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Why you need content translations for your casino in 2023

May 3, 2023

Making guides for casino games help attract audiences to online gambling businesses. Eventually, they become customers who learn from the blogs you publish. Learning about your brand through these types of content is also helpful in establishing the presence of your online casino. 

If a blog becomes successful in one region, then there’s a high chance it could also attract another. Consider investing in a team to translate your content and see how it will improve your casino’s traffic. 

What is content translation?

Content translation means writing the same piece of content in a different language. It is an attempt to find a similar customer base in a specific region as part of your content strategy for gaining traffic. 

Marketing your casino to a specific country can be handled in many ways. The most ideal is to rewrite all information to the local language, and the other is using the auto-translation feature of the web page. 

Why do we need content translations?

Translations are necessary for the iGaming business since gambling is an international industry. This is included in the basic search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy that covers topics for content creation related to your brand to attract audiences. 

Fortunately, there is plenty to talk about the broad concept of the gambling industry, but writing in one language only reaches one specific demographic. Translating blogs is an easy way to widen your reach without doubling your SEO strategy. This also gives your brand more credibility and authority advantage in search engine results pages (SERP) over other casinos that only write in one language.

The importance of localised and accurate translations in online casino content

Auto-translation software like Google Chrome’s plug-in can go a long way, but it’s not the best. There are some technical issues that it can’t solve, like appearing on the first page of SERP because the niche market is using a different language. This will make Google bring only web content published in the same language. Copywriting localised content of a platform is also done with a marketing tone which can be misunderstood when translating content. 

Translating content isn’t as easy as changing the language word per word. Here are two other essential factors in changing the language to appeal to the local target audiences:

Localised content translation

The most important part of localisation is properly sharing important information that won’t be lost in translation due to cultural differences. Besides being a marketing strategy, casinos still need to share guidelines given to them by their licence provider related to legal requirements. Thus, the casino must localise responsible gambling protocol and terms and conditions. 

Accurate content translation

Accurate translation means that the content is properly shared with the intended audience. Every country handles gambling differently, so user experience can cause misinterpretations due to cultural differences. The best way to move around this is to do a high-precision translation that neatly states the platform’s legal compliance. 

You can rely on translation service SEO to give hints on what keywords are searched in the target market. Knowing what phrases are used in an intended context helps make a higher accuracy localisation than using the direct translation of each word. 

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The importance of professional content translation services for online casinos

The casino website also needs an expert translator. All the features on the website need to be easy to understand so gamblers can have a good experience. Language is a major factor in your online casino’s accessibility, and professional translators can improve your daily traffic.

Why professional translation services are crucial for online casinos

As a casino operator, you must lay down the regulatory compliance of all users of your services. Settling for poor translations can cause confusion, resulting in a bad experience with your casino. This will reflect on your brand reputation, which will, in turn, slow down traffic. 

Reasons to choose professional translation services for online casinos

Website content translation or the creation of multilingual content is not an easy task no matter what tool you are using. You will still need the help of a professional to gain the lead in the competition of localised SEO. Quality translations demand high skills in the analysis of nuances and context to make content that will be fit for the target audience. 

Challenges of translation in the iGaming sector

What makes the translation of website content so challenging comes from various factors. One element is the possibility of error when using software, while the other is the cost of hiring a professional. Depending on how many sites you need to localise and your budget, all must be balanced in strategic management. Other challenges you should also consider is the personalisation of content to better appeal to foreign users. You can rely on international formats, but some countries prefer layouts they are already accustomed to. 

Benefits of using professional translation services

Translation services provide many benefits for both your casino and the users. One is that you can ensure it’s always high-quality compared to auto translators with unpredictable results. The second is that customers will better understand your casino if it is written with cultural sensitivities in mind. 

Managing a casino is more than about ensuring revenue. It is also about building customer trust and establishing an excellent global reputation as a multilingual service. Professional translators are your liaisons to connect with gamblers worldwide.

Content translation services by QWERTYLABS for online casino

Content translation services are one of QWERTYLABS' many areas of expertise. You can expect the highest quality service in all your online casino needs, including creating marketing strategies to help manage your content. All you need is a target market and a cooperative mind and work together in building a strong business plan for your online casino. 

Languages offered by QWERTYLABS for online casino content translation

Web content translation services in QWERTYLABS can build links in multiple regions. They can translate your content to any language you need, including but not limited to the following:

  • English
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Afrikaans
  • Brazilian Portuguese

The company is ever expanding; if the language you wish is not on the list, still feel free to submit your proposal. Any project is a business opportunity that QWERTYLABS is eager to accept. With a wide knowledge of SEO strategies, you can reach your target customers in no time. Rest assured that all the translated info will be delivered to your target customers. You’ll get your investment value in colossal traffic and profit for your online casino. 


QWERTYLABS is one of the best in the SEO marketing industry, and they aren’t limited to just the capability to translate marketing content. They are also webmasters and SEO professionals with high knowledge of how to use Google’s search algorithm, specialising in online gambling articles with call-to-action linking. Contact us now so all the content you need is published with backlinks to your casino website, and pages will surely have a high score in SERP. 

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Working with QWERTYLABS is easy, thanks to our customer-friendly systems and communications. If you have any questions, feel free to ask questions and reach out. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about translating content.

What is the best way to translate the content on your website for a new market?

The best way to localise your content is to hire a professional with the proper knowledge of cultural sensitivities and nuances knowledge. This way, you can ensure that the information you wish conveyed is properly delivered to the intended audience. 

Why translate your content?

Translating your content gives you three benefits. One, you’ll get to widen your casino’s scope to the same audience, albeit in a different region, doubling your potential customers. Two, it helps establish a strong backlink network which increases your brand's authority in the gambling industry. Three, taking the extra step to cater to a specific demographic helps build trust and reputation for your brand. 

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