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QWERTYLABS began with a clear vision in 2019: provide long-term digital solutions to clients. Quickly, the company blazed a path in the iGaming world by giving them what they needed—straightforward content and SEO strategies proven to hit high KPIs within a few short months.

With the company delivering long-standing solutions, the number of clients rapidly rose as well as team members. From then until now, QWERTYlabs is steadfast in guaranteeing results and cutting through inefficient digital measures common in the industry.

Team Members

With loyalty and continuous dedication to refine current successful practices, QWERTYLABS is committed to guaranteeing increasing success for current and future clients alike in the years to come.

Mike Hamilton


Ed Concepcion

SEO Director

Chelsea Montilla

Senior Editor

Isaac Black White No Background

Isaac Talampas

SEO Team Lead

Haresh Black White

Haresh Mahtani Jr

Webmaster Team Lead

Nicole Causapin

CG Brand Editor

Abby Astada

QL Brand Editor


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