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Unlocking the power of user behaviour analytics

September 26, 2023

In the competitive gambling industry, an online casino thrives from efficient website management. One way of optimising this platform is studying your data from your new and regular players. This way, you can observe how your brand is doing. 

Fortunately, there are available software programs to help you, particularly user behaviour analytics (UBA). With this guide from QWERTYLABS, learn more about UBA below and find out how to improve your brand by using it: 

What is user behaviour analytics?

User behaviour analytics (UBA) involves the tracking, collecting, and assessing of data using monitoring systems. User behaviour analysis studies all types of logs on the website to help identify the patterns in the platform’s traffic. That means you’re getting insights on what the users prefer when visiting your site, so you can make certain adjustments to cater to more people.

Many still rely on traditional user behaviour analytics tools like Google Analytics or Google Search Console (GSC) for definitive data. These tools help websites see how visitors use the platform and where they come from. Some experts see using UBA or other analytics tools as a way to look over people’s shoulders and see how they use the site. 

The overview of the tools will help you understand the site better. Adjust your website by consulting the metrics on the UBA tools.

How does user behaviour analytics affect SEO?

UBA plays a crucial role in search engine optimisation or SEO by providing actionable insights into user interactions, content effectiveness, and overall user experience. 

As user behaviour analytics tools allow you to track user interactions with your website, you can identify pages with high bounce rates where users encounter difficulties or frustration. This can help you make improvements, leading to lower bounce rates and boosting your ranking in search engines.

User behaviour metrics tools can also reveal the specific keywords and phrases that users are using to find your website. This information can help you refine your keyword strategy and target the most relevant keywords in your content.

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The different types of user behaviour data

Websites should monitor how users behave whenever they are on the platform. This gives a better understanding of what your SEO team can do to improve the site’s reach even more. 

Website performance depends on how you present your platform’s offers to your user base. Visitors who find it engaging and valuable are more likely to become regulars. With online casinos, betting games and bonuses are the most common offers, but providing other features like original content will keep people interested. 

How you present these offers and features is important as well. Make sure it’s easy for both new and returning users to access your website and its pages. Now, let’s look at every variation of user behaviour data and how they can influence the people in SEO for casinos working for the website:

User experience

User experience or UX influences various parts of user behaviour. Tracking this requires working with the teams responsible for the user interface, games, and marketing efforts. The pieces of data you’ll have to track with UX involves these metrics: 

  • Mouse movement across the screen or page
  • How deep they scrolled down on a page
  • The patterns of how they navigate through the site 
  • The number of visitors on the site 
  • The user’s experience with the site speed and what they played on the online casino

Content performance

On any website, you have to gauge the impact of the content. For an online casino, the priority will always be the games people play. However, secondary pages for content are essential to enhance the overall gaming experience. The content you will create for those pages revolves around topics such as gambling strategies and other engaging casino-related subjects.

Here are key data points you can look into to get the best performance from the site: 

  • The content’s popularity and how much it resonates with the users
  • How many times the content has been shared 
  • How much engagement is being generated

When creating your content, it is important to consider these factors as they will bring positive results. As part of the SEO team, it is up to you to create the best content possible shared all over the internet. In turn, that leads to organic traffic to the online casino as users are enticed to visit and stay on your site.

Optimising the conversion rate

Conversions happen when the user is satisfied with what they get from a website. The conversion for your online casino platform involves creating an account and playing games. As the team behind the site, you likely monitor conversion metrics. The best way to do this is by giving users the highest-quality online casino experience.

Here are some metrics you can follow whenever you’re looking at the UBA: 

  • The SEO should help funnel more people into getting converted into players
  • Take a look at how many players reach the checkout process for an online casino, particularly the withdrawals


Website accessibility is measured by how easily each user accesses every part of your platform, even for new players. Site features like chat support, account management, and payment methods are important for online casino players. A good user experience will reflect when you’re running UBA.


Multiple visits are essential to a website to secure conversions. The team behind the website will craft a positive experience for the user. This responsibility falls on the SEO team and the admin, who should get the UBA for how website visitors engage with the site despite not being converted. 

One valuable aspect of UBA to track here is their interactions with the platform’s live chat or chatbot. If they are using that, they might be interested in being converted into players in the online casino.

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Integrating user behaviour analytics for SEO strategies

Analytics and SEO are crucial to helping your website thrive. Unlike most websites that don’t do much work behind the scenes, you have to be rock-solid with your use of analytics. Doing so not only opens the opportunity for your SEO team to shine but also identifies and resolves the issues present there. 

The UBA has a significant impact on your website, which offers you insights on how you will strategise your SEO actions better. Here are some of those strategies and how they can affect your online casino moving forward:

Lower bounce rates

A bounce occurs when a visitor lands on your site but doesn’t navigate any other pages. Instead, they click the back button and go to the page they were just at. The term ‘bounce rate’ is the percentage of visitors that only visit the page and then bounce out. 

Any website with a high bounce rate is a red flag because the search engines are not picking up the site. They are deep into the search engine results, so SEO teams need to strategise around that number. 

Here is a checklist of points that can help reduce bounce rates that your SEO team when faced with this issue: 

  • Content should resonate with your target audience 
  • The content should be concise for anyone visiting the platform
  • The content should not mislead anyone; create accurate content to get an advantage

Dwell time should be higher 

After reducing the bounce rate, it is also essential to focus on increasing the ‘dwell time’. This term refers to the amount of time a user lands on your page and the time they go back to the search engine results page. If a user has high dwell time, that means they found relevant and engaging content in your online casino. 

While Google does not explicitly say dwell time can lift your place in the search results, from an SEO standpoint, the more time people spend on your website, the better. Extended interaction allows users to be more familiar with your website and its offers, leading to a favourable perception and potential conversion. 

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Improve the user experience

As mentioned earlier, the UX is important for your website’s visitors. They seek a seamless experience on your platform during their time. Users want to click on a button and have a clean transition to the next page. 

The SEO team needs to use UBA to collaborate with the team responsible for the UX and its improvements. They improve from the design aspect and look into the website structure. If they need to make massive changes according to the UBA, the design will need to reflect the needed changes.

The stats will tell you where on your website the users exited. This can be called the frustration hotspots for some users because they get too frustrated with their experience at a certain point of the site, enough to make them exit and not come back.

Creating the best content possible

Engagement and relevance are key to having loyal users and successful SEO efforts. Aside from simply producing content, the SEO team needs to ensure the content is making waves across the niche. For online casinos, there is unique content like guides and even reviews which can enrich players’ gaming experience. You have to ensure people are having fun with the games they’re playing and the content they see on your platform. 

Monitoring the UBA is crucial. By looking at what users are looking for on your website, you can nail down what they need and create content that can help entice them to return to your platform. An online casino that resonates with its player base stands out and endures a special relationship between your platform and your players.

Enhance your website’s traffic with QWERTYLABS

With the knowledge of UBA and refined SEO strategies, you should be on the right track towards website optimisation and growth. This is where QWERTYLABS comes into play, as we can help you improve your website even more with our services! 

At QWERTYLABS, our dedicated SEO casino marketing services help curate high-quality content that resonates with your audience. We also specialise in enhancing your brand, including SEO and enhancements with content and web design. 

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to maximise your website’s potential and stand out. To reach out, contact us today to get started in creating the best possible product and propel your platform to greater heights!

Frequently asked questions

Here are the most commonly asked questions regarding user behaviour analytics here at QWERTYLABS. 

How does user behaviour analytics work?

User behaviour analytics work by combining the software with AI technology to gauge every aspect of the user data on your website. This can monitor every click they make, helping you make adjustments based on the statistics and percentages.

Can user behaviour analytics be used to track the success of casinos' SEO efforts?

Yes, you can track the success of SEO efforts in casinos because you can see the instant impact that the stats show. Make sure you’re capitalising on your knowledge about UBA to see the success of these numbers. 

Are there specific tools and technologies for implementing user behaviour analytics in the casino industry?

Yes, there are many tools you can use for implementing the UBA. While Google Analytics is the most basic option, there are more specialised tools and alternatives you can explore. This includes Mouseflow, Mixpanel, FullStory, and more.

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