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Casino marketing in the UK: How to start marketing your brand

November 29, 2022

The United Kingdom has always been friendly towards the gambling industry. Its gambling market is among the best-regulated ones in the world, making it completely legal to play casino games and bet on sports. That's why the UK has one of the world's most mature gambling markets, making it a hub for brick-and-mortar and online casinos. 

And thanks to the country's tolerant gambling regulations, casino marketing in the United Kingdom is possible and economically rewarding. You can utilise this leniency towards casino platforms as an online casino brand by implementing marketing strategies to convert your web traffic to leads and sales

To make the most out of this opportunity to expand to the UK market, you'll need a team of experienced SEO professionals to help build your online casino brand from the ground up. At QWERTYLABS, we'll help you establish your online presence within the UK market and get your business thriving through SEO strategies and content marketing. 

Browse through the sections below to learn more about marketing casinos in the UK and what QWERTYLABS can do for your casino brand. 

The United Kingdom’s digital landscape explained

Before diving into the ins and outs of digital marketing in the UK, you must first understand the data behind aligning your brand to the country's market and trends. The key figures you need to gather for this are the country's overall population, the number of people from the population that has access to the internet and their social media activities. 

Current population

According to DataReportal, the total population of the United Kingdom in 2022 will be around 68.35 million. Around 98% of that population, which is 66.99 million, has access to the internet. Around 24 million adults ages 18 and up with internet access participate in online gambling at least once a month. You can reach 44% of the entire UK population to promote your online casino brand! 

Since the UK is predominantly casino-friendly, you can use online content marketing strategies to reach out to that 44%. And if your content is engaging enough, you can convert first-time players into playing on your platform. 

The UK's social media landscape

As soon as the internet became widespread, social media platforms sprung up and became more and more popular in the digital space. Nowadays, people connect to the internet to check their social media accounts and see if their friends share any new content on their timelines. 

DataReportal's report shows that the UK has 57.60 million social media users, accounting for 84.3% of the total population. That's the majority of UK citizens who have access to the internet, meaning that these people can be reached through social media. 

Various social media platforms popular among UK internet users include the following:

  • Facebook (with 35.05 million users)
  • Youtube (with 57.60 million users)
  • Instagram (with 31.75 million users)
  • Tiktok (with 21.81 million users)
  • Snapchat (with 20.65 million users)
  • Twitter (with 18.40 million users)

With the high numbers of UK users on various platforms, you can use these as avenues to start your casino marketing campaign. 

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The United Kingdom gambling scene

Online gambling in the UK is primarily driven by the high adoption of smartphones and internet services that allow people to play in the comfort of their homes. Players no longer need to go to brick-and-mortar casinos just to play because all their favourite games have become accessible with just a few clicks on their devices. 

The industry also faced growth ever since the Gambling Act of 2005 established the UK Gambling Commission, designed to regulate all online casino platforms and protect vulnerable players. This made players more complacent in playing on these platforms. The commission made several amendments to keep up with the changing dynamics of the gambling industry in the UK. 

Since there are no laws prohibiting punters from playing their favourite games wherever they are, whenever they want, the casino industry got a lot bigger as the years went by. As mentioned earlier, around 44% of the country's population played an online casino game at least once a month in 2022 alone. 

The pandemic also played a role in the UK's growth of the online casino industry. According to UK government data presented by Xace.io, remote betting, casino, and bingo attendance increased by 8% during the pandemic. Since COVID-19 forced people to confine themselves in their homes, there was no way for players to visit land-based casinos. This pushed some punters to embrace online casinos to continue their gambling activities.

This transition to internet gambling helped flourish the online casino industry. Now, it's easier to reach UK players not only through emails, promotions and ranking on Google SERP but also through the means of social media. 

What are UK casino consumers looking for?

Regarding digital casino marketing, casino goers are looking for things they can benefit from. It's not necessarily generous bonuses and promotions but more practical things that can make their gameplay experience all the more efficient and worthwhile. 

Here are some of the things that UK casino consumers look for in a casino:

Price and value of the casino

Players need to get their money's worth when gambling. It's not just about the payouts but the bets themselves. Are they affordable for the common player? Is the table limit too small for the average high roller? Will the bet pricing excite the players who opt for your online casino? You have to set bet pricing that wouldn't only please high rollers but also allow your regular casino players to join in on the fun if that's your branding. 

The presentation also matters when discussing the price and value of the casino. Your casino site should be optimised for gaming so that casino players would feel that they are getting their money's worth. If your site can't be played on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, then you're not reaching that specific audience demographic that uses these specific gadgets. 

Customer service information about the site

Gamblers are also looking for information that can help them when they need it. This can be a 24/7 technical support or an FAQ page dedicated to all things casino and gambling. Without it, you might turn away potential customers willing to pay just to play casino games. 

Make sure that there's plenty of information on your website to guide the players. From depositing and withdrawal processes to blogs on how to play certain games, your online casino platform should have information that can improve their gameplay. 

Loyalty programs and bonuses

UK gamblers are not particularly loyal to the platforms they play on. Statistically, a majority of the gambling population in the UK has used five or more casino operators when they play. Adding loyalty programs and bonuses to incentivise their play on your platform is one way to pull in your existing customers. Not only will this encourage the players to remain loyal to your site, but it will also increase the number of first-time players, especially if you have a generous welcome bonus. 

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Popular types of online gambling in the UK

Online Gambling UK

Players have their preferences when it comes to gambling in the UK. Knowing which are popular among gamblers can help you craft the right digital marketing strategy that's effective for your brand. With that in mind, here are the most popular types of online gambling in the UK that you should know about:


Players don't need to employ complex strategies just to play the lottery which is why it's one of the most popular games in the UK. All they have to do is guess which numbers will be drawn out of the pool, and depending on how many numbers the players guessed correctly, payouts will be rewarded to lucky winners. 


Roulette is a popular game among UK players because of its simplicity. The player must correctly guess where the metal ball would land on the roulette wheel, and instant payouts are granted. Many betting options are available in the game, giving the player more chances of winning glorious payouts. 


Blackjack is beloved by UK punters because of the different betting limits they're allowed to choose from. The higher it is, the bigger the payouts they stand to gain. It is more popular in online casinos because players won't have to wait for their turn. They can make bets simultaneously as other players compared to a traditional game of blackjack wherein players have to wait their turn on the table.


Slots are a game of chances wherein players have to spin the reels and hope for the best that they land winning combinations. Arguably, slots are the most popular casino games in the UK and the rest of the world. That's because they don't have complex gameplay mechanics, and players can win massive payouts without thinking about strategies. Payouts are generous, especially when you hit high-paying symbols on the paylines. 

Sports betting

One of the most popular types of online gambling in the UK is sports betting since the possibilities are endless. Plenty of sports are available for players to bet on, including the most popular ones like football, basketball and tennis and even less conventional games like ice hockey and croquet. Many punters place wagers on the outcomes of these events as a way to participate. While they watch the games, they see their bets either come through or fall apart. 

Why is there a need to apply content marketing on online casino sites?

Content Marketing

Content marketing is all about creating valuable material that is engaging, informative and relevant to your target audience. It's a cost-effective and sustainable way to engage your audience, answer their questions and build their trust.

There are reasons why you need content marketing for your casino sites. Get to know more about them below:

Helps build authority on your platform

You need to apply content marketing to build your brand's authority and establish your relationship with potential players. This all happens on your website through the content that you publish there.

Moreover, publishing on your website means the content is all yours. They are considered your casino platform's assets. With these, you can build your website while establishing authority in the digital sphere. 

Brings in higher-quality leads

High-quality leads are those people coming to your casino site's content who have a high chance of converting into paying users. They can either be people who know your brand or someone who's stumbled across your content while searching for something relevant on Google's SERP.

With the help of targeted SEO, content marketing can bring higher-quality leads to your casino site. This can help convert them into customers who sign up and place wagers on your site. 

Helps make your website more useful and fully optimised

High-quality content marketing adds value to your website, especially regarding usefulness to your target audience and SEO. First, if you don't have content on your website, it'll look like a shell without anything to offer. When you add content to your site, it becomes valuable, intriguing and interesting. 

With the right content, you can attract your target audience to visit your site and read content relevant to their interests and problems. Keep publishing relevant content, and plenty of visitors will keep coming back for more and build their trust in your brand. Eventually, you could convert them into paying punters. 

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Tips for reaching out to your UK audience

Creating relevant content is one thing but reaching out to your broader UK audience is another. It's hard to target a specific audience without the right strategies to help you out. Here are some tips that you can utilise to reach out to your UK audience:

Tailor your content to your target audience

It's not advisable to just produce content without first assessing your audience's interests. You first need to know what they like so you can catch their attention and lead them to your content. What you have to do is identify their interests and pain points in casino gaming. This can help you identify which content can best engage your audience.

Casino gaming is not just about bonuses and promotions. Although they play a massive part in raking in customers, you shouldn't confine yourself only to those types of content. Add articles about strategies, casino features and game reviews of popular titles to make your content more dynamic and broad.

Make the most out of SEO strategies

It's no secret that you must apply SEO techniques to help build your brand. Without the right strategies like keyword research and link building, your content won't rank in Google SERP, thus preventing you from gaining more web traffic. 

If you don't know where to start, let QWERTYLABS help you through building content and implement SEO strategies for your casino site. Our team of specialists and experts can help build your digital presence to garner traffic that converts to sales.  

Keep updating your blog

Your casino site would never reach new audiences if you just let it stagnate. It can still gain regular traffic, but you must keep updating your website to find new customers and maintain the old ones. 

To update your website without revamping it, you can opt for blogging to make fresh content regularly. With casino content marketing, it's best to outsource a team that knows the niche to help you create compelling blogs that your audience would love. Here at QWERTYLABS, we have a competent pool of writers that can help you constantly churn out content. 

Develop brand favourability for your UK audience with QWERTYLABS!

Digital marketing is beneficial for your casino brand. With it, you can build a large consumer base, increase brand awareness and establish brand loyalty among your UK customers. Although highly beneficial, there's still a lot of groundwork to do to make SEO campaigns and strategies successful in your niche. Luckily, you're in good hands when you opt for casino marketing with QWERTYLABS. Learn more about what we can offer you with our wide range of services, including smart content creation, link building and effective brand protection. Contact us now, and let's work hand-in-hand to build your casino brand from the ground up. 

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