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The ins and outs of running high traffic casino sites

February 9, 2023

Generating web traffic is only the beginning of your casino business. Once you get started, keep it up, and it snowballs over time. You will reach a level known as 'high traffic' at some point. This is the goal of every online casino brand because more visitors to any page means higher chances of sales. 

There are steps you need to take to reach that point. For starters, you need to learn what 'high traffic' means to know how to get there and when you've reached it. Among your website, the owner's duties are finding ways to increase traffic volume. Most revolves around managing content with links to your casino to optimise search engine visibility. 

What is website traffic?

It refers to the total statistic of the audience that visits your website. Any means that let them reach your casino count to the overall website traffic volume, including backlinks, typing the URL on the address bar, and opening a related app. 

Search engines like Google favour high traffic websites on general search queries. Thus, maintaining high traffic to your website guarantees relatively higher page visits. If your casino has backlinks or a directory on other popular pages, it can also generate a high click-through rate for you. 

What is a high-traffic website?

The direct definition of a 'high traffic website' is based on the number of clicks expected to get regularly. This includes search engine results, backlinks, directories, and paid advertisements so long as they all lead to any website page. 

High traffic websites have a high ranking on search results. That means all of the marketing strategies you invested in have paid off. However, there will be issues when most search traffic leads to just one webpage. This can cause instability in your online casino and likely lead to crashes or errors. 

Thanks to the advantages of search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies and technologies, it's easy to generate several clicks from backlinks and search engine queries. However, it's a bit harder to keep a reliable network if you somehow get a surge of visitors reaching beyond the peak performance your server is capable of. The importance of maintenance then becomes the forefront of your company's priorities to prevent crashes as much as possible without decreasing website traffic. 

It's better to start working on your website's reliability before you reach this point. This calls for a plan to determine what factors can improve scalability and consistent traffic. The goal is to bring quality content and functions to your website and visitors without compromising website stability. 

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Benefits of a well-optimised website

Optimising your website to support traffic will be hard, but it has to be done. If you are doubtful of how necessary website optimisation is, then here's a list of benefits that it brings:

  1. Stable website performance. This lets users remain on the website for as long as possible without experiencing lag or errors when navigating. 
  2. Decreased bounce rate. This refers to the frequency of users visiting a web page but leaving without doing anything like visiting other parts of the website or signing up. 
  3. High conversion rate. This refers to visitors' likelihood of becoming customers. High conversion rates mean that you are generating sales from your traffic. 
  4. Better user experience. The quality of the website's user-friendliness speaks a lot about the value of your service. First impressions last, and it's sometimes all you need to make a good one. 
  5. High search result positioning. Optimising websites also involves managing SEO implementation, including keyword usage and internal linking. Doing so lets you score higher in search result rankings. Google also likes stable websites and will prioritise links to your casino if it works faster than your competitors. 
  6. Minimise website downtime. This refers to times when users can't visit your website. Occurrences once or twice a week can deter customers from your casino, making optimisation of utmost importance. 

How to increase website traffic

Increasing website traffic can be done by creating a powerful SEO strategy. Many options are available for you, but the best one is working with companies like QWERTYLABS. The guide below shows a general set-by-step process on how to reach high volume traffic:

  1. The first step in any SEO strategy is keyword research. Know your target audience and the current trend in your market to see what kinds of search queries they make. SEO tools like Google Analytics and Ahrefs can help with this. 
  2. Look into paid advertising options on popular platforms. You can sponsor content on YouTube, Facebook, or various other websites with content related to your casino. It's the quickest, easiest, and cheapest way to promote your services to target audiences. 
  3. Invest in planners for your marketing approach. Finding and reaching your target audience is easy while getting their interest and engagement is where the challenge lies. The goal is to leave a good-enough impression to have them click on your website. 
  4. Make engaging web content that encourages navigating to your other pages. The first web page they visit could be your only chance to offer your products and services. Make use of strong promotional materials referring to your services.
  5. Establish brand identity for all visitors. It involves having a strong personality that matches your target audience. Your promotions, themes, and special events should be cohesive with your brand. This is an effective way for your website to gain customers, ensuring high traffic in the long run. 

The key to increasing website traffic is more about consistency than speed. Just follow these steps and repeat them to score high in search results and get as many clicks as possible. However, you need to make sure that the structure of your website or mobile app is strong enough to support the high traffic. Thus, you'd have to keep the maintenance or improvement of your website optimisation faster than the traffic you are generating.

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What is considered a high-traffic website?

A website is considered 'high traffic' if its platform is built on a robust setup. The hardware, software, and network infrastructure must provide support for thousands of at least a hundred thousand unique visitors at a time. Scalability is an important attribute, too, because large traffic is bound to increase over time. Keeping up with demand without compromising website performance and reliability is vital for live services such as an online casinos. 

How to optimise high-traffic websites?

There are several ways to optimise high-traffic websites, which can be done with help from available tools built on Google's network. There is a database index built on search engines. It helps users get search results as quickly as possible through a cache system that curates what their queries yield based on websites they've visited thus far. There are also web analytics tools that help track your website's traffic and which keywords/content topics can help boost it.

Another means to optimise high traffic website is server management. This involves implementing a certain design to make your website easier to process for Google's algorithm and its users' computers. Ultimately, the goal is to increase system capacity to simultaneously support thousands of active users. Any future update should work towards realising that design and the following tools can help:

  1. File compression. The content's data size on a webpage directly affects how fast it loads. Thus, most web designers opt for limiting what they upload, but a file compression tool can simply decrease the size of the content. This is handy for best-viewed offline documents, like the casino terms and conditions and user agreement forms.
  2. Plugin. You don't have to code everything on a website. Some functions can be provided by plugins, software with specific functions or features that can be inserted into any platform like an online casino. It's called a 'plugin' because it works like a tool you can insert and remove at any time, making it easy to manage, replace, or update. You may also implement plugin support for users.
  3. Backup. This refers to making copies of your website's structure, from its coding to its format. Keep a copy of the latest version, one of the previous patches, and one of the last major updates. You may use the backup for testing experimental updates, but their true purpose is to be used as means to recover the website from damages. Several events that need the latter as a solution are hacking attacks, corruption from hardware failure, and coding bugs. 
  4. Proper image formatting. PNG images have higher fidelity than JPEG, but it's generally too much to process for a website. Thus, the latter is favourable for pictures, posters, and thumbnails. PNG is best used for simple images with no background, like your brand's logo or webpage icons. 
  5. SEO auditing tools. Tracking traffic can help identify technical issues like broken links, slow site speed, and responsiveness on different platforms. An SEO audit tool can not only track which ones are faulty but also provide solutions on how to replace or improve them. 
  6. Performance testing tools. Testing web pages will need you to measure multiple parameters, including but not limited to loading speed, playing multimedia materials, and link functions. Performance testing can find multiple errors at a time, so running it after every attempt to fix the issues is imperative.
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What makes a good high traffic website

Once your website reaches high traffic, you must consider several factors. These are all about maintaining the capacity of servers to keep uptime and experience quality within bandwidth limitations accessible to all users. Always plan on what you upload and what kind of resource to use when optimising your online casino. Factor analysis is the key to managing high-traffic websites, and each of the following is an example of the best practice for website owners.

Efficient web hosting service

Websites need to be hosted on a server that handles all users and their actions. Most online services participate in shared web hosting, one of many platforms that uses the same hardware at all times. It's cheap, and they all benefit from the same regular updates. Most small-time online casinos can settle for this, but one with high traffic will need a dedicated hosting service. This way, your players won't experience any lag or downtime when thousands of users are active. 

Image 17

Engaging and intuitive web design

There are elements to consider in web design, and it usually takes an expert to make it work. The tools available for average domain owners are meant for blogs and marketplaces, but an online casino is different. It needs to feature all the games in ways that are easy to navigate. There should also be room for casino promotions alongside the games.  

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Solid content strategy 

Planning what kinds of content to add to your website, like blogs and news, is easy to start but difficult to execute. If you are building a website for a niche audience, then you should be or have someone passionate about what your target readers are looking for. 

A strong content strategy ensures you can generate enough content for a year. It's easy for sports during seasonal tournaments, but off-season can be a struggle to make content for. Casino players are interested in new game reviews but can also consume content for finance, like cryptocurrencies and stocks.

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Optimal caching systems

There are many ways to manage cache, but it's recommended that you become particular about this for high-traffic websites. You can benefit greatly from database caching if your website is on a dedicated server. A content delivery network (CDN) is the best option for high-traffic websites because it scales with the frequency of access. Technology can change and affect the best option, so always consult an expert.

Image 14

Security from DDoS attacks

The internet is filled with robots (bots) that enter websites to overload their traffic count. This can result in downtime or rejection of real customers from entering the website; this occurrence is called Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. Several security measures effective for high-traffic websites include load balancing, CDN, and traffic filtering. It's also possible to combine different methods for added protection against a DDoS attack.

Image 13

Regular usability testing

Keep a list of all qualities expected of a high-traffic website, like loading speed, stability, and search result ranking. See which ones need changing and work on them. Solutions can be as simple as retouching any error in the script or cleaning the cache to prevent overloading. More serious updates can be implemented if you find a more reliable solution. Usability testing should be conducted at least once weekly to ensure a smooth user experience. 

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Optimising high-traffic websites is a tedious and complex task. It's better to entrust it with experts with resources and services like QWERTYLABS so you can focus on the logistics side of your business. You can also approach us for consultation before committing to a long-term partnership, so you know what you'll get in an arrangement. 

There will be a recommendation catered to what your business needs. The goal is to improve your website so you can generate more clicks and convert them into sales. Contact us now so we can help you bring traffic to your platform. 

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The ins and outs of high-traffic websites are complex, and here are some frequently asked questions about the topic:

How to get high traffic to my website?

You need a strong strategy for SEO and content. SEO strategies help you find ways to get noticed by your target audience through traffic analysis. Content strategies help you keep making new blogs and offering more services for customers, and it needs to be aligned with your SEO strategy for efficacy. 

How to optimise my website?

There are various strategies you can use to optimise your website. One is to make loading easy by limiting the file size uploaded per web page. The second is to keep the format easy to read and navigate, encouraging the user to explore. The third is to implement a strong caching system fitting the traffic your website is getting. There are other ways, but these are the easiest ones. 

How can I ensure that my website has good uptime or can load fast?

The most straightforward way to see if it has good uptime is to choose the most reliable web host you can afford. Dedicate the whole server to the site if it's got high traffic and has many functions like an online casino.

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