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Why your casino needs SEO satellite sites

June 27, 2023

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has emerged as an essential digital marketing approach over the last two decades. Using SEO strategies has assisted online casinos in reaching target markets and increasing traffic. Several SEO tactics and recommendations have been produced to test their efficiency in delivering conversions. All these tactics aim to improve brand presence on search engines and increase brand penetration and organic traffic. Among these successful strategies is building SEO satellite sites. It directs organic traffic to your main site, keeping them away from competitor sites.

Learn more on how SEO satellite websites help you achieve a winning marketing strategy by reading this guide from QWERTYLABS today!

Satellite Sites Meaning: What are SEO satellite websites? 

Satellite sites in SEO are websites created to supplement a brand’s main website. It’s a popular tool marketing and SEO specialists use to get more traffic and keep other users from entering competitor sites. Satellite web pages are full of web content, links to the main website, and additional microsites for the user's easy access or redirection back to the main page. 

It's common to find casino affiliate marketing in the form of forums, blogs and informational pieces regarding the company's products and services on these satellite websites. This is to attract different people from target markets to niche markets.

In addition, marketers and SEO specialists cross-link categories, add high-ranking keywords and enrich satellite sites to establish an effective and long-lasting connection with the main website. This then contributes to promoting the main website and increasing casino website traffic and credibility.

Why does your casino need SEO satellite websites?

There are many benefits to adding an SEO satellite website, ranging from raising organic traffic to building credibility within the industry. These benefits can become the difference between your business having good results and standings within a year and your marketing strategies bearing minimal outcomes. Keep reading this section to learn more about it. 

  1. Bring in organic traffic 

Organic traffic refers to visitors of the site who come from unpaid websites like through search engines or direct links. High organic search results could indicate that your brand or business has strong positioning within the market to the point where people search directly for your brand.

  1. Increase brand visibility and credibility 

SEO satellite sites include content that informs users of your product and service. This builds brand visibility and brand awareness, factors that positively affect your lead generation and conversion rates.

  1. Reach geographical locations 

Search engine results pages (SERPs) are customised per region to give searchers more helpful and accurate local search results. That’s why targeting other locations can be hard if your main site already targets one region. Here’s where casino satellite sites help. Creating satellite sites for SEO allows you to target different geographic regions. You only need to create a satellite site for every location you want to target.

  1. Direct traffic to the main casino website 

Having a satellite site provides a new form of entry for users to access your main casino website. Adding more pages like this increases the chances of users finding your pages and directing web traffic to your site.

  1. Compete with competitors' sites 

Businesses online constantly look for their competitor’s ranking and authority on search engines since they are strong indicators of a brand’s online visibility. By adding these sites, you add an extra layer of protection to your search engine rankings by covering more ground and ensuring users get directed to your pages instead of the competitor’s page.

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How to plan your SEO satellite websites 

Before creating your satellite sites, you have to pinpoint your goals and objectives. What do you want to achieve with these satellite sites? The more specific and niche your goals are, the better. For instance, you want higher quality scores and more search engine traffic from a region where you're currently getting higher impressions. 

How are you going to do that? By doing keyword research on that specific region and considering your competition. Aside from that, which keywords are you targeting? These can be your main site's and your competitor's keywords. With correct planning guided by the industry’s top SEO tools, you can create optimised satellite sites, reach your target audience and get ahead of your competition.

How to design and develop SEO satellite sites 

Designing and developing what kind of page a satellite site will be is crucial in making them. Web design teams need to work closely with marketing teams to make sure that the web development process is aligned with the type of content and image the brand wants to have when it’s shown on SERPs.

Here are the steps to creating satellite sites for SEO:

  1. Choose an appropriate domain name and hosting provider 

Choosing the right kind of domain name and hosting provider is critical to these satellite sites because it strongly impacts the security and performance of the page. For example, there may be instances when malicious third parties will try to spam a page with bots. The web hosting service needs to have protection against it to avoid this.

  1. Structure the website for optimal SEO performance

Think of your satellite site like any page on your main website and hold it to the same SEO standards to ensure a positive user experience. Make sure your site has fast loading page speed and impeccable web design similar to your main website so visitors won’t mistake it for a scam site. 

  1. Implement responsive design and mobile optimisation 

The majority of customers today search on their smartphones, so you have to optimise your satellite sites for mobile use, the same way you’d do for your main site. Ensure that they’re accessible and readable on their screens. Consider the aspect ratio and text scaling to enhance their user experience.

  1. Create content for SEO satellite websites 

The information on your site should cater to your target market and answer the typical user’s intent. These will keep users on your site and help you build authority in your niche. 

  1. Do on-page SEO for satellite websites

Optimising your satellite site's on-page SEO will help you rank on Google, making it easier for people to find. This involves doing keyword research, adding meta elements to every page and putting internal links.

  1. Do off-page SEO for satellite websites

You also need to promote your satellite sites to get backlinks and gain a social media presence. Online presence management is a crucial aspect of off-page SEO you need to focus on. Form partnerships with other entities like bloggers or social media influencers to create promotions. Partnering with them builds authority and establishes a wider online presence.

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How to monitor and analyse SEO satellite websites 

Once you’ve established and launched your satellite site, it’s time to monitor its performance based on metrics and see if changes need to be made. You’ll need to have web analytics software and tools to assess its performance. Different companies will test for various aspects according to their goals, but the most common are user behaviour, length of stay, amount of clicks and user engagement. 

The data you gather from analysing your site’s performance can strongly impact the decision-making and optimisation of future sites and similar projects.

How to maintain and update satellite sites in SEO 

Search engine algorithms are constantly reviewing websites for their quality and performance. So, ensure your satellite sites are updated to ensure their effectiveness. Constantly monitor them and find potential improvements and updates that best suit their needs. If older updates or information are no longer relevant to your site, change them quickly to align them with your brand’s intentions. Aside from that, always keep your site security tight to prevent hacking and erasing your progress.

Build satellite sites for your casino’s success with QWERTYLABS

Satellite pages’ importance should be utilised for casino sites, considering how it helps you get more traffic and target other regions. For example, it plays a role in casino content marketing in Japan.

Implementing them may be daunting, but that's why our team of SEO experts and webmasters at QWERTYLABS are here. We can help you achieve your business goals by providing crucial insight, SEO marketing, content creation, and more. Contact us at QWERTYLABS today to learn more about our services.


What is the recommended number of SEO satellite websites for a casino?

Generally, you can have as many SEO satellite websites as you want for your casino as long as they’re unique and help you achieve your goals. However, seven satellite sites are a good start for casinos starting to implement an SEO content strategy.

Are SEO satellite websites against search engine guidelines?

SEO satellite websites aren’t in violation of any search engine guidelines. They’re simply there to help attract more users depending on what they search for and how well-matched the site’s information is to their queries.

What are the benefits of implementing satellite websites for casinos?

Implementing satellite websites has benefits like increased brand visibility and awareness, additional content and link-building for casinos. These benefits can help increase a casino’s online presence and eventually rank higher in SERPs.

How do satellite websites contribute to casino SEO efforts?

Satellite websites are excellent redirection or landing pages for users who want to learn more about a casino and its services. These pages should have quality information and links that entice customers to enter the main casino page. 

By doing so, users and readers enter the main page and may eventually become platform members.

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