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Complete guide to casino evergreen content

December 15, 2022

The term 'evergreen' stems from a certain species of plant whose leaves remain green throughout the year, no matter the season. In content creation, an article deemed 'evergreen' retains its pristine condition throughout time, making it relevant to the casino site or blog's overall subject matter. 

Since evergreen content's value and relevance aren't affected by time, creating one is one of the best ways to boost your online casino. In contrast to more timely information, writing casino evergreen content can take some time before it appears on search engine results pages (SERPs). However, rest assured that the information will never go out of date. 

Not sure how to create evergreen content for your online casino? QWERTYLABS can help you achieve your goals. Creating casino evergreen content with QWERTYLABS will help your business prosper and remain relevant on search engines. 

To help you get started, here's a guide on how to effectively create evergreen content:

What's the importance of evergreen content?

Due to the time and resources required, most casino businesses struggle to maintain a consistent blogging schedule. This is why most businesses often write multiple articles at once and spread them out over the next few weeks, so they don't have to worry about making timely references. This is one of the reasons why evergreen contents are more realistic to create because they never go out of date.

Evergreen content is better for blog management since it attracts readers long after it was first published. Developing evergreen content is a potent strategy for expanding your casino site's online presence and reaching a broader and more active audience. 

This is where the services of QWERTYLABS come in handy. QWERTYLABS has mastery of how the casino industry works and what works best to help boost your casino using evergreen content. 

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How do you find topics for evergreen content?

When finding a topic for your evergreen content, remember that it should not be time-sensitive. This means that topics like 'the 10 most exciting slots of 2016' wouldn't make the cut. Rather than focusing just on each article's relevance, you can also consider the page as a whole and whether or not a collection of articles could serve as a good foundation for evergreen content.

The audience is a third critical factor in evergreen content's success, alongside timeliness and relevance. After all, just because the material is irrelevant today does not make it 'evergreen'. Even with this type of long-lasting content, you should still take note of the writing mistakes to avoid

Attracting an audience is the goal of evergreen content, and it will only succeed if the content's theme and topic are relevant to the casino site's intended audience, even after years the article is published. It's also crucial that the supporting topic isn't too broad and is covered in sufficient detail. 

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Types of casino evergreen content

Not everyone knows that there are different types of casino evergreen content. Each of these content types has a different writing style and reaches a specific audience. To help you create suitable content for your casino, QWERTYLABS can help you create different types of casino evergreen content. Some of these are:


Blog posts are entry articles in texts, infographics, or even videos. Adding evergreen content to your blog will let search engines know what your website is about. This gives a terrific approach to sharing keyword-rich material in the background of your website. 

To provide evergreen content, some sites make the blog more prominent on their page to attract more visitors. It's helpful to measure the performance of your business blogging activities to see how big of a function it will have in helping you leverage content to drive results.


Listicles are content that is structured entirely as a series of bulleted points. A listicle's purpose is to inform its audience on a specific topic they're looking for. Examples of listicles are:

  • Top ten lists.
  • Checklists.
  • How-to guides.
  • Other list-like pieces provide core knowledge about your casino's services and features. 


The internet is a vast place, so most online casino bettors and sports punters love to go online and search for casino, game, and developer reviews. Fans of online casinos are always searching for reviews to help them decide which sites are safe and reliable and which have the most games.

Online reviews can make or break your online casino's reputation, which is why creating relevant and evergreen reviews for your site is crucial. A good evergreen review of your casino site can help build trust to potential customers and provide good SEO results. 

Industry updates

Regulations and policies that define or influence the growth of the online casino industry are continuously growing. Therefore, one strategy to attract dedicated users is to provide evergreen content based on industry developments across various sectors and countries. 

It could be in the form of long-form or analytical content examining trends in the business, such as the increasing number of countries that have legalised online casino gaming. It could also be a piece of short-form information covering specific developments. For instance, online bookmaker brands would do well in writing sports betting content, not just the latest sports news and the like.


Users looking into your casino service will benefit from a dictionary of terms that includes context and history, as well as the five Ws: who, what, where, when and why. Customers' perception of your casino site's expertise will increase thanks to the information provided by your glossary.


Evergreen trivia articles about your casino site's services and features can help users know more about your site and establish trust. You can include your casino site's history, features, partnerships, and more. Just remember to include only the important trivia your users would want to know about your casino site.

Betting guides

One of the best casino evergreen content types is betting guides. An evergreen betting guide must contain educational content and valuable material that answers users' questions.

Now that more players are transitioning to online casino gaming, there is a great demand for evergreen educational content. An evergreen betting guide includes guides on using a certain payment method, placing bets using crypto, and signing up with your casino site. 

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Benefits of writing evergreen content

Evergreen content is important to any marketing plan, especially if your goal is to boost your casino business. Due to its lasting worth, it is an important component of your SEO strategy.

Publishing evergreen content that is comprehensive and instructive improves your chances of being referenced in other online casino content, such as blog posts and social media updates. Aside from making your business relevant and valuable, other timeless benefits of evergreen content for your casino are:

Higher website traffic

Since evergreen content boosts your blog's SEO score, it's a given that more people will visit your casino site. With properly applied keywords, search engines will index your casino site and return relevant results when users perform keyword-based searches. They will drive visitors to your blog regardless of when the content was originally posted.

Your blog will continue to receive visits for as long as your posts are up there because they are evergreen and will always interest readers. In contrast to trendy subjects, which can bring you a temporary influx of traffic, evergreen content continues to attract readers long after it was first published.

Continues lead generation

You need more people to visit your casino website to increase your chances of producing sales leads. Ideally, more leads will result in more sales and more prospects. More people will visit your casino site because of how useful the content is. You can also use this to build an automated system that produces new leads regularly.

The idea is to maximise your evergreen content using a strong call to action (CTAs). You must seize the chance and follow up with those leads as soon as possible. For instance, if you want more people to subscribe to your blog, you can use evergreen material to your advantage. Including a compelling call to action in your blog's content is all it takes to encourage readers to visit and sign up for your casino site.

Higher search engine ranking

Online search engines place a higher emphasis on evergreen content than on older content. Web search engines like Google crawl and analyse the content of millions of pages. Your content's value and the degree to which it was optimised for specific keywords will determine how high it is placed in search engine results pages. This means that you can place higher in search engine rankings with evergreen content.

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Tips when writing casino evergreen content

Creating effective evergreen content for your online casino requires time and effort, especially if you want it to be as relevant and valuable as possible. To write the best evergreen content that will help your casino rank SERPs and reach a bigger audience, follow these tips:

Do proper keyword research

Making the best possible keyword research is one of the vital steps to succeed in evergreen writing. Use keyword research strategies for online casinos to uncover phrases that have been subject to extensive online research. Many potentially valuable evergreen subjects can be uncovered using the appropriate keywords.

Have an optimised SEO text

SEO basics, such as using keywords in the post's title, URL, body copy, alt text for images, and links to relevant evergreen content, should be applied after identifying the most effective keywords for a given topic. Google can be your best friend or worst enemy, depending on how well you optimise your content for search engines.

Keep your text updated

Even while evergreen content is designed to last for a long time, that doesn't mean you should forget about it once uploaded. It's important to keep your post updated as well. You can also regularly update new material and increase the number of links throughout the casino site. 

Find timeless topics

Avoid current events and popular culture if you want to create timeless content. You can expect these topics to drop quickly in search results. Doing keyword research will provide you with ideas for evergreen topics to write about. You can also utilise Google's keyword research tools, such as Google Trends. The next step is to see if your terms have high search traffic. 

Avoid using phrases with short lifespans

A short lifespan implies utilising words that can render your text outdated. Phrases with short lifespans must be avoided because your audience can consider your content outdated and lose interest. Even worse, Google can determine that your text is irrelevant and demote your page in search results. Some examples of words you should avoid are:

  • Yesterday
  • Last month or year
  • Specific dates

Write valuable content

If you want to write great evergreen content, prioritise the satisfaction of your readers. Your content needs to resolve the issues that prompted them to look up your subject area in the first place.

Your content's quality can range from adequate to outstanding, depending on a few factors. The first crucial factor is quality. Your text should be well-written, organised, and optimised. The second crucial factor is authenticity. 

You must watch out for losing your readers with technical jargon or info. Last but not least, it's vital to be unique. Ensure that your evergreen content stands out from the others by providing readers with something they won't find elsewhere.

It can be challenging for new writers to create effective evergreen content, especially if you don't know how and what content you need for your casino business. But with QWERTYLABS' quality SEO services, you can get the right evergreen content for your casino business. You can visit our page or contact us to learn more about our services.

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