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[PART 2] AI ChatGPT Series: Creating a website

March 14, 2023

ChatGPT can create content, generate SEO strategies and even write programming scripts in a snap. All these work theoretically, but will the outcome meet industry standards if applied practically and used to create a website? Today, we’ll put ChatGPT to the test to see if this trailblazing AI tool can build a website from the ground up.

In the first part of our ChatGPT series, we’ve established that ChatGPT, along with other AI tools, can aid in website design. In this second part, you’ll see how our team here at QWERTYLABS built sportsbookbacklinks.com from start to finish using AI ChatGPT. Let’s get started.

Creating the sitemap for sportsbookbacklinks.com

Building a website is no easy task, and that’s exactly why we want to see if ChatGPT can simplify the process. Here’s how we did it:

  1. Creating the sitemap 

One of the first things we did was create the sitemap for the site’s structure. This is a file in your site’s root HTML that details your site’s key information. It is one of the ways for a website to get indexed and start ranking on search engines like Google.

To start, we turned to ChatGPT to give us a 15-page sitemap:

Image 57 1024x800

As seen in the screenshot above, ChatGPT couldn’t create a comprehensive 15-page website sitemap due to its limitations as an AI language model. However, it guided us in creating a sitemap for a sports website by providing a sample structure. The sample sitemap was too focused on sports instead of sportsbook backlinks, so we changed our request to get more precise results. 

Image 55 1024x789

We emphasised the website’s focus on ‘building backlinks for sportsbooks’; this time, ChatGPT gave a more accurate website sitemap. The sample sitemap outlined the main sections and pages needed to create a sportsbooks backlinks-focused site. It covered various topics, including backlink-building strategies, tools and resources, sportsbook SEO, marketing, analysis, partnerships, and more.

The sample sitemap also included a detailed overview of what should be included on each page. See the 15-page sample sitemap made by ChatGPT below:

  1. Homepage
  • A brief overview of the website's purpose
  • Explanation of the importance of backlinks for sportsbooks
  • Featured articles or posts on the latest trends and developments in building backlinks for sportsbooks
  • Call-to-actions to other sections of the website
  1. About Us
  • Background information on the website and its creators
  • Explanation of the expertise and experience in building backlinks for sportsbooks
  • Contact information for the website
  1. Sportsbook Backlinks
  • Overview of the different types of backlinks available for sportsbooks
  • Explanation of the benefits of each type of backlink
  • Case studies and examples of successful backlink campaigns for sportsbooks
  1. Backlink Building Strategies
  • A step-by-step guide to building backlinks for sportsbooks
  • Explanation of proven and effective backlink-building strategies
  • Tips and tricks for building high-quality backlinks
  1. Backlink Opportunities
  • Comprehensive list of different websites and platforms that offer backlink opportunities for sportsbooks
  • Explanation of how to approach and secure each opportunity
  • Analysis of the potential impact of each backlink opportunity
  1. Backlink Tools and Resources
  • Overview of the different tools and resources available for building backlinks for sportsbooks
  • Recommendations for the most effective and efficient tools
  • Comparison of different tools and resources based on their features and benefits
  1. Sportsbook SEO
  • Explanation of the connection between backlinks and search engine optimisation (SEO) for sportsbooks
  • Overview of the different factors that affect sportsbook SEO
  • Tips and tricks for optimising sportsbook websites for search engines
  1. Sportsbook Marketing
  • Overview of the different marketing channels available for sportsbooks
  • Explanation of the role of backlinks in sportsbook marketing
  • Recommendations for the most effective marketing channels and tactics for sportsbooks
  1. Sportsbook Analysis
  • Detailed analysis of successful sportsbooks and their backlink strategies
  • Explanation of what makes each sportsbook's backlink strategy effective
  • Recommendations for how sportsbooks can learn from these successful examples
  1. Sportsbook Partnerships
  • Explanation of the role of partnerships in building backlinks for sportsbooks
  • Overview of different types of partnerships that can provide backlink opportunities
  • Tips and tricks for securing and managing effective partnerships for sportsbooks
  1. Sportsbook Blogging
  • Explanation of the importance of blogging for building backlinks for sportsbooks
  • Overview of different types of blog posts that can generate backlinks
  • Tips and tricks for creating high-quality blog content that attracts backlinks
  1. Sportsbook Content Marketing
  • Explanation of the role of content marketing in building backlinks for sportsbooks
  • Overview of different types of content that can generate backlinks
  • Tips and tricks for creating and promoting high-quality content for backlink building
  1. Sportsbook Influencer Marketing
  • Explanation of the role of influencer marketing in building backlinks for sportsbooks
  • Overview of different types of influencer relationships that can generate backlinks
  • Tips and tricks for securing and managing effective influencer relationships for backlink building
  1. Sportsbook Public Relations
  • Explanation of the role of public relations in building backlinks for sportsbooks
  • Overview of different types of PR initiatives that can generate backlinks for sportsbooks
  • Tips and tricks for executing effective PR campaigns for backlink building
  1. Contact Us
  • Contact form for website visitors to reach out to the website's team
  • Explanation of the different ways to contact the website, such as email, phone, and social media
  • Information on the response time and availability of the website's support team
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Creating the code for sportsbookbacklinks.com

  1. ChatGPT generates an HTML website code

With the sitemap in hand, we started with the first item on the list: the homepage. We wanted to see if ChatGPT can provide us with the HTML code to start the website. Here’s what we got:

Image 56 1024x779
Image 52 1024x266

The HTML code we got seemed promising, so we tested it using a platform for web developers called Replit. Using our test account, we inputted the HTML code ChatGPT provided to see how it would look.

Image 54 1024x521

As you can see on the left section of the image, the results were simplistic at best. However, we weren’t done yet. We also wanted to see if ChatGPT can create an HTML code responsive for mobile devices. To find out, we asked ChatGPT to change the HTML code with a focus on mobile responsiveness. 

Image 53 1024x888

Once again, we tested the HTML code on Replit and here’s the result:

Image 51 1024x559
  1. Customising the HTML

As you can see from the previous section, ChatGPT can only provide a simple HTML and CSS design. While it’s possible to keep revising our prompt and specifying more elements to get the desired results, it will take too long and ultimately be counter-productive.

This is why we decided to use the same theme as QWERTYLABS called Astra in WordPress to create the site. This is an easier alternative than producing a code through trial-and-error in ChatGPT since most web builders like WordPress already offer customisable themes.

Image 50 1024x435

After applying the theme to sportsbookbacklinks.com, we customised it according to ChatGPT’s website design guidelines from the first part of our experiment.

The final pages on sportsbookbacklinks.com

Once we’ve updated the Astra theme to match our desired results, the website finally looks how we wanted it to. In the pages, we followed ChatGPT’s design guidelines and included the AI robot art designs we generated before. 

Here are some of the pages you’ll find on the platform:


Image 49 1024x559

About Us

Image 48 1024x559

Backlink Resource

Image 47 1024x559
Image 46 1024x559
Image 45 1024x559

Sportsbook Content Marketing

Image 44 1024x559

Sportsbook SEO

Image 43 1024x559

Sportsbook Marketing

Image 42 1024x559
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Sportsbook Analysis

Image 41 1024x559

Sportsbook Partnerships

Image 40 1024x559

Sportsbook Blogging

Image 39 1024x559


Image 38 1024x559
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ChatGPT series: More to come with QWERTYLABS

Our month-long ChatGPT project is off to a great start now that we’ve built the sportsbookbacklinks.com as intended. As you can see throughout the article, ChatGPT was useful in simplifying the complex process of developing the website and sitemap. 

As we continue with the experiment, you can expect more insight into the following topics:

We’ve only just begun exploring the capabilities of ChatGPT, and there’s more to come as we continue developing sportsbookbacklinks.com. Want to discover what more we can accomplish with ChatGPT? Be sure to visit QWERTYLABS for weekly updates on our AI project’s progress.

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