better brand awareness and higher audience engagement. If you have a strong relationship with your followers, maximise that by encouraging your audience to check out your affiliate link, even with direct promotion.

Benefits of becoming an affiliate marketer

Affiliate marketing functions on a give-and-take basis, wherein you can earn revenue in exchange for promoting a business to your audience. As an online personality or business, affiliate marketing with casinos is a great way to take advantage of your platform. Not convinced? Read the list of benefits you’ll reap as a casino affiliate:

  1. Low-cost income source

The great thing about becoming an affiliate marketer is that it doesn’t require much. The main thing you need to join an affiliate program is to have a decent amount of following. 

Once you’re an approved affiliate, you only need to generate content. The only difference is that you must produce promotional content to engage your audience with the affiliate link you provide. As such, the process will not require you to have a professional advertising team to help you. All you need is your skill and great industry knowledge, and use it to your advantage.

  1. Provides you with flexibility

Another great thing about affiliate marketing is that it pays based on lead conversion, allowing you to put in as much or little effort as possible. By extension, you can determine how much you spend promoting your partnered casino.

  1. Targeted traffic

As an affiliate marketer, you can select whichever affiliate programs you join. For a higher chance of succeeding in this type of venture, you’ll want to choose an affiliate program within your niche. This way, your existing audience is already interested in what you are promoting. For example, if you’re a casino game review site, it means your audience is already interested in the industry.


A step-by-step guide to becoming an affiliate

Are you ready to become an affiliate? Here’s a quick guide to help you earn revenue as a casino affiliate:

  1. Choose a niche

Typically, the process of becoming an affiliate begins with selecting your niche. This can be in industries such as health and fitness, finance, technology or others. In the context of the article, let’s assume you have decided to be an affiliate marketer in the casino industry. This means your platform focuses on producing industry-related content. Focus on this niche so you’ll have a better chance of enticing your audience to interact with your promotional effort. 

  1. Find trustworthy affiliate programs

As an affiliate, finding a trustworthy casino platform partner is important. Affiliate marketing works so well because you’re promoting to people who know your credibility. Collaborating with a platform that doesn’t satisfy your audience can compromise their trust in you.

  1. Comply with requirements

While the iGaming industry has become popular in recent years, its legality and regulation still largely vary depending on the location. For this reason, pay attention to the regulation in the region you’re marketing to avoid violations.

  1. Produce content to promote your affiliate link

Once you’re aware of the regulations you must comply with, focus on producing high-quality content to promote your casino partner properly. This is best done by creating niche-related and well-written content to avoid losing your audience.

  1. Track your affiliate earnings

Keeping track of your earnings as an affiliate is important to ensure you’re getting paid properly. Additionally, this is also a good way to gauge how effective your promotional efforts have been. Your earnings provide a good insight into your lead conversion rate. If you find it lower than you anticipated, then this signals maybe you need to improve your marketing efforts for better results.

Tips to be an effective affiliate marketer

Just like any type of content marketing, becoming an effective affiliate marketer takes time and effort. To help guide you to the right path, we’ve listed the top 5 tips you can use:

  1. Create captivating content

The best way to promote an affiliated platform is by providing captivating content. You can employ the best content marketing strategies for casino brands. Among the best strategies include the following:

  1. Take advantage of SEO strategies

SEO is one of the most effective ways to reach your target readers. That’s why you must ensure you’re employing the appropriate SEO strategies, such as backlinking, keyword research and more, for optimal results. In addition, be sure to avoid the ten common mistakes writers make when it comes to SEO. This includes neglecting proper research, keyword stuffing, and the lack of interlinking. 

  1. Identify engaging topics for content

The best way to promote your partner casino is by crafting content promoting highlights and the best features they provide. You can achieve this by paying attention to the games available on the platform, the promotions and bonuses they offer new users and more. To provide your audience with value, tweak these types of content to show them the benefits they’ll enjoy by signing up on the platform using your affiliate link.

  1. Pay attention to gambling regulations

As the online casino industry grows worldwide, the regulations will continue to change to adapt to public demand. It’s important to pay attention to the latest news to avoid making mistakes that result in regulatory consequences. 

  1. Create effective CTAs

Including a call to action or CTA at the end of your content is a vital part of creating content that has a high lead conversion rate. This is because it directs your audience on what to do next. To ensure that your CTA is effective, be sure to make use of the following tips: 

Boost your affiliate program with QWERTYLABS

Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective ways to earn revenue in exchange for promoting a business. However, only those who put in the effort can maximise their possible income without risking their credibility. With an in-depth knowledge of how affiliate marketing works, another way to earn revenue is by building a network through an affiliate site. Through this, you’ll function as the bridge that connects affiliate marketers to casino platforms.

Are you interested in building your affiliate network? QWERTYlabs can help create your affiliate sites for you. Contact us now and learn more about our offered services, including SEO-centric content creation, to level up your online presence.