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How to do brand reputation analysis through online research

April 12, 2024

A company could grow in many ways, but crafting a strong reputation is a good way to become a well-loved brand. Before someone becomes a customer, they would have learned about your company through different means, whether it’s marketing, brand reputation, or word of mouth. 

It’s important to have a good reputation in the target market but also toward the general public. To do that properly, an online brand reputation analysis is the key to learning more about how people will perceive your company. Look into the value of effective strategies with your brand’s reputation and how they can help elevate your brand to new heights using this helpful guide. Get the most out of your company and profit from your reputation.

Understanding brand reputation analysis


Brand reputation analysis involves learning more about your brand’s reputation through proper analysis. It helps address the problems or points of improvement you can look into.

To do a brand reputation analysis, you must use reputation management tools to help you track and resolve reviews about your company. It is an important step to getting information on how to act like a brand moving forward and in the long run, as it can help entice and retain customers. 

The analysis's findings are collected from different parts of your company’s online presence. It studies not only your social media platforms but also other platforms that mention your brand. Remember, you don’t control every part of the internet that involves your company’s name, but you can control how you present it to the world.

Depending on your niche, there will be multiple avenues you can take with your online reputation analysis. This includes reading customer reviews to level up your brand’s reach and acceptance around the internet and learn how to improve on it. Become a better steward for your company by embarking on a journey of improving your brand reputation. It will go a long way when you know what to address, as a lot of brands get confused with how their marketing is looking.

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Why conduct an online brand reputation analysis?

Conducting a proper online brand reputation analysis can help you level up and become a better company. You can start enhancing your website, as this tells a lot about your company and is the gateway for customers to know about your offers. However, more factors can improve your brand’s ratings. Find out the reasons why you should do an online brand reputation analysis to know how it can benefit you:

Improves brand against competition

You must know how your brand is perceived compared to companies within the same niche. It’s important to know this, considering you can adjust what you want to see from your online presence, whether it’s marketing or your overall services.

It will get you a leg up over your competitors, so do your best to analyse the necessary parts of your marketing. Remember that you’re going against these companies, so it’s best to know what helps you stand out from the rest and become the best your niche has to offer. 

Profit more from your business 

Proper analysis is the best way to profit from your business. You’ll learn what makes your business more appealing to your target market, which will spend money on your business’ services, products, or offerings. 

Your company will go a long way when you build your brand to become more well-known and reputable across different categories. Through this, you become more of a trustworthy brand and business that people would love to spend money on. 

Get more loyal customers

Improve your overall brand reputation to gain more loyal customers and followers across your business and platforms. It’s important to level up your brand to the point where people become loyal customers. The more people are aware of your brand, the more profitable it becomes.

Make you look better internally

Apart from looking good outside your company, this will do wonders for your internal affairs. Your company becomes more reputable through analysis and action, leading to better results for employee morale. 

Everything looks good when the system is chugging along nicely. By prioritising functionality within your ranks, you keep getting the best results for your company internally. This way, you can also retain more employees, as they’re motivated to keep working on your brand and improving it. Along with the growth of your brand, this also helps increase your employees’ careers. 

Create more partnerships

By doing an in-depth analysis of your brand, you will learn more about what kind of markets you should target and how to expand your reach. This can be done by creating proper partnerships with other companies to boost your brand and help you become more legitimate for potential customers. 

One of the best ways to do this is by working with influencers, who will entice their followers to purchase your services or products. There, you can analyse again, adjust your action plan, and keep working towards building a good brand reputation.

Follow the ongoing trends and analyse which ones best fit your brand. Stay on the pulse of your industry and get a leg up on your competitors by finding the latest trends and the best partners to help you become more profitable and successful.

Foster long-term sustainability

A brand's goal should always be to maintain its success over a prolonged period. Doing a good analysis can build trust and loyalty with your customers and make your business more sustainable. 

This will help you set a good foundation from the jump. However, you can also build off that by creating unique projects that fit your target market and entice new people to buy into your project and become supporters for the long term.

Strategies for performing online brand reputation analysis

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Online brand reputation analysis is important for you as a brand owner. You have plenty of avenues to focus on, including social media, so you should learn the optimal strategy to help you become the most successful brand possible. 

Here are the best strategies to implement for online brand reputation analysis: 

  1. Analyse customer feedback and reviews

Getting customer feedback is paramount to improving your business, as they’re the patrons of your products, services, and offerings. You must be aware of what your customers are saying, as that will let you know what you must do. Improve the customers’ perception of your brand by solving their inquiries rather than taking them personally.

Doing this can elevate your business to the highest level possible as you’re learning from thoughtful and constructive feedback. By working on your relationships with your customers, you become a pragmatic company that responds to genuine feedback and adjusts services and marketing accordingly. 

These are valuable insights, so do your best to learn from them and become a better company by working on the information you’re getting from your audience. 

  1. Address and manage reviews

Apart from learning from the reviews, you should also look at how you respond to them. Whether it’s positive or negative feedback, it’s best to address it professionally and use it as a guide to improving your brand. Learn from them through online reputation analysis and set the course for the best plan to have stronger offerings.

  1. Conduct surveys to assess brand image

While reading reviews and comments from the customer base, it’s also ideal to create some surveys to see what points of improvement you should look into. 

You can connect with the customer base at a higher level with these surveys as you can get more targeted feedback. Create a survey that hits all the necessary criteria and gives your audience an area where they can input their helpful points. 

  1. Perform a competitive analysis

Do a detailed and complete reputation analysis of your competitors to help you elevate your brand. This helps you get the most valuable insights to learn how you can stack up against your competitors within the same industry. 

Knowing what your rivals are doing will help you understand what you need to do to reach the best improvement possible. Compare the insights you’re getting from the analysis and make the necessary adjustments. 

Alter your plans and look into how much satisfaction you can get from the customers. It’s ideal to learn more about the other companies to know how you can be the best one in your niche. 

  1. Implement SEO strategies

Since you’ll be working with online services, you must learn how to stand out more in search engines. The higher you place in the search engine results pages (SERPs), the more your brand will get recognised.

While the analysis is mostly looked at in terms of the insights you can get, there are also strong points to using statistics in the SEO space. Stand out amongst the Google search results, and your brand will grow organically.

Take note of SEO strategies like link building so your company stands out from the rest of the competition through proper search engine optimisation. 

  1. Use tools to monitor brand reputation

By going through plenty of data, you’ll have multiple tools to help you monitor your brand reputation and how it could go well for your business. Brand management tools are quite useful, as you won’t have to manually gather the data you need. You can just rely on automation with these tools, making it fast for everyone involved.

Here are some of the best tools to help you with efficient monitoring of your brand:

  • Real-time alerts - It’s best to learn more about your competitors in real time by setting up an alert that will exclusively tell you about your brand’s growth. Google Alerts is probably the best tool for you since it’s integrated into your browser.
  • Brand24 - This is a media monitoring tool with strong analytical features that covers social networks, review sites, blogs, forums, news sites, podcasts, and more. 
  • Gatherup - A slightly different type of online reputation management software, which specialises in review management. You can interact with the customers and directly ask them for a product review. 
  • Chatmeter - A solid brand monitoring solution for agencies, franchises, and more. This notifies you about reviews you need to see. 
  • Social Mention - Type the name you want to monitor online and all the mentions and basic brand reputation analytics will be present in one dashboard. It’s more simple than you think, allowing you or anyone in your team to use it. 
  1. Plan a crisis management strategy 

It’s best to handle crises by having a plan. You might not envision problems popping up, but it’s best to be ready rather than get caught off guard when issues arise. Carefully plan a strategy that can help you react quickly whenever a controversy occurs. This will help you handle the situation as quickly and easily as possible.

Prepare a backup plan and improve your brand reputation measurement, as that will help you in the long-term future. Stay on track with a crisis management strategy and breeze through potential issues. 

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Online brand reputation metrics

Image 2

By looking into the brand reputation analysis you’re doing, you must become familiar with the metrics and trends you’re observing. Here are some of the most useful metrics to keep in mind whenever you’re measuring your reputation:

Sentiment analysis

This is where you look for people’s sentiments and opinions on the products, services, or offerings your customers are getting. You must listen to or read them to help you understand what they think of your brand.

It’s best to know what people think of your company or brand, as that will affect your reputation. While the buzz around your brand can help with its popularity, having a negative reputation will only drive away potential customers. Strive for positive sentiments to widen your customer base.

Share of Voice (SOV)

This measures your presence in discussions, whether that’s in traditional media, social media, or on the broadcast. Track the SOV in your industry and make adjustments with what you see fit within your brand guidelines.


Look at how far your brand is reaching customers. It’s important to look at the analyses provided to you, as that will help you become more involved with the target audience.

Brand advocacy

Learn more about the customers who want to actively promote your brand. You will see within this metric how loyal many of them are, which will help you enhance the brand you’re spearheading.

Industry analysis

It’s best to look at the overall industry and see how much you can become more aware of some of the issues they’re dealing with. This will help you spot potential issues and make changes accordingly, helping you become a much better and highly valued brand.

Getting covered in multiple publications

As your brand grows, it would be great to know you have received praises. Being included in multiple publications is a great way to know that your brand has reached a milestone and will inspire you to strive more.  

Enhance your brand with brand reputation analysis at QWERTYLABS

Get the most out of your business by working with brand reputation analysts. Learn how to get positive growth with QWERTYLABS, where you can get the most out of your marketing efforts and protect your brand to the fullest. Contact us today to see the services we offer and improve your brand.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) 

How to do online brand reputation analysis?

To do an online brand reputation analysis, you must use a combination of tools, techniques and the best SEO strategies. That helps you address potential problems and improve upon them.

How often should I conduct online brand reputation analysis?

If you want your brand to do well, it’s best to do your analysis frequently. You don’t have to do it every week, but you must do it depending on which industry your brand is part of. The most popular one is doing regular weekly monitoring, which helps you stay on top of market trends. 

You can also do real-time monitoring, which involves real-time alerts for your brand. Another recommendation is to do big analyses every month or quarter to see a bigger picture of the statistics.

What metrics should I consider when analysing online brand reputation?

There are multiple metrics to look at, including social media engagement, review ratings, and all kinds of feedback.

What role does social media play in performing online brand reputation analysis?

Performing online brand reputation analysis is more important nowadays, as most businesses are promoting to get some of the best feedback.

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