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The complete guide to video content marketing for casino brands

October 17, 2022

Video marketing is using video content to promote and establish brand awareness. Everyone loves watching videos. It makes sense that video marketing is among the top content types used to help a business grow and reach a wider reach. Even for casino brands, video marketing is already a popular strategy to retain and attract customers.

Are you thinking of creating videos to uplift your business? Luckily, QWERTYlabs have collated all the valuable info for you to get started with this marketing tool. Here is everything you need to know about video content marketing.

The foundation of video marketing: How YouTube jump started this tool

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Video content marketing started in the mid-2000s with the launch of the famous streaming site YouTube. Before the site became as popular as it is today, YouTube was always intended for average users who wanted to post videos online. 

It's why the name suggests 'You' above all else. It became a helpful video creation platform for regular people who can create this type of content even in the confines of their own homes.

Over the years, the surging fame of YouTube grew larger as small-time internet personalities started using it as a means to promote their channels. It's where Google came in when it acquired YouTube for $1.65 billion in 2006. 

YouTube: A tool for video marketing  

Companies took advantage of the website and used YouTube as one of the first video marketing platforms. Online casino brands are also known to create their own YouTube channels to engage with their audience and introduce new promotions regularly. 

YouTube, as a video marketing tool, is a win-win situation. A casino brand gets to showcase what they have to offer through video campaigns—new game releases and partnership deals can also be announced through this medium.

Why video marketing is vital for online casinos

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Just like other businesses, online casinos need customers (in this case, bettors) to visit their sites regularly. Aside from taking care of regular players to keep their loyalty to the brand, online casinos also need new customers to make deposits and place their bets. 

These sites need to know their audience and reach them regularly—one of the most effective tools to market a casino brand is through video content. Below are some of the reasons why video marketing is a must for online casinos: 

Boosts social media shares 

Video content is the second most popular type of content shared on social media as a tool for engagement. Remember that engagement is the active attempt to reach out to your audience. 

Platforms like YouTube or TikTok have embraced video sharing to connect people in their audience pool. Both platforms are among the most profitable online businesses today. Even sites or apps that don't offer video content as their primary service exerts effort to focus on the value of what video content can bring. For instance:

  • Tweets that come in video uploads get 10x more engagements. 
  • Around 68% of workforce-centric social media sites like LinkedIn plan to use videos in the next few years. 
  • Pinterest users watch almost 1 billion videos a day. 

It shows that video marketing is prime to become the leading medium for marketing and, by extension, for the online casino industry. It's not uncommon anymore to see top betting sites have various social media channels. 

Improves SEO 

SEO stands for search engine optimisation. It's the process of enhancing the quality and quantity of internet traffic to a website on popular search engines, mainly Google. In short, SEO helps your audience navigate through the internet's most significant marketplace. 

Google is the search engine that leads you to where you want to go online. Hence, SEO is a helpful tool to garner traffic to help online casino brands rank first in search engines. Where does video content marketing come into play here? 

  • Since YouTube is currently at the top in terms of searchability, there's no surprise that 81% of organic traffic will come from video consumption alone by 2021, according to lead research Cisco. 
  • Video content makes use of backlinks that help in generating SEO traffic. Google recognises promoting an influencer's video content as an integral factor when ranking web pages. 
  • Generally, video content provides people with a better user experience. Instead of reading through a lengthy blog, videos condense information in a concise and fun manner that entices viewers to keep coming back for more. 

Best way to reach customers/potential bettors about casino games, promotions, and bonuses 

Creating video content is a great way to showcase what your site is all about. With TV ads, you are limited by the duration to promote your products. But with video content creation and your chosen social media site, you get to decide how long it will be or even make a series of ad campaigns. However, make sure to find the best approach for your target market.

Here are the other benefits of using videos to gain traction and eventually generate sales:

  • Recording someone explaining what your company is all about will make it easier for your customers to choose your brand. If your customers have to read blocks of texts from other brands but not with yours, you're already on the way to sale conversion.
  • Creating videos allows you to showcase your creativity in ways that will make your customers enjoy your promotions more. 

The most significant factor that helps you educate your customers is convenience. There's no other more straightforward method to do this except for compelling video content.  

Creating a video marketing strategy for the online casino industry

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Marketing is all about creating the best strategy to establish brand awareness. It requires using the best marketing strategies to help you achieve the brand connection you want with your audience. 

Here is a quick rundown of strategies you can use: 

  1. Choose the right target audience 
  2. Set concrete and achievable goals 
  3. Make your message clear and concise 
  4. Prioritise which metrics you want to measure first 

Choose the right target audience 

Marketing isn't just about selling your products and services. It's a way to communicate with your target audience and build long-lasting professional relationships. 

Choosing the right audience is the priority before delving into the intricacies of video content marketing. You must also know who you should connect to and your target audience. To pick the right audience, here are some pointers to go over: 

  • What product or service am I offering? 
  • How old will my audience be generally? 
  • What are the best features of my product or service? 
  • Is my product or service priced accordingly to my target audience? 
  • What platforms does my target audience usually use? 

Answering these questions will edge you closer to the ideal target audience of your site. It will help you create a video marketing strategy that targets a specific age range. For instance, you should know the age restrictions of online casinos. 

With the right market, you can tailor-fit your videos and address your prospects' needs and wants, which will result in better video engagement or page traffic. 

Set concrete and achievable goals 

A video content marketing strategy needs a budget, timeline, and concrete goals to take action. Remember that video is simply another type of content marketing. You need to set measurable goals so you can draft concrete plans on how to achieve those goals. 

For instance, an online casino will introduce an exciting partnership with a game provider in a few months. Construct a video content marketing plan to help the casino brand announce it to new and regular players. 

Make your message clear and concise 

Just like writing a blog, you must entice your audience to understand what you're trying to say in the video. You can achieve this by making your content as clear and concise as possible. 

Here are a couple of ways for you to do this: 

  • Use infographics to add a visual flair to your videos to satisfy your audience's video consumption appetite. Casino gameplays and fun facts of classic table games are typical examples of this.
  • Add subtitles so your audience can follow along with the wordy sentences your video content might showcase. 
  • Keep it lighthearted. You want your audience to enjoy watching your videos and hopefully revisit your site to watch for more. Creating fun and quirky video lets you connect to your audience a little more, separating your content from the rest. 

Prioritise which metrics you want to measure first 

It should be one of the goals you'll establish when you create a video content marketing strategy. Here are the famous metrics that are generally believed to be important:

  • Audience engagement — An online casino's social media channels should actively engage bettors and other prospects. Do they also share video content with other channels? 
  • Your video's conversion rate — This is how you would measure if your persuasion worked through your videos. For instance, video content would help with casino brand first-time deposits (FTDs).
  • Number of views — YouTube might have kick-started video content creation, but there are now various video-sharing platforms online. You have to determine how a platform measures views because each differs.
  • CTR (Click-through rate) — You can measure Click-through rates through CTAs (Call to Action) in videos. 
  • Number of followers and subscribers — A decent number of followers establishes brand reputation and customer trust. It also lets new prospects see that your brand is an established one.
  • View duration average — This shows your audience's preferred length of videos, depending on how much they usually stay to watch.

Types of videos for marketing

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There are a few types of videos for marketing to choose from before creating one that suits your needs. Deciding which type of video to make takes a whole process in and of itself. Check out this list and consider the best types to fit your video content marketing strategy for online casinos.

Brand videos 

Brand videos are the smaller parts of a more extensive advertising campaign most companies will seek to create for brand recognition. The usual content in brand videos is: 

  • Mission and vision of the company 
  • Company Policies 
  • List of online casino games and other offers
  • Promotions and partnership

This type of content usually takes more to prepare since you have to collate all the correct info first. It must also be as comprehensive as possible because it will represent the brand.

Demo videos 

Demo videos are one of the most enjoyable content you can make for your business. It's where your creativity is tested. There have been thousands of demo videos, each with its style and variety. 

Here are some ideas for online casino brands: 

  • Game trailers for new offers on your site
  • Infomercial-type demos remain a classic in the video content marketing industry 

Expert interviews 

Appealing to authority is an intelligent way to create educational content. Interviews with the titans of the online betting industry establish a strong brand reputation. Many businesses, including online casino brands, do this to promote their products and services. 

How-to videos 

Have you ever searched for online ways to do or make something? We all have at some point, and these videos are so popular that they are used as effective promotions now. How to play specific casino table games is a common but evergreen video content for casino brands.

How video marketing can help your business

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If you're considering video marketing as your primary strategy moving forward, you've made the right choice. Knowing how video marketing can help your business can lead you to make better decisions. How exactly does video marketing help your business? 

Increases reach and engagement 

You can find most of the market on the internet, from shopping to social media. Video marketing is the most engaging way to reach out to your customers since there are numerous ways to go about it. Having various videos uploaded online makes your company see tangibly what your company presents and the culture it believes in. It's also the most accessible medium to communicate what you are selling to your audience.

Enhances brand awareness 

Brand awareness is one of the most challenging aspects when managing a company. A solid brand image will take your firm to places, and video marketing helps. As an effective communication tool, a viral video is all it takes to build strong awareness among your audience. 

Biggest mistakes in video marketing

As a company that offers a wide range of marketing services, QWERTYlabs ensures that we don't make common mistakes beginner video marketers usually make. While there isn't a lot to go by, common mistakes like these still happen from time to time: 

  1. Producing video content just for the sake of it 
  2. Misrepresenting your brand
  3. Creating videos that are too long 
  4. Having too many messages in one video content 
  5. Absence of a call-to-action 
  6. No SEO implementation 

With these common errors out of the way, you can make your videos as perfect as they can be. Likewise, you'll also be witnessing the good effects of what video content marketing can provide, like more vital brand awareness and more traffic going to your website.  

How QWERTYlabs can help you with your video content 

Here at QWERTYlabs, we are constantly evolving the way we view the digital marketing space. As more companies demand the need for video content and other marketing endeavours, our services will have to adapt to give our customers the best results. 

Video marketing is crucial because it helps businesses have better promotions and the best results in terms of SEO and organic traffic. If you love this blog and believe you need expert advice to optimise your business online, feel free to contact us for a wide range of services. Make sure to check out more guides in how to make your business rank in the iGaming industry in our blog section

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