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Link building 101: A guide to casino backlinks

August 31, 2022

Back then, online casinos were all in the dark. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the online gambling industry grew and tallied $64 billion in earnings. Many casino sites invest in SEO strategies to build backlinks to widen their reach.

Link building is a way to expand your services using different sites that will vouch for the quality of your site. It is simply getting other sites to link back to your own that will lead to an increased amount of traffic. On the gambling side, casino backlinks provide a ranking signal to show that the content is noteworthy and can help people determine the best sites they should visit.

Here at QWERTYlabs, we share our best strategies in casino link building. We offer a helpful guide on using SEO strategies to boost your casino sites so they won’t get flagged as a scam and get more traffic in the long run.

How to get quality backlinks for casino sites

The first step in casino link building is building quality backlinks for your website. It is a way to make the most of the return on your investment, and there are many ways for you to come up with good casino backlinks that can help you rack up the best traffic for your site:

Link exchanges

Link exchanges happen when at least two or three sites agree to link. One of the best examples of this link exchange is how both Bitcasino.io and Sportsbet.io serve as affiliate sites for each other. The goal here is to increase trust rates and attract more organic users, which means connecting builds a reputation for being a good casino site.

Paid links

A paid link is the easiest way to get a casino backlink. You need to pay for a third-party site to give the following backlink that will lead back to your casino site. Most of these can be bought through bidding, meaning that the site also goes to the highest bidder. There is a way to buy casino backlinks cheap, and it can help you maximise your budget.

Private Blog Networks

PBNs use a network of websites that can build links and pass authority to another site. These create content that will rank competitive casino niche backlinks. It is a highly effective process but can be risky if there are a few mistakes on the link-building end.

PR campaigns

A great way to generate traffic and get backlinks is to have prominent media outlets link to your website. A casino review is an excellent example, as you can provide the link in different keywords that will redirect to the casino site.

Shoulder niches

Using shoulder niches effectively gets quality backlinks for casino niche sites since they are usually unrelated to your site. It bridges the gap and makes your link appear natural and relevant to the content. It is almost similar to your casino category but offers more chances for building links since it can include the following niches:

  • Gambling affiliate & review sites
  • Gaming 
  • Travel
  • Technology
  • Sports
  • News

Why is organic ranking important in casino link building?

Most online casino ads can be flashy animations and click baits that will lead back to the site. They are even lumped together in most of the sites, which has led to the standard norm that online casinos are often spammy websites. It has made organic search ranks more challenging for online casinos in the past few years.

To develop a solution to getting more quality casino backlinks and rank higher in searches, QWERTYlabs recommends the use of outreach campaigns so you can build relations, increase link credibility or even come up with higher rankings and traffic.

Here’s how you can boost organic ranking in casino link building:

Generates publicity

Generating publicity means earning a solid reputation for being a trustworthy site. While it takes a long time for a website to be credible, it builds trust and reliability as a consistent site thanks to the PR campaigns you will do to boost the rankings for your casino backlinks.

Builds relationships

The best way to get quality backlinks is to enforce outreach marketing. Of course, the original goal is to build and maintain links, but you can build relationships in your industry or niche to help your future link-building plans.

Consistent traffic to your site

When you build links to your site, it also generates traffic depending on the quality of your backlink. As a result of the increased effort in boosting the organic ranking, you can expect a spike in the amount of traffic that goes into your casino site.

Factors to consider in finding a good casino backlink

You need to learn to evaluate a potential link and how it can work to lead more traffic to your online casino. Here are some factors you should consider in finding a backlink.

Domain rating

Domain rating is a valuable factor in showing a backlink profile compared to others within their database. It's developed by Ahrefs and considered to be more 'current' than any other domain authority, and the set rating for a good site is 30+ and above.

Organic traffic

Another factor set by Ahrefs is the organic traffic estimate, which is the amount the target site gets from online visitors within a month. A desirable website should have at least 1,000 visits or more monthly to be considered an effective casino backlink.

Traffic consistency

We recommend a site that has had no drops in traffic recently. Monitoring this is possible using Ahrefs’ Organic Search Report tool, where you can find out if the site has been sold, repurposed to sell links, or penalised. The traffic estimate should also be consistent for months.

No sponsored posts

A site with many sponsored posts means other people are already paying to put their content on that site. You would not want to have competition in the same link, and having too many paid posts will diminish the credibility score n Google. 

No links to other casinos

You are not going to gain any traffic from a backlink that has another casino linked to it as well. You can find that in the sidebar since there will be links that lead to casinos, essay writings and even Forex trading. It's a sign the site is publishing paid links and will not generate good traffic for you. 

What makes a good casino link building strategy

An effective SEO strategy for casino link building takes a lot of work and must be correct to ensure quality backlinks. Here at QWERTYlabs, we can help you make a good casino backlinks strategy and increase your betting site's traffic and organic ranking. 

Here's what you should keep in mind to increase the chances of getting good casino backlinks:

Analysing competition

Competition is always around in SEO and you should know how they get a lot of backlinks. As soon as you understand the process, use it to boost your own chances of getting more backlinks and replicate their strategies if needed.

Diversifying link profiles

You cannot come up with a consistent backlink for your casino if you only have one strategy. The more strategies you have, the better results you can get from your campaigns. You can try going for PR, paid links and even exchanges.

Setting a good budget

A budget is always needed when boosting your organic search rankings. Always remember that it is a battle to the top, and there is always a chance that you will need to spend a lot of money buying sites, investing in backlinks and so on.

Create a solid anchor text plan

Anchor text is an essential factor affecting how your backlinks can effectively boost your casino site. You should base your anchor texts on the top searches on Google and other algorithms.

Frequently asked questions

We have compiled a list of common queries below to ensure you have a clear mind in finding the best casino backlinks. 

Are casino PBNs a good investment?

PBNs are suitable for minimal use in casino link building, but they can get problematic despite being cheap due to the risk of penalisation. Paid links, however, are a much better option and can offer consistent traffic rates although they are a little expensive.

Should you use different aliases?

Outreach content should feature different authors to ensure you won’t get busted for buying links. Just make sure that you keep that in mind and save the domain-based email for more use on the PR and strategic partners for your casino site.

Should you buy low-quality links?

There is a belief that buying low-quality links in high volumes can generate good traffic and a consistent organic ranking. However, you should always stick to those with a high domain rating since it will improve your backlink rather than having lots of low-quality links.

Bring expert opinion on casino link building with QWERTYlabs

You won't have to look far if you want an impressive link-building strategy for your brand. QWERTYlabs offers top-notch SEO-friendly services with a strong focus on keyword research to help you get the best traffic possible. Our team brings you the best casino link building, so contact us now!

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