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Where to buy quality backlinks?

November 17, 2022

Casino backlinks are backlinks found specifically in casino niche websites. It's one of the best content marketing strategies for casino brands, as these backlinks help your site generate traffic and rank high on the results page of Google and other search engines. However, buying high-quality links can be difficult due to competition in the casino landscape.

Fortunately, QWERTYLABS is here to scour the internet and find the best casino backlinks for your brands. Get started on ranking high in search engine results with link building when you buy gambling links with QWERTYLABS. Know more about where to buy quality backlinks below:

How QWERTYLABS provides smart link-building methods

QWERTYLABS can fulfil all your link-building needs with high-quality casino backlinks. Our personalised methods allow our SEO experts to continue where you left off. Additionally, if this is your first time optimising your site for SEO, you'll see impressive results with our link-building services. Find out how QWERTYLABS can provide your casino with smart link-building methods below: 

  • Quality sources

To create campaigns and backlinks catered to your brand, QWERTYLABS only reaches out to quality sources online. These websites have regular high traffic, making them great for backlinks since they generate better traffic, which will rank your page higher on search engines. 

Moreover, to provide you with only the best backlinks for your website's niche, our team reaches out to various relevant websites to buy and use them for your brand. Your target region and audience are also considered so we can find the right backlink sources to use. We will only produce content for these sites using the keywords native to that region.

For instance, if you're targeting Japan, we'll find sites in that country with high organic traffic and incorporate Japanese keywords into the content we create for these sites. These keywords are also called anchors, which will be interlinked to redirect the backlink's readers to your main website.

  • Content outreach

As one of the leading link-building service providers in the industry, QWERTYLABS has already established partnerships with thousands of websites across the globe. This allows us to cater to the casino niche and optimise content for specific regions you want to target. The backlinks redirecting to your online website from these established partnered sites will have more link juice, which is the boost the backlink passes to the website it redirects to whenever users click on it. 

  • Independent domain network

When you go to us for link-building, you can count on having an independent domain network. For instance, we revive expired domains to use as your brand's domains. We can find specific niches that relate to casino gaming through dozens of owned domains. 

Once these domains have been restored and customised to fit your niche and target region, they are yours to keep. You can use these revamped domains to produce content with backlinks to your online casino. Additionally, since you own the website, all the links in these domains will only promote your brand.

  • High-rated domains

Countless websites can serve as backlink sources, but not all are viable choices for your brand. Any link that performs poorly for your brand or might damage your company's name is scrapped, and all focus is turned to those that provide value. In this regard, you can trust that QWERTYLABS only works with reputable domains with high organic traffic for your backlinks.

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Benefits of integrating casino backlinks for your website

Making sure your brand has casino backlinks is important since it can lead to numerous benefits, as you can see below:

  1. Website growth

Backlinking is a great way to ensure growth for your brand. When several websites have links that redirect to your casino, Google and other search engines will consider your page more valuable. Your brand will look more trustworthy, thus, performing better on the results page when your target keywords are searched. 

  1. Optimise domain authority

Google uses domain authority, a metric to determine which sites are reputable sources for search queries. In SEO, an authoritative website pertains to a legitimate source that can be trusted to provide reliable information. High-quality backlinks from well-respected websites can make your brand more trustworthy since it ensures your website's growth and optimises domain authority.

  1. Higher Return on Investment (ROI)

Regarding link building, established online casinos are willing to pay more than 40,000 USD due to the high Return on Investment (ROI), with some profiting more than double their initial investment.

This all starts with the increased web traffic when your online casino ranks high on the results page with the help of backlinking. Better web traffic will equate to more user registrations that are more likely to become active players. Finally, some of these newly registered users may deposit funds into their accounts to play casino games on your site. 

Frequently asked questions on where to buy casino backlinks

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are links found on other websites that redirect users to your brand when they click on them. This strategy aims to provide more exposure for your casino and increase its search engine rank by accumulating clicks by random users from those websites.

Why are backlinks so in-demand and expensive?

Backlinks and link building are in demand since it's one of Google's primary ways to determine how sites will rank on their results page. The more backlink sources you have, the higher your site will be on the search engine results page. This demand is the same reason link building is an expensive SEO strategy. If done right, however, the backlinks' ROI will be greater than your initial capital.

Why is it challenging to secure casino backlinks?

Finding regular backlinks is already hard to secure in itself, let alone a niche like online casinos and gambling. Several sites that can serve as backlinks avoid linking to online casinos since it can be considered controversial, especially in areas where online gambling is banned.

Regarding where to buy casino backlinks, it’s better to trust and invest in a reputable link-building company like QWERTYLABS.

Do casino links expire?

Don't opt for cheap services to save funds when searching for a link-building company. Casino links bought from cheap providers can expire abruptly without prior notice, and when that happens, the capital you invested in that site will be gone.

Which is prioritised in link building: quality or quantity?

Quality is always the priority for link building since having low-quality backlinks won't do your website any good. The main priority in determining the quality is how it relates to the brand's niche, web traffic and the overall build of the website itself. 

You could gain several seo backlinks for online casino within a week, but if they are irrelevant, your website won't benefit from them, and there's a possibility it can damage your reputation. However, that's not to say that quantity isn't necessary since you also need to find numerous high-quality backlinks for Google to consider your brand as an authoritative website.

Buy casino backlinks at QWERTYLABS

If you want to know more about where to buy quality backlinks to garner great traffic and attention towards your online casino, look no further than here at QWERTYLABS! Our expert SEO team will customise our link-building services and strategies for your needs and personally find sites with your niche across the internet. Contact us today, and let's start finding casino backlinks for your brand.

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