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The basics of Google Analytics and why you need it

August 10, 2022

Running a business is more than just knowing how to sell your products and services. It also includes finding your potential customers and reaching out to them or discovering ways for them to reach your website. Simply promoting your business on social media platforms is the easiest way but you can do more using Google Analytics. 

How does Google Analytics work?

Google Analytics helps quantify visitor information. This includes what demographic they fit in, what device they are using, or which of your advertisements brought them to your website. Through Google Analytics, you can figure out your niche audience and deliver your services and products to people who are looking for it.

Four levels of collected data

Data gathered by Google Analytics can be classified into four levels that are all necessary to develop a smarter marketing strategy so learn more about them below.

User level

The user-level refers to data about the user like their age, gender, and actions while on your website. All of this information is found in the cookies that they leave for Google Analytics to interpret and give you a full report. 

The most important information this contains is the user’s actions while on your website. It tells you which pages they visited, which buttons were clicked, if they returned to the previous page without doing anything, or how far they were at making a purchase. 

Session level

Session level gives you an overview of all activities during a specific date. This includes how many people visited each page as well as how many of them used your services at a given time and day. It’s great for finding sales correlation with your most recent marketing strategy or your users' need for your service based on annual patterns.

Pageview level

The pageview level lets you see the performance of individual pages including blogs posted on your site or how users browse through your products, services, or solutions offered. It also tells you where each individual came from, allowing you to determine if in-linking, outreach, videos, and image ads work to promote your business. 

Event level

Event level data gives you a much better understanding of users’ participation with your content. This includes how many times your video is viewed, a react button is clicked, and the ratio between positive and negative feedback. 

Why is Google Analytics important in business?

Google Analytics allows you to better understand your customers, helping you improve your marketing strategy. It is one of the most efficient tools so you can get and process important data regarding your audience. You can monitor and analyse GA yourself or outsource professional help from leading SEO companies like QWERTYlabs. Here are the different ways how Google Analytics can help your business:

Improves your connection with your target audience 

Brand loyalty can only be established when you and your customers have a mutual understanding of your goods, services, and solutions and how it helps them. Thus, knowing your customers is the first step towards this. 

If you see that you are getting frequent visits from a specific group, then you need to see what they are looking for when they visit your website. Consider the pages they check or which link brought them to your space. Use these as the basis of your next marketing campaign or plans on developing powerful content strategies.

Develops better Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is the process of making your website or its pages appear on top of Google’s search results. You can do this by choosing your keywords carefully or using specific phrases that your target customers are likely to use. Rather than just guessing popular combinations of words, you can use tools like Google Analytics to find keywords that are already working for you.

Apply as many of these as possible to your content so links to your site come up on page 1 of Google search results. This is important because most users find their answers on page 1 and don’t often check other pages. There are plenty of SEO techniques you can use to build your brand and all of them are straightforward and effective so make sure to try them.

Finds new ways to innovate your products or services

There’s always room for improvement in all products and services but finding the right direction to innovate can be tricky. However, knowing your audience is the best way to find ideas to make your products and services better.

Work with companies who know how to use Google Analytics

Using Google Analytics is essential in improving your business, retaining customers, and attracting new ones. However, using it and knowing what to do with the data it reports to you are completely different skill sets that you may not be equipped to do. This is why it’s important to work with companies that have years of SEO and digital marketing experience like QWERTYlabs. If your goal is to earn sales, increase conversions, have better engagement and more, then we can help you reach the goals you want in a faster time frame as well so contact us now.

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