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Top web design trends and predictions for 2024 and beyond

February 26, 2024

In today's ever-changing digital world, websites play a crucial role in providing satisfactory user experiences. Creative web design has transcended mere aesthetics and become the driving force behind alluring online interactions. As we look ahead to 2024, web design trends are set to elevate online presence through new and unique design elements, gradient colour palettes, and immersive experiences. The importance of having user-friendly interfaces and visual appeal cannot be overstated, as they are the key factors that engage visitors, build trust, and drive conversions.

If you’re ready to take your website to the next level, find out the web design trends 2024, you can apply to your site with the help of QWERTYLABS.

What are web designs?

Web design refers to the arrangement of visual elements and graphic design on a website, which aims to create an optimal user experience. It includes a blend of various design elements, such as layout, colours, fonts, images, and interactive design features. These elements, including responsive web designs, create an engaging and visually appealing website. 

One of the primary goals of web design is to shape the user experience. This can be achieved by ensuring users browse your site easily and find the desired information smoothly. Further, responsive web design is crucial in achieving this goal by adapting the website layout and content to various devices and screen sizes.

Effective trends in web design take into account user behaviour, psychology, and usability principles to create intuitive and easy-to-use interfaces. Additionally, logical information hierarchy and responsive design can provide your users a seamless website navigation experience.

Latest web design trends in 2024

In 2024, several prominent web design trends are shaping digital aesthetics and enhancing website user experiences. To catch up on the latest web design trends this year, here are the key trends that will attract visitors and elevate their online experiences:

Dark mode

Dark mode has become popular as one of the prominent web design trends for 2024. With its nature-centric colour palette, like deep blues, greys, and blacks, dark mode offers a visually alluring and immersive user experience. Reducing the contrast between text and background provides a comfortable browsing experience, especially in low-light or nighttime settings. Additionally, using dark mode will enhance your website's aesthetic, reduce eye strain, and improve readability.


Micro-animation continues to be a subtle yet engaging trend in web design for 2024. These small movements, such as hover effects, loading transitions, or interactive elements, add a touch of action and delight to the user experience. This design trend can be attention-grabbing and create a more memorable browsing experience. These can provide visual feedback, guide users through the interface, or highlight vital elements on the page.

With careful use, this design can enhance your website's overall usability and engagement, making it more pleasant and interactive for visitors.


Ultra-minimalism is a web design trend focusing on achieving a simple, clean, and abundant white space on the web page. Using this approach, you can create a sense of elegance and sophistication to your website. The flexible grid layout provides a structured and organised content placement, ensuring seamless browsing. Using minimalistic product images to showcase your products or services is essential, allowing you to convey their value to your target audience.

This design prioritises content and efficacy, offering a seamless, distraction-free user experience. By removing needless elements and focusing on vital information, these designs can create a sense of clarity and allow your users to find what they're looking for quickly.

Advanced typography

Typography has evolved into a dynamic and expressive element in modern web design trends. Designers are exploring various aspects, such as font layout, size, colour, and the blend of interactive elements. The latest web design trends in this design involve a fusion of classic and modern fonts, focusing on large and bold statement typefaces that make an eye-catching visual impact.

Fonts are no longer solely a means of conveying information but an avenue for creative expression that adds to the aesthetic appeal and brand identity. When using advanced font techniques, you can create an expressive and visually striking experience for your users.


Neomorphism is a web design trend combining flat design principles and skeuomorphism. It features a clean and subtle visual look with a monochromatic style, relying on shadows and slight colour changes to add depth to elements. The muted colour palette and soft shadows create a visually appealing and constant design.

This web design helps draw the user's attention to important content while reducing visual clutter. However, handling this style carefully is crucial to ensure sufficient contrast in elements like buttons, which can impact user experience. When used effectively, neomorphism can provide websites with a fresh and clean aesthetic while promoting interactivity. This can make them visually appealing and engaging for many users.

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Glassmorphism is a popular web design trend in 2024 that uses a frosted-glass effect to create a semi-transparent and blurred appearance. Recent progress in web technology has made it easier to use this effect on websites. The blurry background allows for adding colour while ensuring that text and objects remain readable. This design has gained fame as a resort to gradients, providing a visually pleasing and modern look to web designs.

Voice User Interface (VUI)

Voice User Interface (VUI) is a web design trend that uses natural language processing and voice detection technology. This feature offers a more convenient and hands-free service to users. With the growing efficiency of virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa, more people are embracing the seamless interaction provided by VUI.

Web designs using VUI provide users with a more intuitive and easy way to access information and services. This trend enhances user experience and convenience, which allows users to engage with websites through voice commands. By improving your website with voice search, you can boost your online presence and make your services more accessible to a wider audience. This can also ensure that your website remains at the forefront of technological progress in service delivery.

3D Elements 

Using vivid 3D elements in web design has become increasingly popular, enabled by progress in web technology. These elements provide a three-dimensional and interactive experience for users. They can range from interactive 3D content to product visuals, offering a true-to-life representation.

Interactive 3D models allow users to view products from various angles, simulating an in-person experience. This enhances the online shopping experience, as customers can examine products in detail, improving confidence in their purchase and potentially growing conversion rates.

Smart video

Video has long been recognised as a vital element for websites due to its engaging nature and appeal among users who prefer visual content over text. Videos can hook viewers, build trust, and boost sales. However, the trend of smart video highlights the importance of purpose and meaning behind the video content.

Web designers and content creators are now urged to carefully plan and create the finest videos that serve a specific purpose. It is now understood that a single well-thought-out video is more impactful than multiple hastily assembled ones.

You must focus on creating informative videos to fully leverage smart videos' benefits. Ensure you directly address common questions and concerns from prospects and clients. With this, your site can become a valuable resource that provides the best solutions in the industry.


Monochromatic style offers a clean and simple appearance while allowing elements with contrasting colours to capture users' attention. Using a single-colour design, you can guide your users to find important information and encourage interaction, especially through catchy CTA elements.

Gradient colour schemes

Gradient colour schemes have gained great demand among creatives seeking fresh and modern website design inspiration in 2024. This trend was influenced by Instagram's logo rebranding, which had a lasting impact on the design community.

Websites that adopt gradient colour schemes enhance visual interest and depth using gradient backgrounds and illustrated imagery. This trend maintains a clean and modern aesthetic and provides a visually appealing experience to users.

Storytelling and interactive web design

Storytelling and interactive web design have gained great favour and are expected to remain at the forefront of responsive web design trends in 2024.

Websites that use interactive elements and intuitive browsing tend to engage users longer, enhancing their overall satisfaction and interaction with the site. However, it’s worth noting that using these trends can be demanding and time-consuming as it requires careful planning, quality design generation, and creation processes.

Cartoon characters

Using cartoon characters in web design adds personality and visual appeal to websites. Using striking illustrations of characters draws users' attention to important call-to-action (CTA) phrases and conveys a brand's relationship-oriented values. 

This design provides a flexible and creative way to engage users, create a memorable experience, and foster a sense of friendliness. Further, using clean illustrations instead of photos can contribute to faster page load times, enhancing the overall user experience.

Rotating animations

Rotating animations offer a dynamic and engaging user experience. Websites that use rotating animations often feature unique layouts, catchy fonts, and the use of rotating imagery. This trend creates an element of surprise and curiosity for users, providing them with a fresh and unique experience each time they browse various pages.

Detailed Footers

Website footers, often overlooked in the past, have become vital in web design trends. The emerging trend of ‘footer boosts’ transforms footers from simple contact information sections to spaces with extra elements contributing to the web design. Detailed footers provide a complete and inclusive experience for users. These footers may add drag sliders, extra content, and prominent CTA elements, enhancing the browsing and engagement on the website.

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Stay ahead of the curve in web design with QWERTYLABS

Staying informed of new web design trends in 2024 is crucial for businesses aiming to elevate their online presence. By adding the top trends when designing your website, you can create a visually stunning and engaging website that will surely attract your audience.

At QWERTYLABS, we specialise in implementing these cutting-edge trends to enhance user experience, boost conversions, and help your business stay ahead of the competition. If you want to take your web design to new heights, contact us today and explore how our services can elevate your website and drive success for your business.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is web design?

Web design involves creating and arranging website elements to achieve an attractive and user-friendly experience. It involves layout, colour schemes, fonts, and features to communicate a brand's message and engage with visitors.

What is the future of graphic design in 2024?

The future of graphic design in 2024 is expected to be influenced by technological progress, such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). These technologies will offer new ways for designers to create immersive and interactive experiences, pushing the limits of visual storytelling and communication.

What are the latest trends in web design?

The latest trends in web design in 2024 include:

  • Neomorphism, which combines flat design and skeuomorphism
  • Glassmorphism with its frosted glass effect
  • The blend of voice user interfaces (VUI) 
  • The use of 3D elements to provide realistic and interactive experiences.

Why is dark mode gaining popularity in 2024?

Dark Mode is gaining popularity in 2024 due to its visually alluring and immersive nature. It reduces eye strain and improves readability, especially in low-light or nighttime settings. Additionally, this design offers an aesthetically pleasing alternative to the classic light mode, adding to a positive user experience and aligning with the choices of modern users.

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