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SEO monitoring: A guide for casino brands in 2023

May 29, 2023

Search engine optimisation, or SEO, is an invaluable tool you can use to boost your website performance. This can help you consistently monitor your SEO performance and make the necessary updates it needs. Want to learn all about SEO monitoring and the best way to boost your website with it? Read our tutorial here at QWERTYLABS, where we guide you through the process.

What is SEO monitoring?

SEO monitoring is a form of web tracking wherein you observe the performance of your website. This includes checking whether your web content has visibility with your target audience. 

When it comes to SEO tracking, you have to list down the SEO strategy you used for your business. In the process, the priority is to make sure your site is the first to appear on search engines like the Google search results page. For this, you need to check whether the strategies you used helped your site gain impressions, traffic, and leads. 

Importance of SEO monitoring for casino brands

There are various benefits to SEO monitoring, which is why its importance should not be ignored. The biggest help it offers is the significant data you can use to plan your marketing strategies for better web content. Aside from this, other biggest benefits to Monitor Google SEO include:

  1. SEO monitoring and improving rankings

Tracking SEO ranking performance is a great way to identify whether the strategies you’ve used are helpful. This provides you with a data point to see all areas of improvement and those that need continued optimisation.

Keeping up with competitors

In the digital space, search engine rankings are one of the ways to see how your competition is doing. The higher they are on the Search Engine Result Page (SERPs), the higher their traffic and opportunities for lead conversion. 

Your goal is to beat your competitors in this regard by regularly producing SEO-driven content. The most common way to accomplish this is by establishing a blog page for your platform. Through this, you can attract more visitors to your site and which increases the chances of turning these visitors into loyal customers.

  1. Identifying technical issues

Although SEO strategies are largely known as keyword optimisation, it’s so much more than that. SEO also focuses on the technical aspects of your site, such as loading speed, mobile-friendliness, security, and more. When monitoring these aspects of your site, you have a better chance of spotting errors such as bugs, broken links and outdated content. When you find them, you can fix the issues appropriately, resulting in a better-performing site.

  1. Ensuring website usability

When monitoring your site, you can test its functionality and usability first-hand. This means navigating through your pages and analysing what you can do to improve user experience.

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  1. Tracking SEO performance and ROI

Alongside tracking your site’s performance, you also gain insight into your ROI or Return on Investment, which is tangible data showing whether your website is earning. Additionally, it provides you with regular data you can use for comparison over the months and years that pass. This helps you see whether your earnings increase or decrease and know what you can do to improve it.

SEO metrics to track

Image 4 1024x714

There are various SEO tracking metrics you can take advantage of when monitoring SEO. These metrics, when combined, give in-depth measurement and data regarding user engagement and search engine website monitoring. 

Listed below are the most important SEO online monitoring metrics you should track:

  1. Organic traffic

The main purpose of employing SEO strategies is to improve your site’s organic traffic, an important factor to monitor when checking your site’s performance. When it comes to organic traffic, we’re talking about impressions and clicks from website visitors on your site from organic search results. 

The main focus here is to naturally lead your target audience to your site through unpaid sources instead of paid advertising. This is typically accomplished through inbound marketing, which often comes in the form of regular blog posts on your site.

  1. Keyword rankings

Keywords are an integral part of SEO since they determine which search results a specific page should rank for. Using the right keywords highly influences your page's popularity on web listing positions. The reason for this is that search algorithms pay attention to keywords with the highest search volume and density. Using the right keywords alongside other SEO strategies for content creation ensures your page remains consistently on top of the results page.

  1. Backlinks

Backlinks are another factor that influences your search rankings. In essence, backlinks are from external sites that redirect to your site through a hyperlink, which typically uses your content as a source of information. 

Google search algorithms see this as a vote in favour of your website, increasing your authority. That means the more backlinks you have, the more likely you are to rank on the top results of search engines. When it comes to link building, the pages linking to you must be high quality since having low-quality or spammy backlinks can compromise your site’s authority.

There are various ways to get quality backlinks for your casino site, such as:

Link exchanges

Link exchanges are a process where websites in the same niche agree to feature each other on their platforms. In return, you can get a backlink from another site by agreeing to feature them on yours.

Guest posting

Another way to improve your site’s backlinks is by creating a post on an authoritative platform in the industry. Some pages are open for guest postings as long as your content fits the niche. This is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss since this doesn’t just improve your link profile but also allows you to tap into other platforms’ audiences.

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  1. Click-through rates (CTR)

Click-through Rates or CTR should also be tracked since this measures how many clicks you get from people on links or ads related to your site. There are various CTRs you can keep track of. However, in content marketing, you want to track which pages have higher CTR. Doing so shows you which content has a higher relevance to your audience. It also shows which search query your page typically ranks on.

  1. Domain authority

Domain authority, or DA, is a system that predicts your website’s rank on a search engine results page. The DA score benchmark is from 1 to 100, which helps you make the necessary changes to ensure your website standing is higher.

  1. Bounce rates

When it comes to SEO monitoring, you should also look at your site’s bounce rate, which shows the percentage of your site visitors who leave the site without taking action. If a high percentage of people don’t click on a link you’ve provided, sign up for a form or make a purchase, then it means they’re not satisfied with your site content.

To improve site quality and ensure visitors take action during their sessions, you can use the bounce rate as a guide to determine what to improve. For example, you can check which pages have a high bounce rate and see how you can enhance them.

  1. Time on page

Along with the bounce rate, you should also consider the dwell time your site visitors have on specific pages. If they stay on a specific page for a long time, that means they are interested in analysing the content you’ve provided. This shows that your content has value and has the likelihood of converting leads. 

  1. Conversions

Lead conversion is the most obvious way to see if your site is performing well and if your pages meet the criteria to turn prospective customers into leads. When you have a high conversion rate, that shows goal completion in your conversion marketing strategy, which leads to high ROI.

SEO monitoring tools and how to use them

Image 5 1024x736

Since we’re on the topic of SEO monitoring, we’d be remiss not to mention the most important SEO tool or software at your disposal. These tools will help you better understand the habits of your site visitors and develop a marketing strategy that suits your need. We’ve provided insight into the most essential tools in this section. These tools typically have multiple features, which is why they’re part of our recommendation:

Google Analytics

The most common tool you can use to monitor your website SEO performance is Google Analytics, which shows valuable data such as your web traffic and overall web analytics. Additionally, it provides quantitative insights into how well your site is performing and shows which pages, in particular, are gaining traction among your audience.

This is an essential tool to monitor your SEO performance for the following reasons:

It tracks online traffic 

With Google Analytics, you see where your site traffic is coming from, whether it’s being shared from social media sites or links from other sites. Knowing your traffic sources can help you see which of your strategies is working best to encourage site visits.

Provides insight into user behaviour

You can better track user behaviour since the tool provides data bounce rates, session duration, page views, site search, and exit rates. These metrics give invaluable data you can use to track what appeals to your audience and how they’re converted into leads. 

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Google Search Console

The Google Search Console is another good tool for tracking performance and content optimisation. It is a tool largely used by webmasters to track the site’s performance on Google. This includes information on which of your pages have been crawled and indexed, identifying site errors, what devices are used to access your site, reviewing internal and external links and more.

Your casino brand greatly benefits from these tools for the following reasons:

Enables you to improve your HTML

The Google Search Console allows you to add metadata to your web pages. This is a great way to optimise your content since adding meta description and meta titles help Google’s algorithm better summarise the content to be found on a specific query. In this process, you must add relevant keywords since they help determine which keywords you can rank for in a web query. 

Better crawling and indexing for your site

The Google Search Console shows whether your site is being crawled by Google. It also allows you to fix issues relating to indexing so your site can get crawled and indexed. Know more about this when you learn all about crawling, indexing, and ranking and discover how this affects your site’s performance.

SEMrush/Ahrefs/Moz Pro

Platforms such as SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Moz Pro should also not be overlooked when you monitor SEO. These all-in-one tools help improve your site’s SEO performance on Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). Each of these has a free version that you can access. However, to get the most out of them, the paid version is the better option for you. With the paid versions, you get more in-depth insight and have access to other tools that help you better optimise your site.   

Google Pagespeed Insights

When monitoring your SEO performance, your site’s loading speed is something most novice marketers overlook. However, it’s important to remember that it only takes a single click to exit a page. Since everything in the digital space is instantaneous, ensuring your pages load quickly lessens the risk of drawing potential customers away from your site. 

Thanks to Google Pagespeed Insights, you can better handle your website’s loading speed. They offer tools to test your webpage’s loading speed and generate a report that shows the possible sources of the slow loading speed.

There are various ways to improve your pages’ loading speed, including:

Compress images on the site

The images on your site have a huge influence on loading speed. The bigger the image, the slower the specific page loads. One of the best ways to combat this is to lessen the images on particular pages or compress them by changing the file format.

Lessen your redirects 

Page redirects happen when you get redirected to another page, which takes up the time to load and significantly slows down the process on your site. While it’s sometimes necessary, lessening the redirects on your site can largely improve the loading speed.

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Best SEO monitoring practices

Image 3 1024x737

Remember that there’s a right way to conduct an SEO monitoring process to ensure your website’s success. With the tips we’ve listed below, we outline best practices you should follow that are proven to have high effectiveness:

Establishing a baseline for key performance metrics

Before you can improve your site’s SEO performance, you first need to evaluate its current status. Doing so provides you with the baseline on which aspects need improvement. Once you’ve discovered the baseline, then the next step is outlining the objectives of your SEO monitoring. This means you should set goals on what you want to improve and research the best ways to achieve them.

Regular monitoring and reporting

When it comes to SEO monitoring, you must consistently check your site’s performance report. This allows you to see the minuscule changes, whether it’s an improvement or a drop in performance. You should also consider the business process and how changes affect the overall site performance. However, your site’s performance can vary depending on your marketing strategy.

For example, when doing promotional marketing, you typically see an immediate soar and a drop after the campaign. But when it comes to content marketing, you won’t see immediate results. It should take a few weeks to months before your site’s performance is boosted. 

The difference between the two is that the former is immediate but short-lived, while the latter tends to take time but is long-lasting.

Continuous improvement

The biggest mistake you can make when monitoring your SEO performance is to be stagnant. Just because your site is performing well doesn’t mean you should stop there. You need to be consistently updating process optimisation to continuously improve your site. This kind of strategic management ensures your site is consistent in improving user experience and in providing value to your target audience.

Utilising multiple tools

With all the tools we’ve provided, you shouldn’t just pick any of these to help you with your task. Instead, utilise all the relevant tools to gain better insight into your site’s improvement. 

If you’re not sure which tools to use, then have a look at your key objectives for SEO monitoring and refer to them. This helps you determine which tools you need. Additionally, you can try the tools and explore the features they offer to see if it meets your requirement.

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Communication and collaboration

Having an open line of communication with your customers is a great way to optimise your site according to their wants and needs. That’s why you should have a means for them to connect with you through online suggestion pages or live chat. Your customers can provide useful information that can help you when planning how to improve your site. By learning from them, you can make your brand more suitable for your target market.

Comparing results with competitors

The best way to measure your brand’s performance is to get an analysis of how well it’s performing compared to your competitors. The result of your research shows your positioning in the industry along with your competitors in the industry. 

If your brand is falling behind a few competitors, you can study their online business model and see how you can do better with your platform. In this process, the secret to SEO is to not attempt to be different. Your job is to find the gaps in what your competitors are lacking and do it better.

SEO change monitoring, trends and algorithm changes

It’s important to know that SEO strategies, search engine algorithms, and industry trends are three ever-changing aspects. That’s why it’s crucial to continuously update your SEO process to match them. To give you further insight, we’ve listed these three factors down below to give each item more focus:


Industry trends tend to change sporadically, especially now that social media has taken charge of the digital space. With worldwide connectivity, people are now actively creating content that shifts the trends.

That’s why it’s important to pay attention to two things when looking at trends: 

  • The yearly predictions are made by experts at the start of each year, which is good for long-term planning of marketing tactics. 
  • The trends that arise in online social spaces are constantly changing according to what’s currently happening. Remember that these trends have an expiration date, so participate in them wisely. 

Search Engine Algorithms

Search engines like Google are constantly updating their algorithms to improve their processes. The main purpose of these updates is to make their user experience better. With consistent updates, Google now has a streamlined process of crawling, indexing and ranking. That means they can also easily catch platforms that are attempting to game the system by optimising their content for algorithms instead of providing value to their site visitors.

Keep in mind that you should avoid over-optimising your content like this since Google frowns upon this kind of technique. For example, keyword stuffing or adding too many keywords to your content can be flagged by Google algorithms, resulting in a drop in ranking or getting your page de-indexed. 

SEO strategies

The adjustment in trends and search engine algorithms drive the changes in strategies since you always have to match your strategy to what’s currently popular with your audience. As a casino brand, keeping up with trends helps you stay relevant and gives you a competitive edge. When you look at content marketing trends in 2023 related to the casino industry, the following factors are being considered:

Start improving your site’s SEO strategies with QWERTYLABS

SEO is a constantly evolving tool that makes your site accessible to your target audience. By consistently keeping track of the updates in processes, you ensure that your platform is always up-to-date with your strategies. By maintaining good SEO monitoring techniques, you can track errors and outdated content and have the proper call-to-action for your pages. These issues are then easier to catch and resolve, ensuring that your site is the best it can be in the foreseeable future.

Need a helping hand in monitoring your site’s SEO tactics? QWERTYLABS is here to assist you. As experts in digital marketing and SEO, we can boost your casino brand to new heights. Contact us today and take advantage of the service we recommend.


What is SEO monitoring?

SEO monitoring is a process where you keep track of your platform’s SEO performance. This provides you with invaluable insights into which aspects of your site require further changes. 

Does my site need SEO monitoring?

Absolutely! Every platform in the digital space needs to use SEO strategies and consistently monitor them to ensure your brand’s success. 

Why is SEO important?

SEO is a process in which you optimise your website content to:

  1. Offer the highest value to your customers. 
  2. Optimise your content for search engine algorithms to recognise your website.

What are the benefits of SEO monitoring?

There are various benefits you can enjoy when it comes to SEO monitoring. This includes improvement in ranking, tracking your KPIs and ROIs, and identifying your competitor’s strategies.

How do I monitor SEO results?

To properly monitor your SEO results, the best way is to make use of existing tools that provide insightful data. These tools include Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Moz, Ahrefs, SEMrush, and others. Remember that these tools provide different services, so choose the ones you need according to your monitoring objectives.

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