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The future of content: Latest innovations that changed the game

May 19, 2022

With every technological innovation, industries are driven to adapt to new consumer buying habits, and the landscape of content writing is no exception. Nowadays, content is consumed at a faster rate thanks to the internet and businesses strive to find novel ways of marketing their content and gaining a competitive edge to rise above the noise.

Fortunately, where the demand is high, innovations inevitably follow. Recent ones have changed the game for content writing, bringing forth technology and strategies that help businesses produce unique, timely and compelling content.

Below, you can find out what these innovations are that can help you create quality content to boost traffic, brand awareness and revenue.

  1. Google semantics: Topical authority vs keyword research
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Ranking in Google search is tantamount to the success of any business since this allows them to gain a wider reach to market their services. However, with the overwhelming amount of content nowadays, it’s easier to get lost in the crowd than to stand out. Moreover, it’s as difficult for businesses to get noticed as it is for consumers to find the exact content they need. 

Google understands this dilemma and continuously improves its algorithm to provide a more optimised customer experience. In 2019, the search engine giant rolled out its algorithm update: the Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers (BERT) with a Natural Language Processing (NLP) semantic that processes the context of the content to understand its meaning rather than analyse it based on terms and phrases. 

In simpler words, the Google algorithm now looks into each search contextually to provide the most relevant and informative content that will meet the searcher’s intent. 

This empowers the SEO industry to move past content writing that only focuses on keyword research and backlinking to build brand authority. With Google’s new algorithm, content that showcases the depth of expertise on topics and related queries will rank higher and gain better traffic flow. This changes how businesses produce their content, moving from short-form to well-researched longer articles that takes a more in-depth approach to any specific topic.

  1. Artificial intelligence (AI)
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Another innovation that has made an impact in the industry is Artificial Intelligence (AI). These are software programs and machines that can solve problems, comprehend the context and learn with human-like intelligence through the acquisition and analysis of data. 

AI is now used in various fields for timely data gathering and analysis. In content writing, AI can be used to make content creation more efficient through the following:

  • Delivery of timely information such as news and current trends
  • Gathering marketing data on customer behaviour and patterns
  • Directing buyers to relevant content through personalised recommendations
  • Checking content for plagiarism and grammatical errors.

AI can now also be used for content automation which is beneficial for fast-paced brands that need to publish streams of content. However, this still has its limitations. As studies have shown, though automated content produced by AIs is grammatically correct, it lacks the reasoning and conceptualisation only human minds can conjure.

But while this novel technology is still far from taking over content creation entirely, integrating it with human efforts can save time and resources and lead to more efficient marketing strategies and overall better customer experience. 

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