Building your first website with WordPress

Making your own website today is so easy that you really don’t have to worry about having a team of web developers to build it from scratch. This is especially true if your website’s main goal is to feature your services and have a place to show your blogs. There are plenty of easy to use platforms that you can use and one of them is WordPress.

What is WordPress?

One of the leading CMS platforms, WordPress is a user-friendly software you can use to build your own blog or website. Over 455 million websites on the internet right now are powered by WordPress taking up 65% of all CMS based websites worldwide. 

The popularity of WordPress is mainly due to it being the easiest to use and having a lot of plugins and themes you can add to your website for free. Moreover, the WordPress community contains most of everything you need to fix the problems you encounter on websites. and

Before building your website, there are a few things you need to know about WordPress. The first one is determining which website you need to use: or

For a more flexible and customizable type of website, it’s best to use This is a free open source software you need to install on your own hosted domain. On the other hand, is a self-hosted WordPress where you are borrowing space from the WordPress platform. This type of WordPress is very limited when it comes to customization. 

Domain and Web Hosting

To build a website, you essentially need two things: a domain and web hosting service. To get a domain, you need to go to a domain registrar to find the exact site you need. A few registrars you can check are GoDaddy and that has an extensive list of domains. Once you’ve chosen, it is the best move to buy a domain for a year because it will give you a big discount plus you don’t have to worry about renewing the domain every month. 

Once you’ve bought the domain, you need to find a good web hosting service. This is where you will install your WordPress software. There are a lot of options when it comes to web hosting service, so you need to find the best plan for you. 

Install WordPress and explore

Once you’ve prepared both a domain and web hosting service, you can now install WordPress. To ensure you have the best website, check the plugins and themes section of your dashboard. Plugins will help with different functions you will need in your website, whether it’s with design or adding complicated actions on the site. 

Meanwhile, themes will dictate how your website will look. There are a little over 31,00 WordPress themes currently available on the platform so make sure you choose the best one for you. 

It will take time and effort for you to build your dream website but with easy to use platforms like WordPress and guides all over the internet, you can easily build that website in no time. On the other hand, if you want to ensure quality websites with little to no effort, then QWERTYlabs can help! Contact us now so you can get the website you need for your business.

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