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The master guide to making affiliate sites

November 28, 2022

The internet is home to plenty of marketing strategies to promote businesses, products and services. Creating an affiliate marketing site is one strategy that can help you connect customers with the products they are looking for and generate passive income over time. Here at QWERTYLABS, get to know more about the ins and outs of affiliate sites and how they can benefit you as a business owner. Read this guide to making affiliate sites to get started!

What are affiliate sites and how do they work? 

Affiliate marketing websites are platforms that aim to sell or promote the product or services of another company through affiliate links. In doing so, they can earn commissions depending on the people who click the links or are redirected to the business page. It's a means of assisting the marketing or promotional process and profiting in exchange. 

However, an affiliate site is different from an affiliate partner. The former is used for businesses to gain more traffic to their platform and grab the attention of their target clients. Meanwhile, the latter aims to profit while keeping its audience hooked on content: the more loyal readers, the more potential for revenue in the long run. For example, if you want a simple and low-maintenance means to make money online, you should consider making an affiliate website. Work with partner companies and include links to their products and website through yours. With every visitor that goes to their site or patronises their services, you will get a cut of the profits. 

If you want to experience this for your business, you must first know how to create and maintain an affiliate site. From there, you can carry on promoting your partner businesses. It's all in how the site is conceptualised and built and the content that comes with it. 

The types of affiliate marketing

First up, you should know the different types of affiliate marketing. Choose which of the three you identify with and start from there. Take a look at each one below: 


This is the most basic and uninvolved type of affiliate marketing on the list. As the name suggests, the owner of the affiliate site is unattached to the product, service or company it is promoting. When it comes to skills, expertise or ability to verify the company's offerings, they are also unattached and cannot make opinionated claims or statements. 


The second type of affiliate marketing is a related site where the contents of the website and the products being promoted are related. A site that qualifies as a related affiliate can be trusted regarding expertise and legitimacy. However, they may not make any claims concerning the company or its products and services. 


Lastly, an involved affiliate site is connected to the product or services it promotes. Out of all the types of affiliate sites and marketing, this is the most reputable one. They are trusted in the field of the topic they're presenting, and their positive experiences can be a testament for other potential clients to consider. 

A step-by-step process on how to make affiliate sites

QWERTYLABS values high-quality and organic affiliate sites that make timely content, which is why you should trust us with creating these websites. To get a better idea of the affiliate site-making process, see the step-by-step guide below for more information: 

Step 1. Decide on your niche 

The first and one of the most foundational steps you must take when making affiliate sites is to determine a niche or the central theme of the site. It will help you focus on one goal the site is geared towards. Plus, it can also assist with finding related companies, products and services to promote. 

Instead of having a site all over the place regarding theme and content, you can remain centred on one goal and offer a steady stream of content regularly. This will make you a good partner for affiliate marketing purposes in the long run. To get an idea of some of the popular niches you can choose from, see the list below: 

  • Finance 
  • Technology 
  • Cosmetics, health and wellness 
  • Fitness
  • Education 
  • Entertainment and gaming. 

Step 2. Choose an affiliate program type to join 

The next step is joining an affiliate program, essentially a host for all affiliate sites where you can sign up and register as a partner. You can choose an in-house affiliate program the company offers or an affiliate network that can connect you with said companies or businesses. A good example of an affiliate program is Amazon Associates or Partners.io. 

Step 3. Identify the type of website you are creating 

After establishing your niche and an affiliate program, determine the type of website you'll build. Ask essential questions like whether or not you want to create a blog-centred website or one that publishes reviews or product listings. Stick to one concept and start from there. That way, your content within site is specific and consistent over time. 

Step 4. Take time to find a domain name and web hosting service 

The next step in the process is to come up with your domain name. When choosing a name for your platform, you should choose something unique that will set your site apart from others. Once people start looking for your site, they will type that domain name and get access to your homepage immediately.

Additionally, web hosting is also essential to the process. You'll have to work with a provider that will assist you in maintaining your website, its scalability and user-friendliness in the long run. Make the most of your resources by finding the best web hosting package suited to your needs. 

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Step 5. Create and customise your website on your desired platform 

One of the reasons why your business needs high-quality web design is that it will catch your client's attention, which is why it's important to choose from well-known sites that can help you with your desired platform. Websites like WordPress, GoDaddy and Shopify are platforms where you can establish your site's interface, navigation settings, customisation and design. Make the interface suited to your niche and excellent in terms of navigability so your visitors will be more inclined to read content, click on links and explore your platform. 

Step 6. Work on making timely and niche-centred content

Once your site is up and running, this is where your skills in content creation will be tested. Publish timely and relevant content that will catch the attention of your readers. Always consider their needs and answer any questions they might have through your affiliate site. Having high-quality content is paramount to the maintenance of the platform as well as hooking your visitors. The more readers you attract, the more revenue you can get from related clicks and redirected traffic to your partner company. 

Step 7. Ensure your content is well-optimised for search engines

SEO or search engine optimisation is another essential strategy to maintain an affiliate site. This is where you can incorporate keyword research for your content, optimise images on your site, and make your interface mobile-friendly. Consider the top SEO tools your business needs and use them to your advantage.  

Step 8. Include backlinks and set up analytics tools

To further your SEO efforts, make use of backlinks or interlinking to add topics within your site and generate more traffic not just to one page but to multiple others on the platform. However, you should write carefully curated content and not simply insert related links. 

When you create affiliate sites with QWERTYLABS, you can enjoy services regarding making backlinks and analytics tools. These can come in the form of optimisation and data analysis resources such as Ahrefs and Google Analytics, to name a few. These greatly help you keep track of your affiliate site, its progress and how it fares compared to other competitor sites. 

Step 9. Share links and use online resources to promote your site

When your site is up and running, and you have published content, the next step is to share links and start the promotion process. Promote your partner company and incorporate their products and services within your content. 

Take advantage of ads or posts on social media platforms. Depending on your target market and what your partner companies are looking for, consider their preferred channel and post promotional content there. This could be in platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and more. 

Step 10. Stay on top of maintaining your affiliate site

You might think the work ends after creating and publishing content on your affiliate site, but this is not the case since you also have to consider its maintenance over time. Stay up to date on the latest trends, adjust to consumer needs and ensure that your affiliate site is at par with the products or services you are promoting. 

You don't have to worry too much about customer service or constantly checking your platform when maintaining affiliate sites. The great thing about affiliate sites is they require minimal maintenance to thrive as long as you continuously publish good content and give your readers what they want.

 What are the benefits of creating an affiliate site?

Once you know the process of creating an affiliate site, check out the advantages of doing so. See the section below to know what benefits you can expect when making an affiliate site: 

Gain passive income 

The first and main reason people are interested in creating affiliate sites is that they can be used as an opportunity to get rewards or commissions. These are given in exchange for a specific number of clicks or amount of traffic generated towards the company's main website. As long as you keep publishing interesting and relevant content, the profits should also be consistent. 

Work anytime, anywhere with no limitations

Another advantage of creating affiliate sites is that you have full control over your time and efforts. There are no specific work hours you have to follow, just that you must publish content consistently. Work under your rules and do it all wherever and whenever you want. 

No need for your products or services

Running a business is difficult, especially when conceptualising products or services and dealing with clients regularly. If you want to earn money online without offering products or services, then making an affiliate website is the best choice. 

Affiliate marketing eliminates customer support 

A benefit of affiliate sites is that only one person can run them due to them being a low-maintenance venture. Since you are offering zero products or services, there is no need for customer support. All you have to do is focus on your current readers and give them what they want. 

Cost-effective for all sorts of businesses

Creating start-up companies or businesses can be pricey, and some people have to take up loans. This is not the case with making an affiliate website since you don't have to spend a fortune, and anyone can do it. 

Eliminates a need for offices, employees, and more

Since you can create and maintain an affiliate site anytime and anywhere, this eliminates the need to consider hiring other employees or renting out an office. It's a convenient and more sustainable option! 

Enjoy performance-based revenue

The great thing about making an affiliate site is its rewards are mainly based on performance. As long as you invest time and effort into its maintenance and regularly published content, you will see a profit turnover in no time. If you have reputable design or content management skills, your expertise will serve you well in affiliate marketing and website upholding. 

Create affiliate sites with QWERTYLABS today!

Use this guide on how to make affiliate sites and start your platform today. With the right tools and timely content, you can attract readers and connect them with your partner companies to succeed in generating revenue. Work with us at QWERTYLABS, and let us help you build your site with our SEO services like link building and content creation. Gaining passive income over time has never been easier, especially when you take the necessary steps to make a high-quality website. Contact us today to find out more! 

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