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How to get Google to instantly index your casino

January 19, 2023

Online casinos are popular among avid players on the web, which makes it crucial for these sites to promote bonuses, new content and games to get ahead of other casino platforms. One of the best ways to get noticed is by getting your site indexed by Google, which ultimately helps your site rank higher in search results. With us at QWERTYLABS, you can strengthen your reach to potential clients and generate the online traffic your site needs. Learn more about casino site indexing, tips on getting it done, and why it’s essential in the process in the coming sections below. 

What does it mean when you index a site?

Casino site indexing is a process by which you can get your website noticed by Google bots or crawlers when they attempt to see what it offers. It delves into the technical side of your website, like the quality of the backlinks, content and sitemap, among other elements. 

At the end of the process, if your site has been indexed, there is a bigger chance your content and the site will rank. This results in increased site traffic and, of course, more attention to your content. This is one of the most successful SEO tips for higher casino ranking online and why you should consider indexing your site. 

The long-term goal of indexing is to give your site the recognition it deserves. Investing in the quality of your content and website will ultimately lead to an indexed site and an increased number of players in your online casino. 

How to rank in search engines 

As previously mentioned, the main goal of indexing is to get your site verified by Google and have your content rank in search. If you want to know more about how to rank in Google and get your casino site noticed, take a look at the step-by-step process below: 

Step 1. Perform keyword research for your content 

Content is essential when promoting your site and everything it has to offer. To achieve this, there are preparation measures you can take to prepare your content. This includes keyword research, strategically using keywords that are more likely to be used by Google search users.

The better your chosen keywords match, the better your chances of getting noticed online! You can also consider the keywords used by your competitors and use them to your advantage on your site. This is when you can use these keywords to prepare for content creation and use them as a guide on what information to include when writing. 

Step 2. Create engaging data-based content 

Another way for your site to get noticed online or rank in search is to prioritise the content you’re publishing. Ensure that all your written articles are informative, engaging and based on reputable sources. Keep in mind that the quality of your content will help Google index your site, so make the extra effort to create excellent content. Once your site has been indexed, organic traffic will pour in, and more people will be inclined to create accounts on your casino site. The best step to achieve this is through tried and tested informative content.

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Step 3. Track your competitors’ progress

Considering the internet offers a vast network of information, plenty of other sites offer the same thing as yours. When it comes to online casinos, you will also be surprised by the various competitor sites you find. The idea is to stand out and consider what you can do to catch the attention of your readers, which is where competitor link analysis comes into the picture. You need to understand how other casino sites function and publish their content to stand out. Fill out the gaps you have noticed with their content, backlinks and even online services and apply them to your needs. 

Step 4. Build backlinks 

Once your article has been created, incorporate the current content on your site. Link related articles to your content; these backlinks will redirect your readers to other parts of your website. The better your backlinks are, the more attention your site will get! 

You can link brand-new games or related categories to your articles and consider it a means for your readers to explore other parts of your site. In the long run, these backlinks will create a more efficient network of your site and what it offers.

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Step 5. Consistently work on site maintenance 

Keeping up an online business is not easy, especially for such a high-functioning site as an online casino. This is why you must take every step necessary to maintain your casino properly. Although not necessary regularly, your site should undergo an auditing process at least 3 to 4 times a year. 

During site maintenance, you should check the quality of your content and the accuracy of backlinks, perform competitor link analysis and make other fixes to ensure your website is up and running at full capacity. The process may seem tedious, but you’ll find that it’s the best way to generate more organic traffic and allow your content to be seen online and rank higher in search. 

Essential tips to keep in mind for Google to index your site 

Upon learning more about site indexing and how to help your content rank higher in Google searches, there are some things you can do to help speed up the process. See some of the tips you should consider when trying to get your website indexed: 

  1. Access your Google Search Console account 

The first thing to remember regarding site indexing is to have your Google Search Console account. This should be something that you already have since your site was published in the first place. The Google Search Console account is responsible for helping you understand the indexing process and its status on your site. Once you have access to your Google Search Console account, you can immediately explore its offerings. Your ownership of the casino site must be verified, as this will help you progress to the more important steps. 

  1. Take a look at the site’s indexing status 

You can check the status of your website upon accessing the Google Search Console account. Simply copy the main URL of your site and paste it onto the inspection box at the topmost portion of the page. This is where you will find out if Google has indexed your site or a specific page.

If your site has not been indexed, then this is when the work comes into play. You’ll have to improve your site and eventually request Google to index your casino platform. The process should take anywhere from 24 hours to a few days, depending on the content available on your page.

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  1. Request for indexing 

You will find that your website’s URL has been confirmed and can be found on Google. However, if it is not indexed, click on the button on the lower right portion of the status report. Then click on the ‘Request Indexing’ option, and your request will be processed. 

Keep in mind that it is possible for certain pages on your website to be already indexed. If there is new content or pages on your site, that’s the only time you should request an index. The goal is for all portions of your site and its content to be fully indexed and seen on Google results.

  1. Ensure your sitemap and RSS are up and running 

Take note that your website’s sitemap is essential to the indexing process since this is an online record of navigating your website along with the pages and content found on it. When Google attempts to index your platform, this sitemap will play a big part in the process, so make sure it’s complete and fully functioning. 

Additionally, your website’s RSS or RDF Site Summary is another essential aspect of Google indexing, as it’s your way of accessing and managing the data on your website. Even if you are not a programmer, the RSS will help you better understand your website and how your content is faring. 

  1. Work with Google Analytics 

The primary goal of Google Analytics is to help business and website owners better grasp their platform’s progress and track essential data and reports. When you want to get your site indexed by Google, it helps to work with the Analytics branch since you’ll have an overview of your site’s performance. 

If there are any issues with the landing pages or low-performing content, you will see them all on Google Analytics. Use the data acquired there and make the necessary adjustments to your casino site. Once finished, your chances of getting the site or a specific page indexed will increase. 

  1. Eliminate unnecessary content on your site 

One of the things that casino site owners need to remember is that the more content you have, the longer it will take for Google bots to crawl and eventually index your site. If there are any unnecessary content or non-functioning pages on your casino site, then that could delay the indexing process. 

With the help of Google Analytics and consistent site auditing, you can pinpoint weak spots on your sitemap and make the necessary changes. Just keep the essential content to make the indexing process easier and maintain this practice even after your site and all its pages have been indexed on Google. 

  1. Always share your new content with online channels 

One of the common mistakes to avoid in casino content writing is not properly publishing or sharing them in the correct channels. The internet offers a vast network of platforms where you can reach potential players, so it’s your job to get your content as close to your target audience as possible. 

Once your content has been created and published on the site, that doesn’t mean you should stop there. Try to make your backlinks strong and publish on other online platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin or Instagram, to name a few. Additionally, tailor your content based on your target audience and use the respective channels. 

  1. Prioritise engaging marketing strategies 

A well-created marketing plan is essential for the survival of your brand. This is crucial for online casinos since you always want your games and content to be interesting and relevant. Carefully plan the consistent creation and publishing of your content and make any changes concerning market trends. 

Stay open-minded when it comes to various marketing strategies. This can highlight your casino’s bonuses, events and promotions, stay on top of today’s latest gaming trends, and foster partnerships with gaming ambassadors and influencers. These will help your site increase its audience range and boost its reputation. 

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Index your site with QWERTYLABS today! 

Site indexing is essential to maintaining your casino platform since it puts your content and site pages on Google search results. Without it, your content could be lost in translation, and your target audience might never see it. This is why high-quality content and a fully-functioning website is your best friend when running an online casino. 

With us at QWERTYLABS, you’ll find that indexing your casino site is a piece of cake! The various web development, content and SEO services we offer are the perfect fit for your online casino business. Working with us will create an excellent platform that appeals to casino players worldwide. Contact us today and get started with getting your site indexed and giving your online casino the attention it deserves. 

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