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6 SEO Techniques to build your brand

May 11, 2020

As years go by technology and the internet keeps on improving and evolving due to demand. According to a survey, over 4 billion people were active internet users because there’s plenty that people do when they’re online. From meeting new people to buying their favourite food, the internet is surely an important asset in the modern world..

Strategically, business owners use the internet to promote their business to the world. For you to dive into the competition, there are things you need to know and acquire to skyrocket in your niche.

What do you need to prepare?

  1. You need to know what product or service you want to offer
  2. You need to know who your audience is, the people who need and will mostly enjoy your product
  3. You need to have a website to be able to communicate with your customers online and reach different parts of the world.

When building a website, it is not enough to have a simple website with images and a description of what your product or service is about. Your website must be optimised and meticulously designed with proper elements that satisfy not only your customers but Google as well.

How can Google like my website?

Being liked by Google is one of the best gifts your website can ever receive. It means your site is visible in search results using the keywords you targeted. You can get hundreds to thousands of visitors a month and people will be ordering online or interacting on your website.

So, you might be thinking, how do I reach that point? The answer is simple. You need to have proper SEO value on your website. There are a lot of SEO techniques that you can search on the web but let me give you the top techniques to help you out.

Here are simple SEO techniques to help your website:

1. Optimise your website

This means that you have to make it presentable to your visitors. The photos are clear and depict the message you want them to know. The text on each web page is readable and easy to comprehend. Your top pages must be easy to navigate and interactive enough to let your audience stay longer on your website.

2. Optimise metadata

Metadata is the descriptive portion or data that you input in your website’s system to help the web crawler understand what you display in your website and what it is about. Metadata can be a text, characters and numbers, it can also be a combination of those and mostly a mix of text and numbers.

  • Meta-title: A title of a certain page on your website, it could be the main page or a blog post. Aside from putting a title on your content when optimising it, you need to find where you can edit your meta-title. It helps Google know what the topic is.
  • Meta-description: A short description, usually 50-160 characters enough to describe what your content or web page is about.

3. Keyword research

Look on the web for the most popular terms that are related to your product. List them all and use them strategically on your website’s content so that it will have the chance to rank on search results.

4. Link building

Be part of the good neighbourhood in the system. Google loves to know if you have connections with other sites too. Having a large number of websites linking back to yours is a good indicator that your site is trustworthy and relevant.

Link building is an opportunity and could be placed anywhere, although they are often placed on blog posts.

5. Optimise page content

It is proven that content is one of the top-ranking factors that Google uses. An effective content strategy behind this is putting together a keyword list with user intent search gauging the logical reason why a specific query is being used or done by a web user. Having content based on a strategy that answers most of the person-specific questions help them to move in the funnel.

6. Shout your brand across the web

This means that you have to make a marketing effort to let the whole world know your brand. You can use social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or maybe an eligible influencer to advertise your brand on the market.

You can set up a regular post every week on social media, adding images and videos that support your brand’s vision. Always use your logo and tagline so that people will remember you. You can also use a hashtag related to your brand to reach more audiences!

We are fortunate to have the internet on our side these days. QWERTYlabs Inc. is a company that does all of the techniques to optimise your website. It gives service in content creations and SEO. It’s time to dig deep and know how to properly market your brand.

Follow these SEO techniques and you will certainly find light in your business goals. Aside from that, you would want a company like QWERTYlabs to help monitor your progress and guide you and your brand to stand out!

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