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Why JavaScript is essential for online casino development

October 10, 2022

In web development, it's crucial to learn JavaScript. The language programmers use to create websites and mobile applications. Without it, your webpage will not be as interactive and user-friendly as you'd want. The same goes for developing online casino websites. 

Web design in the online casino industry is not a walk in the park. With hundreds of platforms offering the same services as you in the industry, you have lots of competition. That's all the more reason to ensure your website stands out above the rest with high-level utility, user-friendliness and next-level immersion. Moreover, web design with JavaScript also builds your online casino's credibility. After all, it determines what players will interact with when visiting your website. Thus, it should be presentable and optimised for browsing and playing. 

Start your journey in learning JavaScript for web development for online casinos here at QWERTYlabs. We'll provide insights on effectively using JavaScript for your web development needs starting from the basics. 

What is JavaScript and what does it do?

JavaScript is a powerful scripting language mainly used for building websites, online applications and games. It's also used to develop online casino platforms. Programmers use this tool to add interactivity to a website's front end so visitors can have a more user-friendly experience. JavaScript dynamically controls everything that moves, refreshes and changes on screen. It does this without needing you to manually refresh the page. 

A website's basic makeup consists of HTML and CSS. HTML describes and defines the basic content structure of the website, while CSS dictates how the contents should be displayed, including the font and the colours. 

Both the HTML and CSS make up what the website should look like, but they cannot add interactivity to its functions. JavaScript brings the website to life by supplying the structure with basic functionality that users can interact with. These can be drop-down menus, modal windows and contact forms. Moreover, you can use the programming language to create animation and interactive maps. 

The pages that make up the internet are coded in JavaScript in one way or another. The programming language makes it easier for people to access the internet, even with basic coding knowledge. 

A brief history of JavaScript


JavaScript in web design was first introduced in 1995 by programmer Brendan Eich. The programming language launched as LiveScript was used to create Netscape 2.0, a navigator web browser with adaptive content. As the years progressed, the program's general-purpose core has been embedded in an array of web browsers, including Netscape, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge. 

JavaScript in the early days of online casinos

In the 90s, people relied on dial-up connections to access the internet, making online casino platforms unreliable, restricted and clunky with limited functionality. Aside from this, platforms had connectivity and compatibility issues that hindered casino players from fully immersing themselves in the games they wanted. 

It changed with the development of broadband technology in the early 2000s. It then became possible for online casino sites to code in JavaScript, revolutionising the gambling industry. Before, casino players had to download software onto their PCs and individually install the games they wanted to play. It was a time-consuming process that often led to memory issues, connection frustrations and accidental malware downloads. 

With the advent of JavaScript, online casino platforms were able to add the Instant Play functionality. Users can then immediately play their favourite games on the site just by signing into their accounts without having to download anything. These platforms became all the more accessible to them, proving the usefulness of JavaScript in online casino gaming.

JavaScript in mobile casino gaming

Before JavaScript, mobile casino gaming relied on Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) technology. However, mobile casino platforms using this technology were unsophisticated and slow. They also do not allow users to play for real money. 

It changed when Java Platform Micro Edition (Java ME), a version of JavaScript designed to work on mobile devices, was introduced in 2006. It enabled developers to create platforms optimised for mobile devices so users can access the games they want using only their phones. 

Mobile gaming development took another turn when touchscreen smartphones were introduced in the early 2010s. It revolutionised the way users interact with the internet. It also made waves in the gambling industry because online players could download apps on their phones and access their favourite casino platforms. JavaScript paved the way for this next stage of gaming development. 

The advantages of JavaScript in online casinos

Image 1

JavaScript for web development of online casinos has its sets of advantages, as explained below:

  1. Less server interaction

With JavaScript, user input can be validated in real-time before sending the page to the web host's server because it can function on the client side. Thus, it's validated on the browser rather than on the server. It saves server traffic and lessens its load time, reducing its risk of failure. 

Casino platforms that receive a lot of traffic on their site benefit from this since it reduces loading time. The web host server does not have to load every time a casino player interacts with the platform. Thus, players can play and win in a shorter time. It also means that the server can host plenty of users all at the same time. 

  1. Immediate feedback to visitors

With JavaScript, visitors won't have to wait for the server to reload to see whether they've forgotten to input something. The browser will present immediate feedback to the user when there's an unfilled area in a form. It can prove helpful when casino players log into their accounts on the platform. The site would inform users if they've forgotten to input their username or password before submitting the form. 

This JavaScript feature is also helpful for scenarios where users need to input information before playing. For example, the platform requires players to submit a code before opting for a bonus promotion. The website will prompt the user if there are areas that aren't filled yet before submitting them to the server. 

  1. Increased interactivity

JavaScript allows online casino developers to add an interactive feature to the platform. Through JavaScript, you can create interactive interfaces that communicate with end-users and tell them how to act. For example, an area can prompt an action when the user hovers their mouse over it, or something is activated with the keyboard. It dramatically benefits online casinos because the interactivity can appeal to the players who use the platform. 

For example, information can pop up whenever users hover their mouse over games and categories found on the platform. It gives them details about the game or category before they decide to act. The drop-down menu is another example of platform interactivity. Online casino platforms can place drop-down menus allowing users to explore the website more easily. 

  1. Richer interface

You can create a catchy webpage with a rich interface through JavaScript. It can be achieved through drag-and-drop components or sliders that users can play with, which enhances user interactivity on the webpage. For online casinos, a richer interface entices players to interact more with the website and stay longer on your page. 

  1. Simplicity

JavaScript has a simple structure that can be implemented in various ways. It makes it easy to learn and understand, even for the untrained developer. Moreover, implementing it is a feasible way for developers to display dynamic content on the web. 

Creating a website for an online casino platform is complicated. Opting for a scripting language that's simple and effective can make the process more streamlined. 

  1. Interoperability

JavaScript can seamlessly work with other programming languages. It can be embedded into any webpage or inside a script of a different programming language, which is why developers prefer it when creating web applications. It can be proven useful when creating online casino platforms that require various scripting languages to build. With JavaScript's interoperability, you can embed the code into any scripting language you might use.  

  1. Speed

JavaScript is an interpreted language, which reduces the time required by other programming languages for compilation. It speeds up execution and even saves the time needed for the page to connect to the server. Loaded websites like casino platforms need this feature to become more accessible and operational for users. 

  1. Less overhead

JavaScript reduces the code length necessary for the page to load, streamlining website performance. It also means less overhead when loading the server since developers can use various built-in plug-ins for higher functionality. Casino platforms benefit from less overhead, especially when they cater to hundreds or thousands of players simultaneously. 

Tips for creating online casino satellite sites with JavaScript

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A great online casino website is good, but how do you bring traffic to it? Using satellite sites is one SEO technique often used in digital marketing you can try. These secondary websites link to the main site to bring traffic and revenue. When creating these, you have to make them look similar to the main website so that viewers are directed to the latter and won't notice the difference between them.

To make these satellite sites, you have to apply JavaScript coding to make them functional and appealing to site visitors. Here are some tips you can utilise and lessons you can learn from building satellite sites with Javascript:

Focus on web design

The online casino industry is heavily saturated with online casino platforms and satellite sites. To penetrate the competition, you must create an interactive, functional, and appealing website for prospective customers. It isn't about working hard but working smarter and savvier than the competition. 

For your satellite site to succeed in the current market, it has to have something categorically different from the existing casino platforms available for players. The more different your site looks without compromising user experience, the more chances you have of winning over a loyal customer base. 

Track your bugs

It's important to add a robust bug-tracking system to the website when you're coding. It can help avoid pitfalls such as crashing pages on the platform. Having these problems on your platform can scare potential players away. Having a bug-tracking system on your code nips the problem in the bud. As soon as there's a problem with the code, you can quickly fix it when the system prompts you to. 

Dedicate time to mobile app development

Plenty of users are switching from desktop to mobile nowadays. It requires satellite sites to be mobile-optimised, so prospective users can access them without a problem. However, some platforms skimp on the costs associated with mobile app development, which causes a huge problem on their end. 

Dedicate time and attention to developing the mobile version of your satellite site to create something functional and user-friendly your users can enjoy. In no time, you'll see your customer base and revenue rising. 

Create compelling content on your satellite site

You can drive traffic to your satellite site and your casino platform by creating compelling content that users would enjoy. These can be blogs, videos, infographics or any content relevant to your website. Make sure the content is readable on desktop and mobile devices so your potential customers can easily browse through your site. It can be quickly done when you use JavaScript for web development. You can utilise this scripting language to make the most of your site's layout style. 

Let QWERTYlabs handle your web development projects

High-quality web design and JavaScript work hand in hand to create a visually compelling casino platform that's functional and aesthetically pleasing. Without it, your casino platform would be static and unappealing to potential users. Thus, learning web design concepts with JavaScript gives you and your company the leverage it needs against competitors in the market. 

However, web design is just one-half of the success equation. For your online casino to succeed, your website needs niche-specific content and excellent graphics to grab your audience's attention. Let QWERTYlabs help your business grow more with content creation services that can build your brand from the ground up. Get in touch with our team and let your business prosper with the right content that suits your brand.

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