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Brand Intellectual Property: Protecting your online casino brand

October 12, 2023

Protecting your online casino's brand identity is crucial in an industry that’s rapidly been oversaturated with companies that offer similar products and services. To protect their properties from unauthorised copies, business owners must register for trademarks, copyrights, and arrange their patents. These legally bind their brand identity to ensure complete ownership of their brand.

From the different types of intellectual property to its importance for casino brands, this guide is here to help you understand what brand IP is and how to get started. If you’re new to brand intellectual property, QWERTYLABS is here to walk you through everything you should know to protect your online casino’s brand. 

What are the characteristics of intellectual property?

Intellectual property refers to creations of the mind. It can be anything from names, images, or designs. These are examples of intangible assets which you can trademark, copyright, and patent. IP laws protect the ownership of these assets from misuse or exploitation, ensuring that they are used only in the way companies had intended for them. Not only does this ensure that you receive property credit and recognition for your creations, but you are also the only one who can financially benefit from it. This satisfies the needs of both creators and investors, making IP a crucial tool in the flourishing of your brand.

Types of intellectual property

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There are variations of intellectual property management, each serving different roles and purposes for certain types of intangibles. Below are the more common types of intellectual properties:


A patent is a property right typically reserved for an investor, granted by a government agency. This grants the owner exclusive rights to an invention or process. Generally, a patent gives the owner the right to decide how the invention can be used by others. In exchange, the patent owner must make all information about the invention or process available to the public in a published document.


A copyright is a term used to give authors and creators of original materials the exclusive right to use and distribute their creations. Works protected by copyright intellectual property laws can range from books, music, art and film to computer programs, databases, and technical drawings. Copyright states that the owner can grant the authorised use of their work through a licensing agreement.


A trademark is a distinctive indicator used to identify a brand, product, or service. Trademarks normally take the form of words, logos, or symbols that are unique to a particular brand and help distinguish it from competitors. By registering for a trademark, you can protect your online casino’s reputation and prevent others from using similar signs that try to mimic your brand.


A franchise is a type of business or brand model in which a company licences its trademarks to a third party known as a franchisee. The franchisor provides a set of standards, guidelines, and support to the franchisee, while the franchisee provides expertise, capital, and local knowledge. The franchise model allows businesses to expand quickly while also providing a degree of consistency and quality for customers.

Trade secrets

A trade secret is a business or industry-related piece of information intentionally kept secret within a company to gain an advantage over its competitors. Trade secrets are actively protected by the company and are typically a result of the company’s research and development stage. In the absence of intellectual property laws, trade secrets are protected by non-disclosure agreements provided by the company. This makes them more flexible and susceptible to changes over time.

Digital assets

Digital assets are slowly becoming recognised as intellectual property that needs to be protected. Also known as digital IP, this refers to digitalised media and content, such as digital audio and video files, images, software, and text. 

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Importance of intellectual properties for casino brands

Given the highly competitive market in the online casino industry, casino brands have to rely on their intellectual properties to distinguish the gaming experience they offer from that of their competitors. Additionally, intellectual properties can help with your casino’s identity and recognition, establishing trust and loyalty within your community. This makes it much easier for you to file for your casino license.

Below are more reasons you should think about when registering for intellectual properties:

Casino brand trademark protection

When you’re trying to stand out from the crowd, especially in an industry as big as online casinos, it’s important to have your own company trademark. As previously mentioned, this is a distinct characteristic in your casino’s identity that is unique to you. Registering for a trademark licence ensures your brand’s longevity since it protects your image and reputation among your community.

Innovation gaming technologies

The main goal of online casinos is to provide a fun and exciting experience for players. This is often done by improving on the current product or service and perfecting it to give premium-quality gaming. These innovations are protected by intellectual property licensing rights, ensuring your ideas are solely your own.

Gambling software and online platforms

The casino industry has evolved dramatically in the last few years and is filled with innovations that bring new and exciting things to the table, from the latest in gambling software to the newest platforms. Software and other online platforms are a form of digital asset that you can copyright to ensure you’re the only one who can use it, giving you a bit of an edge over your competitors.

How intellectual law firms make casino brands relevant

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Intellectual property law firms have had a huge role in the growing relevance of the online casino industry in recent years. With the rapid growth in popularity, more and more casinos are trying to employ the help of firms to keep them ahead of the competition by protecting valuable assets and protecting them from infringement and brand abuse.

Due to the addictive nature of casino games, the industry is tightly regulated in the interest of protecting players. Another way intellectual property law firms can help your online casino is by assisting you through regulatory processes and ensuring your casino is in full compliance with the rules. 

Intellectual property law firms offer many services to online casinos, including securing copyrights, trademarks, patents and other licensing rights. They help enhance the quality of your brand, as well as establish and maintain a good reputation for your casino.

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Intellectual property mistakes to avoid for casino brands

Given the importance of overall brand awareness, having a distinct presence in the casino industry, and the fierce competition with other casinos, there isn’t much room for you to make mistakes. Ensure the success of your brand and improve your casino’s influence by making sure you avoid the following pitfalls casinos tend to have regarding intellectual properties:

Failing to conduct trademark research

Before you start trademarking your brand’s most distinguishing features, you have to make sure that your casino logo or name isn’t already owned by a different company. This should apply to all aspects of your brand’s identity, including marketing and advertising campaigns. To avoid this, you should conduct a comprehensive trademark search. 

Failing to file for a patent application

Casinos often file for a patent application for assets like games, software, and loyalty programs. In the United States, patents only last for a year. This means that failing to refile for a patent when the year is up forfeits your rights to the asset. You can avoid this by filing for another patent application before the expiration date.

Ignoring infringement actions against your casino

While running your casino, you may encounter a legal complaint from a third party claiming that your casino may be infringing on their intellectual property. It’s in your best interest, as well as the reputation of your casino, that you respond to this letter promptly. Get help from your own legal counsel and have them send out a response; this could avoid further damages or even a potential lawsuit.

Protect your brand with QWERTYLABS

Here at QWERTYLABS, we’re dedicated to giving you the best services possible to bring you ahead of your competition and put your business on top. From helping you boost your competitor research to analysing your player base’s behaviours, your casino brand’s safety and security are our top priorities.

If you need help with your intellectual property rights, we’ve got you covered. We offer tons of services, from SEO help to content writing, with teams of highly-trained individuals who are experts in brand protection. Begin a new partnership with us today and improve your casino’s performance!


Intellectual properties play a crucial role in casinos, no matter the size of your business. By protecting your unique intellectual creations, you can ensure that your efforts are being recognised. With the proper knowledge of brand protection and intellectual property, securing your intellectual properties can be an invaluable tool to ensure your casino’s success.

Frequently asked questions

How do I register and protect my casino brand’s intellectual property?

You can enlist the help of intellectual property law firms to apply or register for different licensing rights.

What types of intellectual property are commonly associated with casino brands?

There are many types of intellectual property, but the ones most commonly associated with casino brands are trademarks, copyrights, and patents.

What are intellectual property rights?

These are original, intangible assets that you can copyright, trademark, or patent to protect your ideas while benefiting from them financially.

Is a brand name intellectual property?

Intellectual property refers to anything used to establish your brand, both tangible and intangible, including the brand name.

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