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Online casino content: How to tell if AI wrote it

June 6, 2024

With various online casino content on the internet, how much do you think these articles are reliable and not AI-generated? In today’s digital world, anyone with an internet connection can access AI tools. The online space is flooded with repetitive, AI-written content, which decreases the human touch that connects well with readers. 

Here at QWERTYLABS, we explain how to see if AI wrote something and ensure your content is crafted with authenticity. Players crave engaging and relevant online casino content, which can set your platform apart. Continue reading below and learn how to analyse your writing and ensure it speaks in a voice that AI can’t replicate. Give your casino the edge it deserves by optimising your content. 

What is AI-generated content?

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These are content written by AI models that use machine learning. They sort through huge amounts of data and use language patterns to form sentences. AI can quickly produce texts, images, videos, and other media forms based on your prompts. In simple words, advanced algorithms create AI content instead of humans.

AI tools such as ChatGPT are like powerful writing assistants. Simply give a few guidelines on what you need, whether a caption, paragraph, or blog outline and the AI tool can whip out content for you in seconds. This technology has exploded in popularity in recent years because of its convenience.

How does it work?

The process starts with the AI model learning from materials such as published articles, stories, and scripts. Through these resources, it learns how to build sentences and paragraphs. As it explores millions of content online, it begins to grasp how to write for specific topics and audiences.

AI uses its new knowledge to craft content that mimics the style and structure of those it has read. While some outputs are nearly impossible to distinguish from human-written text, others are stiff and obvious. This is why it’s important to remember that most AI-generated content still needs human input. You must edit and fact-check to ensure it’s accurate and clear.

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Different types of AI content

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AI creates various forms of content to meet different business needs. The most common is text-based content, which includes articles, blogs, and other copywriting materials. AI can also design visual content like artwork, music compositions, and virtual avatars for your casino games.

Each uses cutting-edge technology to assist marketers in creating content to promote their brand online. AI tools make the entire content creation process faster, easier, and more cost-effective. Learn the different types of AI content below.

Interactive content

Entertainment is key in online gaming, so keeping your content fresh and engaging is crucial. AI is a game-changer here, as you can use it to create content that offers a dynamic and interactive experience. Instead of static text, AI can help craft copies, encouraging readers to sign up or try a new game. 

If your writing fails to keep readers hooked, it ultimately falls short of its purpose. AI-driven content can give readers personalised experiences, enhancing their engagement on your platform. This keeps players interested in what you publish and helps them associate great content with your brand.

Social media posts

The main goal of social media posts is to stop users from scrolling and keep them invested in what you have to say. Grabbing your audience’s attention with just a few words is key.

AI can be your solution. Tracking user profiles, interests, and activity creates highly targeted social media posts, ensuring your content reaches those genuinely interested. Moreover, since photos are often the first thing users see, AI can add that captivating visual element to your content. This leaves an impact from the very first glance.

Product descriptions

AI goes beyond the basic features when crafting product descriptions. For instance, it can uncover and use a game’s unique selling points to attract players. It also helps lower the risk of sounding overly marketing, which can turn off potential players.

To ensure it matches your vision, just input your desired keywords and watch as it creates top-notch descriptions that align with your offer. AI also removes the human tendency to overexplain and ensures your statements are engaging and straight to the point. This lets players jump straight into the game without reading too much.

Landing pages

Your landing pages act as digital welcome signs for your casino. It’s the first thing users see after clicking a link, so you should make a great impression. AI can be a powerful tool to keep visitors engaged and turn them into loyal players.

It can analyse online behaviour and recommend elements that build trust and excitement, such as player feedback or limited-time offers. By understanding what grabs attention, AI can help your landing page have everything to keep visitors curious and wanting to learn more.

Blog posts

Online casino players want more than just a good selection of games. Many seek out informative blogs, guides and helpful materials that teach new and pro players how to play and win certain games. With these, the gaming experience you offer becomes much more rewarding.

The tricky part is that casino content must be comprehensive and easy to digest. This means in-depth research is needed to build credibility, which can be time-consuming. AI can do all the hard work for you, crawling the web and suggesting the right keywords for your blog posts for optimal results.

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Tools you can use to detect if text was written by AI

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As AI tools improve, so do the software and applications designed to spot content that humans don’t make. While it’s true that AI makes things easier, you shouldn’t rely on it if you want your online casino to be a success. High-quality content that resonates well with your audience will always require a human touch.

Even Google, the most popular search engine, is getting smarter at spotting AI-written content. It uses natural language processing (NLP) to scan the text for grammar and patterns that AI often uses. Then, it flags content made by AI. So even if AI can write content in a flash, its Google rankings will be poor.

If you’re concerned about AI content affecting your online presence, several AI content detector tools can help. Have a look at a few of them below.

AI detector toolAccuracyFeatures
TraceGPTHigh scores for accuracy and quick analysis speedPlagiarism checkerAuthorship verification toolChrome extensionCustom GPT.
Winston AIIdentified Claude as human-generated content; accurate with other toolsPlagiarism checkerReadability scoreScanning of documents, images, and handwritingBrowser extensionCustom GPTIntegrates with Zapier.
HiveIdentified Claude as human-generated content; accurate with other toolsChrome extensionDetecting images, videos, and audioFree tool.
GPTZeroIdentified Claude as a mix of human and AI content; accurate with other toolsChrome extensionPlagiarism checkerAPI AccessIntegrations with other apps (Microsoft Word, etc)
Originality.aiHigh scores for ChatGPT but performed poorly on othersPlagiarism checkerReadability scoreAutomated fact-checkerAPI Access.
SmodinIdentified Claude as human-generated content; accurate with other toolsPlagiarism checkerSummarisingRewritingGenerative AI writing.

Signs that your casino content may be written by AI

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Concerned about search engines flagging your content as AI-written? There are a few factors to consider. One of them is the language used. 

AI-generated content tends to sound neutral and robotic since a machine writes it. You’ll also notice a lack of natural flow and overly-used terms or phrases.

If you suspect AI involvement in your content, consider using the tools outlined above to detect if the text was written by AI. Here are more indicators that help detectors see if AI wrote something after scanning it.

Human vs AI-generated content stylistic attributes

Human writers always bring a unique touch that AI can never achieve. They skillfully inject creativity, emotional depth, and personal stories into the content they create. These are what capture readers’ attention, interest, and trust. However, how can you spot the difference? It’s all in the details. Looking closely at the writing style can tell you a lot.

Check the table below for the common differences between human-written and AI-generated content. 

Human-written contentAI-written content
Has a natural tone that fits the contextSounds generic and lacks emotional depth
Excels in storytelling techniquesStruggles with deciphering humour and other nuanced storytelling elements
Expresses personal opinions with supporting arguments and explanationsStrives to remain unbiased and present multiple sides of an argument
Language flows smoothlyMay display abrupt shifts in topics
Human errors like typos and grammar mistakes are commonErrors are often contextual or factual rather than related to the writing

Analysing tone in content to determine its source

You can also look at the tone and understand how the content wants its readers to feel. Human writers adapt their tone based on the context and audience, while AI tools often lack this flexibility. For instance, AI might describe a limitation in a negative tone instead of finding ways to shift to a more positive one. This impacts how readers perceive the content.

Even though NLP has improved, AI struggles when words have different meanings. For example, AI might interpret the phrase ‘eat your way to big wins’ for a food-themed casino game as a literal statement. Understanding humour requires emotional intelligence, which AI doesn’t have. This makes it hard for machines to add wit and humour to writing content.

Significance of personal touch in online casino content

Creating personalised content for casino games can be a challenge for AI. It struggles to grasp each player’s unique tastes and habits, making the writing feel generic or distant. However, players prefer reading content that feels personal.

When a blog talks about winning tips, and you share personal experiences while playing the game, it becomes more engaging. This sharing aspect builds trust and encourages players to return to your blog for more than dry facts.

Moreover, players seek tested and proven tips since every bet is risky. They don’t want to read advice created by a machine that has never played a casino game. Players want strategies and guidance that can enhance their gaming experience, which they can only get from real-life players.

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Techniques for detecting AI-generated casino content

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No detector can catch AI content with 100% accuracy. They can only identify patterns that suggest AI authorship. That’s why it’s crucial to depend on human-led processes to ensure your content sounds human-like. 

Checking the metadata is one way to figure out a content’s source. Those coming from AI tools often use bland title tags and overused keywords. This is due to machine learning’s low ability to use natural language. Moreover, when reading gambling and betting content, consider the following:

  • Does it include experiences shared by other players?
  • Does it mention correct details about casino games?

AI-generated casino content lacks in-depth research and real-world judgments, such as those gleaned from review forums and player sentiments. To provide more insight, here are some additional tips on detecting AI-generated casino content. 

Look at the writing tone and style

Compare this AI-generated ChatGPT content with a human’s content in response to the writing prompt ‘write about responsible gambling in slots’:

AI-written contentHuman-written content
Responsible gambling in slots ensures a safe and enjoyable gaming experience. It involves setting limits on time and money spent and recognising the signs of problem gambling. Slots are all about entertainment, so focus on enjoying the thrill of a lucky spin! Before placing bets, set your limits, stay within your budget, and spin responsibly.

Human-written content is generally easier to process and keeps readers hooked. It also contains more emotion to keep players engaged while reading than feeling bored.

Check the accuracy of the information

AIs may not always keep up with the latest developments, especially in fast-paced fields like online gaming, where innovations and games roll out constantly. AI’s database might not have been updated to reflect these additions yet, leading to inconsistencies and outdated information. 

Verifying information from reliable sources is crucial to avoid this issue. You can do this by comparing the data given by AI with details available online. This ensures your readers receive the latest information for their gaming needs, strengthening their trust in your content.

Look out for signs of a lack of personal touch

One giveaway of AI-written content is its use of highly technical words and passive voice. Human writers prefer following an active voice and speaking casually to readers to create a more engaging experience.

A blog post about betting strategies, like ‘The flat betting strategy must be used’, feels a bit forced. Compare it with a human-written piece that says: ‘Want to play it safe while you learn the game? Employ a flat betting strategy.’ This human touch adds personality, making it feel like the writer is talking with you.

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Importance of human editing in AI content

Image 5 1024x683

While copying and pasting what the AI tool generates is tempting, it’s vital to be mindful of its quality and tone. This is even more crucial for long-form content intended to educate readers. Publishing AI-generated articles without reviewing them isn’t ideal for a robust content marketing strategy. Here’s why:

  • The generic tone can make your content sound dull.
  • AI struggles to grasp the nuances of human language.
  • It lacks the integrity that comes from human intervention.

These factors highlight the importance of using AI responsibly and strategically. While using AI for content creation is acceptable, including human editing is crucial to ensure the content remains authentic and engaging.

Human creativity elevates your content

Machines are impressive, but they can’t quite match human creativity. With a few tweaks to the tone and style, editors can turn dull, technical content into something people want to read. The more users engage with your content, the more likely they are to trust your online casino and use it themselves.

Editorial judgments from years of experience

Editors understand the varied ways to use words, what works for different audiences, and how to help the content serve its purpose. They are great at catching mistakes, rewriting complex sentences, or finding things that don’t fit right. Even more, they ensure the content is clear and aligns with your casino’s goals.

Maintain ethical standards in content creation

Editors play a crucial role in upholding ethical standards in content creation, a task that AI tools can’t perform. They have a keen eye for spotting early plagiarism issues, biased angles, or fake news. Editors also follow clear guidelines to ensure everything they work on is honest and reliable.

Optimise your online casino content with QWERTYLABS today

AI is reshaping the landscape of content creation. While it offers benefits, such as boosting productivity and speed, there may be better approaches to creating compelling write-ups. At QWERTYLABS, we offer various services, such as content creation, to enhance your online casino content and ensure it resonates with your target audience. Our team of experts can help you leverage the power of AI tools while ensuring your content remains valuable and unique. Contact us today to learn more about our AI content optimisation solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we test if something was written by AI?

Look for common patterns and characteristics in AI-generated text, such as repetitive phrases, unnatural language flow, or generic sentences. Additionally, verify the accuracy of the information provided by cross-checking.

How can I check if something was written by AI?

You can use AI detection tools like TraceGPT and Winstone AI. Using these, you can easily verify a content’s genuineness by inspecting the text to measure AI involvement. 

How is AI detected in writing?

If the writing lacks emotional depth, contains outdated content, and lacks a personal touch, it can be deemed AI-generated. Some detectors also examine the structure of content. Overused words and inconsistent writing formats hint at possible AI use.

How can I distinguish between AI-generated and human-written content in online casinos?

Content written by humans describes games and casino features in detail from first-hand experience. It also connects with players emotionally using a casual tone. AI-generated content tends to be generic since AI may struggle to find specific games and casino features.

Are there specific language cues to look out for when assessing the authenticity of online casino content?

Yes. Human writers craft content that feels like a conversation. They often use an active voice and simple words to draw you in. Meanwhile, AI struggles with natural language flow, leading to awkward phrasing and repetitive use of certain words.

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