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SEO Link Building

We customise our methods if you need us to take over your process from your past efforts. Moreso if it’s your first step into SEO. This way, your success is expected, measured, and perpetual.

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Competent SEO Campaigns

Step 1
Website Audit

We make sure your pages have a fighting chance to rank in Google. We start with reviewing your website and finding all elements to fix and improve.

Step 2
Keyword Research

This will give us direction to accurately run your link building campaign. We’ll make sure your target audience finds you under the most optimal search terms.

Step 3
On-page Optimisation

Targeted landing pages for your keywords are vital to success. We make sure these pages are optimised. This process will find, clean, or create new pages.

Step 4
Content Creation

Content is necessary in landing pages for your site to rank. We’ll assess, optimise or create the content in your web pages to compliment the keyword targets.

Step 5
Analytics Tracking

Performance must be monitored. We track rankings to confirm what we already know: our link building works. We can also tweak the targets and find new opportunities.

Smart Link Building Methods

Our adaptive campaigns are tailored to your brand. We customise our methods and are narrowed down to the most effective practices. Our link building is proven to work and more importantly, rank you.

Quality Sources

All of our new & accumulated sources have one thing in common: high organic traffic. For backlinks to make your site rank organically, they need to come from websites with great organic traffic. We are always looking for new backlink sources.
If you want to rank in Finland, you need keywords in Finnish for websites in Finland. Whatever region you are targeting, we’ll find backlink sources in those markets. We’ll create the content and its appropriate anchors in the same language.
Ranking is about being the authority for that search term. Getting authoritative websites from the same niche is what will help your keywords rank. We find those sites that will be the “voice” linking to your website.
We’ve established relationships with thousands of website owners that would not normally allow links to be built on their website even it is casino related. This means your backlink gets more juice if you buy casino backlinks with us, we’ll promise that it will be ranked. There is also less chance that a competitor is linked from the same website. That’s why QWERTYLABS is the best place to buy backlinks.
Webmasters typically charge for each backlink with prices depending on the websites’ current traffic, value and quality. We cover the initial cost to get your link built. We only bill links that are actually live for indexing.
The type of link is different for most websites and that variation makes your backlink profile organically stronger. Your link can be built in a new page with new content, inserted into existing pages or added as banners.

Content Outreach

Independent Domain Network

We restore domains that will only be used for your brand. We look for specific niches across different industries that can be made relevant to gaming in the region(s) you’re targeting in the language that compliments your audience.
The network of websites we build will be yours and yours alone. Once the sites are rebuilt to be more modern and with relevant content, you’ll own the domain and hosting. The strength of the backlinks from your domain network will only power your brand(s).
With a domain network, you’ll have a powerful backlink profile from websites that are independent. While these backlinks are visible to search engines (as they should be) and competitors, no else can build links to these sites.
We don’t build links for the sake of building links. We find you backlink sources that have high organic traffic in relevant niches. We scrap link farms that do nothing at best or worse, potentially harm your brand. Links that we point to your brand will only have value.
This is where link building started. Good old fashioned backlinks with strong parameters. We build links in context with the right anchors targeting your keywords. These are pointed to optimised landing pages to make sure your website ranks.
You want to be where your competitors are. We’ll spy on your competitors’ backlink profiles. If they are getting links from high rated, high traffic websites worth building to, we’ll find them and put you there.

High Rated Domains

Dedicated SEO

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Brands that are SEO savvy understand that there’s always something to improve, audit and fix especially when operational updates are consistently done. We know what to look out for and how to fix if your brands’ SEO is affected.
We’ll find opportunities to optimise your websites’ elements beyond the dedicated landing pages. This will spread your net of keywords wider to get more organic traffic and new interlink building opportunities.
We don’t just monitor your site, we look outside of it too. We look for pre-existing sources that would have never pointed to brands otherwise. We look for those hard-to-find opportunities to build deep innerlinks to your brand’s high converting pages.

Transparent Link Building that Works for You


Campaign Dashboard

You’ll have access to all the work we do from a dedicated, user friendly dashboard that will show roadmaps we intend to follow. Your dashboard will always have the full history of every link we build, every content we create, and every domain we restore.


Clear Reporting

We track the positive and negative effects of the work we do for you. You’ll get meaningful insights on the results of our campaigns. There are always new areas of opportunity and transparency that will show us the best course in the short and long term.


Proven Success

There are over 50 years of combined SEO experience in QWERTYLABS’ expertise, making it the best place to buy backlinks. Still, we consistently improve our methodology. But we only offer what we’ve proven works for SEO. If there are new strategies, we make sure the results will hold first.

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If you buy SEO backlinks for online casino, QWERTYLABS will ensure you that your site will rank higher than your competitors
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