The core of brilliant content

Browsing online to get the information you need is easy. However, there are hundreds of active platforms in the blogosphere that provide you with the bare minimum. Meaning while you can get what you need, true articles that give you the complete and thorough information without all the padding, is rare.

Various blogs and brands in different industries have taken to filling their articles with padding and intriguing headlines for the purpose of garnering attention. It helps them get the exposure and traffic they want, but it’s difficult to attract the right audience who will stay loyal to the brand with this kind of strategy.

While there are times this marketing ploy helps build a loyal audience, more often than not, it hurts the brand in the long run.

This does not have to be the case.

There are various things you can do to write an informative piece that will send chills down your reader’s spine or simply take their breath away. It does not require anything but time and effort.

A lot of institutions and credible organisations have taken advantage of the internet to share their knowledge and expertise. Given the right time and enough effort to read and understand the topic you want to write about, you can provide not only good content but a high quality article worth reading numerous times.

Additionally, a formula for a noteworthy article these days has been created. It includes strategic keywords that give your content the competitive edge it needs so it reaches your target audience, substance, witty and eye catching lines, and a splash of originality.

Substance + keywords + originality + wit = Great content

This is a good formula if followed but it’s not all there is to an article. At the core of it, what your reader needs to know is that they are getting factual information, compressed into a few hundred words written smoothly and without bias. Rather than stuffing your content with examples, a personal story that barely connects to your topic or a long introduction, just dive right into what you want to say.

A straightforward article does not mean it’s boring. It’s honest and exactly what your reader needs, especially after countless articles dancing around the topic.

Unfortunately though with the fast paced nature of the internet and the seemingly endless responsibilities a normal person juggles each day, finding the time and effort is not always easy. If you’re struggling to produce high quality content, one of the things you can do is hire a team of tenacious experts in various fields whose goal is to give your audience exactly what they need. You can trust QWERTYlabs to help you build a strong relationship with your readers and turn them into a loyal audience.

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