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Essential web development trends for your casino in 2023

December 12, 2022

With the ever-changing virtual realm and the concept of going against other online businesses, it's vital to keep up with the latest trends. The use of web development trends, particularly in online casinos, is crucial to continuously hook players and offer something new that they will enjoy. 

Get a glimpse of some of the latest trends that online businesses nowadays like to incorporate into their websites. See if any of them can be applied to your own, and let's work together here at QWERTYLABS to turn your concepts into reality! 

What are web development trends? 

Website development trends are new concepts that can be applied to online platforms. These are typically found on company websites that aim to promote or showcase products and services. The more appealing and engaging the web development features, the better! 

Web development trends are quickly changing in today's online landscape, and businesses like online casinos must be able to keep up with these trends to remain relevant. Some examples include placing animation effects on the website, customising colour gradients, cursors, the scrolling experience and more. 

The creation and consistent updates of web development trends affect the standing of a company. If you want your online casino site to remain relevant and competitive, then staying in the know on the latest web development trends is the way to go. 

The importance of keeping up with online trends

Online web trends should not be overlooked since they define your presence in the market. To make your brand known, consistently updating your website is a great tactic. This will ensure that your website is in sync with what your target audience is looking for and what the market demands. You don't necessarily have to perform a complete overhaul of your website regularly, but rather make a few tweaks here and there to optimise the browsing experience. This can be done once every few years when your online casino needs a new look. 

Web development trends also keep your site up-to-date with what people are currently looking for. It makes way for improved browsing in the context of navigation and the visual aspect of your site. With its features and smooth interface, people will easily know more about your online casino. 

When you work on web development trends with QWERTYLABS, you can simultaneously keep your current site visitors and attract new ones. It contributes greatly to online relevance and consistent product offerings.

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The best trends for web development in 2023 

Web development trends are called that way due to their constant change depending on what target markets are looking for. This coming 2023, check out some of the latest features in web development you should consider using for your online casino site: 

Dark mode 

The dark mode option is the first trend you should consider for your site. This is a feature made for mobile and desktop interfaces that will turn the screens or webpage into a darker colour. Most websites and apps nowadays have a lighter theme, with darker texts and graphics, since it's easy on the eyes. 

When enabling dark mode, you allow people to use the more laid-back and relaxed version of your website. The tones are less harsh and can even give off a classy feel. Instead of completely converting to dark mode, you can simply make it an option for your site visitors. 

Single-Page Websites (SPAs) 

Gone are the days when there were websites that had categories and links to various pages. Instead of building new pages to a Contact Us or Product List page, you can compile everything in a handy and concise page. Websites that qualify as SPAs or single-page websites are essentially one long-scrolling site. Those who visit single-page websites will have all of the information they need in one place. For example, suppose you are promoting a casino site and want to combine your company information, offerings, promotions and product samples in one place. You can make a SPA and help redirect your players to the games from there! 

Parallax scrolling 

Another web development trend you should consider is parallax scrolling, a technique where you can create a unique scrolling effect for people visiting your site. It creates a contrast between the graphics on your page and the text being read by players. For example, the page and text scroll faster as people scroll, while some images retain and disappear slowly. 

This web development trend is made to create more depth and style for your website. As opposed to the normal scrolling experience, your visitors can try a newer, more advanced scrolling tactic that could leave a lasting impression. Plus, it could motivate them to explore the site even more! 

Voice activation 

Technology has allowed companies to go for new and improved tactics to draw attention to their target clients, and voice activation is one of them. Offering type-free commands on a website can be incredibly appealing and convenient to people, especially online casino players. 

Incorporating voice activation can help search for a particular game, promo or other site features. This will require being linked to the microphone of the users' devices and listening to their commands. It makes for a more convenient and easygoing browsing experience! 

Colour contrasts and focus indicators 

Aside from navigation and convenience, your site's visual aspect is also essential. This can come in the form of creating colour contrasts between the colours of your page and various shapes and elements. Make a big difference between the two, such as yellow paired with black or dark purple paired with white, to make a clear distinction. You can also include focus indicators that essentially highlight certain buttons or elements you want your viewers to focus on. This makes them more visible and has a higher potential of being clicked.  

Interactive 3D elements 

Site visitors love when a website is interactive since it's entertaining and encourages them to explore what there is to see. Think of it as visiting the cinema due to the 3D elements but having an extent of manipulation towards it. An example of this is dragging an image to see different viewpoints and clicking on the elements. This makes for a more exciting browsing experience and can be incorporated into roulette wheels, dice, card suits and more. 

AI-powered chatbots 

Having a live chat agent is one of the most common customer service features, but you could also save a lot of time and money with an AI or artificial intelligence. You can program or work with a chatbot that automatically gives your clients whatever they need when they ask for it. For example, if a casino player wants to learn more about deposit methods in cryptocurrency, they can check with the AI chatbot, and the pre-programmed answers will be deployed. This web development tactic promotes efficiency and automation in casino sites! As time goes by and you get to know more about your clients, you can also update the AI. 

AR and VR 

The concept of involving augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR) in websites is more of a visual experience. It aims to engage your viewers in the full experience of what it's like to be a part of your brand. In terms of online casino sites, you can use AR or VR to take the players on a tour of what you offer and let them experience using your site in a new way. 

Give them a glimpse of the games they can look forward to or allow them to customise their gaming experience through a simple effect. With a tinge of control and personalisation, AR and VR can go a long way in promoting a casino site. 


As the name suggests, micro-animations are small but significant elements you can place on your website. For example, you can place a small version of your company logo or mascot and watch it wave hello to site visitors in the corner. These simple details will catch the attention of your clients and make them realise how much thought and care was put into developing the site. If you are the kind of casino site owner who doesn't like big flourishes or extravagant elements, then micro-animations are the best option. 

Animated cursors 

Cursors are one of the most important elements of web browsing and online casino gaming. It helps the user click on the commands they want and navigate a particular game of their choosing. If you want to offer something unique, a special animated cursor is a simple yet remarkable detail to add to your website. 

In the context of a casino site, you could create animated cursors that are the shape of your logo or hold the colour theme of your site. If a page is loading, you could turn the cursor into a spinning roulette wheel for extra creative flair. These are noteworthy details your site visitors will enjoy! 

Geolocation customisation 

If you are catering to worldwide audiences, you should consider customising the geolocation settings of your website. This will ensure that the content on the site remains relevant and somewhat customised for people in a particular country or location. When it comes to casino sites, geolocation is mostly used to optimise content depending on where the player is located. For example, a certain set of games will be displayed for people in Asia, while another set will be displayed for those in Europe. It essentially customises the experience and minimises issues with legal and territory-related restrictions.  

Incorporating white spaces 

Dead space might be a big no-no when creating a website for some people. However, depending on their theme and offerings, it could be the perfect fit for some brands. Adding white space to your elements will direct the focus to only one central aspect and nothing else. 

Additionally, adding white spaces can give some pages or elements room to breathe and make everything seem more straightforward. For example, you could promote the release of a new game with nothing but white space, a few sentences and a teaser graphic concept. It appears classy, simple and straight to the point.  

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Why are web development trends essential to online casinos? 

Concerning online casinos, these web trends could help you break that barrier between you and your target audience. See the list of advantages that come with these strategies below: 

Produce organic and relevant web features 

One of the reasons why web development trends are essential to online casinos is that they can offer brand-new features that players have never seen before. Depending on what people are looking for in the latest games, you can add these web features to make your site more eye-catching! 

Web development trends can revamp your website without seeming forced or out of place. It can also show players that you value what they look for in a casino site and motivate them to place their bets. With this, you'll earn the trust of your site visitors and encourage them to visit again. 

Cater to a vast majority of online casino players 

Another reason why web development trends cater greatly to online casinos is due to the variety of potential audiences. If you want to promote a world-class casino experience, staying up to date with the latest trends is essential. This means not focusing on one demographic or type of casino player but on a variety of potential account holders on your site. 

The more diverse your web development skills are, the better you can reach out to players worldwide! At QWERTYLABS, we can help you revamp your website, produce content and optimise your page for everyone to see, and it all starts with learning and adopting web development trends. 

Upgrade the overall look and feel of your website

Using web development trends will play a key role in showcasing the growth of your online casino brand. It helps upgrade whatever you have now and turn it into something more timely and appealing to players. Keep in mind that the casino industry is constantly evolving, and you must keep up to survive against other sites. 

When dealing in web development with QWERTYLABS, you'll know how to design a casino website and apply various trends that will attract the attention of potential players. It all begins with a simple decision to upgrade your current site, and the work begins from there. You will find that the tweaks will turn into more significant changes that will transform your site in no time. 

Get an edge on other online casino platforms 

If you're wondering how to start marketing your brand, web development trends are the best way to get an edge on competitor sites since they customise your page and give players something to remember. The more unique and well-crafted your website is, the better the feedback will be from site visitors. They will think about your site first when looking for a convenient and aesthetically pleasing platform to place their bets, which puts you high above any other competitor sites. 

Foster continuous growth for future site development 

Last but not least, the application of web development trends for online casinos will help the platform grow and improve for future use. If a site remains stagnant or stuck with one web design and development concept, then there is a higher risk of being outdated. 

Work on web development trends with QWERTYLABS and we can discuss the different strategies you can incorporate into your platform. With a bit of hard work and diligence in making a well-thought-out casino site, your players will be placing their bets soon! 

Explore timely casino web development with QWERTYLABS! 

The development and execution of website trends are essential for an online casino platform to thrive. The more effort placed into developing your site, the higher the chances of success in terms of client engagement and long-term profitability. Take advantage of these tips and see which trends will fit your website theme, products, services and overall company goals. 

Contact us today to better understand what a partnership with QWERTYLABS has to offer. Web design and development, content creation and SEO services are just some things you can expect from us when helping promote your brand. It's the perfect avenue to scale your casino platform further and reach company goals in no time! 

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