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Capitalise on influence: The affiliate marketing guide you need

October 27, 2023

Uncover the techniques that will take your brand to new heights with affiliate marketing! Leverage your online presence by creating partnerships and relationships with those who can effectively promote your brand to the public. 

With this affiliate marketing guide from QWERTYLABS, get down to the fundamentals of this business model and learn how to leave a lasting mark on your niche. 

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an effective strategy where a brand pays commissions to affiliates based on the sales generated through their referrals. By observing platforms like Instagram or YouTube, you get an overview of creators incorporating unique codes into their posts to promote a product or service. 

It’s a natural and powerful way to market your brand by collaborating with established influencers and/or personalities who can bring your brand to a wider audience. They can do this by crafting detailed write-ups of your brand, creating compelling advertising videos, or even launching an entire social media campaign. 

How does affiliate marketing work?

There are three parties involved in affiliate marketing:

  • You and your brand,
  • The affiliate,
  • The customer/consumer.

The process begins with the merchant seeking opportunities to boost their revenue, leading them to explore marketing avenues where they can sell their business. 

They then reach out to an affiliate to join the program. Their primary role is to promote the merchant’s products across various online platforms like social media, YouTube, and more. They will offer a promo code or a direct link to entice customers with discounts or special offers.

This is where the customer steps in as the one who consumes the content. They then get compelled to support the creator by clicking the link or genuinely express interest in the product. This happens across different social media channels, ranging from just a few people using the code to millions of people doing so, depending on the affiliate’s reach.

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Types of Affiliate Marketing

Across multiple industries, affiliate marketing has become the norm and has been effective for all kinds of businesses. Your brand can experience similar success by finding the right fit and type of affiliate marketing. Here are the best types to use:


They have the power to affect the purchasing decisions of their followers due to their genuine connections or persuasive abilities. Influencers are also known for their innovative content, as they can integrate marketing their products within their content through creative segues. 

To leverage a fanbase's support for your brand, understanding and learning the vibe of influencers is crucial. Help them craft a message that aligns with your brand without compromising their identity. 


This works similarly to the previous one, but this time, through written content with their blogs. The blogger sells the product or service to the reader by convincing them it’s a viable purchase. They get a commission from their promotion to help your brand stand out from your competition.

There will usually be a link or promo code given to entice the reader even more because there is an incentive if they use the blogger’s code. Bloggers are reliable in how they put out information, and their brand promotion will lead to conversions for purchases.

Search engines 

Search engines play a pivotal role in affiliate marketing. Affiliates influence search engine results by having high-ranking web pages that answer the searcher’s query in the search bar. This is done by getting the necessary keywords, which are then put into the content.

Having a high-ranking page that gives potential customers an affiliate link or code will help convert new customers into buying into the programs. Affiliate marketing programs also help put your brand on Google’s first page.

Email marketing

Affiliates can use email marketing to promote products and services with newsletters or email campaigns. This will play a pivotal role in your brand’s marketing strategy as it can help build customer relationships and keep them engaged. Insert the links in the emails to advertise to the audience and generate sales.

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Advantages of affiliate marketing for affiliates and merchants

Affiliate marketing is rife with opportunities for businesses to succeed. It takes advantage of how much people are convinced by what they see on social media, especially if they’re handing out amazing rewards when clicked. 

Here are some of the biggest benefits of affiliate marketing for your brand: 

  • It is a cost-effective way of marketing your brand: You won’t need large-scale campaigns to get your brand a wider audience. Get to the grass-roots with your affiliate and let them build you a passionate audience.
  • An expanded reach: With new partners helping you market your brand, there will be an opportunity for your business to stand out. Creating a relationship with influential affiliates is mutually beneficial as it draws more people into consuming their content and purchasing your services. 
  • Flexible partner choices: You have choices with affiliate marketing from smaller partners to big names. That flexibility can help you reach new customers from the grassroots communities to the mainstream affiliates available.
  • The high return on investment (ROI): A simple conversation with an affiliate can yield quick returns as they often have a high conversion rate with their audience. They can help you get the most value out of your product as you didn’t spend much on hiring them as opposed to traditional marketing strategies.
  • Merchants can identify the best affiliates: You have the ability to handpick every affiliate you work with. This can help you support the affiliates while getting a chunk of their audience to support your brand.

Conversely, these are the biggest advantages of affiliate marketing for the affiliates:

  • Low costs: With just their influence, affiliates won’t have to spend anything to earn a percentage of revenue from a product or service. All they have to do is promote the product and not participate in a large marketing campaign that can cost more than a pretty penny. 
  • Diversity with income sources: Successful affiliates become a top choice for merchants. Affiliates can boost their importance by creating high-quality content for the brands they’re working with. That is more appealing to most brands since they know they can rely on that specific person working with them properly.
    Their earnings from the platform they work on can already be high, but getting income from more streams is much better and more reliable than relying solely on one stream.
  • Affiliates won’t have to work much for the merchants: As long as they craft a message that is convincing enough for their fan base, that’s a successful result for both the brand and affiliate.
    For instance, consider the technology YouTuber Linus Sebastian from Linus Tech Tips, who always has a sponsor or affiliate in every video. They find ways to carve out an ad spot for them in every video, twice, with one at the start and one to cap off the video. This extra work makes them endearing for all kinds of affiliates to work with. 
  • A huge network is created for affiliates: They can build long-term relationships with merchants, and at the same time, they can be an appealing affiliate for other brands. Their performance will be tracked by analytics, becoming a big argument for them to keep getting affiliate deals.
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Affiliate marketing strategies

Discover the game-changing strategies for your brand to get the best deals and exposure from affiliates. Implementing these techniques can yield significant success for your brand and also for the affiliate you’re working with, no matter the platform they’re working on. Dive into the strategies here: 

Researching and evaluating affiliate programs

This is a critical step in identifying how to excel in affiliate marketing. A good example of a successful brand is Shopify, an e-commerce website that branched out and looked for creators who they could work with and spread the good word about their services. 

Do your best to emulate a brand like Shopify, which loves to get big content creators and integrate them into the content. You can just look at how they’re being marketed by someone like the top YouTuber, Jimmy ‘Mr. Beast’ Donaldson. Shopify does not stop there since they invest in other projects to get their name out there, like their jump into the esports world.

Identifying profitable niches and products

It is essential to understand your target audience because they will be the constant profit source you’ll be getting. For example, a sports betting website needs to cater to the bettors using their affiliates and not the ones who are disinterested. Go into affiliate marketing to target a niche that can net you profit. 

Make the role of an affiliate appealing by offering them a concise summary of what your product or service is about. Highlight how it can resonate with their audience since they recognise the impact it will have on their fan base. 

Assessing commission structures and payout terms

This directly impacts the potential earnings for both affiliates and merchants. This has to be a convincing number for potential affiliates to give you the time of day. Here are key commission structures you’ll have to consider before setting terms for affiliates: 

  • Percentage commission: As the most common commission structure, affiliates will get a percentage of the sale amount you’re getting from the product and/or service you’re offering.
    Negotiate the percentage with your affiliates, aiming for a fair balance. Offering high percentages can be enticing, but avoid overextending your budget. Alternatively, consider multi-tiered commissions to reward higher-performing affiliates.
  • Fixed commissions: This structure involves a fixed amount for every sale made. This will require consistent and predictable revenue but won’t adjust for high sales volumes. There will also be a minimum threshold for this structure that affiliates must reach to quality for fixed commissions.
  • Coupon codes: This commission structure rewards affiliates for any sale that uses unique coupon codes. Regardless of where the customer got the code, the affiliate will benefit and earn valuable rewards as long as they're used.

Building a high-converting affiliate marketing website

A reliable affiliate marketing website is a crucial component of the strategy you’re looking to implement. This website has to be attractive and painstakingly designed to attract users and engage with the offerings. 

Investing in a well-designed and user-friendly website goes a long way, as it instils confidence in customers that they’re buying from a trustworthy platform. As long as it’s within their niche, the conversion rate surges, validating your affiliate’s marketing efforts for your brand.

Make sure to attach the domain name and include a compelling call-to-action to every affiliate link. That will help redirect the traffic to your brand which can lead to conversions to purchases or inquiries.

Leverage social media for affiliating marketing success

Social media platforms have a significant role in the world of affiliate marketing. By knowing your niche, you should identify the right social media platform for your brand to thrive in. Instagram is an effective platform, while YouTube is similar due to its features with descriptions or clickable and embedded links.

Look for the best content creators that resonate with what you’re offering. Reach out to them with an offer for them to make promotional posts. This is especially important if they have a huge following that can be converted into a profitable market.

Both parties will benefit when everything is ironed out because your brand will get more traction while the creator is compensated and given proper partnerships and networks. 

Be diverse with your affiliate program

You have to be diverse with what you’re offering because customers will want more when your offerings are superb. Execute different marketing campaigns with your affiliates to cater to various audiences. 

Adjust to the creator’s creative direction and help them craft messages that resonate with their audience. Get creative with your campaigns and consider offering special promotions, such as a once-in-a-year promo with huge discounts for your service or any incentive of the same sort.

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Tips to increase income in Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing offers significant potential for marketers to outshine the competition and establish a strong brand presence within a specific niche. If your brand is an online shoe store, for example, offering better affiliate programs can set you apart from the rest. 

Here are some valuable tips to enhance your affiliate marketing success:

Build your own audience

As a brand, having an existing audience from the jump is vital when reaching out to potential affiliates. The affiliates won’t be convinced you’re legitimate, so make sure you at least have an audience and your products and/or services are viable to gain trust and legitimacy. 

Focus on your target audience

Maintain a dedicated focus on a niche where you can have people following your brand because they’re genuinely interested. While affiliate marketing may help your brand get bigger, don’t forget the core audience that initially supported your brand. 

Maintain consistency in your messaging and offers from the jump. Stay loyal to your target audience, and new customers or users will recognise your brand’s consistency, from products to online presence. 

Build trust by disclosing affiliate links

Any affiliate working with your brand has to disclose they’re in a working relationship with you. The contract will have to say this because if they don’t disclose this information, they will be subject to discipline by entities like the United States Federal Trade Commission.

At the same time, this also builds trust with the potential customers as the affiliates were transparent with the information. The viewers will appreciate their motivations behind the decision to work with your brand, and they’ll be more convinced to buy from you since their favourite content creator trusts the brand.

Creating engaging and persuasive affiliate marketing content

Another tip for creators is that driving engagement into your marketing doesn't always require exceptional creativity beyond reading the spiel. However, there are ways to make your content more compelling by having creative skits or adopting a more upbeat approach. You can even create how-to-guides for using the promo codes or purchasing the product.

Using visuals, like graphics or clips, can help capture the audience's attention and drive organic traffic to the brand while staying accurate to the information.  

The brands themselves need to give the creators free rein over their creative licence for the ad reads. Just make sure to double-check their content, as they must be informative. 

Tracking, analysing, and optimising affiliating campaigns

To determine the effectiveness of your affiliate marketing campaigns, you must look at the key performance indicators (KPIs). Use the analytic tools at your disposal to do your conversion tracking and see if the affiliate marketing has been effective so far. 

Examine the data and make adjustments when needed, as the high-performing campaigns will most likely stay, but you will need to optimise underperforming campaigns. You can change them out with a new one, but you can also work on some of the kinks there. The data can also determine which kind of promotional strategies you will create to give to the affiliates. They will rely on you to create these programs to make it easier for them as they will only relay the message and put their spin on it in their videos or blog posts. That way, you can also improve conversions for your site and secure profit.

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Leveraging search engine optimisation (SEO) for affiliate marketing success

Affiliate marketing isn’t only limited to marketing efforts as it involves visibility on search engines. They are integral to boosting your brand, especially on Google’s first page. 

Here are the biggest reasons why search engine optimisation (SEO) is crucial to your affiliate marketing success:

Importance of keyword research and optimising content for search engines

Any kind of content might find it hard to break through on search engines if they don’t have keywords. Those are the words that users input into the search engine to find information. To enhance your visibility, keyword research is key to incorporating relevant keywords into your content to make them easier to spot on Google.

Building quality backlinks to improve website authority and organic rankings

This is another savvy SEO technique that involves working with other websites by placing links on their content. This will redirect them to your website to help boost your brand by getting traction based on the bounce rates or buying into what you’re offering. 

The backlinks help platforms build more organic traffic and climb the top of Google search results. It is essential to prioritise the creation of the best backlinks possible to establish your website to have solid authority and trustworthy platform users will genuinely appreciate. This will, in turn, enhance your affiliate marketing success.

Best practices for on-page optimisation to attract targeted organic traffic

Optimising the content you’re putting on your website to help get better traffic. This can be done by following the best practices here: 

  • Descriptive title tags: For every page, assign a clear and descriptive title tag to make it easier to navigate and identify which page you’re on, especially for new website visitors.
  • Meta descriptions: You need concise descriptions for the metadata to encourage users from search engines to click on the page, as they are attracted by the content preview. 
  • Images should be optimised: High-quality images will be crucial as they make the website look more appealing but make it accessible with alt text to be visible to SEO. 
  • Place the internal linkings better: Implement effective internal linking within your content to encourage users to explore other parts of the website. They can be redirected to other content pieces or even the service you’re offering for locking in conversions. 

Building and nurturing customer relationships

Having proper connections with your audience is beneficial to your brand as they will be the backbone of your business. Whether you’re selling a product they will keep coming back to or a continuous service, building and nurturing the brand’s relationship with the customers is necessary.

This fosters loyalty and can lead to recommendations to other users. After your affiliate marketing has been taken care of, your brand has to deliver because you already have them, and you just have to make them stick around.

Engaging with customers and addressing their needs

Your brand’s customer service needs to be superb when issues arise. Quickly addressing the issue is essential for customer satisfaction. Properly trained staff can quickly address most issues, ensuring a positive customer experience.

Leverage customer feedback and reviews

Customer feedback and reviews which will be a key part of your brand’s future. Look at the positive feedback and find opportunities to double down or improve on them even more to convince future customers. Display those reviews on your website for better optics. 

Conversely, negative feedback should be seen as constructive criticism. There might be some issues on the website which can be fixed. Address them quickly to convince other users that it won’t happen again. 

Maintaining long-term customer loyalty and repeat sales

Cater to your long-time customers and value them in the highest regard as they’ve stayed loyal to you for a long time. Alienating them can lead to losing valuable, long-term relationships, so try to retain and reward their loyalty. 

To achieve this, consider rewarding the customers with exclusive benefits. You can offer them special deals, such as larger discounts or bonus products with their purchases. By consistently delivering exceptional value, you rеinforcе your commitment to thеm and increase thе likelihood of thеir continuеd loyalty to your brand.  

Boost your affiliate program with QWERTYLABS

Now that you've mastered thе fundamеntals of online affiliate marketing, you're on thе right track. Howеvеr, thеrе's morе to unlock in your brand's potеntial through an affiliate program, and you might bе lеaving substantial profits untappеd if you don't utilisе it.  

At QWERTYLABS, aside from helping you improve your brand with affiliate marketing, we also provide top-tier SEO marketing services. Don't miss out on this opportunity—reach out and contact us today to propel your brand to new heights! 

Frequently asked questions

Here are the most commonly asked questions regarding online affiliate marketing.

How can affiliate marketing help my business grow?

It can help your business grow by helping you gain more customers. You will be working with people who have a strong influence on their audience, which can, in turn, be converted into profit for your brand.

How do you do affiliate marketing?

To do affiliate marketing, you must have the following or strong marketing skills to sell a certain product or service to an audience. That, in turn, will generate revenue for the brand you’re affiliated with, which will have rewards for you, too. 

How long does it take to see results in affiliate marketing?

The time can vary, but the timeframe that most people look at is six to 12 months. It can be quicker, but that is the general timeframe for most affiliate marketing veterans.

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