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Google spam update: Is it good or bad?

As of October 19, 2022, the new Google spam update was rolled out. It’s targeted to fight spam links and low-quality backlinks in website blogs. In short, if a spam update hits the website, its contents will automatically be demoted in the search results or removed from Google’s index. 

This won’t happen to your company’s casino website and satellite sites with the right SEO backlink strategies. That’s why it’s essential to implement quality link-building so that Google won’t consider your site’s niche-specific content spam. 

Often, Google rolls out spam updates to help weed out deceptive websites from their search results. It allows users access to a more accurate, specific and secure search result when looking for answers to a particular query. What is then prioritised are pages that provide a good user experience for those who are using the search engine. 

What the Google spam update means for casinos

Legitimate casinos that use white hat SEO methodologies won’t have to fear the latest Google update. On the contrary, this spam update levels the playing field and improves your chances of ranking on the search results page. That’s because casino websites that have spam content and junk backlinks will be negatively affected by this update. 

However, this doesn’t mean you can rank up quickly after the update has been concluded since ranking on Google is much more complicated. You still need to ensure you have quality content targeting the right audience and backlinks directing them to your website or satellite site. 

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