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How to boost your casino PPC with SEO strategies

January 15, 2024

Nowadays, most online businesses have taken the online route to get more customers or patrons. This goes the same for online casinos, where marketing is key to organic growth. In this free-for-all market, your casino must stand out and draw attention from all angles online. A popular way to build a positive reputation is Pay-Per-Click advertising (PPC), which can lead to solid growth and brand awareness for a business.

What is casino PPC?

Casino pay-per-click marketing allows casinos to pay for their ads to be displayed on various platforms. Every time their advertising is clicked, it can effectively drive traffic to the platform. Google was one of the trendsetters with PPC, as you could place a ‘bid’ for a certain keyword to pop up across searches. The ad will likely appear in the search results whenever a user searches for that keyword after making the bid. 

What is casino SEO?

Casino SEO refers to the strategic use of search engine optimisation techniques to enhance the visibility of your casino and rank it higher on the search engine results pages (SERPs). When you optimise your platform to be as SEO-friendly as possible, it can appear on the first page of Google results. It will be a massive blow for your website to rank on the second page since it’s been proven that users rarely visit pages beyond the first. Since the online gambling market is one of the most competitive on the internet, having a proper SEO process will help your casino stand out. 

Utilising Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising for casinos


To get your casino out there, you should utilise the available tools. PPC is the best tool to use since you can expect a high clickthrough rate with the positioning of your casino on other sites. 

It can be costly on the surface but a worthwhile return on investment (ROI) since the ads can convert people into regular players in the casino. However, you have to deliver on the promises you made in the ad.

The two best ways to do PPC are through the biggest online advertising entities: Microsoft Advertising and Google Ads. Through these two avenues, you can generate substantial traffic for your casino, and you won’t have to deal with bidding in the auction with every keyword you want to place.

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Tips for running successful PPC campaigns for casinos

PPC has the potential to enhance your casino and help reach the mainstream audience. Considering it’s a competitive space, you must know what kind of tips can help your gambling PPC campaign and your casino reach the highest level: 

  • Keyword research - Your PPC will go as far as your keywords take you as they lead to you knowing what kind of terms are being searched by people. They should be relevant to your audience’s queries while also helping your casino become more popular. Targeting the right people with relevant keywords helps you get organic traffic.
  • Ad copy - Creating the best ad copy can be tough since it’s branded content aimed to convert a potential lead into a customer. With pay-per-click casino strategies, you must deliver a message that they can get the best casino experience on your platform.
  • Landing page optimisation - After the users click the ad, they should be brought to a page that will entice them to play. It should be flashy and showcase all the strengths of your casino, such as the bonuses, the rewards you offer, and the available games.
  • Ad scheduling - You are responsible for when your ad gets shown to the users. Planning this is important as you’ll be familiar with which is the prime time for users to click.

Enhancing casino PPC with search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies

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Pay-per-click advertising is already popular due to how much it can impact your casino. However, combining it with search engine optimisation can get an even better result. This takes advantage of brand protection and marketing trends you see in Google search results and ensures the PPC campaigns are a big hit since it’s high on the first page. 

SEO and PPC marketing complement each other well since they further improve your brand’s online visibility, which shows the effectiveness of the PPC SEO strategy. Have a look at some positive effects of PPC with SEO: 

Extensive keyword research for enhanced casino PPC

Your casino can already succeed with simple keyword research with PPC, but it gets even better when you have online casino SEO. Those who do SEO typically do a deeper dive than most regarding which keywords and phrases are used when searching. 

Sustained brand awareness for enhanced casino PPC campaign efficiency

A PPC campaign can be a short-term strategy as it initially increases website traffic, but most people won’t get that ad. That is where SEO comes in. Since it’s more of a long-term plan, combining them and enhancing your casino’s longevity in the mainstream is natural. 

Working with an SEO strategy in mind creates a strong rapport between the casino and the customer. This increases the credibility of your platform and users’ trust in the brand, making the iGaming PPC campaigns more potent as they continue to draw more people in. 

Get an advantage over your competitors

With the combination of PPC and SEO strategies, you can expect more users to convert into loyal casino players. Doing this gives your casino an advantage over other casinos since you combine the potency of SEO’s reach with the enticing language from PPC ads.

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SEO strategies and casino PPC collaborating to boost brand visibility

Image 2

While SEO or PPC alone can be effective, combining them can lead to bigger brand visibility. Take note of this when you want to maximise your casino’s reach through both means, as they synergise well.

Apply SEO strategy to maintain PPC rankings

Staying true to SEO principles helps your ad rank higher. By employing SEO strategies in your casino pay-per-click marketing, you allow your casino to become more visible than ever. Buying ads with PPC can elevate its rankings, but it’s best to keep the spending to a minimum by improving your ad’s spot in the search results by inserting proper anchor text.  

Unified keywords for SEO and PPC campaigns

With the keywords you get from SEO, the ads you create with the PPC will rank higher. You don’t have to rely on the banner ads you get at the left and right sides of the screen when browsing other sites. You will see these ads on Google, and they will be compelling enough to earn a click.

Analyse SEO trends to determine (or disqualify) PPC keyword

Inserting keywords into the PPC ads is not the only positive thing you can get from SEO since you can also learn what to avoid. Look at the analysis from the SEO and see what keywords and areas should not be targeted as they don’t have fruitful results.

Enhance your online casino’s growth with QWERTYLABS 

Maximise your casino’s reach by using the latest trends in both PPC and SEO! Learn both sides to help maintain your casino’s positive growth while generating organic traffic. To achieve this,  QWERTYLABS is here to help you with SEO and digital marketing, providing you with all kinds of strategies you can use. Contact us today and learn about the services we offer!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can PPC and SEO be used to complement each other?

They can be used together well by inserting SEO-friendly keywords in the PPC ads you’re creating. Combine them, and you’ll get the best of both worlds, with the long-term growth afforded by SEO and the short-term or immediate growth from PPC.

Can I rely solely on PPC for casino promotions?

Yes, you can. However, it would be better for you to also work on integrating SEO into your promotion for better results in the long run.

How do you combine SEO & PPC keyword strategies for more effective ROI?

You should analyse user behaviour and identify what keywords and pages work well in generating traffic. Find the keywords that can help you for a long time, then develop a timely and reliable PPC ad to get more eyes on a product.

How can SEO help to boost casino PPC?

SEO can help boost PPC by increasing its longevity. Most people will see an ad, click it, and never see it again. That is not the case with SEO-powered PPC since you will often see the ad on Google as long as you input the keyword.

What is the difference between SEO and PPC?

SEO focuses on getting traffic from organic searches, while PPC focuses on generating traffic from paid searches, socials, and displays.

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