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Southeast Asia SEO marketing: Expanding your platform’s reach

September 5, 2023

Dive into the unique SEO strategies you can use to market your casino business in Southeast Asia. Reach the right target market by using helpful SEO marketing strategies that will influence potential customers. Unlike global SEO techniques, we’ll delve into the distinct factors of localised SEO such as the region’s language, writing system, culture, and more.

Elevate your SEO strategy in Southeast Asia with the right tactics and tap into new opportunities with QWERTYLABS. Learn more about SEO in Southeast Asia with the guide below.

Importance of SEO in the Southeast Asian market

SEO is an important tool that can maximise your platform’s visibility in the digital space. By using common SEO practices, you ensure your site appears on top of search results. This is crucial in reaching your target audience, especially if you want to market your casino to them and convert them into paying customers.

When you’re in the process of optimising your site for SEO, it’s essential to remember that there are techniques you can use to appeal to your desired region. In this instance, you’re trying to market to a Southeast Asian audience. That means you need to apply specific SEO techniques suitable to the region for your strategy to work.

SEO challenges and opportunities in Southeast Asia

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SEO in Southeast Asia may seem complicated to those who are new to it. However, there are many opportunities for you to promote your platform in these regions as long as you understand the best way to reach your target audience, such as:

Language and culture

Southeast Asia comprises eleven countries including Singapore, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, and more. Each of these eleven countries has distinct cultures and languages that are unique to their region. These can be a complicated factor that makes it difficult to market in the region. However, it also provides an opportunity for you to practice localization of your content to cater to Southeast Asian audiences.

There are a few ways this can be done, one of them is by ensuring your content has an active translation. That way, when a visitor from a specific Southeast Asian region visits your site, the content they’ll see is automatically translated into their local language.

Customer behaviour

It’s important to note that the distinct culture of these Southeast Asian countries influences their behaviours. That means their cultural upbringing affects their preference. Due to such nuances, you should conduct research to develop a relevant strategy to boost your casino’s performance on a search engine.

Regardless of how different the SEO processes are in other regions, the most significant factor in this strategy is your knowledge of the subject. That means you need to showcase your expertise in your niche, which in this case is casino gaming.

E-commerce and SEO in Southeast Asia

Based on statistics from Marketing Bear, the e-commerce market in Southeast Asia is expected to increase by 22.3% in Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) from 2020 to 2025. In Southeast Asia, Indonesia has the biggest e-commerce market. However, the market in other countries like Vietnam, the Philippines, and Thailand is expected to grow by 2025.

Mobile commerce is the biggest factor in this growth, especially when supported by good SEO practices. That means adding SEO-fueled descriptions when posting about your products or services. Doing this is the best way to ensure your listings have the highest possible chances of reaching your target audience.

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Keyword research for Southeast Asia

Conducting keyword research is essential to creating an effective casino keyword strategy. Regardless of whichever reason, the best way to do this is by finding popular and relevant keywords or search terms people use. This ensures that your content will appear during their search, maximising the chances of increasing your site traffic.

Techniques for finding relevant keywords

There are many nuances to conducting keyword research. It may seem easy at first, especially when you’re researching a popular topic. However, you’ll find numerous possible keyword variations and not all of them are as effective to use as others.  

When researching, it’s your responsibility to determine the best possible keywords depending on search volume, keyword density, and more. However, this is only the general scope of the task. When researching for keywords in specific regions in Southeast Asia, there are a few things you need to take into consideration, such as:

  1. Local language and culture

Before you even start your keyword research, it’s important to first understand the region’s local language and culture. This greatly impacts how people make their queries on search engines.

  1. Keyword research tools

The primary way to find the right keywords for your content is by using keyword research tools such as Ahrefs, Semrush, and Moz. However, it’s important to double-check that the regions you want to research are available on these tools. If not, then it’s ideal to research the specific regions and see what other marketers use for these.

  1. Local keyword

When it comes to digital marketing in Southeast Asia, you should remember that various countries within it have distinct languages and writing systems. These are two crucial factors you should consider when identifying which local keywords to use for your site’s content.

Effective website optimisation for Southeast Asia

Your site’s content itself is not the only factor to optimise. If you want to appeal to the masses, then you must ensure all areas of your website are correctly optimised. This includes technical AEO factors such as your site structure, navigation, website speed, and whether it’s mobile responsive. When your casino platform has ensured that all these factors are in good condition, then your visitor’s user experience will be better and your site performance will massively improve.

Content marketing strategies for Southeast Asia

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When creating localised content, you need to make sure you have content that has high-quality local language translation before publishing it on the right web channel. However, aside from that, there are a few SEO factors to remember, such as:

Content optimisation

One of the main ways to optimise your content for SEO in Southeast Asia is by understanding the basic content structure. It’s not just about understanding the difference between headings (H1), subheadings (H2 or H3), and the body of content. It’s also about making sure algorithms can identify them. This is important since H1, H2, and H3s are better read by search algorithms, which makes them the best places to insert keywords.

Meta tags and description

Meta tags and descriptions are snippets of text that explain the page’s content. This is the content that your audience will not see since it’s written within your page’s source code. It is meant to be a way to appeal to search algorithms to better read what your content is about, which then helps your pages improve their Click-through rate (CTR) and rank higher on a search engine. 

Alt tags for images

Alt tags are descriptive written content that provides context on what the images are meant to look like. There are various reasons why having alt tags for your images is significant. The main reason is that it helps visually-impaired readers know what the image is. Alt tags are also helpful since they can describe the image when it’s not loading or when it’s loading slowly. Aside from these two big reasons, alt tags are also a great way to optimise your content for SEO as having these add context to your content, which helps search engines crawl and rank your page.

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Social media and SEO integration in Southeast Asia

Asia web marketing works better when you can combine your SEO strategy with good social media tactics that improve your site’s authority and ranking. See our list below to identify the most important ways to combine SEO and social media marketing:

Hashtags and keywords

Many platforms have a hashtag system that serves as the keywords people use to highlight their posts. These also help the platform categorise your content, so it shows up in the proper category. The best example to use for this is X (Formerly Twitter), which is one of the earliest platforms to use hashtags. 

Through hashtags, X users can use the native search engine to discover people’s posts under the keyword. By incorporating these keywords or hashtags into your social media content, you can improve your discoverability, which greatly impacts your online presence.

User-integrated content

A good way to boost your online presence is through user-integrated content which is typically posted on social media. These user-generated content (UGC) are organic posts made by people who visit your casino site and their social media posts often discuss their experience. That’s why your brand needs to have a presence across the most significant platforms such as X or Facebook, since this is where you can maximise social signals. This includes shares, likes, and comments that can improve your relationship with your audience.

Understanding the local cultural preferences and interests

Since we’re discussing Southeast Asia SEO, it’s important to also mention that local interests may be different from the encompassing interests of the global community. If you want to better target the local market, then you need to ensure your social media posts cater to the cultural preferences of a specific group in Southeast Asia.

Language-specific content

Aside from interests and cultural preferences, language is one of the main ways to optimise your social media content. If the specific Southeast Asian country you’re aiming for has a specific writing system, then we encourage you to use it, so your audience can easily find and better understand your content.

Link building and backlink strategies in Southeast Asia

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Creating a link profile is one of the best ways to improve your SEO performance across all regions. This means ensuring you have backlinks that use your site as citations to greatly enhance your credibility. To ensure your casino platform has a good link profile, below is our link-building strategy guide:

Google My Business and local directories

Adding your platform to online local directories like Google My Business is one of the best ways to improve your platform discovery. This is a core local SEO strategy since you add your site to maps, which helps you appear on local listings when your target audience searches.

Guest blogging

Guest blogging is another crucial SEO strategy. However, when you are targeting to improve your SEO ranking in specific regions, then you should guest blog on popular sites in that region. Additionally, your guest post must include information about your platform to provide your readers with insights into what your platform is about. As a casino site, you should include your services or products on your guest blogs to give them an idea of the benefits they’ll gain when they visit your site.

Influencer partnerships

Influencer partnerships also have a big impact when it comes to local SEO. When your platform has enough marketing budget, connecting with bloggers and other online personalities as a form of endorsement is a great way to increase your presence in local spaces online.

Social media sharing

Your casino platform should have a share function, so visitors can easily share your games or blog posts to their social media networks. This is a good way to promote your site by maximising your audiences’ desire to share their experiences on their social media platforms.

Community engagement

There are various ways to utilise social media to promote your casino, both directly and indirectly. However, you should not forget that the best way to improve your online presence is by directly engaging with your audience. You can do this by visiting forums and industry-related pages to interact with your audience.

Infographics and visual content

Visual content is the easiest way to encourage your audience to spread the word on your behalf since visual posts such as infographics and marketing posts are appealing and shareable. If the image is worth sharing, then you can count on your audience to publish it on their personal social media pages.

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Analytics and SEO performance tracking in Southeast Asia

Tracking your SEO performance is the best way to determine the effectiveness of the strategies you use. It also impacts the decisions on what optimisations you’ll use for future SEO strategies. The best way to understand this process is by learning about the following:

Performance evaluation

Evaluating your site’s performance is crucial to know whether your present strategies for SEO in Southeast Asia are working or not. This includes analysing metrics, rankings, and organic traffic to determine whether your site is performing well. If not, then the data will also often show which areas still need improvement.


Trends are some of the most important ways to improve your SEO performance. Your platform’s ability to adapt to trends and jump on these opportunities significantly sets you apart from your competitors.


Your site’s performance is best determined by your Return on Investment or ROI, which measures the revenue generated from your SEO efforts. You can maximise your ROI by making Key Performance Indicators or KPIs that impact which SEO strategies you should use for your desired ROI.

Competitor analysis

Another vital aspect of measuring your site’s performance is by comparing it against your competitors. That means determining your strengths and weaknesses to understand how you can take advantage of them. By doing this, you’ll know where your competitors are lacking and how you can provide it for your audience. 

Seizing the SEO opportunities in Southeast Asia with QWERTYLABS

Creating an SEO strategy to target audiences from a specific region is a complex task. However, as a knowledgeable marketer, you can implement strong SEO strategies by learning about the region’s culture and language to ensure your platform’s growth.

When you’re struggling in this aspect, you should reach out to expert SEO marketers like QWERTYLABS. With our SEO expertise and years of experience in digital marketing, your casino platform is sure to grow in popularity in the Southeast Asian region. Contact us today to get started on improving your platform’s SEO with the multitude of services we provide.

Frequently asked questions

What are the most popular search engines in Southeast Asia?

When it comes to Southeast Asia, Google has the biggest market shares in various countries including Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines which ranges from 95% to 98%. This is significantly higher than Yahoo! or Bing, which has between 2% to less than 1% in market shares in these countries.

How frequently should I review and adjust my SEO strategies in this dynamic market?

We recommend that you update your SEO strategies at least once every three months. However, you should remain updated in the SEO industry, since search engines like Google constantly update them for improvement. When new SEO guidelines are released, it’s best to follow them immediately so your site continues to perform well in terms of SEO.

What future trends can we expect in Southeast Asian SEO?

When it comes to digital marketing in Southeast Asia, you should take advantage of trends such as TikTok ads and live streaming. Take note of the popularity of various AI tools and understand how you can ethically utilise them for better SEO impact.

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