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A guide to building an effective casino keyword strategy

November 11, 2022

Do you want to see your casino rank at the top of the search results? The right keyword strategy can give you an edge over other websites on the market. It will also help you drive leads and potential customers to your site, boosting traffic.

Learning how to build a casino keyword strategy means staying ahead of the competition. With thousands of casino brands online, taking the spotlight on your website can be challenging if you don't use the right and specific keywords.

Use the best casino keyword strategies to get better rankings and more traffic to your website. QWERTYLABS has already developed an effective strategy that can deliver results that increase casino brand visibility. Find out everything you need to know about building a strong casino keyword strategy below:

Why do you need an effective casino keyword strategy?

It's not enough to look for keywords to use in your business. These keywords should be relevant and increase your visibility online. Relevant keywords also help your site gain the trust of its current audience and new possible visitors.

Trust is the founding principle in keyword research for casinos. Having the right keywords means your sites will get a better reputation for being a reliable betting option and one that can provide quality service.

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How to build a good casino keyword strategy

The biggest hack in building a good casino keyword strategy is ensuring that all the words you use are relevant to the topic. It means that the words you pick are not just connected to the casino but naturally relevant to the point where you can discuss it well without straying away from the topic.

Keep in mind that casinos are unique niches requiring more extensive research efforts. It means that keywords change from time to time, especially with the innovations in various casino games. Here are the steps you should take in building a good casino keyword strategy:

  1. Search for keywords with high-traffic potential

The first step is to target keywords that will give your site high organic clicks and visits. Google ranks relevant keywords based on the number of searches from people, so you need to pick the good options that will help your website.

Here at QWERTYLABS, we start our keyword research process by checking for relevant keywords in two ways: analysing the competition and using tools to determine the potential of the keywords. The goal is to use the keywords people type into Google search.

Competitor analysis

Use the same keywords your competitors use since those are the ones your potential customers are likely to search for. The technique here is to see how the competitors operate and copy their strategies if needed, but do it better than what they initially did. 

If the competitor gets a lot of organic traffic on their page, their target keyword has high traffic potential. There is no point in adding keywords that do not contribute to the website's overall traffic, meaning you should not try to stuff keywords in an article like most people do, as it does not help increase visits and so on.

Using a keyword research tool

This is another way to help you find the best set of keywords that you need to use in your content. QWERTYLABS recommends using AHRefs or Mangools to scour through several keywords and know a particular word's performance. These tools are extensive databases containing keywords that you can search and filter to find what you need.

To find the best keywords with huge traffic potential, you can access Keywords Explorer and enter a few general keywords related to the site. These words are the seeds and serve as the base terms to which you will later expand. Once you have a matching terms report, you must filter keywords with the best traffic potential based on the casino's offers.

  1. Determine a keyword’s value for casino linking

The next step in picking the best keywords is to see if they are good for casino linking. You need to find keywords with a high search volume here. Each of these terms has a search value, but you need to consider which can be a reliable pick to link your casino website.

Keywords with zero volume will only attract a few visitors in a month, but they add up to the overall score. This means that many articles targeting these keywords can lead to a rise in the annual total traffic. You should never disregard keywords that have a low search volume. Online casinos go through many changes and updates, so expect the keywords to shift with these.

Keyword standards 

A potential term has to pass specific standards when it comes to building casino keyword strategies. Here are a few basic standards you need to consider first:

  • Topic relevance - Your keywords should reflect your website's niche industry. Casino keywords, for instance, should always be relevant to betting and the other topics it's connected to.
  • Geotargeting - There is a lot of information online, and even more people who look for it are from different parts of the world. Keep in mind the set of consumers your website constantly reaches out to and see where these consumers are. Use keywords based on both their locality and consumer behaviour as well. Casino players are found worldwide, but you will need to adjust to a certain country as your target audience, meaning you need to know their interests.
  1. Rank the keywords based on difficulty

A crucial step in building a casino keyword strategy is to check the ranking difficulty. This process varies depending on the target audience and requires a big analysis of each keyword used. Not all keywords have the same value, which needs to be considered since you will assess each keyword depending on various factors that affect their overall ranking.

While the use of the tools is recommended, there is still a lot to consider before you make your final decision. Since Google's ranking algorithm is complex, it will take time to predict how the keywords will live up to expectations. Here are the factors to consider in ranking a keyword based on difficulty:


Backlinks are the most important ranking factors you need to keep in mind as it is used by Google most of the time. You need to consider the number and quality of backlinks since the keyword needs to connect with at least the top 10 pages, showing how legitimate a site can be.

It pays to create content with keywords with a high difficulty score since you have a lot of time to promote it. It means the sooner you have the content with a high-ranking keyword up and running, the faster you can get to the top of the search results and have your site considered 'link worthy'.

Domain Rating

The Domain Rating assesses the strength of a given website's backlink profile. This can be seen via a 100-point scale and compares each domain, serving as a basis to see if a keyword is well-optimised. This means that it has to be inserted as naturally as possible and should lead visitors straight to what they are looking for.

A high DR domain means that more 'link juice' is transferred to linked domains. This means that the pages must be responsive and linked all the time. While Google claims that 404 errors do not affect a site's ranking, fixing these soft errors and redirecting the pages using keywords is still necessary.

Search specifications 

When people use Google search, they don't just browse for something. They are looking for specifics, which is known as their search intent. Google will give the searchers what they want based on the keywords well-aligned with the intent, which means that the results will depend on how searchable the keywords are.

Consider the content type, format, and angle to find which keyword to use. Analysing the top results and ensuring you pattern your keywords with them will allow you to compete for high rankings in the search results.

Quality of the keyword 

The only way to gauge the keyword's quality is to see which can be well-connected to the casino. It must have high search metrics to consider it a reliable option to boost the casino in many ways. After all, the strategy's main purpose is to provide the right keywords that will make the most sense for the casino as naturally as possible. 

The keyword's quality depends on its popularity among searches, so you need to consider its potential for traffic and balance it in a single piece of content or more. The more frequently a keyword is searched, the better it is for linking for potential visits.

Tips to consider in keyword research for casinos

Using the right strategy will greatly benefit your casino website's ranking. This is why we recommend you these helpful casino keyword research tips and tricks:

  1. Maximise your SEO research

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) work continues even when the keywords have been researched, and the content has been posted. You need to work harder than before and monitor your keyword rankings since you can gauge how well your content is performing and if it can be a good backlink. 

Seeing how your content performs with the selected keywords will serve as a guide for you to come up with a better and more effective standard when it comes to picking competitive keywords. This leads to higher rankings and better optimisation as a whole.

  1. Always consider the cost-per-click

The cost-per-click proves how much advertisers are willing to pay to get a click on an ad shown at the top of the Google search results for a keyword. This works as a metric for advertisers compared to SEOs, but it also reveals how useful a keyword can be in the long run.

The best example would be a search for 'casino games'. This may have a high cost-per-click rate since people are looking to play these titles, and it means profit for the casino site if the players ever move to click and proceed on the site.

  1. Consider ‘seed’ keywords as a starting point

Always take note that seed keywords are crucial to the keyword research process. You also need one to generate a long list of keywords when you use a research tool. This will define your niche as a whole and serve as a way to identify your competitors.

While seed keywords are not really good for targeting pages, they will help you branch out and come up with a set of keywords you can use for marketing your casino brand.

Key verdict in casino keyword strategy

While you can spend a lot of money advertising your casino, a good old-fashioned keyword strategy will always come in handy. IGaming is a challenging niche, but with the right linkings and keywords applied to boost your casino's rankings, you won't have to worry about getting a spike in website traffic and placing high in search engine rankings.

Boost your rankings with QWERTYLABS’ casino keyword strategy

Expert opinion matters a lot, and if you want an impressive campaign that can boost your casino rankings, you won't have to look far. We have a dedicated team for keyword research, and you can always reach out to us anytime if your site needs excellent SEO services. Get started in your casino keyword strategy with QWERTYLABS now and increase traffic to your site.

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