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Successful global SEO strategies for online casinos

December 9, 2022

Competing and standing out among online casino brands is difficult, but you can succeed using a proper international search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy. Find ways to increase your website's place in result rankings like Google, Bing, and Yahoo!, among other search engines. This not only helps attract potential customers but also bolsters the legitimacy of your services. 

Being on the first page of every search engine's result should be the topmost goal, and you can only do so using a proper SEO implementation. Thankfully, you can use plenty of tools to help with this process, like Google Analytics and Ahrefs. All you need now is to implement a good strategy for international SEO and maintain your website's reputation to remain one of the top searches. Here’s the complete guide on how to launch a successful international SEO strategy for your brand:

Setting a goal (International SEO vs Local SEO)

Local SEO targets one region at a time. The content needed is limited to a specific demographic, and it's easier to keep track of competitors. Since you are targeting a worldwide audience, you must implement an international SEO strategy. That means making content for each region that you aim to attract.

You can use English because many countries use it as a second language, but it's not a one-size-fits-all deal. Instead, you must make content in every language your target audience speaks or make content that can easily be machine-translated. Google Translate is reliable enough for most internationally accessible websites. If you want to develop versions of your online casino in every country, then investing in localisation teams is better. 

Forecast of obstacles (Potential issues to address)

Any business plan has obstacles you have to overcome. The more resistance you face, the more worthwhile it is. Many problems will be specific to your experience, but they can all fall into three broad categories to better understand them. Knowing your obstacles is how you properly construct the best possible solution. 

Expenses and budget 

Budgeting is the first step of any strategy. You can plot it by making a list of all the help and tools you need and then canvassing for their price ranges. Help can come from partnerships with other companies with a more specialised service for your business. Tools can be web-making software, team management platforms, means of communication, or office facilities for your employees. 

The costs of working with another company depend on their market rate and your negotiation. Tools are easier to canvas from various markets and brands. You just have to find the best package, both cost and logistics-wise. Once you know what you need and how much they cost, you should trim your options to fit the budget. It's ideal that you increase your budget if you can help, but removing what you can do without is more realistic. 

Duplicate content

Content creation is needed in an SEO strategy; making them for international audiences can make leeway for a few similar copies. There will come a time when a miscommunication between your team and a third-party team content creators will generate duplicate content. 

It can be avoided through proper planning and direct consultation with you or your team's representative. Alternatively, you can simply list what content needs to be made from the get-go. Maintaining a website is also prone to this type of issue, which can be avoided with proper tab-keeping. 

You can delegate the logistics to the content creators if you want to work with one SEO company for the long term, like QWERTYLABS. Otherwise, your team is responsible for keeping track of existing content and what to make. It is you who third-party content creators must consult before they generate content. 

Accessibility issues

There is a lot to cover when discussing accessibility, but it can be summarised as 'how easy it is to use and go to your website'. Some obstacles that can fall here are your target country's internet restrictions. Some governments block foreign websites in favour of their local businesses, while others simply lock all casino sites despite having the proper licence. Most of the time, it's just limits imposed by service providers' policies. 

The most expensive solution to accessibility issues is to hire endorsers with big influences on your target market. Athletes and musicians are the most popular choices for casinos because most of them are also patrons of such services. You can settle with strategic international SEO plans if you're on a tight budget.  

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Charting the course (Development of a long-term strategy)

An SEO strategy has many facets summarised into three broad fields. QWERTYLABS can solve all these problems if you want a business to delegate this task. Otherwise, you would need a dedicated department for each if you want rapid content creation for wide coverage. Here are the three fields you need to fill when implementing your international SEO strategy:

Keyword research and implementation

Keyword research is the process of looking for phrases used in search engines. It's not as easy as guessing combinations of words or letting Google autofill give you ideas. Google keeps track of every combination of words and tags each phrase into a keyword which it tallies to get an exact traffic statistic. Google also tracks keyword search volume per region. Knowing this helps you to develop topics that will attract people who search for them. 

Keep in mind that search engines track context in texts as well. It's never enough just to put that list into a webpage because the algorithm will ignore it. You need to put these keywords into content that aims to answer questions the search engine users are trying to solve. In your case, bettors want to find the best online casino.

Content creation and optimisation

The journey of your website's visitors shouldn't end on the webpage the search engine leads them to. This is the perfect opportunity to promote other parts of your website through backlinking. It's the strategy of putting links in words or phrases on your content that would lead to other parts of your website. Every page you have becomes an entryway leading to your services, and it is the only way you convert traffic into sales.

Keeping track of which content already exists helps prevent duplication while also giving you references of where to lead a topic you're writing. Have the writers mention them and provide backlinks leading to them. It's convenient for your visitors and gives your website a more professional vibe. This will leave a good impression on any business, like a casino. 

Promotions for your online casino shouldn't be made into full-length content. You can buy backlinks from casino-friendly sites like reviews and gambling news outlets. Bloggers whose niches include online casinos and betting would be happy to get sponsorship from you. Almost every crypto-based platform is a great backlink opportunity if you own a crypto gambling site. It's cheaper, easier to generate, and can reach more people. 

Ensuring consistency in style and quality

Consistency in content creation is hard to maintain if you have multiple teams generating content for you for the same target audience. It's better to rely on one expert on international SEO strategies like QWERTYLABS. 

Changing style refers to tones like playfulness, professionalism, or role-playing as your casino's mascot to set a certain mood. This gives your website personality that will help it feel unique to your business rivals. However, most casinos settle for marketing because they are confident in what they offer. 

Quality, however, refers to how legible the content is for casual readers. Poor quality can be an accessibility issue that you always need to address. Readability can be measured using SEO metric software like Semrush and GDocs SEO Assistant. Scores higher than 65% are preferable, ensuring that machine translation software will be more accurate. 

Content teams have multiple writers, but their editors follow the same standards for editing. Thus, you can judge a handful of their work and assume the style and quality are as good as the rest of their projects. Knowing this allows you to focus on other parts of your casino business that requires a more hands-on approach.

Reach out to QWERTYLABS, the experts on international SEO

QWERTYLABS can create all the content you need to build your website and provide regular maintenance if you need it. Services to expand your accessibility through strategic link building are among our specialities, thanks to their ever-expanding network of websites. They can give you links to blogs, casino news, crypto updates, and game reviews to help promote your business. Contact us now and state your business proposals to give your online casino the boost it needs.

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