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[PART 3] AI ChatGPT Series: Writing SEO pages

March 21, 2023

In the previous part of our AI ChatGPT Series, we created a sitemap for our AI-made site, sportsbookbacklinks.com, with SEO pages like ‘sportsbook marketing’, 'sportsbook analysis’ and ‘sportsbook content marketing’. Now, we need content to fill these pages and to do that, we need keywords. 

For the third part of our AI project, we asked ChatGPT for keywords and content for each page. Let’s see if they’re up to standards and if ChatGPT checks all the boxes in creating content required for an optimised site.

Follow along with our experiment here at QWERTYLABS as we further develop sportsbookbacklinks.com’s pages. Know more about it when you read our other blogs below:

Generating the SEO keywords for sportsbookbacklinks.com’s pages

To create the content for sportsbookbacklinks.com’s SEO pages, first, we needed the right keywords and an outline. Here’s how we got it done in ChatGPT:

  1. Requesting the keywords for the site’s pages

In QWERTYLABS’ usual SEO process, we conduct SEO keyword research before creating the content using tools such as Ahrefs and Semrush. We gather the best keywords by checking the keyword density, keyword difficulty, search volume, competition, and more.

However, in this experiment, we’ll let ChatGPT handle the entire keyword research process in this experiment. To start, we asked ChatGPT to generate long-tail keywords for the homepage based on the sitemap it gave us from the second part of the project. For reference, here’s the brief ChatGPT gave us for the homepage previously:

  1. Homepage
  • A brief overview of the website's purpose
  • Explanation of the importance of backlinks for sportsbooks
  • Featured articles or posts on the latest trends and developments in building backlinks for sportsbooks
  • Call-to-actions to other sections of the website

Here are the long-tail keywords it provided us based on the brief:

Image 72 1024x829

As you can see from the image above, the long-tail keywords ChatGPT gave us are: 

  • Importance of backlinks for sportsbooks
  • Building backlinks for sports betting websites
  • Maximising online visibility for sportsbooks with backlinks
  • Boosting sportsbook rankings through backlinks
  • Strategies for successful backlink building for sportsbooks
  • Why backlinks are critical for sportsbook SEO
  • The benefits of backlinks for sportsbook marketing
  • Securing high-quality backlinks for sportsbooks
  • The role of backlinks in driving traffic to sportsbook websites
  • How to create a winning backlink strategy for sportsbooks.

ChatGPT chose these keywords because they focused on the website's core themes, such as the importance of backlinks for sportsbooks and the different strategies for building successful backlinks. These keywords can improve the site’s search engine visibility and appeal to the target audience. 

  1. Requesting SEO keywords for the different pages

Aside from getting SEO keywords for the homepage, we also asked ChatGPT to provide us with keywords for the site’s other pages. As an example, ChatGPT gave us the following keywords for the page ‘Backlink Building Strategies’:

  • 'Backlink strategies'
  • 'Sportsbook backlinks'
  • 'Effective backlinks'
  • 'Backlink portfolio'
  • 'Backlink diversity'
  • 'Sportsbook SEO'
  • 'Backlink tips'
  • 'SEO impact'
  • 'Backlink building'
  • 'Sportsbook ranking'
  • 'Quality backlinks'
  • 'Relevant backlinks'
  • 'Sportsbook success'
  • 'Backlink tactics'
  • 'Link building'
  • 'SEO success'
  • 'Backlink campaign'
  • 'Sportsbook promotion'
  • 'Backlink optimisation'.

Like the keywords on the homepage, you’ll also find some on the Backlink Building Strategies pages. We repeated the process with the rest of the pages.

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Generating the SEO content for sportsbookbacklinks.com pages

After we got the page’s SEO keywords, we created the content for the pages using ChatGPT. Here’s how we did it:

  1. Adding the AIPRM for the ChatGPT Chrome extension

ChatGPT can adjust the content’s tone, writing style, and delivery upon request. For the sportsbookbacklinks.com brand, we wanted authoritative content that was also expository. We installed the browser extension AIPRM for ChatGPT, where we could select our desired tone and style, and the AI chatbot could automatically generate content.

Once we added the extension to the browser, here’s how the ChatGPT screen looked:

Image 69 1024x685
Image 67

As you can see, you can use various community-made prompts to improve the quality of ChatGPT’s content. We wanted to simplify our content and change the tone and writing style. We used ‘authoritative’ for the tone and ‘expository’ for the writing style. 

  1. Using ChatGPT to create the homepage

Finally, we asked ChatGPT to create the homepage content for us. We did this by providing the chatbot with the following information:

  • Topic - The topic is a short, numbered list of the critical points that need to be discussed within the content from ChatGPT. We used the available sitemap for this.
  • Keywords - We asked ChatGPT to create the homepage based on previously generated content.
Image 70 1024x688

In the copy it gave us, you can see that ChatGPT incorporated the keywords included in the brief. See a portion of the homepage copy ChatGPT provided:

Image 73 1024x921
  1. Adding the FAQ section

To complete the homepage, we added an FAQ section so new visitors can find all the info they need about sportsbook backlinks.com. For this, we also asked ChatGPT to provide us with the most common questions for sportsbookbacklinks.com and the corresponding answers. 

Here’s what our FAQ section looks like, which you can find by scrolling to the bottom of the sportsbookbacklinks.com’s homepage:

Image 71 1024x559
  1. Generating content for the other pages

After building the homepage, we moved on to the other pages on the sitemap. Using the same prompt style, we asked ChatGPT to provide us with content for the pages. As an example, here’s how we generated content for the Sportsbook Backlinks page using ChatGPT:

Image 68 1024x924

ChatGPT provided a decent copy that included the necessary pages, like the homepage. See the copy for the Sportsbook Backlinks page below:

Image 10 1024x926
Image 9 1024x770

In conclusion, when it comes to a basic SEO copy, ChatGPT can produce acceptable content that is within certain criteria. This undoubtedly simplified the content creation process to just a matter of minutes. However, keep in mind that AI language learning models such as ChatGPT gather their information from a massive library of content across the internet but nowhere else. This means that it can only produce content about a topic, angle or discussion that has already been written and published online. It cannot go beyond this to create its research, study or content from first-hand experience. 

  1. Adding a meta description

The final piece of content missing that will complete the on-page SEO process is the meta description. We also requested the meta-description from ChatGPT, specifying the maximum word count, so it doesn’t exceed the recommended word count for meta-descriptions. Here’s an example:

Image 66
  1. Inputting the content on the pages

After getting all the necessary content for the pages from ChatGPT, we went to work and added each to sportsbookbacklinks.com. To make the pages look more dynamic and engaging, we added some of the graphics we got from Midjourney during the design process of our ChatGPT project.

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What’s next in the QWERTYLABS ChatGPT series?

We’ve entered the third week of our ChatGPT project, and sportsbookbacklinks.com looks like a completely functioning website. However, the site is still in its early stages, with more to come. Here’s what’s in store for sportsbooklinks.com and our ChatGPT AI project in the next few weeks:

  • Creating and posting content for the website
  • Auditing sportsbookbacklinks.com to see the site’s SEO performance.
  • Analysing the overall results of the sportsbookbacklinks.com ChatGPT project.

We can’t wait to continue to the next part of our study and discover more about ChatGPT’s capabilities through our sportsbookbacklinks.com project. Be sure to visit QWERTYLABS weekly to stay updated with our AI project’s progress.

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