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How a content review process assures quality content

September 16, 2022

Managing content becomes a challenging task when you lack a proper system. Without it, your team will have trouble delivering tasks and staying aligned with the brand guidelines.

A reliable content review process improves your team’s efficiency and ensures your marketing efforts sow good fruit. Find out how content review processes work and how you can tailor one for your team here at QWERTYlabs.

What is a content review?

Content review is a quality assurance process carried out on all content to assist you in accomplishing your objectives. It involves numerous steps, from disseminating information to publishing content that brings traffic and customers to the site. Through this process, you can enhance your team’s communication skills and ensure that all content is consistent with company standards. 

Roles in a content review process

There are specified roles assigned to team members in every step of the content review process. Find them below:

  1. Writer

The content creator or writer is the one who produces the content based on the content brief and style guide. They’re also responsible for implementing the suggestions made during the content review and approval process.

  1. Reviewer

A content reviewer edits the writer's content and offers additional feedback on how to improve it. Usually, they're quality analysts, editors or subject matter experts who can provide a more professional perspective.

  1. Manager

A content manager coordinates the movement of content through the various stages of the review process. They ensure that team members are assigned their tasks and set deadlines to follow. On top of this, the manager is also accountable for providing the team with final approval on any content.

Content review process

An efficient content evaluation process contains specific steps. When followed correctly, these result in unified and well-thought-out content that aligns with your company's tone and branding. Check out the content review process below:

  1. Perform a solid briefing

A briefing consists of a meeting in which the team gets together to write a detailed proposal for the content they will be producing. At this stage, individual members of the team are briefed on the roles that have been assigned to them.

  1. Create content

After the briefing, the writer creates an outline using the discussed keywords and themes before doing the assigned task. This step requires extensive research to ensure the article is informative and accurate. 

  1. Review and feedback

The reviewer will edit and give the article after the writer finishes the content. After analyzing the content, the reviewer will provide feedback and edit the content if necessary, which the writer will accomplish. Once the quality of the content is assured, the manager will give the final approval. 

  1. Final approval 

After the content writer and reviewer have made their changes, the final approval goes to the manager, who checks for more errors and any lacking information. If they find additional edits, the content returns to the writer who applies them. Otherwise, they approve the article for posting. 

Importance of a content review process

Here’s why having a content review process is important for your business:

  1. Ensures consistency

A proper content review process ensures all content follows the company's guidelines and standards to provide unity to all outputs. A diverse team can produce varied results that may not always align with your project's goals, so using content reviews, you can establish specific content targets followed by everyone. 

  1. Saves time

When you identify and closely adhere to a set of standards, you allow your writers and reviewers to cut down the time spent on creating and reviewing content since they have the same understanding of their tasks and deadlines. 

  1. High quality output

In a content review process, all articles go through many stages, so the output is accurate and high quality. When implementing one, your team can consistently deliver high-quality content in the most efficient way possible, resulting in a trustworthy brand image.

  1. Organized feedbacks

With a streamlined method of giving feedback, you’re allowing all your writers and reviewers to see lapses or improvements in an organized manner. This way, you can keep track of everyone's comments and see at a glance where each project stands.

How to create a content review process

You need ample knowledge of creating a content review process to implement it correctly in your workplace. Here’s how you can establish a content review:

  1. Set objectives

Before creating a content review process, you must first define your goals and content strategy. One way to set objectives is to follow the SMART goal, which focuses on producing sustainable, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely content. 

Afterwards, define and contextualize this goal into your company’s vision. What topics or content are considered relevant and timely to your business? By answering this, your brand can have clear direction and organization. 

  1. Create content policies and standards

Allocate time to establishing policies and standards that all your writers and reviewers should adhere to ensure that all content aligns with the established branding of your company

  1. Give the team all the essential info

Before your team creates content, ensure they have access to all the necessary data, materials and instructions. These include goals, standards and editorial criteria for the content. Through this, you can avoid the likelihood of misinformation and miscommunication. 

  1. Adhere to a strict deadline

Make sure to apply a strict deadline for writing, editing and posting so your company will not be delayed with any requests or marketing strategies you wish to implement. It’s best to set a deadline before assigning tasks so your writers and reviewers have a detailed schedule to follow and avoid backlogs. 

Content review and creation made easier at QWERTYLabs

Content reviewing plays a crucial role in giving top-notch content efficiently while being consistent with your objectives. With QWERTYLab’s team, you can ensure quality content creation with our streamlined process. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help your business grow. 

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