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6 common mistakes to avoid in casino link building

September 7, 2022

In a competitive market like the online casino industry, one way established brands improve their site visibility and traffic is through backlinks. Search engine algorithms will label your site as valuable and an authority on your niche when you have external websites linking back to your page, thus improving your ranking on the search results.

However, search engines also implement strict guidelines on backlinks. For example, Google values organic results, so it raises a red flag if they detect irrelevant, unnatural, and overall wrong links in your website’s link profile.

To avoid getting penalized or dropping in ranking, here are the six most common mistakes to avoid in casino link building

  1. Do not link to dubious websites

The primary purpose of backlinking is to build credibility and drive traffic to your site. It will have the opposite effect if you align yourself with dubious pages, especially ones that send spam emails, auto-blog and post obscene content. 

It’s crucial to conduct thorough research before deciding which sites you want. Check the traffic movement and see if there are huge drops that could mean the site has been penalised before. 

  1. Not diversifying your link profile

The algorithms used by search engines like Google are constantly updating to keep up with user trends. Not having a diversified link profile will leave your site vulnerable to a drop in ranking if changes such as marginalising links or sites occur.

Similar to creating a diverse stock portfolio, having a diversified link profile optimises your site despite sudden updates or changes. 

Consider using press release backlinks, editorial backlinks, and link exchanges to diversify your profile. You can even opt to buy casino backlinks from trusted sources. Just be sure to diversify your methods to generate traffic successfully through multiple relevant avenues.

  1. Linking to sites that have too many sponsored posts

Casino sites can choose to buy casino backlinks as an easy way to lead traffic back to their site. However, pages that link to many other sites can imply paid backlinks, which some search engines prohibit and penalise. Since artificial backlinking is considered an attempt to manipulate the rankings, it violates Google’s guidelines.

Instead, you can find relevant sites that don’t typically have backlinks and reach out to them through proper channels. For example, here at QWERTYlabs, we have built relationships with thousands of site owners from different industries willing to build links exclusively with our clients. It will ensure that your competitors have not linked to the same website.

  1.  Linking to sites not related to your niche

When finding websites for link building, make sure it is still related to your niche industry in some form. It will help you reach relevant audiences that find value in your content. 

Some ideal sites for linking online casino content are related to betting, gaming, finance, tech, sports and news. Though they are not directly about casinos, you can still connect them. 

For example, when backlinking to a tech-centric website, you can discuss the latest innovations in casino technology, such as crypto gambling and use that topic to reference your site. Similarly, you can backlink to news sites through the latest news and updates in the casino industry.

  1. Having low-quality and low-value links 

Don’t just link for the sake of linking. The pages you'll be referencing should offer value to the readers. 

When creating backlinks, it’s easy to link to your homepage and call it a day, but this won’t offer real value to your readers. Links to How-to guides, game reviews, or other related topics are better referenced to drive returning traffic. 

  1. No targeted keywords in the anchor text

Targeted and well-researched keywords are driving factors in SEO since they help search engines determine which specific topic your web pages will have the chance to rank. Thus, it’s crucial to incorporate keywords into your anchored or linked text to inform the algorithm what the reader will see in the linked content. 

Therefore, using accurate and targeted keywords will encourage readers to stay on your site and read related content and increase the search result ranking for the linked page.

Build your links with QWERTYlabs

Backlinking is an excellent method to establish your brand within the vast digital sphere. However, it can be a complicated terrain to navigate, especially when you don’t have a dedicated team who will oversee the strategic efforts needed to build links. Here at QWERTYlabs, we buy casino backlinks to collect a large cache of reliable domains for your SEO link building needs.  These dedicated links will improve your brand visibility and ranking in search engine results. With our extensive experience in SEO and the high-quality casino backlinks in our arsenal, we can devise relevant strategies to ensure that your site will rank higher on search engines.

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