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Evergreen content: What it is and why you need it

August 17, 2022

It’s a challenge to create a content digital marketing strategy that’s effective for your brand since high-ranking keywords and relevant topics can only go so far in SEO if you don’t use them to your advantage. These tools should help you reach your target audience, build relevant links, and get clicks. But how do you utilise them, exactly? One of the best ways to do this is to create evergreen content.

What is evergreen content? 

Evergreen content is a well-written article that has remained relevant for a long time. It’s the opposite of time-sensitive content like news. As the name suggests, this content stays fresh and green—withstanding time and the changing seasons.

Before writing your evergreen article (or any article, for that matter), you must consider your topics first. Choose topics that garner a reader’s attention and interest at any time and day. With evergreen topics, you’re sure this will get steady traffic and online searches. Here are the two main factors when choosing evergreen topics:

  1. Relevant keywords - Look for strong keywords where you also have the opportunity to rank. These keywords shouldn’t be seasonal and should have the possibility of your readers showing an increase in interest over time.
  2. Your target audience - No one should know your audience better than you. Write about topics relevant to your readers.

Need help finding the right keywords for your brand? QWERTYlabs has various SEO services, including a comprehensive keyword research campaign to make it easier for you, so contact us now.

Types of evergreen content 

There are various formats you can use when creating evergreen content. The following content formats are proven to work best with evergreen content:

  1. Listicles  

A listicle uses lists to provide information to readers. This can either be long or short, depending on the topic. 

Keep your listicles concise because readers focus on the actual list and less on the explanation. It’s also better to specify the number of items in your listicle (e.g. Top 10’s, Five best, and more).

  1. Tips and tricks articles

Looking for advise online on how to improve on different topics is a go-to for most people—this is where a tips and tricks article comes in. Remember to conduct research first because expert advise is good for your brand. 

  1. How-to articles 

A how-to article is similar to tips and tricks, but instead of helping your audience to be better at something, the main point of how-to articles is to teach new information. Show clear steps and instructions when writing this content. 

  1. Reviews and guides 

Guides are all-encompassing content and are usually meant for beginners on a certain topic. If you create this content, it helps you get new clients or customers. On the other hand, creating reviews helps readers make educated comparisons.

New digital content strategies now include helpful or interesting videos as well. When possible, link your products and services to these types of content. These links should be organic to your content, so you must ensure that you only create articles related and relevant to your brand.

Tips on creating evergreen content 

After choosing your topics and deciding the format you want, it’s time to write. Here are a few tips on how to make effective evergreen content:

Stay away from talking points and words with short lifespans

Evergreen content stays relevant for a long time. It’s good not to include trending topics in your articles because people lose interest over time. For example, you can’t write about the latest news and updates since they can only give you a short spike in traffic and engagements. Try avoiding words with time indicators like ‘Last year’ or ‘the other day’ as much as possible.

Always remember: 10x content

10x content means creating an article ten times better than the rest. It’s hard to achieve but always set this as your goal. Making the most helpful, comprehensive evergreen content means it will reach more of your target audience because they’ll get what they’re looking for and more. 

Moreover, 10x content ranks the highest in online searches and gets external links. It sets you apart from the hundreds of thousands of other content published daily.

Include FAQs and make sure everyone understands your evergreen content

Avoid complicated and technical terms. The best evergreen content stays relevant and friendly, even to beginners. An FAQ section is also an excellent way to show your expertise— make sure to include questions asked by beginners. 

How do you maintain evergreen content?

There are two ways to maintain evergreen content: track how it’s doing and refresh it when needed. Once you’re done creating high-quality evergreen content, it’s time to see how it’s doing. Try checking your target keywords and observing their stats. Is your content also gaining traffic or clicks? Refreshing your content means updating the outdated sections, so it stays relevant.

Why is evergreen content essential to your brand? 

The value that evergreen content brings to your brand will outweigh the time and research you did in the long run. Your evergreen content can solidify your brand with the right keywords and topic. Here are a few more reasons why you should start creating evergreen content:

  1. Consistent traffic to your site
  2. Establishes your brand as an expert in your industry
  3. It lets you engage with your customers and audience
  4. Your brand reaches new clients
  5. Increased rankings in search results

Need help with evergreen content? QWERTYlabs can make it for you 

You can say your evergreen content is successful if it delivers the exact results you want. QWERTYlabs has created original SEO-friendly content based on comprehensive keyword research to reach the right audience online and earn traffic and clicks. With our experience in digital marketing, we can help you with your evergreen content. Does your brand need a better SEO campaign strategy as well? We can help with that too. Contact us today to know more.

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