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QWERTYLABS: Google Search Generative Experience 101

August 4, 2023

Discover the future of searching for your queries with Google's search generative experience (SGE) which will provide you with dynamic and informative responses powered by search generative AI. To help you prepare your brand for this update, our expert writers at QWERTYLABS have created a comprehensive guide on what Google’s SGE is. In this article, we will explore the exciting aspects of the search generative experience, its potential, and the opportunities in SEO it could unlock. Continue reading to learn more about SGE.

What is search generative experience (SGE)?

Google search generative experience is a set of search and interface capabilities that combine generative AI with Google's search engine results. The Google search engine is known for giving users relevant responses to their queries. The Google search engine algorithms are constantly being enhanced to make sure that users receive the best possible results from the web crawling process.

At the Google I/O conference on May 10, 2023, Google announced the launch of its Search with Google AI (SGE) initiative. The project, previously referred to as ‘Project Magi,’ was disclosed during the keynote address and is designed to bring machine intelligence into the area of Google Search AI. The Google SGE utilises a large language model (LLM), initially the Pathways Language Model (PaLM) 2, for both content and query capabilities. 

Google SGE aims to provide users with more relevant and accurate results when searching the web, rather than relying solely on information indexed and ranked by Google's conventional search algorithm.

Google SGE uses artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance the user’s experience in these three ways:

  1. AI snapshot

AI Snapshot generates concise summaries and relevant information from multiple sources. It aims to provide users with quick information without requiring multiple clicks. The AI snapshots include text, images, links, or expandable web content tailored to match the user’s query and provide a comprehensive response.

  • Provides unique multi-angle query responses
  • Simultaneously extracts data from multiple unlinked sources
  • Ensures a prominent display of three links with thumbnails alongside each screenshot
  1. Conversational mode

Google SGE provides the main answer to the search. It answers follow-up questions while retaining the context of the original search question, allowing users to ask for more or proceed to the next step in the snapshot.

  • Contextual answers to follow-up questions within the search context
  • Recommended selections and results based on previous search history
  • An expected increase in extra-long search queries and possible opportunities with product feed integration
  1. Vertical experiences

Google SGE incorporates vertical search experiences, such as shopping search results, using AI to provide informal summaries that display relevant products, images, descriptions, and reviews. This may benefit e-commerce businesses in the following areas:

  • Critical for multi-angle shopping and local search experiences
  • Enhanced feature list and provides more detailed product information in commercial search results such as online shopping.
  • Substantial impact on PPC advertising by incorporating advertisements and organic results within the extensive shopping graph data, which includes over 38 million products

Advantages of using Google SGE

Using Google SGE has several benefits. Firstly, it quickly and accurately answers your questions, even the complex ones, without needing to search on a website. Plus, the answers are easy to understand and help you learn more about your topic.

Google SGE generates responses based on user queries. It also provides references to the source websites, which you can see appearing directly in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

The limitations of Google SGE

Google's SGE is currently being actively developed and undergoing feedback-driven improvements as an experimental model. While it continues to evolve daily and harness the power of learning, it may encounter occasional challenges in providing accurate answers.

Additionally, its generative nature might lead to responses that are not always directly related to the search query, a known trait in generative models. Google promptly addressed user concerns regarding response speed by implementing a significant update in June. Web accessibility to the Google search generative experience is presently limited to a specific user group participating in the search labs experiment on Google Chrome, primarily focusing on users within the United States.

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How does SEO use search generative experience?

Search generative AI primarily returns spliced web content before switching to chat mode, where users can start a conversation by asking questions, and an AI-trained language model will respond with relevant information. 

However, with a big change incoming at the top of SERPs, there are more than likely some changes to your organic SEO strategy that you should begin applying now to help secure your website’s inclusion in Google's generative AI search features.

What can we do proactively or reactively? Here are some suggestions for how Google SGE could affect organic search and how you can adapt your search strategy to stay on top of the latest developments concerning AI-powered SERPs.

Showcase experience, expertise, and trust

Displaying E.A.T. (expertise, authoritativeness, and trust) on your website is important. Your brand's expertise and company reputation in the chosen domain must be clearly exemplified to gain coverage within the content produced by Google SGE AI. Emphasise your profound knowledge of the sector and your business's products and services by providing comprehensive feature lists and usage instructions.

Optimise high-quality long-form content for SGE

Google SGE presents a unique opportunity for websites to enhance their search engine exposure. By optimising web content lower down the page, you can increase visibility for topics related to the primary subject matter. This optimisation lets you tap into long-tail keywords from search queries, potentially gaining traction.

Also, take advantage of compelling visuals, statistics, and infographics that aid user comprehension. Offering useful visualisations and relevant images increases your chances of getting featured in SERPs.

Embrace user reviews

While AI and language models provide valuable insights into various subjects, human users still seek the specific experiences of others who have used your products or services. Human reviews play a crucial role in the decision-making process, particularly for internet users.

Encouraging reviews for the products and services you offer can elevate your website's credibility. Make these reviews accessible, incorporating them into relevant product pages or sections that add value to your offerings. As AI tools reference reviews, your website stands to gain significant traffic, especially if the content is associated with your products or services.

Develop contextual information and consider Y.M.Y.L omissions

Adding depth to the covered topics becomes important for websites specialising in straightforward informational queries easily addressed by AI. Instead of providing simple factual responses, enrich the content by adding contextual information to the search queries. Offering detailed insights about historical events or complex topics enhances the value of your web content.

In the health realm, data voids and Google's cautiousness in critical areas like YMYL (Your Money or Your Life) sites may limit the scope of Google SGE. Google seeks to avoid misinformation by ensuring language models for AI-powered snapshots maintain a balance that reduces inaccuracies.

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Maintain a conversational tone and anticipate user search refinements

Google emphasises the conversational nature of Google SGE, opting for a content format that is concise and easily digestible. Google SGE AI can make your content more valuable and increase the chances of referencing or extracting it by anticipating follow-up questions that users might ask and crafting content to address these queries.

Search generative experience SERP information will likely update as users ask follow-up questions during chat mode. Identifying common follow-up queries related to your initial search query and crafting content to cover these topics can significantly enhance your content's exposure. Utilise the "People also ask" section that can be found in existing Google SERPs.

Identify featured snippet opportunities

Search generative experience may be evident on pages with featured snippets, those prominent answer boxes at the top of SERPs. Assess featured snippet content and pages for their SGE potential. While Google SGE might eventually replace featured snippets, some elements may remain or evolve into initial responses.

Markup your pages with structured data

Structured data remains crucial for search engine crawlers, and its importance may further increase with SGE's quest for nuanced information on the web. Optimise your content to provide an efficient and comprehensive summary of your web pages using structured data markup. JSON-LD, microdata, and RDFa can be viable options to enhance your website's visibility.

Monitor SERPs and adapt the content

With Google SGE's dynamic nature, staying informed about successful content strategies other publishers and retailers use across diverse search terms is crucial. Understanding the features and types of content that yield results will inspire creative ideas for your website, ensuring you can promptly gain coverage.

Discover the future of search with QWERTYLABS, your adaptable SEO partner

Google's search generative experience is a dynamic tool that can help you improve your website's visibility and organic search rankings. To get the most out of Google SGE, consider working with us at QWERTYLABS. Our team of industry experts can help your brand and website maximise the potential of Google SGE and ensure that your website is optimised for the best possible search engine performance. Contact us today to embark on this exciting journey together!

Frequently asked questions

Can the search generative experience improve my website's SEO?

Yes, by providing valuable and user-centric content, search generative experience can lead to improved search engine rankings.

Is search generative experience suitable for all types of businesses?

Yes, search generative experience can be implemented across various industries and business models to enhance user engagement.

What does the future hold for search generative experience?

The future promises even more sophisticated search generative experiences driven by AI and machine learning, delivering unprecedented levels of personalisation and efficiency.

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