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Show vs Tell: Which one do you need to use in your articles?

August 14, 2020

Getting your content to the right target audience is one part of the process you need for your brand to flourish. However, you need to ensure first that only high-quality articles are created to represent your brand. It’s an important step you cannot skip because every letter written under your brand would imply it’s what you wanted to say to your readers.

Granted, the pressure to perfect every step weighs heavy because this is a brand that will be seen by thousands to millions of people. One of the things that can help is to take it little by little. Let’s start first with how the content for your brand will look.

During the time when you were bouncing ideas off your head for your product/service, you already thought about how it will be. The minute details on how you are going to present it to various people and how it can be viewed by others were there. This means you already know what kind of tone you need for the content of your brand.

Now, all you need to worry about is creating your articles. While you can use content companies that have a trove of experience under their belt like QWERTYlabs, as proprietor of your brand you still need to be knowledgeable on how you’re going to be represented through these articles. Not necessarily on an expert level but you should know what your audience wants and needs to see from your brand.

Writing for a brand can mean different things, depending on the required content that needs to be created. Here are some of the common types of articles that brands often request:

  • News articles
  • Press releases
  • Product copywriting
  • Guide
  • Blogs.

Besides the blog, the rest are technical-heavy and do not leave room for free writing. This means there are fewer chances for the brand to be portrayed in the wrong way. For blog writing which often consists of feature articles, here is where it becomes a bit tricky. How do you balance writing technical content for a brand and making sure your readers stay interested?

This is where the old adage of show vs tell comes in. To refresh your mind, show is when you describe what you are writing so your writer can experience and imagine what you said. On the other hand, tell is when you simply inform them how something came to be.

The common rule you often hear when you start writing is to always show and never tell. While this is a good rule to keep in mind so your articles are compelling to read, you should never overuse it.

It’s a common misconception wherein you have to always choose being descriptive in your articles. If you follow the always show and never tell rule to the letter every time you write content, you run the risk of having a long-winded narrative that could have been shortened.

Similar to most of anything when it comes to writing, you should learn to balance out showing and telling. Remember, a high-quality content’s formula is a good dose of compelling exposition and straight facts that justify and support the rest of your article.

No need to trouble yourself with concocting your article. You can trust QWERTYlabs to know this formula by heart and deliver you the perfect article according to what you and your brand needs.

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