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Content consolidation and its role in content for online gambling

April 30, 2024

The online casino industry is packed with sites competing for player’s attention. These platforms aim to differentiate themselves by providing information on casino games, strategies, and promotions through online gambling articles. 

However, your blogs could have topics and keywords that are too similar to each other, confusing readers and lowering your search engine rankings. There is a solution for this and it lies in content marketing: content consolidation.

Learn how you can utilise content consolidation to improve your platform, like enhancing user experience and giving stronger signals to search engines. Read this article by QWERTYLABS to learn more!

What is content consolidation? 

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Content consolidation is a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy that aims to eliminate duplicate content. This technique means merging several articles with similar subjects into a single and complete resource. 

By going through your existing content, finding which articles are too similar and consolidating it into one cohesive article, you’re sending better signs to search engines about your expertise and relevance to inquiries.

Accomplishing this can result in a higher ranking for related keywords. This ultimately leads to more organic traffic and a more user-friendly experience for your audience.

Is content consolidation good for SEO?

With a better understanding of what content consolidation is, you may ask yourself if keyword merging pages for SEO is good for your website and SEO goals. Read in detail about the benefits of content consolidation and how it can be good for your platform.

Higher quality content and user experience

Merging pages for SEO can result in higher-quality content and a better user experience. By integrating redundant blogs on a related topic, you build a more comprehensive page.

This reduces confusion for search engines and users, ensuring that only the most relevant material appears in search results. Furthermore, consolidated pages provide readers with a more complete and informative experience, keeping them engaged for longer and increasing user satisfaction and platform loyalty.

Better link-building opportunities

Another key benefit you can get from content consolidation is improved link-building potential. When you have many pages targeting the same keyword, it can result in scattered backlinks or other websites linking to your content. This means you'll have multiple pages competing to rank for the same keyword in search engines.

Consolidation can help as it produces a powerful article that other sites can link to. The consolidated page can gain popularity among readers and other platforms looking for detailed information. All of this results in a better link authority that can help you rank for that term, leading to more chances of getting organic visitors.

Stronger authority on topics

Content consolidation can dramatically boost your website's authority on subjects like player experience, casino games and strategies. 

Consider a scenario where you have several blogs that discuss blackjack strategies. These past articles on this subject could cover:

  • Older strategies 
  • Outdated keywords
  • Games that are no longer available
  • Terms that no longer match your brand’s image.

These 4 could lower your reader’s interest in the article and make them disinterested in the site altogether. You could combine older strategies with newer ones, take out older keywords and replace the games to make a more updated and comprehensive guide to playing the game.

This level of knowledge shows search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing about your proficiency on that topic. Informative content, alongside powerful backlinks, strengthens your website's authority, thereby increasing your position and drawing more organic visitors.

Richer keyword focus

Last but not least, content consolidation enables more keyword concentration in your articles. When you have various blogs focusing on the same topic, relevant keywords are scattered throughout the website. Consolidation gives you the chance to combine many keywords into one resource, making website navigation easier.

This targeted method provides greater signals to search engines about the content's relevance for certain searches. As a result, users gain clearer and tailored articles that suit their specific requirements, increasing user engagement.

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When is content consolidation the right choice?

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We’ve established that the strategy has its share of benefits, but it doesn’t mean that you should do it every month. Learn about the best situations when you should consider going through the process and see if any of those below apply to you.

When improving the user experience on the platform

When it comes to revamping the user experience of your platform, content consolidation can be effective as it gives something new to your user and removes redundant topics. Remember that repetitive topics can confuse readers, lowering trust and making it harder for them to find the information they want. 

The role of consolidation in this case is streamlining your content. By merging outdated data into an updated resource, you ensure that consumers have access to the most recent and correct information. This not only enhances user experience by making information more accessible, but it also boosts your platform's credibility.

When updating or refreshing content

Merging casino content shines when you're revamping your platform's branding or content. Your site could have multiple blogs using outdated terminology with wording and tones that don’t reflect your brand’s current identity.

Combining articles allows you to merge these pieces into a cohesive whole, ensuring your brand message is clear and consistent. Similarly, outdated content can drag down your platform's credibility. 

When website traffic is low

Low website traffic is a good indicator of combining articles. This scenario often means your content might be scattered and confusing for search engines to go through.

For example, having multiple live dealer roulette pages. Each page relating to this topic could contain guides on how to play the game and what makes it special, making them seem identical. Another example is sports betting pages with similar information on betting markets.

If brands keep letting this happen, there are two possible results:

  • Search engines can struggle to identify which page is most relevant and recommend readers the least informative page out of the bunch.
  • Visitors to the site could see multiples of the same page, be confused and no longer trust the website.

Merging topics allows you to combine these pages into a neat guide, offering a richer user experience and catching the attention of search engines. This page then becomes more attractive for relevant keywords, boosting your ranking and attracting organic traffic and page views.

When you have various pages with the same keyword

Having multiple pages targeting the same keyword, short-tail or long-tail, is a prime opportunity for content consolidation. This redundancy confuses search engines and dilutes your website's ranking potential. 

For example, consolidation allows you to merge topics like ‘how to win blackjack’, ‘best blackjack strategies’ and ‘strategies on winning live dealer blackjack’ into one, big and cohesive guide.

This focused approach sends better signs about your content's relevance for these keywords. Users also benefit from a rich page addressing their specific needs, potentially improving user satisfaction and engagement.

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How to consolidate your online gambling content

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As you read the article, you may be thinking that your brand is in the perfect position to merge low-performing pages to update them into a single high-quality content. If that’s what you’re thinking, it’s time to find out how exactly the process is done. Read all about it below:

1. Identify candidates for consolidation

The first step in content consolidation is to select the relevant pages to update. This means you’ll need to create a content audit. When conducting a content audit, you’ll need to prioritise the following steps:

  • Defining your goal for the audit like better reader engagement, longer time spent on the site and richer quality of information provided.
  • Looking at the list of active articles and relevant pages.
  • Find which pages have redundant info or duplicate keywords.
  • Measure the performance of existing pages with metrics like organic traffic, keyword rankings, and backlinks.
  • Select articles to be consolidated based on their performance and see what can be done to improve them.

By carefully choosing duplicate or similar content, you can build the framework for compelling, helpful content for your online gaming audience. You will also be preventing pages from cannibalising each other.

2. Find high-impression queries with low click rates

After this, you’ll need to take your content consolidation to the next level using Google Search Console (GSC). This free tool filter and identifies high-impression articles with low Click-through Rates (CTR). Using it and going through the results of your audit will help you find ideal candidates for consolidation.

Using GSC data to discover ineffective material with overlapping topics allows you to uncover chances to condense and build high-performing pages. In turn, this can tempt readers to click and learn more about your online gaming platform.

3. Decide whether to merge or prune

Once you've located overlapping pages you need to review if it’s best to have SEO single page vs multiple pages and know if you should take the option to combine or prune content. 

Consider it like trimming a garden: Some articles could be healthy branches with great core messages that require integration into a bigger one. These are the articles that you’ll need to keep and grow.

Here are some things you need to consider:

  • Does one piece bring more insightful responses or provide a clearer explanation?
  • Is one article weak and out of date, while the other has an in-depth analysis?
  • Can the core messages of both pieces be easily combined? 
  • Does one article have more updated strategies that benefit the reader?
  • Are the articles too similar in content and wording?

By deliberately combining high-impact material and removing excess parts, you can create a content garden that grows and engages your online gaming audience.

4. Craft a content brief for consolidation

After selecting content for consolidation, a well-written brief is essential to guiding content writers. Consider it a blueprint for your content creation process for both casino and sportsbook content. 

Your content briefs should have the following:

  • Conduct keyword research to find appropriate short and long-tail SEO keywords linked to the subject.
  • It should contain reliable and updated source information.
  • An outline of the article with specific mentions of the tone and target. 
  • The last part is a fresh perspective which depends on your writer. In this part, they’ll need to provide unique thoughts or current industry trends to help the consolidated information stand out.

Putting all of this together should result in content that can serve as the go-to page for gamblers looking for useful information for their queries.

5. Update your content pages

Once you've created your updated or consolidated articles, it’s time to review them and post them on your site. Before publishing, your marketing and SEO team should scan through points like formatting, graphics and the links used to ensure a good user experience.

Subheadings, bullet points, and clear images, such as charts or infographics, can help break up extensive texts, helping users find information quickly. On the other hand, links to other relevant content should be added to give more context and information to your readers. This keeps them engaged and allows further research on topics within the platform.

The finishing touch to this would be highlighting the fact that the article is new and has more updated information. Adding the date of the article with text like ‘refreshed for 2024’ or ‘revamped by the author’ can help bring attention to this.

6. Track and measure the results

Now comes the final step: tracking the progress of your new articles and analysing their performance. This is done to see if and how your efforts have impacted the brand.

To start measuring, refer back to your initial consolidation objectives. This could include things like more organic traffic, enhanced user engagement, better keyword ranking and user feedback. Use those as your parameters and check the results of your new articles.

Note that you’ll need to give your article some time like 3 months or half a year to properly determine its SEO performance. Once you’ve got the data, you can analyse each point and effectively determine if the consolidation was a success, requires adjusting, or even exceeded your initial goals.

How QWERTYLABS can help you: Engage your players with quality casino articles!

Use the power of content consolidation to create new and engaging blogs to bring in new players to your casino platform. Remember that content consolidation has benefits like merging multiples of the same content, generating strong blogs and helping keep your pages clean.

To accomplish this, you need to take a proactive approach and deliver quality customer experience. One way to achieve this is to have a team of SEO, marketing content creators and webmasters who ensure that your articles are engaging to attract more readers.

We at QWERTYLABS understand this and the landscape of online casino gaming. Our team of experts stay ahead of the game by providing brands with services such as content creation, brand protection and link-building

Are you ready to reap the benefits of content consolidation? Contact us at QWERTYLABS today and let our team assist you in developing your online casino brand!

Content consolidation FAQs 

How does consolidation affect page ranking?

Merging pages or articles can greatly boost a website's ranking by directing search engines to a stronger page. This can be done by combining pages with similar topics and themes or simply deleting weak content that has little information to provide. Doing this strengthens the brand’s page by staying relevant and offering value to readers.

What are some considerations to keep in mind when consolidating online gambling content?

There are quite a few things to keep in mind when consolidating content for online casinos. Some of them include the date when content was created, content quality, how information-rich the topic is and whether consolidation will benefit the brand and readers.

If you’re already going through the process, think about the keywords, metrics and central message of the article that you want to consolidate.

Why would someone consider consolidating multiple articles into one?

There are two primary motivations for consolidating articles: enhanced user experience and search ranking. A single, well-organised content saves consumers time while keeping them engaged. It can also gain authority on a topic, resulting in improved search rankings.

How content consolidation can improve your SEO performance?

Content consolidation improves your SEO by giving more specific signals to search engines. Combining information results in more complete, high-quality content, which increases its authority and ranking potential for relevant keywords.

Can you consolidate content without hindering search results for the top keywords of a page?

Yes, consolidation may boost keyword rankings. By carefully selecting and merging content and redirecting outdated URLs, you concentrate search engine traffic to a singular yet stronger page. As a result, you make the information and keywords used richer, benefitting your brand and the reader.

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