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Link building strategy guide for online casinos in 2023

February 28, 2023

Every successful business is a product of a strong advertising strategy. This is true for all industries, and the secret lies in optimising your company's visibility in a platform most used by your target audience. For online casino websites, that platform is the internet and link building is how you make the most of its capabilities. 

Link building is one of the many strategies you can employ in search engine optimisation (SEO). Learn its fundamentals and bring your online casino to your target audiences through Google. Use it effectively to reach out to an international audience or from targeted regions. It's a complex topic, but you can learn about it in this guide. 

What is a link building strategy?

A link building strategy, by definition, is the technique that establishes ways to enter your website on various platforms. There are many ways to do this, the most effective of which is to write blogs and place hyperlinks related to your services on texts referring to your brand and services. 

Making internal links in your website leading to its other pages also counts. It's a great way to make your platform easy to navigate for visitors, ensuring traffic is spread out instead of funnelled into a specific location. You can consult link building services for casino sites like the ones provided by QWERTYLABS, one of the few experts on the subject. An established network is one of the key factors in successful link building, and there is none as vast as the company's connections. 

It's simple on paper, but following a casino link building strategy is a full-time job you must either include in your daily duties or delegate to a team of experts. The latter is the better option because you need the expertise of a skilled writer and a concrete international SEO strategy

QWERTYLABS is one of the top companies specialising in making an SEO link building strategy you can always consult with. With expert help, you can dedicate your time to other matters while a team completes the campaign your online casino needs to reach the top of search queries. 

Why is a link building strategy important?

A good execution of casino link building can make all the difference for your business. Fortunately, the process is simplified thanks to the availability of Google's tools like Google Analytics and SEO. Use them wisely, and you can begin gaining traffic to your casino website. 

The operative word there is 'wisely' because it's easy to jam keywords into various contents for link building. Unfortunately, Google can detect throwaway pages and omit them from their indexes or give them a low rank. 

Most search engine users won't even check the 2nd search engine results page (SERP), forcing SEO specialists to aim for page 1 as much as possible. It also helps you reach a high rank because many users click on the first five links. 

Link building can supplement everything your website needs to appear in queries, but the question becomes, 'can it compete with other online casinos?'. That's why you need a strategy that covers the following objectives:

  1. Make your brand and related websites trustworthy

Earning trust is a challenge for recently-founded online casinos, but you have a huge advantage if your brand is established and is just introducing yourself to a new country. A link building strategy needs to build new sets of referring domains targeting this new set of audiences. Writing content in their language and using their currencies is the basics; a strategy makes them all work together to generate good opinions about your casino website. 

  1. Reach high in the SERP rankings

Great content impresses the reader and Google's algorithm alike. Thus, a good link building strategy also finds ways to make high-quality content consistently. This includes writing about time-sensitive topics like news or blog posts. Writing for casinos also has the advantage of having timeless topics like gambling strategies and how to play basics for every game. There are hundreds of contents for them, but there's always a need for ones made for modern audiences. 

  1. Take advantage of SEO as a cost-efficient advertising opportunity

Google shared a few SEO tools, and more companies made their versions. Each is effective and cheap for casino marketing compared to hiring an endorser or getting a partnership with a brand ambassador. A good link building strategy will use SEO to reach target audiences through referring domains and deliver them great content to leave a good impression of your brand. 

  1. Promote brand loyalty

Every person visiting your website is an opportunity that they would also use your services. However, the best type of customer is one that is loyal to your brand. Link building helps increase the visibility of your online casino and boost its reputation, proving that your website is better than your competitors. Double down on link building some more, and your brand will gain a sense of authority in the gambling industry of that country.

  1. Track performance and fix where it’s lacking

Traffic and revenue are the statistics you measure to see how well your website, its web pages, and referring pages are. A good link building strategy should have ways to monitor them and plans to fix or cover them. Link building for casino needs a plan for regular maintenance to ensure your website is accessible for as long as it's live. Also, keep in mind updates on your websites. Backlinks only work if the URL still exists, which can be remedied through URL redirection. For cases where such a simple fix is not enough, you need to have a plan of action as quickly as possible. 

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Benefits of link building for casino websites

The online casino industry is considered a niche in the grand scheme of the internet. Combining that fact to target a specific region makes link building a natural technique for online casino businesses to reach out. Every click you get is organic traffic with a high conversion rate for any content related to gambling. 

Following a link building strategy guide requires dedication and finesse to ensure your business' success. Some companies establish a department dedicated to it or outsource from a well-established team like QWERTYLABS for the best results. If done correctly, then you can get the following benefits which are all helpful for your online casino:

  1. Establish a good reputation in the chosen location

Link building for international audiences always comes with so much work, but it's worth the effort if the result is increased visibility. With brand recognition comes trust in your online casino as one of the top in the gambling industry. Once you gain the trust of a demographic, you will have a strong authority in that region, making it more difficult for competitors to enter the target market. 

  1. Ensure that you have a high rating in search queries

Getting a high rating on domain authority and search queries is the goal of link building. Follow the strategy and execute it properly, and your brand's backlinks will always appear on the first SERP. The way Google works makes it easy to maintain this rating even for timeless topics, but it's best suited for outreach. Time-sensitive topics are the easiest content to reach high search query positions. 

  1. Boost website traffic the more backlinks you publish

The longer you keep up the link building strategy by publishing backlinks non-stop, the higher your visibility becomes. This also translates to getting more clicks over time which can also convert to sales in your online casino business. All you have to do is maintain existing backlinks to ensure all traffic is coming your way to benefit from all existing domains you've made. 

How to create your link building strategy

You can follow any link-building strategies online, but it's better to take inspiration from them than follow them step-by-step. Like all contents published worldwide, those are data written in the context of the author's time. 

You need to consider a wide variety of factors when making a strategy. It helps if you have the insights of an expert in content writing and SEO. You can make your way to study the state of your target markets per region or type of gambler using Google's tools. Look for the following data to see what needs to be added to a link building strategy you wish to make:

  • Define who your target audiences are

Clarify the demographics of your target audience and use SEO tools to see which domains are accessible to them. Factors to include are website exclusivity and language. Knowing this much helps set the limit you need to explore when looking for domains to place backlinks. Also, consider which currencies are popular in the country. Many prefer their local currencies, but the United States dollar (USD), Euro (EUR), and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) are common choices worldwide. 

  • Research your target market

See what topics they are looking for related to your online casino services like bonuses, types of games, specific titles, and partnered software providers. You can dedicate a blog post for each one rather than make one generic content that appeals to all of them. This is better for hooking visitors to the page and eventually clicking on a link leading to your website.

  • Find link building opportunities 

Finding opportunities for link building means choosing which topic to make content for to attract all your target audiences. A great example is when publishing news for sports events. Sports bettors frequently visit these kinds of content to use them as references when placing bets. Therefore, you can add hyperlinks leading punters to your bookmaker covering.

It can also be more direct, leading towards betting markets for a match involving teams mentioned on the referring page. Casino players are also spoiled for choices on blog post topics. You can deliver news and reviews about new games from their favourite software providers.

  • Find opportunities to build relationships with other websites 

Your brand doesn't have to be alone in its link building endeavour. Many websites seek partnerships with businesses like yours to attract mutual markets. Some can be owners of popular blog posts, while others are influencers on social media. Any backlinks they publish for you can reach all the daily visitors of their platform. Consider your options and add them to your link building strategy. 

  • Always have room for improvements in the link building plan

Google's criteria for 'high-quality content' can change over time. They would still follow the same metrics like readability and keyword placements but could update how the algorithm rates them. Always use updated references because the tips and tricks from years ago aren't timeless. Stay updated with news on SEO technology and gambling regulations to find better ways to reach your target audience. 

Link building strategies: What your casino needs

Planning your strategies is great, but you can skip some leg work by taking inspiration from some of the popular ones known in 2023. Hundreds of ideas are shared between SEO specialists nowadays, and you are welcome to use any of them. Incorporate them or parts of them into your own strategy. 

Here is a list of strategies you can use or take inspiration from them to open new opportunities:

  1. Ghost posting or guest posting for partnered websites

This strategy is about publishing works on a platform that you don't own. It could be a blog post or a main page for a target audience that they must release regularly. Website owners will often have trouble writing content independently, and you can take this opportunity to write for them. In exchange, you can insert an anchor text with a link to your website. 

  1. Make outreach content for topics relevant to your target audience

As an online casino, you will target audiences interested in gambling, payment technology, and sports betting. Thus, you can write time-sensitive content that appeals to that demographic, like news from software providers, policy changes on cross-border payment, and sports news. Be sure that the content you are writing isn't older than a week to get the most clicks. 

  1. Rebuilding a broken link and turning it into a referring domain

Website owners have to abandon their platforms, which are link-building opportunities. Each of these still has followers or people occasionally visiting them for information. These are all potential customers to whom you can advertise your products or invite them through anchor texts on maintaining content. 

  1. Brand mentions as hyperlinks

Many authors regularly write about casino content. Reach out to them and express intentions to sponsor their next work in exchange for a brand mention. This lets you benefit from their expertise, ensuring high-quality content and getting organic traffic from their well-established following. 

  1. Reclaiming unlinked mentions

Sometimes, there are authors who are already fans of your online casinos and refer to your brand in their content. It can also be a social media post or a forum thread. You can also contact these authors who have not linked to your website and ask to edit a hyperlink. 

This is also perfect for linkable assets like bonuses, specific games, or the login page rather than mentions of your brand specifically. Reclamation is great for both of you. For you, it's a great traffic source, but for them, it makes their statement where they mention your brand more credible.

  1. Repurposing old content for newer audiences

Targeting new regions has advantages if you already have done link building for a different demographic. You can take your old content, either from your website or referring domains, and repurpose them for platforms accessible to your new target audience. You can replicate them 1:1 with a few changes on region and currency used as a cheap method. Ideally, repurposing means rewriting the same topic in a modern context and localising it for a new region. 

  1. Joining online communities 

Establish your brand on a community site like a forum or social media. These are platforms where you can engage directly with your customers. User engagement is key to gaining a huge following for any online business, and it helps that you get their goodwill through live feedback. However, one key point to consider is that this is one of the toughest to execute because you need a skilled social media team to ensure your brand's good reputation. 

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Best link building strategies for your casino

All of the above examples are proven effective, and choosing which link building strategy to employ is easy. You just need to know which factors to account for when establishing your casino's online presence. Become a strong competitor in the international SEO industry by using or making a link building strategy focused on the following factors:

  1. Domain niche 

The best way to use backlinks is to place them in a domain your target demographics frequently visit. If you aim to publish referring pages on these websites, then your content should fit in its niche. This way, your backlink can fit in with the rest of the popular domain with your target audience.

  1. Source of the information

Readers frequently glance at the source of information, the part where the author's name and the content's publication date are written. Having a recognisable name or brand helps establish trustworthiness in the content provided. Thus, it helps if your online casino has authority in the online casino industry through link building. The more content you make, the more credible all works sourced to your brand become. 

  1. Regular contributor status reports

Every referring page and partnership you've built through your link building campaign should send regular reports through SEO tools. These should include contributor status details like traffic sent and conversion rates. See which parts are lacking and what can be done to improve their performances to maintain traffic flow. 

  1. Changes in trends 

The internet unifies many industries, but trends are still unique to every country. A great example of this is knowing which sport is popular and which league, club, or player is most frequently talked about. The same is true for online casino games, and considering this insight makes for a strong international SEO link building.

Top link building strategies to avoid

Every great international link building strategy also has pitfalls you must avoid. There are three in particular that you need to be wary of the most:

  • Overspending

Link building needs a big budget, like any business venture, and that's why you need to be frugal with your expenses. Keep track of your budget and be strict with how much you allocate for every aspect of your strategy. Overspend on any of them and you lose the budget needed for the others. You need to have a plan of action for when this happens and for price changes in the SEO industry. 

  • Black hat SEO

Black hat in SEO is the act of stuffing a backlink page with keywords and topics in hopes that it gets a high score in SERP. This does more harm than good because Google's algorithm is too sophisticated for that. Using a black hat SEO strategy will give it a low domain rating. Even if it scored high on search queries, Google can detect if it has a low trust flow from its visitors, causing it to drop in SERP rankings.

  • Wrong hyperlink

Sometimes, the backlink you published leads to the wrong page or website. This can happen either in the writing process when the wrong link is placed in a hyperlink or when URL redirection happens, but the content with a backlink is not updated. It's a common but easy-to-fix mistake where the action plan is simple editing. Make time always to check links in your link building strategy. 


QWERTYLABS has expert services, insights, and planning for your international casino link building strategy. You can contact us for a recommendation or consultation on such plans anytime. Trying to reach out to new regions is always worthwhile, and link building is the best way to do it. 

The only challenge you need to cover is finding the right help, and QWERTYLABS can solve that. Simply share your goal, like which region you want to outreach and which of your online casino services you would like to promote. Get in touch with QWERTYLABS now to see massive improvements in traffic and revenue within weeks. 

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Link building is complex and here are frequently asked questions about it:

What is an SEO link building strategy?

SEO link building strategy is a planned approach to establishing a network of backlinks, preferably to multiple domains targeting a common niche. The goal is to reach as many of your target audiences as possible through other websites on links leading to your online casino. 

What's the most common link building strategy?

Outreach is the most common link building strategy because it's effective and competitive. The strategy ensures a high SERP ranking when the topic is most relevant. 

What is the best link building strategy?

The best link building strategy is whichever attracts the most of your target audience. Answers can differ between demographics and countries. Thus, research is always helpful. 

What's the best way to find the authority of a website that gives you a backlink?

Domain authority is measured by evaluating linking root domains and several links. It's one of the ways you can ensure that a website is performing great for your backlink. 

Why is link building strategy important?

International link building needs every action to be deliberate to yield consistent results. A strategy helps in realising that objective with minimal mistakes and maximum optimisation. 

Why are link building strategies hard?

A link building strategy gains more complexity the higher expectations become. Competing against a rival online casino that employs the same approach is the most common factor in complicating matters for your business. That's because you are both trying to reach high rankings in SERP. 

How to execute link building strategy?

A link building strategy needs you to define your audience, identify link opportunities, and manage public relations (PR) to strengthen brand recognition. These are the core steps in executing a link building strategy, but the rest of the details are vital to its effectiveness.

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