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Editing 101: 5 key things to look out for

June 9, 2022

The key to making great content isn’t simply the act of writing it but in the process that follows after: polishing the article. While it’s improbable to write and edit an article to perfection, there are a number of key factors you can check to ensure the article is successful in delivering the topic. More than that, you can have the highest quality content when you make sure to always look out for the following when editing an article:

  1. Check the grammar

First thing you need to check is the grammar. After all, if the article has numerous errors like misspelings, misplaced punctuations and wrong word usage, it lessens the persuasive power of the content. Rather than wasting the opportunity of converting a reader into a loyal customer, it’s better to double and triple check for grammatical errors to ensure all ideas are delivered well.

  1. Confirm if it’s factual

A factual and research-based article makes a stronger statement to your readers rather than a content that cannot back up its claims. While most writers have numerous references at hand, checking if all information written in the content is factual is still a necessary step you need to take to ensure a high quality article.

  1. See if topic has been addressed properly

Considering that there are a lot of information that writers usually have to present in an article, it’s unavoidable that a rambling mess of a sentence or paragraph construction happens. It’s a large part of the editing process for you to make sure that ideas are laid out in order without a lot of useless information packed in between. Checking for this is important for sentences, paragraphs, and the entirety of the content so only the highest quality article is published.

  1. Determine if there are inconsistencies

Writers always have a lot to say on the topics they write about but it doesn’t mean that everything they write are substantial to the topic at hand. This is why a key part in editing an article is making sure the topic has been followed consistently throughout the content. Checking for inconsistencies, whether for information, names or even metaphors used within the content will help make the article more readable and engaging. More than that, it will ensure a good fluidity and rhythm in the ideas presented in the article.

  1. Ensure it follows brand guidelines

Besides making sure your content is as polished as it can be, you have to keep in mind the brand guidelines the content will be posted under. Usually brands have a thorough guideline you can follow so checking for this one consistently within an article is easy.

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