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Gambling link building in France 101: Everything you need to know

February 16, 2024

One of the best markets to get into for your casino brand is France since there are numerous players in the region. However, since the market is huge, it’s necessary for your brand to utilise SEO to boost your website's search engine rankings, making it appear at the top of search results. This includes creating a customised SEO strategy with targeted link building. To make it easier for you to tackle gambling link building France, check out this complete guide to boost your casino’s brand visibility.

Understanding gambling regulations in France

Online gambling isn't fully legal in France, despite the French online gambling law (​​Law No 2010-476) existing since May 12, 2010. However, it only legalised online betting on sports and horse racing, excluding online casinos. In short, you can legally bet on sports and horse races online, but not on casino games. However, there are exceptions, as you can see below:

  • "Club games" are a category that includes some casino-like games, such as online poker. These are legal in France but only under strict regulations.
  • French residents can still access and play at online casinos hosted outside France. These offshore casinos are not technically illegal for French players to use. However, the French government does not regulate them. Therefore, players should be cautious about using them.

Importance of local SEO for French link building

To effectively reach the online gambling audience in France, a localised SEO strategy is required. In a country where local nuances are important, online gambling can connect with customers better through local SEO. This approach is crucial to stand out in a competitive digital environment.

What is local SEO?

Local SEO optimises online content and business information for improved visibility in local search results. It aims to attract more customers from a specific geographic location. The goal is to enhance a business's online presence in search engines like Google Maps or Bing Local. This is done through optimised content, local business listings, and online review management. Online gambling websites should prioritise local SEO to stay competitive and attract more customers.

Local backlinks improve trust and traffic

To improve the online presence of a gambling website, it is vital to acquire French backlinks from local sources. These links bring higher quality, relevant traffic. In the French context, gambling authorities build trust by establishing its legitimacy and credibility. 

Local backlinks are crucial for attracting visitors seeking options in their area. This, in turn, brings targeted traffic to online gambling sites. Having a backlink profile enriched with French links enhances user trust and signifies the gambling platform is recognised locally. 

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Gambling link building in France: Find high-quality backlinks

To excel in the competitive environment of online gambling in France, it is a must to secure high-quality backlinks. This requires a strategic fusion of local expertise and honed French SEO proficiency. In order to do this, you need to identify high-quality backlinks from highly credible French sources. This includes specialised gaming portals, official regulatory bodies, and authoritative gambling news outlets, evaluated for their authority, relevance to your content, and overall trustworthiness.

Techniques for attracting authoritative backlinks to surpass competitors:

  • Employ strategic guest blogging on esteemed French gaming sites. 
  • Engage in collaborative efforts with recognised French influencers in the gambling space. 
  • Curate unique, share-worthy content. This encourages authoritative sites to link to your domain naturally.

Content marketing and why it’s important for French online gambling sites

French link building success for online gambling relies on a well-honed content strategy. It is essential to curate content that resonates with French casino players. This strategy generates inbound links and improves search rankings. Let's explore how you can use content marketing as a strategic approach to attract the French online gaming market.

Attractive content for the French audience

Content should captivate, educate, and, most importantly, engage players. This will encourage natural link sharing and conversation about your online gambling brand.

Strategic integration of French keywords

To rank higher on search engines and attract a French audience, it's helpful to use keywords related to gambling games. You can improve visibility by incorporating popular French search terms into your content.

Measuring the impact of content marketing

Content marketing doesn't stop at publishing articles or blogs. You must measure the impact. By tracking traffic metrics and acquiring new links, you can adjust your link building France strategy to maximise its effectiveness and ROI. Let's keep in mind that the ultimate goal is to increase conversions and solidify your gambling's online presence.

  • Feature articles - Informative and engaging writing that puts the reader at the heart of the gambling action. 
  • Guides and tips - Strategic advice to help players improve their game.
  • Infographics - Attractive visuals that simplify information and encourage sharing.

By combining quality content with a thoughtful keyword strategy, your online gambling brand should resonate with your target casino French players. By considering cultural specificities and local preferences, your content marketing can help you build a strong network of links and position yourself advantageously in the online gambling market in France.

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Affiliate marketing in France

Affiliate marketing has become a key strategy for bringing targeted traffic to the French gambling sector, as well as improving link profiles. To succeed in this market, you must grasp its complexity. Doing so will not only optimise your affiliate connections but also maximise your SEO results.

Partner with French affiliates to strengthen your link profile

Strengthen your gambling link’s profile. Form strategic alliances with reputable French affiliates for your target casino audience. Remember that it is still important to choose partners that adhere to the regulations of the French gambling environment. A strong affiliate partnership can support your SEO efforts by providing a steady stream of high-quality backlinks. 

Monitor and optimise affiliate-generated links for best results

Once your gambling affiliate partnerships are in place, your success will depend on how you monitor the generated links. Here are ways how to monitor your affiliated-generated links:

  • Utilise meticulous tracking measures to ensure that each affiliate link contributes positively to your SEO goals. 
  • Regularly analyse the performance to identify and reward the most effective affiliates. 
  • Optimise strategies for the best possible SEO outcomes within the vibrant French market.

To maintain SEO value, it is recommended to review the quality of links from affiliates periodically. Additionally, adjustments to affiliate strategies should be made based on performance analytics and market trends. Close alignment with affiliates is also necessary to ensure the use of relevant and compliant French gambling keywords.

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How to analyse competitor link building strategies in France

To completely understand how gambling link building works in France, you need to closely examine how competitors act within the market. Businesses that conduct competitive link analysis among French gambling websites can unlock a wealth of strategic insights. This can drive a more refined and effective link building France campaign.

Conduct a competitive link analysis in the French online gambling market

A comprehensive audit of the link profiles of top-performing French iGaming sites is needed to reveal the reasons for their success. Techniques such as examining the anchor text, assessing the quality of linking domains, and tracking the acquisition of new links over time are integral parts of this analysis.

Refine your link-building approach through the competition

By analysing how other gambling sites form connections, you can refine your strategy. To make data-driven decisions, here are key areas you should assess when looking for patterns in their link-building activities: 

  1. Do they focus on certain types of websites?
  2. Do your competitors use specific content formats or target particular audience segments? 

By strategically analysing these key areas, you can gain valuable insights into your competitors' link-building strategies, which in turn can improve your website ranking and increase traffic.

Identify gaps and opportunities for link growth

Capitalise on the untapped potential to outmanoeuvre the competition. Track competitor strategies to discover valuable niches or partnership opportunities that have been overlooked. This could provide fresh avenues for link acquisition. Some of the strategies you must use are identifying competitor link domains and exploring similar opportunities. You must also monitor backlink trends, analyse top-performing content types, and innovate to capture audience interest effectively.

Start link building in France with QWERTYLABS

Localised link building is an essential pillar of online gambling France. It helps them establish a presence in the French market. Throughout our exploration, we highlighted the critical importance of taking a multi-faceted approach. This approach aims to maximise visibility and traffic on Google.fr. 

To develop an effective strategy for quality French backlinks, gambling websites must focus on powerful methods like affiliate marketing, competitor analysis, and content mastery. It is also essential to carefully integrate relevant casino keywords to enhance user appeal and retention. With these link building France tactics, gambling sites can build a formidable online presence.

We at QWERTYLABS understand that adaptability, creativity, and understanding local SEO are essential to triumph in the competitive French online gambling industry. With this knowledge and these strategies, online gambling can not only survive but thrive in the French digital space. Don't miss the opportunity to stand out in the online gambling industry! Contact QWERTYLABS now to give a new dimension to your SEO strategy and start seeing tangible results in the French online gambling market! 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do local backlinks contribute to the online presence of a gambling website?

Local French backlinks attract high-quality, relevant traffic from users actively seeking options in their local area. They boost user trust, signalling the local establishment and recognition of the gambling platform, resulting in improved visibility and credibility.

Is online gambling legal in France?

Yes, online gambling is partially legal in France. ​​Law No 2010-476 of 12 May 2010, or the French online gambling law, legalised online betting on sports and horse racing. However, certain online casino games, such as slots, roulette, or blackjack are excluded from this legislation.

What role does affiliate marketing play in the French gambling industry?

Affiliate marketing is a vital strategy for attracting targeted traffic to the French gambling sector. It expands reach, drives high-quality traffic, and boosts brand visibility in the competitive French market.

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