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Effective web design: Basics you need to know

September 5, 2022

Web design is integral to marketing your services or products to the world. It says a lot about your brand, telling the viewers why they need your company, which is why it is essential to know how to create an effective web design for your brand.

While some say it is best to stick to the services offered rather than focus on the website's design, web design plays a massive role in convincing them why they need to acquire your products or use your services more than other companies. Former Apple CEO Steve Jobs once said that design is not just what it looks like or feels like but more about how it works. 

Here at QWERTYlabs, we offer the best ways to learn more about developing an effective web design, so learn its basics below!

What should you consider in a web project

An effective web design focuses on conveying a strong message to the site visitor while keeping them engaged. A well-designed website can be the key to building lasting trust and helping visitors enjoy more time on your site.

Always remember that web design is a crucial part of web development, and aside from the creative inputs and aesthetics on the site, making it functional is a huge concern. Every web design project's end is a piece of available art that offers services. Your site needs to provide the best, smooth and immersive experience it markets as much as possible.

Here are some of the factors you should consider in a web project:

Purpose of the website

Creating a website starts with determining its primary purpose, whether it will sell products or provide information to a specific audience. Once you know the big picture, you can map your digital strategy to attract visitors to your website and turn them into prospective customers. 

Simplicity of the concept

Having a classy and elegant web design is effective but one can also come up with a simple, minimalistic design that can attract people or give them an easy-going experience using the site. Here are three ways you can achieve simplicity with the use of design:


Colour is a powerful tool in communicating messages or even sending emotional responses. It allows you to influence your customer’s behaviour and perception of the site. In short, the best way to attract audiences to your site through design is by finding a colour palette that fits your brand.

Experts claim the best colour selection should have at least five options with many complementary colours. With the best combinations on your site, there is a chance you can increase customer engagement and even make users delighted.


The right font is essential to convey the right message to your users. It commands attention and works well as the visual voice of your brand. There is no need to select a typeface with many unique designs. The simpler your font is, the easier it will be to project the message.

In web design, you should consider only using three fonts on your site. It should be this way, so your viewers will find it easy to read what is on your site.


First impressions last in web design, so ensure your visuals are striking enough to grab the users' attention and keep them interested in your services or products. High-quality images and media signify professionalism and credibility on the site.

From photos, videos and other illustrations on the site, all forms of imagery should be as expressive as possible. These media should capture your brand's spirit and accurately represent how it works, what it offers and what they can get from it. In web design, most people think that 'what you see is what you get, so make sure they get it right away.


Web design also refers to the accessibility of the site. It's more about how easy it will be for people to move around the site and find what they need. If users are confused about how to go around the site, then there is a chance that they will look for a better option. Check the site's navigation and make sure it is simple, intuitive, and smooth. Here are some tips for giving your site an excellent grade in navigation:

Pattern reading

Pattern reading means you will base your design on strategies that keep the viewers hooked on your site by ensuring a good pattern for your viewers to check your site. One of the best ways to create a strong reading pattern is to follow an ‘F-shaped’ style, where the layout mimics the natural reading pattern from the left to right or top to bottom.

Visual hierarchy

Visual hierarchy means arranging the elements of your website depending on how important or relevant it is for your brand. You can do this by manipulating the size, colour, imagery and typography of a given topic or subject matter. In short, you pick site elements that will be the focal points for your viewers.

Layout design

Your website needs to be sleek and organised for your customers. One way you can do this is by using grids. It helps create a structure for your elements, backed up by a clean design. Grids usually have columns and sections of information that balance the visuals for a pleasing and aesthetic website.

Mobile optimisation

Not every site is pleasing to see, especially its mobile version. You must ensure that your website content will be accessible from any device. It needs to be concise and accurate at all times. The design should be able to adjust to different screens and provide the same information as it is on the desktop versions.

Delivering the content

One of web design's most essential parts is preparing the content. While it does not have to be perfect at all times, there is always an option for you to edit and optimize the content for search engine optimization (SEO) later on. The main idea here is that you have accurate content to use, allowing you to make precise changes in the design process.

Regarding blogs, you need to have a post ready for testing in the content management system (CMS). It will save you a lot of time and effort in adjusting your web design to the content later.

Brand image and impact

The design reflects the brand and what it stands for. It is one of the first things that people look at if they want to know more about a brand. Since the first impression lasts in web design, you must ensure the brand’s image is striking.

You can do this by using the brand’s colours to cover the whole page or even putting the iconic symbols that represent the company well. The best example would be a soda brand that puts its cans and bottles on every site they design to remind readers of the main product they’re selling.

Relevance of web design

Web design is vital in marketing and business because it helps connect you to different audiences. There are a lot of benefits to web design, but here are four reasons why web design is essential:

  • Sets the first impression for viewers
  • Helps push a better SEO strategy
  • Provides detailed services offered by a brand
  • Builds lasting trust with clients

Four tips for making an effective web design

Web design requires you to put a lot of focus and effort on how you want to make your website loveable to a huge audience and even make it a way to increase brand popularity and cater to different people. Here are a few tips you should consider:

Keep a simple design

You do not want your audience to get unclear directions on what your site is from your navigation and other web elements. In short, you must ensure your website is easy to use and understand at first glance. 

Learn more about UI basics

User interface (UI) design is all about the specifics. It means giving the audience the tools they need to experience the site without difficulty. You need to consider the functionality and effectiveness of the elements on the site, the logical patterns you create, and the choices you make in your design that should reflect the site’s purpose.

Understand how UX basics work

User experience (UX) concerns the colour scheme, content, layout and imagery as factors that make it immersive for your site visitors. They all come together and stir a little bit of emotion and reaction from the audience, which means seeing your design through their eyes. It means you must meet users' needs by focusing on efficiency rather than showing off your design skills.

Find inspiration from other designs

Learning to create web design is hard work, and you need the inspiration to develop an efficient web design. When you need to get your creative juices flowing, try looking at various sites such as Pinterest, Behance, Dribbble, Awwwards and many others. These will give you a hint on how you should make your designs in the long run.

Get top-notch web design with QWERTYlabs

Regarding high-calibre web design, QWERTYlabs offers the best services to help you build a better brand. Our team works hard to bring you a unique concept for your website that can generate impressive traffic while serving the best offers to your audiences, so contact us now to get your brand the web design it needs!

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