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Why your casino website needs a bug-tracking system

October 10, 2023

Nearly all modern websites use bug-tracking systems to find, track down and handle problems or flaws in their programs. Finding bugs is so essential to contemporary software development and quality control that they’ve become common in the development process. It’s only through this process that development teams can effectively manage and fix defects. This may sound easy, but there’s much more to it than that. Keep reading at QWERTYLABS to learn about bug-tracking systems, how to use them and why you need them on your site.

The basics of bug tracking systems: What are they?

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Bug tracking with magnifier on LCD screen.

To give a quick overview, you can think of bug tracking systems as tools that help organisations find and handle issues or ‘bugs’ in their software or products. They scan the software for problems, assign issues to team members for resolution and monitor their progress until the bug​​ is resolved. In the best-case scenario, the problem is taken care of before consumers see them.

These bug-tracking programs improve communication, aid in problem prioritisation, and keep a log of the whole bug-fixing procedure. They essentially act as a guide to maintaining software quality by methodically addressing and resolving issues organised and effectively. This explains how bug-tracking systems work to keep product reliability and increase user satisfaction.

Features of an effective bug-tracking system

An effective bug-tracking system offers different features throughout the process, from reporting, fixing and resolving the issue. Let’s look into the systems and resources web development teams need to adapt and fix modern bugs.

Bug report systems

A comprehensive bug tracking system creates thorough bug reports with ease. These include relevant data, such as the issue's description and severity, illustrated by screenshots. They can also include procedures on how to duplicate it. This makes reporting and fixing easier for developers.

Customisable workflow

Different teams have varying procedures. That’s why bug tracking systems can be customised to make workflow more efficient for whoever’s using them. In this system, teams can specify and alter procedures according to their methodologies. They can create steps for bug triage, assignment, testing and resolution however they want.

Repository hosting for coding

A good bug-tracking system can be integrated with code repositories like GitHub or SourceForge. This function establishes a connection between code modifications and problem reports, enabling effective tracking and traceability between code pushes and bug remedies. Simply put, having a repository for hosting codes allows development teams to trace back their work and see what effect a specific code has on an issue or system.

Seamless integration to the main system

For a smooth workflow, the system should be easily integrated with the primary software development environment, such as IDEs and project management systems. This makes work more efficient, removing the need for developers to switch programs just to fix bugs.

Setting metrics and analysis

A program should have tools for configuring and tracking crucial performance indicators like bug resolution time and bug density. In addition, it should offer reporting and analytics capabilities for a thorough study of data linked to the bugs. You can use these data for reports and as a reference in the future.

Action logging

Similar to any project, it's crucial to keep a complete record of all activities performed in a bug report. This lets users monitor who made modifications, when they were done and for what reasons, which promotes accountability and transparency.

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Why casino websites need bug-tracking systems

Bug tracking systems are important for all sorts of platforms, but even more so for the security and efficiency of online casino development websites. This section covers the main advantages of bug tracking systems, why their usage is necessary and what the fixes result in.

Higher quality products

A casino website's main function is to serve as a gaming platform, so bug tracking systems must function smoothly, respond quickly, and ensure fair gameplay. This means casinos can make higher quality offers and offer a safer gameplay experience, resulting in a satisfying playing experience. In addition, casinos that can quickly identify and rectify these bugs become well-known in the industry for offering top-notch entertainment and avoiding downtime while also guaranteeing user safety and fairness.

Enhanced communication

Systems for tracking bugs provide casino users with an organised way to report issues or give feedback on points for improvement. Having this direct feedback channel inspires transparency and trust in the platform. When players' issues are noticed and immediately resolved, they feel appreciated and heard, which improves their relationship with the casino site.

Reducing development costs

Early bug discovery and repair are necessary because they're cost-effective. Instead of paying big for solving huge problems, you prevent them instead for minimal costs with bug tracking systems. By reducing development and maintenance costs, this strategy maximises resource allocation and allows casinos more space to focus on other features like other products.

Compliance with regulatory standards

To ensure integrity and stop fraudulent operations, the casino business is subject to strict regulations. Systems for tracking bugs make finding and quickly fixing compliance-related problems easier. This not only keeps the casino compliant with the law but also highlights its dedication to moral business practices.

Security and data protection

More people using online casinos also means more potential victims of fraud and data breaches. Bug tracking systems and efforts make sure that customers stay safe online against hackers and that the website stays resilient against attacks and vulnerabilities. As online casinos stay on top of bug tracking and resolution, this leaves users with peace of mind to continue using the service freely and enjoy the services.

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Different types of bug-tracking software used by online casinos

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Software development flowchart diagram showing branching, merging, pull request, commit, master, development, and release version process workflow. for business. Distributed version control. Git flow.

Online casinos are not immune to having bugs in their software. That’s why these platforms need to pick the most flexible and complete bug management tool. In this section, see 3 of the most popular and in-demand bug-tracking software and learn why each is so well-loved by web developers.

  1. Jira

Jira is an adaptable all-in-one project management software where you can track, plan and manage projects from development to implementation. It’s popular across several sectors for its strong integration, workflow automation and problem-tracking features. 

Development teams can use its bug tracking tools to automate reports, assign bugs, and easily fix them all in one platform. It can integrate with other development tools to make workflow more efficient. Its flexible processes, real-time collaboration, and thorough reporting functions are key reasons why it’s popular among developers.

  1. Bugzilla

Bugzilla is an open-source bug-tracking platform with a large and active user base. Its popularity among web developers stems from its flexibility and ease of use. It’s a program dedicated to tracking, fixing and documenting bugs, offering extensive services for developers and administrators. To simplify troubleshooting, it also offers configurable fields, enhanced search, email notifications and compatibility with many plugins and extensions.

  1. Zendesk

Finally, Zendesk, which is well-known for its customer care and support skills, is another good option for managing player-reported concerns for online casinos. It offers a strong ticketing system, many help channels, automation, reporting and a knowledge base that enables thorough analysis. All of this results in a strong online casino software development tool that is multifaceted and ready to take on complex bugs.

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How to choose the perfect bug tracking system for your casino website

Now, what system could be right for you? The three things you need to consider are the system's functionality, usability, and software compatibility. 

  1. Identify what your casino needs

Start assessing your casino’s unique requirements first, including team size and issue complexity. Test the program to see if it offers flexible processes, strong reporting and easy interaction with your current systems. 

  1. Test reporting features

Next, ensure that the site has a user-friendly bug-reporting feature and interface, especially if you want your team to work together more effectively with reporters. It should make interdepartmental work easier and prevent miscommunication problems.

  1. Check regulatory compliance 

Last, but not least, make sure the bug-tracking software complies with all applicable regulations. You may choose a bug-tracking system that best supports the development, upkeep and compliance requirements of your casino website by carefully taking these elements into account.

Get the best website development services for your casino with QWERTYLABS

Online casino platforms today are more competitive than ever. That’s why staying on top of the rest requires having expert web developers who know the best bug-tracking practices. Ensure that your systems have features like clear bug reporting systems, customisable workflow, and action logging to maintain platform efficiency and reduce development costs. By implementing all this, you ensure that your online casino website is safe and operational while your users stay happy and entertained.

QWERTYLABS understands that a bug tracker system and online casino development are major factors in making a stand-out casino website. That’s why we have a team of web development experts who specialise in it and are more than willing to collaborate with you on what your online casino needs.

Contact us today and inquire about our web development services. See how we can improve your casino platform with our content creation, brand protection and link-building services.

Bug tracking system FAQs

What is bug tracking?

Bug tracking is the process of identification, documentation, and management of problems or flaws in software or a website. To maintain software quality and dependability, it helps teams track issues meticulously and find solutions to them. 

What are bug-tracking tools?

Bug tracking tools are software programs used by development teams to find bugs, document them and resolve errors or incompatibilities throughout the software development cycle. Using them makes bug removal efficient and ensures the final product is high quality and stable for use.

Can a casino's reputation benefit from using bug-tracking systems?

Yes, implementing bug-tracking tools improves a casino's reputation since they make quick fixes possible. They spot problems early on, which makes dealing with them much easier. Using these allows casinos to immediately address problems, ensure fair gameplay and uphold a trustworthy and transparent gaming environment. This increases the platform's overall credibility and makes players trust you more.

How does a bug-tracking system save costs for a casino website?

A bug-tracking system finds and repairs problems early in the development process, saving the casino a lot of money in fixing problems. This means casinos won’t have to spend money to fix more complicated issues that may appear later on. Effective bug tracking also maximises resource allocation, which saves the casino funds overall by streamlining the development and maintenance process.

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