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How to convert casino web traffic into leads and sales

October 5, 2022

Web traffic leads to sales conversion, which is crucial for your online casino. However, converting traffic into leads and sales is hard work. You have to be smart about your strategies to turn clicks and engagements on your casino site into profits. 

How do you convert web traffic into sales? You must build an effective strategy for your niche and target players. If you don't know where to start, follow these strategies we've compiled for you to convert visitors to first-time depositors.

11 strategies to generate traffic conversion

Plenty of lead conversion strategies are available at your disposal, but not all of them can be useful for your online casino. You have to find which will benefit your business to convert web traffic to leads and profits. Here are 11 fool-proof strategies that can help you with that:

1. Attract the right traffic to your website using niche keywords

Your online casino is not generating leads despite high traffic because it's attracting the wrong audience. That's because you're using the wrong keywords for your content. It can be detrimental to profits, especially if you rely on organic search to drive traffic to your casino. Fortunately, an easy fix for this is auditing your SEO strategy

Check if you've been targeting the right keywords through SEO tools and ensure these are related to your website. Niche keywords can help you target players looking for something specific that you can offer. For example, find related keywords with high search volume if you're focused on giving a VIP gaming experience. Moreover, stop using generic keywords irrelevant to your services. Include buying keywords that will call the audience to sign up, deposit and play. 

2. Keep your website design simple

Your online casino website is your tool to reach out to your target audience. It must be engaging and easy to navigate to provide a good user experience. Too many elements on your website or a complex colour palette may make it difficult for players to navigate your site. And if they find it a hassle, they might turn to another casino with a more user-friendly interface.

Keep things straightforward. A minimalist website design where everything is clear is more attractive to customers than a complex layout with various elements and colours. 

3. Place reviews and testimonials on your website

Reviews are essential for players in the casino industry, where trust is currency. These give them an idea of whether your casino can satisfy their gaming needs or not. Adding these reviews and testimonials to your site can convince them to create an account and deposit. Moreover, customer testimonials also make your website more credible since it shows that other people trust your brand. 

4. Write engaging sales copies

Evergreen content is non-time-sensitive marketing copies you need to attract visitors to your online casino. These should highlight your services' value and entice your potential customers to sign up and play. But simply listing the features and benefits won't cut it. A solid sales copy doesn't just attract attention. It keeps it. To do this, write copies that relate to your target customers. Acknowledge their pain points and focus on their motivations for playing. Lastly, emphasise your company's value proposition so your audience understands why you're offering services to them. It can then be the last push they need to purchase what you're offering.

5. Create attention-grabbing CTA buttons

CTA stands for a call to action. It's a button that tells your customers what to do after viewing your casino—either they sign up, deposit or play. It has to be partnered with an engaging copy so you can compel your customers to click on the button. Instead of using generic CTAs, you can play with words and statements that engage the customers to take action. You should also be strategic in placing your CTA button. Don't just place it anywhere on your website. Put it in navigation bars or within blog posts. Just ensure your site visitors can easily access them no matter where they are on the website. 

6. Segment your audience

Not all site visitors are the same. They vary in behaviour, occupation, language and even hobbies, meaning they have different motivations for visiting your website. Thus, you shouldn't treat everyone visiting your website the same and offer them similar content and product suggestions. Depending on the data customers have presented upon visiting the site, you must tailor content. 

You can use smart segmentation engines to group your audience based on language, geolocation, visitor type, etc. Through this, you can customise content and test which ones are effective for every customer profile. 

7. Don't redirect to your homepage

Ads on social media are helpful for businesses to convert traffic into sales. That's because these ads target people who might be interested in the product or service. However, many business owners make a mistake by redirecting customers to the website's homepage. Make sure your ads directly send the customers to the games page. This way, you're not making them search for it on your website. 

8. Use interactive elements on your website

Customers sometimes need an extra nudge to sign up. That's what pop-ups and other interactive elements are here to do. Here are some examples of interactive elements you can place on your website:

  • Pop-ups 

Pop-ups are small advertisements on your website. They pop up on the page when customers visit the website. However, some may find them annoying, so you must time them strategically. 

  • Slide-ins

Slide-ins are similar to pop-ups, but instead of popping up, they slide in from the corner of the screen. These advertisements are less intrusive, so you can use them to promote sales and offers of your products or services. 

  • Floating bars

Floating bars are offered with a CTA button. It appears on top or at the bottom of a page. It is often used to share business news, encourage visitors to visit social media pages or ask for the customer's contact information. 

  • Countdown timer

Using this adds a sense of urgency to your promotion. Your site visitors will be more compelled to click the button and opt-in to your offer because it's only for a limited time. 

  • Exit-intent pop-ups

Sometimes, exit pop-ups offer available promotions or bonuses for customers who forgot to complete their transactions. These pop-ups are triggered when a customer is about to leave the site. It comes in handy when capturing visitors' attention about abandoning their deposits or leaving the site. 

9. Optimise your website for mobile devices

Almost half of the traffic on your website comes from mobile devices, so you have to make sure your site is mobile-optimised. People can get impatient even with a second delay in loading the page. One way to ensure this is through Google's checker. It will provide you with tools and recommendations on what you can do to improve your site and make it more optimised for mobile.

10. Provide chat support on your website

Even if your website is fully optimised, your customers might still have questions about your services or how to navigate through pages. Live chat support can answer your customers' queries quickly, thus preventing conversion rate drops. 

Providing your customers with instant answers instead of letting them wait for a response can do wonders for your user engagement. It saves time on their end and gives them user satisfaction. They might even refer your website to other friends if they've experienced good customer support from your business. 

11. A/B test your ideas

Online casinos have different needs. What works for others may not work for your niche, so it's good to try out various ideas on your website to learn which would work best. A/B testing your ideas is an excellent way to start strategising to gain profit. It can be as simple as which subject line gets higher open rates or as big as trying out several landing page layouts. 

Engage your players with the right web traffic strategies!

Learning the right strategies for converting your traffic to sales is a matter of trial and error. Plenty of strategies will work for your online casino, but it would take a lot of testing to make it successful. There's no one answer, but knowing where to start can help you to casino success and profitability. The strategies covered here are good tools to help you get started, but with the help of the QWERTYlabs team, you can take your efficiency to the next level. Contact us and find out how we can help you reach your online casino goals.

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