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Effective SEO Link Building Has to Be Done Right

Links to your website have to be organic. They must only be organic. This has always been the golden rule, though this is followed more as a guideline because link builders can build links that are made to look organic. However, this has to be done right within specific parameters.

It is about quantity, as much as quality

Source for potential backlinks and look for high organic traffic from the same region and that it is relevant to your industry. The main qualifier for this is the search traffic. While you can find ones with high DR, it’s better to choose ones with low outgoing backlinks but consistent organic traffic. This is because they are the key indicator that a domain is getting love from search engines. Find hundreds of sites ready to use for each campaign. It’ll make link building easier when you have a prepared list to pull from.

Your links are only as valuable as the time you spent to build it. Low traffic sites on low DRs are easy to use; they’re not picky about who gets to post on their sites. The 2 minutes spent creating a profile to drop a link is never going to be as valuable as an optimised account with multiple contents that you’ve published.

Outreach is a sales approach to build links

The effort you make to build a link includes connecting with website owners. The best links are the ones you pay for, either with time or money. Sometimes both. You’re essentially cold-calling site owners and their responsiveness depends on your approach.

Customise and humanise your emails. Use your real photo and contact details. Use an email outline versus a full email template that you just copy-paste. Follow (not stalk) them on social media. Build an acquaintance on likes, comments, and conversations before you email about their piece of content that you “read and loved.”

Successfully built links also depend on what you’re offering. “We’re in the same niche” is not enough. Offer compensation to have them feature you on their site. It validates the value you’re placing on their domain to link to you.

Content is king only if it has substance

Telltale signs of SEO-focused content is that it’s like reading a book report. The content is what the writer found looking up a keyword, not what they researched, learned, and now know about the topic.

Write something of value for other domains to link to you, or for you. The content you’re building your links on has to be substantial. It’s better to have only a thousand visitors read your content than bounced out by millions. Does your content answer questions that people search? Focus on answering instead of just providing general information to position that anchor text you’re trying to rank.

Your backlinks have to be tailored to fit your region and niche using different sources, and always finding new ones. QWERTYlabs runs multiple SEO campaigns per website to make adjustments smarter and results more attainable.

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