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Best ways to optimise ChatGPT SEO into your casino strategy

May 31, 2023

ChatGPT by OpenAI was one of the most talked-about releases of 2022. It grew to have over 100 million users by January 2023, making it the fastest-adopted piece of software ever created. But why do many people use it?

ChatGPT can be your shopping assistant, health assistant or Google alternative. It will help you in everything like a human assistant would. But do you know that ChatGPT can also help with your search engine optimisation, like keyword research and content creation for casinos? Others see this software as alarming since it can replace them, but some SEO pros already use ChatGPT to streamline their SEO strategy. 

This guide will help you use ChatGPT for SEO and see how experts use this popular software. Continue reading to know how using ChatGPT for SEO can help you and your online casino. 

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT, or ‘Generative Pretrained Transformer,’ is a natural language processing (NLP) technology for open-domain communication. It’s an AI chatbot built that became available online in November 2022. It was launched by OpenAI, an American AI research centre devoted to exploring and creating artificial general intelligence (AGI) for humanity. 

OpenAI employs a blend of deep learning techniques and machine learning algorithms to train its AI systems. As for ChatGPT, it was trained using the OpenAI GPT-3 language model, which resulted in its outstanding learning skills. 

ChatGPT is an expansion of the Large Language Model (LLM) class of machine learning Natural Language Processing models. LLMs consume massive amounts of text data and infer connections between words within the text. Because of this, it can engage with users, answer follow-up inquiries, admit mistakes, reject unsuitable requests and even question faulty premises using artificial intelligence (AI) and large volumes of data.

ChatGPT for SEO: How can you use it?

ChatGPT has the potential to be a useful SEO and marketing tool. However, it is not the answer and does have certain limits. So SEO specialists need not be concerned that ChatGPT would replace them. Rather, use ChatGPT for content and SEO to simplify your SEO efforts. 

SEO experts now use ChatGPT in various ways to leverage their SEO processes. But how can they do that? You can use ChatGPT to produce optimised writing for websites, including product descriptions or blog entries. However, remember that the created information is neither accurate nor high quality. It may lack the uniqueness and creativeness required for excellent SEO. That is where your SEO expertise comes in. Check for errors, plagiarism, readability or anything that it needs working.

It can also help with keyword research by producing ideas for suitable keywords and phrases. Moreover, by providing the bot with the list of keywords, you can expect it to cluster them based on their semantic search similarity. ChatGPT can also delve deeper into the search query and go beyond the words to determine the search intent. As a result, it faces stiff competition from one of the main search engines, Google. ChatGPT can grasp complex inquiries and offer exact replies when used for semantic search.

We know all this through our AI ChatGPT series, where we find out how the AI chatbot can be used in streamlining SEO processes. We’ve created and optimised a sportsbook site based solely on ChatGPT’s knowledge to see if it can produce optimal results. 

Considering the project’s relevance, we documented our process in a blog series. We’ve included detailed steps on how we approached the matter so you can see for yourself how it can be used for SEO. Find out where we’re at in our AI ChatGPT series below:

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Leveraging ChatGPT and SEO to enhance casino strategy

Businesses in the casino industry can also use ChatGPT to enhance their SEO casino strategy. It's your chance to improve the ranking of your casino web page and increase your FTDs with minimal effort. Here’s how it can help you boost your online casino business through the following SEO aspects:

User Engagement

ChatGPT is perfect if you want your players to engage easily with your page. You can use ChatGPT to create website chatbots. This software employs natural language processing and machine learning to provide organisations with an effective and efficient customer assistance solution. 

ChatGPT can improve user engagement for your website in ways you never thought possible, thanks to its capacity to manage regular customer enquiries, give 24/7 assistance, increase conversions and deliver a more personalised experience.

Content ideas 

Regularly publishing content is an excellent approach to boosting your website's search engine ranking and engagement. ChatGPT is a great place to get content ideas. It can generate a large volume of material, which is valuable for businesses that regularly publish content. ChatGPT may supply you with fresh viewpoints and insights to make your blogs stand out, whether you're writing listicles, how-to guides or casino game reviews. 

Long-tail keywords

Blog entries are created using keywords and the research that goes with them. Aside from providing content ideas, ChatGPT may aid with keyword research by suggesting relevant keywords and phrases. This can assist SEO specialists in finding keywords without using top SEO tools and increase their content's visibility in search results.

User experience

ChatGPT can help design a website based on information online. It can help web designers understand how people will engage with your services in your online casino. It can assist you in developing a user-friendly and engaging digital experience that lowers your bounce rate and lengthens the audience’s stay on your site. Trust it to do a range of tasks, from detecting pain areas to generating seamless transitions between pages.

Natural language queries

Because of how it was trained, ChatGPT can provide high-quality, engaging material in answering natural language queries. With this powerful tool, SEO experts can target localities and develop material relevant to the search query. They can also offer helpful info in line with search engine algorithms. 

Also, because of its capacity to create proper replies to natural language questions, ChatGPT has a unique edge over other search engine giants like Google regarding search engine rankings and search marketing.

Search intent analysis

By analysing the natural language used in search inquiries, ChatGPT can help SEO specialists better comprehend the purpose behind a user's search query. So, once you've compiled a list of keywords for your online casino, ask ChatGPT to categorise them depending on their search intent. 

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ChatGPT use cases to improve SEO casino strategy

SEO is critical for establishing a strong online presence, and ChatGPT can help create a website and personalise your content marketing strategy. It can also help SEO experts optimise web content that can result in a high ranking. So, learning how to use ChatGPT for your SEO casino strategy should be your priority. 

Check these use cases of ChatGPT SEO strategy.

For keyword research

Keyword research has never been easier With ChatGPT. It can help you with keyword research by suggesting appropriate keywords, phrases and entities. All you have to do is launch the chatbot and enter a couple of your desired keywords. ChatGPT will provide a list of similar terms based on its analysis of search results.

Enter the 'list of keywords' phrase with the subject you wish to research to try this ChatGPT feature. After a short period, the chatbot will provide a cluster of keywords and phrases with relevance to your desired keywords aligned with user intent. If you’re writing for a foreign audience, ChatGPT can translate the keywords into the language of your target audience. 

For content optimisation

ChatGPT’s main strength is its capacity to recognise and include keywords in the text it creates. This makes ChatGPT for SEO content optimisation an ideal tool. You can also use ChatGPT for SEO content creation and sentiment analysis optimised for search engines. And once your landing pages are set, you can use ChatGPT to upload weekly blogs to keep the impressions and traffic going. Find out how it works here.

  • Optimise meta tags

ChatGPT can help you optimise meta tags and descriptions to increase exposure and draw visitors to your website. You can prompt it to build a meta title and description for a certain page, and it will do so with important keywords.

  • Edit and proofread

Trust ChatGPT to be competent when it comes to editing and proofreading. It can analyse your material and check for content gaps in your content format which you can fix yourself or ask it to do for you.

  • Provide ideas

ChatGPT can help you develop your idea for your online casino content if you're experiencing writer's block, as it will provide numerous suggestions. 

  • Summarise content

There are blogs where we must give information in a limited number of words. You can achieve this by typing your content into ChatGPT and asking it to summarise. It can do so with short and long paragraphs.

  • Paraphrase

SEO writers sometimes struggle with word repetition and organising their thoughts. If this happens to you, ChatGPT can help you paraphrase your content better in a more organised manner.

  • Generate FAQs

Your online casino site needs an FAQ page to provide valuable info to your players. ChatGPT can help you produce relevant questions for your FAQs page. Simply enter the URL of your website and ask it to create some FAQs that will be helpful to your users. Double-check if it provides correct info about your online casino. 

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For technical optimisation

ChatGPT can also be your guide to technical SEO optimisation and writing codes. It will give responses based on the patterns its algorithm has learned from the vast amount of data it was trained on. 

Here are more useful things ChatGPT can do to help you with technical optimisations:

  • Create automation

ChatGPT is useful in automating tedious and mechanical activities such as summarising code or creating templates. Moreover, if you don’t have any prior experience in programming, ChatGPT can help you generate Python code. You can use ChatGPT to write the code, then take the generated code and open App Scripts. 

  • Generate schema markup

Since ChatGPT can write code, it can also write code snippets like schema markup, a language search engines employ to display rich data. It’s a set of code for a search engine, web crawler and browser to understand what is on a webpage. Examples of a schema markup include prices, FAQs, video content, ratings and reviews. SEO experts can use ChatGPT to streamline their work by instructing the bot to build schema markup for FAQs or the payment methods of your online casino.

For link building

ChatGPT can help you streamline the tedious and long process of link building for casinos. You can cut it in half by providing ChatGPT with proper suggestions. The AI will build a list of suitable candidates faster than you could manually. ChatGPT may also save you money on content production or employing expert link builders. It can boost your team's productivity while also saving you money in the long term.

  • Write emails

Building links often needs a large number of emails. While ChatGPT is not an outreach expert, it can still produce good-sounding outreach emails. You just have to include all important details about your offer or prospect for a better email result. However, even if its solution appears to be correct, it should be double-checked by an expert. 

  • Answer HARO request

Help a Reporter Out, or HARO, is an online public relations network that journalists and bloggers from famous websites use to connect with sources to assist with their writing. You can use this tactic to increase the number of backlinks to your website. Signing up with HARO is free, and you'll receive a summary of journalist enquiries three times every day. 

You can also use ChatGPT to be the first to answer HARO queries like an automated customer support service, which can save you time. The trick is to double-check the AI outputs and ensure that you agree with the statement before sending it out.

For SEO reporting

SEO reporting shows you the effectiveness of your SEO efforts by using Google Search Console (GSC) and Google Analytics (GA). But before you can do that, you need a guide to Google Search Console and know what regular expressions you need to use to get the data you need. It is one of the most tedious duties that can slow down productivity. It's much more difficult for marketers because they often lack technical expertise.

ChatGPT is a fantastic tool for creating Regex patterns that may be used for SEO. Simply go to ChatGPT and ask it to 'Compose regular expressions' and whatever else you want. It can complete the task instantly. Copy and paste the pattern into GSC's filter box to get all the inquiries.

Lastly, if you’re looking to check your site for reporting, you can use ChatGPT for on-page audits. It can give you clear instructions on how to proceed since it can’t access the website itself.

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The effects of using ChatGPT for SEO

You can have a multi-channel strategy when you combine human and AI knowledge. ChatGPT for SEO can boost SEO performance metrics by creating high-quality and optimised content updates. This involves increasing website traffic, improving search engine rankings and enhancing engagement metrics like bounce rate. It can also help you identify useful keywords and phrases, optimise on-page content and create engaging meta descriptions and title tags.

The only constraints are on the matter of ethics regarding the usage of AI-generated material. Since its information is merely compiled data from various contributors on the internet, don't solely rely on the answers and results provided by ChatGPT. Instead, use it to simplify SEO processes while still utilising your first-hand experience and knowledge. It is critical to keep these factors in mind to ensure that using ChatGPT is consistent with your ethical standard and user value.

Importance of hiring an experienced SEO professional

SEO enhances your online casino brand by increasing your rating on search engine result pages (SERPs). You must employ effective SEO methods to receive the most results from your site. However, capabilities of emerging technologies such as AI algorithms and ChatGPT in these areas have certain nuances, risks and limitations.  

The best move is to still hire an SEO professional who has expertise, experience and training in the industry. Having SEO experts working on your campaign will give you a competitive advantage over your competitors and be of great value to your clients. Trust their role as SEO specialists to optimise your campaign and provide strategic management, guidelines and regulations to get your company’s desired outcome. 

Should you use ChatGPT for SEO?

ChatGPT can be the key to the improvement of SEO practices with proper implementation. Most SEO experts see this technology as a call to action to be more innovative or as a suggestion to streamline their work. ChatGPT is free, and you may test it out for yourself. Just keep in mind the risks and benefits of using this powerful AI. Meanwhile, if you want to have more insight into the latest trends in SEO or consultation in the future, feel free to contact us or check out our services here at QWERTYLABS.


What can ChatGPT be used for?

ChatGPT can answer questions and assist you with tasks such as composing emails, essays and code.

Can ChatGPT do SEO?

Yes, it can. ChatGPT can do keyword research and generate content for websites. However, since its resources are limited, it can only produce limited results. It’s still best to have experts use tools specifically made for SEO and content writers to produce content for people.

How to use ChatGPT for SEO?

You just need to prompt or type your request, like ‘generate a meta title and description,’ and it will provide you results. 

How will ChatGPT affect SEO?

SEO experts use ChatGPT as a strategy to streamline their SEO works. It can make ‘drafts’, which will then be reviewed and finalised by experts making sure they’re optimised for their SEO needs.

Is ChatGPT good for SEO?

ChatGPT has benefits for SEO experts, mainly in simplifying tedious work like code and link building. 

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