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The best web widgets to add to your online casino

December 6, 2022

Navigability and ease of access are some of the most critical elements of a good casino site, and a web widget can significantly contribute to this. Although small and simple, the effects of a well-created widget can mean more organic site traffic, accurate data acquisition, and so much more on your online casino website. 

Expect efficiency and outstanding outputs when designing websites with QWERTYLABS. We offer extensive content, web development and SEO services that can promote your casino site in no time. To learn more about widgets and how essential they are, see the coming sections below: 

What is a web widget and how does it work? 

A web widget is a tool used in website development that is included in a page but is independent. You will typically see it on the bottom corner of a page, offering various helpful options for users. This can be chat support, additional information about the site or links to other pages. 

What a widget does for websites is optimise the platform and provide site visitors with a more interactive and streamlined browsing experience. Instead of just scrolling through endless site pages, audiences may enjoy customisation and convenience through these web widgets. 

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Using widgets in online casino gaming 

Casinos use online widgets to provide players with a more visually appealing and convenient betting experience. For example, when players spin the reels in slots or jackpot games, they could see widgets that give them a chance to win more rewards or redirect them to a promotion they are eligible for. 

On the other hand, using widgets in your online casino brand also has plenty of benefits. For one, it lets you track data within your site to analyse customer behaviour and improve your services. With widgets, you can also offer a better customer service experience which customers always appreciate. These are a few reasons your business can thrive from this simple tool. It is an essential site element that can work wonders for your casino platform. 

The process of creating widgets in casino sites

Anyone can create widgets on casino sites, but casino webmasters are especially the best at it. For instance, ours here at QWERTYLABS are skilled and experienced in creating widgets for all kinds of casino projects, may they be buying and creating expired domain sites or designing a casino website. To get a better idea of how widgets are created, see the step-by-step process below: 

Step 1 - Choose a type of widget 

First, you have to choose which type of widget to use. There is a variety to choose from, depending on the kind of page you are building. For example, a live chat widget would be your best option if you make a homepage that aims to answer customer concerns and queries. It’s all a matter of matching the widget with the right function. 

Simply choose one and ensure it is the right fit for your branding and what your players will look for.

Step 2 - Customise and integrate according to your preference

After choosing a widget type, it’s time to customise them. Instead of just following a template or a standard widget, make sure you suit your widget to the following:

  • Your user interface
  • Your players’ needs 
  • Your website’s design and colour scheme. 

The integration process can be implemented easily without coding, so its function can be executed with minimal effort and instruction.

Step 3 - Launching and analysing widget performance

Once you are satisfied with your web widget’s look and function, the next step is launching it. You will then be able to track its performance, the number of clicks it receives and how it impacts the overall traffic on your site. Be sure to monitor its activity and make any adjustments if necessary. 

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A list of the best widgets for your casino site

You might think that widgets are quite simple, but there is a variety to choose from, and all of them are customisable depending on what you need for your website! See some of the best widget options for your casino platform in the list below and see how they work: 

Live chat widget 

A live chat widget is one of the most common and helpful widgets that can be used in online casinos. This widget allows your players to ask relevant questions about the platform and what to do if they have any concerns. The chat can be automated or, even better, manned by a live agent to assist any of your players. That way, your customer service ratings will be perfect, and your site-goers will have everything they need. 

Contact forms 

Like the live chat widget, contact forms are primarily available for customer service. If a player wishes to learn more about a particular game or reach out to you, this is a good widget. It gives the impression that you are open to speaking with casino players and making their gaming experience more convenient. 

Social media 

If you have any social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok or more, then you can create such widgets on your site. This will help direct traffic not only to your website but also to your social media accounts. It is the perfect widget for clients wanting to learn more about your website and current updates on social media. 

Slot game 

Slots are some of the most popular games in online casinos, and you can customise a widget for this on your website! A slot game widget displays data about the game, such as its RTP, volatility, progressive jackpots, etc. This helps your players learn about the game’s latest statistics and data so they can decide better if they want to play.

Wheel of Fortune

Aside from slot game widgets, you can also include Wheel of Fortune widgets in the games. For example, if a player lands a particular set of special symbols in a slot game, they can access the Wheel of Fortune feature via a widget on the screen. If they click it, they can win more spins or additional rewards within the game. 

Lucky Spins

Another kind of widget associated with slot games is the lucky spin. On top of the base game, this widget can also bring the player to another round that will help them win an extra set of free spins. Afterwards, they can return to the original interface and repeat the process until they have another chance to click on the widget. 

Lottery results 

Slot games, table games, and more have their respective jackpots or maximum payouts. This is also true for lottery results, where the jackpots could change depending on the number of bets or players. With lottery widgets, players can stay up to date with the latest jackpot they can win when playing a particular game or category. 

Game provider

An online casino platform hosts a variety of games, and all of these are made possible by game providers. Suppose players wish to learn more about a particular developer and the other games they have. In that case, they may click the provider widget and be redirected to a new page where they can access all things related to that category. Think of it as a means to filter the gaming experience by finding similar game styles and themes. 

Sports data

For sports betting enthusiasts, sports data widgets are essential. This is because sports betting is a constantly changing industry where odds, results and other data adjust according to different factors. A sports data widget will give bettors the data they need to place their bets in real time and use it to their advantage while playing. 

Esports guide

Similar to the sports betting widget, an esports guide widget can help players stay updated on the latest events. This includes announcements, updates and promotional content related to a relevant esports event. If players are interested, they may click on the widget to learn more about it. 

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The importance of using widgets for an online casino

With various types available, web widgets can be advantageous to any business, especially in online casino platforms. To get a better understanding of why you should use widgets, see the list of benefits attributed to the tool below: 

Provides an interactive experience for site visitors 

Web development is essential to reaching out to an online audience, especially in a high-functioning platform like online casinos. Widgets are a great way to customise the browsing experience and make it more interactive for your players. They can click on these widgets if they deem them helpful to their gaming process. 

Promotes convenience and accessibility 

Most casino players look for a site that hosts efficient and accessible services, which is why you should consider installing widgets in your casino site to make the experience more convenient for them. When widgets already give site visitors what they need, they won’t have to manually look for a particular page or feature. They can click on the widget, and their inquiry is solved without changing pages. Your site then becomes all the more convenient and accessible.

Improves customer service efforts 

Visitors see a live chat or contact us widget as an excellent customer service effort. This will entertain player queries and give them the information they need in a snap. There will be no need to guess the features, limitations and promotions an online casino offers. If players have questions or concerns, they can refer to customer service widgets to get their needed help. 

Helps casino players see essential information immediately 

Promoting featured games, events, and more is essential to keep your online casino site relevant and updated. The best way to do this is by making promotional widgets that give players the information they need to play and the chance to participate in such events. This is so they can see essential information immediately without extensively scouring the website. 

Increases website traffic and boosts promotional efforts 

Creating widgets for your casino site will also help with marketing efforts. For example, if casino players click on your widgets, they could be redirected to other parts of the site. Using widgets can be a great way to learn how to start marketing your brand and giving casino players what they want in a gaming platform. 

However, be sure to avoid overusing widgets and limit your use to one per page. Just add one widget per page and make it as simple yet eye-catching as possible! If you include more, this could risk slowing down the site and making the gaming experience slower for potential clients. 

Gets customer feedback from casino players

Evaluation and feedback are essential for customer satisfaction and the overall development of your site. You can get customer feedback through widgets and see what people think about your games, events, and more. Some could offer a rating system, while others can ask players if they enjoyed using the site. You can review the data and use it for site development. 

Widgets are versatile and customisable

Last but not least, widgets are excellent tools for designing a website because they are versatile and can be used for various purposes. Whether you wish to improve customer service, promote your latest games or direct traffic to other parts of the site, it can contribute to all of these. They are also customisable and can be manipulated depending on the design and function you want. 

Make web widgets for your online casino with QWERTYLABS! 

Work with us at QWERTYLABS today and get the chance to create web widgets for your site and so much more. Excellent content, web development and SEO services are available to transform your casino site to its full potential. Contact us today, and let’s collaborate to make the most of your casino site. From creating and customising web widgets to building a fully-optimised site, you can trust us every step of the way.

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