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Entity SEO: Why your casino strategy needs it

June 19, 2023

Numerous strategies and guides in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) have been developed over the years to help casino sites reach their target market and increase traffic. 

All have the goal of improving brand visibility on search engines. Recognised to be developed back in 2012, entity SEO is known to be one of the most effective approaches. 

Instead of the usual approach of simply using keywords for a specific topic, there should be related entities about it to help users find the specific information they are looking for. This SEO strategy highlights that the added entities should be distinguishable, well-defined, and related to the context of gambling or the site’s niche.

With this QWERTYLABS entity SEO guide, learn more about this concept further and how you can use it as a part of your casino strategy.

What is Entity-based SEO?

Entity-based SEO strategy optimises content to align with the search engine’s understanding of entities. In line with search result relevance to user intent, it is crucial to analyse the context, relationship, and nuances surrounding entities. This approach aims to provide more accurate and targeted search results.

Casino sites can tailor their content to answer specific wants and inquiries by knowing what people are searching for. Considering the surrounding language and the topic's overall significance, search engines assess the context in which entities are referenced on web pages. With this, sites can effectively provide more accurate and specific content.

Keywords vs entities: What’s the difference?

Even though there is a distinction made between keywords and entities when it comes to SEO, both work together to bring better visibility to a casino site’s Google search results. Learn more about the difference between the two below:

What is a keyword?

A keyword can be words, phrases, questions, or even a whole sentence that visitors use on search engines. When optimising content to increase visibility, keywords play an important role. Make sure to examine user behaviour and search terms to find relevant keywords that match the users intent. 

By strategically using keywords, they increase the chances of the pages appearing in search results. Keywords also help search engines understand the user's search query and provide the most relevant and useful information, particularly in cases where the query may be ambiguous.

What are entities in SEO?

On the other hand, entities in SEO refer to singular, unique, and distinguishable names, usually part of a specific catalogue. It could be a place or object that can be identified and classified into specific types. Entities have distinct names and various attributes. In the context of SEO, search engines aim to understand and recognise entities mentioned on web pages to provide more accurate search results.

It’s possible to get exactly the topic or idea that people are searching for using these entities because all the related words, ideas, and attributes are linked together. In short, there’s a more semantic understanding of the topic in search engines.

How entities and keywords work together

As mentioned, entities and keywords work together to improve search engine result pages (SERP) and provide relevant information to users. Keywords act as the bridge between user queries and web content. 

Entities, on the other hand, provide a deeper meaning and context of the content. When optimising for SEO, it is crucial to strategically incorporate relevant keywords that align with user intent and ensure the entities are related to the keywords. By leveraging entities and keywords, websites can provide relevant information to users in English or any other language.

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How does Google work with entities?

Google has a significant relationship with entities, evident in its history and the development of solution models like the Knowledge Graph and NLP (Natural Language Processing). Over the years, Google has been improving its search algorithms. 

The Knowledge Graph, introduced in 2012, allows smarter data processing and improves power semantic searches. An important concept to remember is that Google interprets and understands the context, meaning, and subtleties of search queries and online content using NLP, a subfield of artificial intelligence. 

With the help of entities, Google hopes to provide consumers with more precise and contextually rich search results, enhancing their entire search experience.

How has the Entity Model improved search? 

By adding structured data and enhancing the search algorithm's knowledge of content semantics, the entity model improves the search results page. This model also provides a defined structure and organisation by using data markup. With this, search engines are able to understand and extract relevant information. 

Thanks to this model, the search algorithm can successfully detect things, properties, and relationships. This approach focuses on the semantic comprehension of material, allowing search engines to understand the intricacies and context of the text. 

Types of data structures

Aside from knowing the main concept of entities, it is also best to know the three main types of data structures used. Here is a quick overview of the three:

  1. Unstructured Data: This structure refers to data that does not have a predefined schema or organisation. It exists in its raw form and lacks a specific format. 
  2. Semi-Structured Data: It is the type that does not adhere to a rigid schema but contains some form of organisation or metadata. From its name, it has some structure which allows for easier processing and analysis. 
  3. Structured Data: This structure is organised and follows a predefined schema or data model. It is typically stored in relational databases and consists of rows and columns with a well-defined structure. 

Note: Schema sends a message to the search engine about the content of your page. It is to standardise the use of HTML tags for webmasters. 

How does Google use entities?

Google entity SEO enhances the knowledge graph and improves search suggestions and page ranking. By including entities, Google can use their authority to rank the web pages in search results.

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How does Google detect entities?

Google uses several methods to find entities. Some of them use industry reports, user comments, and data analysis. Additionally, natural language processing (NLP) techniques are used to decipher the context and significance of web material. 

Google's API services, such as the Knowledge Graph API, assist in retrieving and presenting entity information. Both off-page factors (backlinks and online mentions) and on-page factors (structured data and relevant content) play a role in entity recognition and understanding.

How do entities work?

Entities work together with keywords to improve search engine ranking. By understanding the entities mentioned in a webpage, search engines assess the site’s relevance to a query. Along with other factors, such as query type, entities help determine the ranking of web pages in search results.


Co-occurrence is the frequency wherein two or more things appear together, implying a connection between them. Known people or renowned organisations are examples of authoritative entities that can have an impact on how closely linked other things are.


Notable entities often have formulas or algorithms that evaluate their importance based on factors like the number and quality of links and mentions they receive. Relevance to the topic or query also plays a role in determining the notability of entities, helping search engines identify and prioritise the most significant entities for search results.


Backlinks from reputable sources to an entity's web page indicate its contribution and authority in a particular domain. Reviews and feedback about an entity also establish the site’s reputation and credibility. 


The value of an entity, such as a product or service, can be reflected in its price, features, or uniqueness. An award or recognition received by an entity indicates its excellence or achievement in a particular field. 

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Top Google services that utilise entities

Google's services make use of entities to index web pages, categorise information, and enhance applications for internet users. Through advanced algorithms, Google's indexing system comprehends entities within web content, deciphering their significance and relationship to keywords. 

Google's services proficiently identify entities by processing vast amounts of code and data, ensuring accurate search results. Here are some Google services that use entities:

Google Knowledge Graph

A powerful tool that improves search results is the Google Knowledge Graph, which offers actual knowledge about people, objects, and places. It is intended to comprehend the connections between various things. 

Users don't need to jump from one page to another to get information on famous people, places, or historical events. With this tool, users can easily find accurate information on the real-world entities they are looking for.

Google Search

Google Search is a widely used search engine with advanced algorithms to deliver tailored search results. The personalisation process includes a user’s search history and preference. Google Hummingbird, RankBrain, and Google BERT are algorithms that power Google Search. 

Google Discover

Users can receive customised information from Google Discover, one of the many services of Google's search engine, depending on the user’s interest and browsing history. It recommends materials from various sources per the user's interests by examining user behaviour, search history, and interaction patterns. 

The user's browsing experience is improved by this tailored approach, allowing them to research and be updated on a specific topic they are genuinely interested in.

Google Trends

Google Trends is a valuable tool that allows users to explore and analyse the popularity of a specific term or subject over time. This service provides users with insights into the relative search volume of particular keywords, compares their popularity across different regions or periods, and discovers related queries and topics. 

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Tools for entities in SEO 

In the dynamic SEO market, there are several tools and technology to generate traffic. These tools aid in identifying, analysing, and optimising entities within web content. They enhance search visibility, improve relevance, and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving technological landscapes.

Entity research and analysis tools

It is highly recommended to use entity research and analysis tools to easily understand and optimise web content and web pages. Here are some of the most used tools when optimising a website. 

  • Google Knowledge Graph Search API: This tool offers a vast database of entities, allowing detailed exploration and integration of entity information. 
  • Google Search Console: It provides valuable data on entities' performance in search result pages. 
  • Inlinks Entity SEO Tools: This tool helps look for a comprehensive entity that includes suggestions for optimising content.  
  • Wikipedia: It serves as a rich source of information about entities, aiding in their research and understanding. 

Schema markup generators and validators

Schema markup generators and validators are essential tools for implementing and validating structured data on web pages. Structured data enhances search engine understanding of content by providing additional context and meaning to elements on a webpage. 

These tools help website owners optimise their content with structured data, improving search visibility and enhancing the presentation of information in search engine results. Here is a quick overview of two popular generators and validators: 

  • Google's Structured Data Markup Helper - Assists in generating structured data markup codes by offering a visual interface to highlight and tag relevant elements. 
  • Schema.org's Structured Data Testing Tool - Validates the implemented schema markup, ensuring accuracy and compatibility with search engine guidelines. 
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Why your casino strategy needs entity SEO

SEO entities became a crucial casino strategy that has tons of benefits. This includes enhanced brand visibility, delivery of personalised experiences, and boosted credibility. 

The use of entities can also automate SEO tasks through natural language processing. Optimising for entities improves search results and user experience, giving your casino an edge in the competitive market. 

Some of the reasons why you need to add SEO entity to your casino strategy are:

Improved search results

By incorporating entities, web content becomes contextually relevant, aligning with user intent. Entities also aid in optimising voice search, as they enhance natural language understanding. Chatbots benefit from entities by providing more accurate and meaningful responses. Considering mobile-first indexing, entities help optimise content for mobile devices. 

Entities also assist in location-based queries to deliver geographically relevant results. With the increased discoverability, there is no denying that the site will eventually rank in the long run. 

Enhanced translations

When using SEO entities, translations can be enhanced through synonyms, antonyms, homonyms, and language-specific considerations. This is one of the reasons why in-depth research should be done as well. 

Optimised rich snippets

With SEO entities, optimised snippets can greatly enhance the user experience through Google Knowledge Graph, schema markup, and FAQ content. Together with the structured data markup, search engines like Google can extract and display relevant information, such as featured snippets. 

This improves the visibility and look of content in search results, providing users with concise and informative summaries. Adding FAQs with schema markup ensures it appears on SERPs, further enhancing user experience. 

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How to utilise entity SEO in your casino strategy

Aside from understanding the wonders of SEO and improving your online casino brand visibility, it is best to know some tips you can use together with strategy models. These are: 

Listing your casino on relevant business directories, such as Google My Business, has a lot of benefits. By creating a comprehensive listing with accurate and detailed information, you improve the visibility and discoverability of your casino in local searches. Being listed on authoritative directories boosts your domain authority, making your casino more credible and trustworthy in the eyes of search engines. 

Prioritise building your casino brand

Prioritise building your casino brand through maximising internal link usage, which can reinforce brand associations by linking relevant pages within your website. Online presence management ensures consistent branding across various platforms and channels. On the other hand, brand-building efforts help establish trust, loyalty, and recognition among your target audience. 

SEO optimisation aligns your brand messaging with search intent. Effective positioning of your brand in search results establishes authority and credibility. Managing social profiles helps build a cohesive brand identity and engage with your audience, further strengthening your casino brand.

Build relevant links

Building relevant links is crucial for establishing connections and acquiring backlinks. By fostering relationships and gaining support and trust from reputable websites and industry influencers, you can secure high-quality backlinks that enhance your website's authority and visibility. 

Create content for users and search engines

Understanding entity types and leveraging expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness (E-A-T) principles ensures high-quality content. Thorough keyword research allows the inclusion of relevant entities and topics. Also, consider optimising content for the Google Panda algorithm that promotes higher visibility. 

Providing answers to user queries using natural language enhances user experience as well. Strategic content creation at different marketing funnel stages aligns with entity-based SEO, driving organic traffic, engagement, and conversions. The balance between user-centric content and optimisation is key for effective entity SEO. 

Complete an entity audit

Completing an entity audit is crucial to identify gaps, improving content creation, and staying ahead of the competition. By understanding the entities your competitors are targeting, you might discover new opportunities for optimisation. Auditing ensures comprehensive entity representation in your content, making it more relevant and competitive. 

Improve your website’s technical SEO

Implementing schema markup helps search engines understand the context of your content and enhances its visibility in search results. Utilising semantic HTML ensures clear and structured content presentation. Create an XML sitemap that allows search engines to crawl and index your website effectively. 

Consider using webmasters tools to provide insights into your website's performance and help monitor its visibility. Optimising URLs with relevant entities improves user experience and search engine readability as well. 

Focus on personalisation and user experience

Focusing on personalisation and user experience is key, as it aligns with the searcher and their intention. Considering entity-based optimisation to deliver personalised and relevant content that matches the searcher's needs and enhances their overall experience. 

Continually update content

Continually updating content is crucial to maintain relevance and improve search performance. Making sure you monitor your content regularly allows you to identify outdated information or gaps in entity coverage. 

Stay informed about industry trends and user preferences to update and align your content with current search intent. Updating content with new entities, fresh insights, and information signals search engines that your website is active and authoritative. 

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QWERTYLABS: The entity SEO expert you need

Entity-based SEO has several benefits and helps casino sites improve overall brand visibility. If you are looking for improvement in this department, consider trying this SEO strategy aside from focusing on adding a call to action to your content. 

It can be intimidating at first, but you can always consider acquiring an expert service to help you. In this case, QWERTYLABS is the best option for you since we have years of experience in content creation, SEO marketing, and web development. Contact us at QWERTYLABS and check out our services that will help your site rank higher on SERPs. 


What are some examples of entities recognised by Google?

Entities that are recognised by Google need to be unique and distinguishable. Some common examples include addresses, currencies, phone numbers, and the like. 

How to check if something is an entity?

Entities in SEO refer to singular, unique, and distinguishable objects that can be categorised into specific types. They also have distinct names and various attributes.

What are the common mistakes to avoid when dealing with entities for casino SEO?

One of the most common mistakes you must avoid when trying entity-based SEO is not being specific with entities. Keep in mind the words used and check if they also refer to other specific objects.

Why does Google place importance on using entities in its search algorithms?

Google can provide more comprehensive and accurate information in search results with the help of entities.

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